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Genius is initiative on fire. - Holbrook JacksonImage result for initiative quotations

Image result for initiative quotations

The way to immortality is paved with good initiatives (Unknown)


a) Celebrating today- a great LENR initiative.

It is a great joy and privilege of having a new start every morning,  still being present of expressing in more modes my sincere and direct "LENR-mon amour!" Credo, trying to do something in the favor of LENR in accordance and harmony with my own ideas about LENR.
The essence of human nature is discontent, creative and active discontent that manifests itself by INITIATIVE. Based on my life experience I can state ith certainty that having initiatives or not- is the real differentiator between the people- however the nature and quality of the initiatives is determinant- execution ability and surviving failures are also essential.
It seems the ancient Greeks have missed to nominate a goddess of initiative- I have different opinion, that goddess and Her cult are necessary.
The first name of choice will be Startia- but there is already a Startia.Inc; if trademark problems appear- the name of the Godess can be START- followed by any feminizing suffix- as -ilia, -alia whatever;  Startitta if I want to use my wife's name in Italian or Startonia - if I prefer my daughter's name. The cult is more important than the name.

  This week (May 31- June 6) will take place a very interesting test performed by Andrea Rossi who sends in battle his newest bonsai  very hot E-Cat called QuarkX- 
a pen-size gen, works at 1400rator of energy- both thermal and electric , perhaps light too,
It has a nominal power of 100W works at 1400 C - it is said. The test is for a Swedish customer and if anything goes well production of these devices will start in Sweden.
A positive test means a lot more taking in account the complex geopolitical sitaution of LENR and especial of LENR+.
A decisive: has goddess Startia made QuarkX really "antifragile"? See N.N. Taleb's second book not less important than Black Swan.
Rossi says 3 devices go in the battle let's wish them to survive and win as gloriously
as this is possible in technology!

b) Please let's try to help RICHARD HILL

Our Australian reader friend Richard Hill has sent us a very difficult question (the answer is so not the question) 

Are Diesel Injectors Destroyed by Low Nuclear Energy Reactions (LENR)?

Actually it is about the water content of the fuels- very high temperature (up to 1000C) water vapors are in explosive contact with the metal parts- OK, can such an
environment stimulate- deep metal-hydrogen interactions, i.e. LENR?

The complete text of Richard is here, please read it:

What do you think?

1) Energetics of the low energy processes by A.I. Laptukhov
Энергетика низкоэнергетических процессов А.И. Лаптухов

(Google translatable, it has a dispute with Bazhutov's Erzion theory).

2) What says Andrea Rossi about the test of E-Cat QuarkX- started today

Hank Mills
May 30, 2016 at 8:55 PM

Dear Andrea,

1) Will there be an ERV or third party involved with the one week test of the Quark?

2) Are there specific goals or benchmarks that need to be met by this test? If so, what are they?

3) Will there be a comprehensive test report generated either by you, the customer, or the third party (if there is one)?

4) If a comprehensive test report is produced, when will it be shared with the public?

5) How many Quarks will be utilized in the one week test?

6) Will photographs or videos be taken during the test? If so, will they be shared with the public?

7) How will the heat produced by the Quarks be measured?

8) How will the electricity produced by the Quarks be measured?

9) If the test is a complete and total success, what are your next steps forward in the near future?

10) Will the Quark be ran in self sustain mode during the test for significant periods of time — for example a half hour or longer?

Thank you.

Hank Mills

Andrea Rossi
May 31, 2016 at 7:54 AM

Hank Mills:
1- no
2- reliability, performance, safety
3- yes, obviously, but it will not be public
4- eventually, after an official certification-validation which will be also the “GO” to the manufacturing (F8)
5- three
6- no
7- putting on the hot surface the finger of somebody and see how loudly he cries ( audiometric measurement, a new patent of mine)
8- same as above ( disconnecting the earth cable)
9- see point 4
10- yes
Warm Regards,

This is discussed here too - and updated:
Rossi: 1 Week E-Cat QuarkX Test to Start at End of May with Potential Cutomer/Partner (Update: More Q&A about the Testing)

Not all problems are settled in nuclear physics!
Radii and binding energies in oxygen isotopes: a puzzle for nuclear forces 

We present a systematic study of both nuclear radii and binding energies in (even) oxygen isotopes from the valley of stability to the neutron drip line. Both charge and matter radii are compared to state-of-the-art ab initio calculations along with binding energy systematics. Experimental matter radii are obtained through a complete evaluation of the available elastic proton scattering data of oxygen isotopes. We show that, in spite of a good reproduction of binding energies, ab initio calculations with conventional nuclear interactions derived within chiral effective field theory fail to provide a realistic description of charge and matter radii. A novel version of two- and three-nucleon forces leads to considerable improvement of the simultaneous description of the three observables for stable isotopes, but shows deficiencies for the most neutron-rich systems. Thus, crucial challenges related to the development of nuclear interactions remain.


It was published  in the Gurteen Knowlrdge Letter 191- excellent Knowkledge management newsletter:

TitleFUD is a good thing
WeblogGurteen Knowledge Log
Knowledge LetterGurteen Knowledge Letter
Posted DateTuesday 31 May 2016 09:29 GDT
Posted ByDavid Gurteen

FUD – fear uncertainty and doubt. No, not the marketing sort of FUD but the kind of stuff in your head whenever change takes place.

It is OK to fear and question things. Having doubts and reservations is OK. It is a natural part of the thinking, reflection and commitment process.

Every new endeavour starts this way. If it doesn't then, the chances are that something is terribly wrong.

The last thing we should do is to stifle these thoughts. It is essential they are expressed openly. They should be actively solicited.

Coercing people to agree or to commit is one of the many destructive things we do to each other.

Expressing our true feelings is the start of a conversation that leads to ownership and commitment.

If we cannot say "no" then "yes" has no meaning. 
Credit: Peter Block


  1. Peter
    The seven day test sounds good.
    The one year test of the Ecat wore
    me out just following it.

  2. Andrea Rossi | 4 hours ago
    Frank Acland:
    The test is starting now.
    I will talk about it within 10 days from now.
    Warm Regards,
    Frank Acland | 4 hours ago
    Dear Andrea,
    Did the QuarkX test already start? If so, how is it going?
    Best wishes,
    Frank Acland

  3. I cannot resist. Andrea's Quarks were made in Hooville where they have tharks upon Quarks. Dr, Seuz would be envious of Andre's inventions.

    All the Hoos down in Hooville will support him forever.

  4. Brian
    If the woman in Hooville are as good looking
    as the ones in Hooterville I am moving.
    Farm livin is the life for me.

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