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a) I am too on the list of dissident scientists

Please take a look to the link sent by Andrew Meulenberg it is at LENR IN CONTEXT-1. My favorite LENR scientists are all there including Francesco Piantelli and David Nagel.
In sense I have the feeling to become kind of internal dissident too- first because I think that the PdD system has no technological future (euphemism!) and second- and this more of a problem
being given my negative enthusiasm to accept the position and the methods of convincing people of Industrial Heat's local supporters.. A case of multiple dissidence.

By the way, IH's fight to destroy the 1MW test continues on two fronts:
- demonstrating it has not worked at all (why now and not when they stated this disaster)?
- demonstrating that an 1MW produces so much heat that nobody can survive in the container (ignoring the fact that the heat goes away instantly as steam and also forgetting that they were inside when it has worked...or not)?

Today's info- it is known the Judge of the Trial ( paper 3) at News.

) My communist kangaroo court and the instructive story of the florentine vessel

Jed Rothwell tries to explain my attitude based on my communist past

You have too much experience with oppression. Living under communism, you apparently never learnt the lessons taught to small children in democracies, that a person must ALWAYS give both side a chance to speak before deciding who is right.
You are conducting a sort of communist style kangaroo court where one party (I.H.) is declared guilty before they get a chance to speak in their own defense. You have no idea what they have to say, but you are sure it is wrong!

This is not true, I simply do not believe what IH via its supporters  (I have swallowed the word mercenaries even after receiving information regarding Dewey Weaver's activity in France) to convince us and I structurally dislike their E-Catocide campaign. 

I take this opportunity to tell you the story of one of my encounters with the communist practice let's say a kangaroo court where I was the potential victim of a show trial.
In 1961 my short University career has ended abruptly (I just started a program regarding the use of polymers and plastics in the building industry) I was fired for bad social origin. I found first a three-shift job in a macaroni factory and then I moved to a factory, making inter alia plasticizers.
About my experience here:
We, the engineers had to solve the same problems as our capitalist colleagues with much less information.
By some miracle (an unknown donor) the factory’s library had some English language books and journals that were not burned being technical. 
Actually I have learned technical English by translating a few chapters of Perry’s “Chemical Engineer’s Handbook” 3rd edition (1950).
Once I have found in the magazine Chemical Engineering a paper about steam distillation- a method used for removing the volatile compounds (higher alcohols) from the plasticizers. This method see:
is cheaper and faster than vacuum distillation in many cases. A fine paper- I borrowed the issue and took it home for study. This was then a fatal error- at a routine check at the exit gate from the factory the journal was found and the communist inquisition (Party, securitate, union and what is now “human resources” but then was a component of terror- kaderist) have criticized me in a special meeting.
“Tovarish engineer Gluck is admiring harmful capitalist advertising.” This was a capital sin then and there, but I insisted that all I want is to solve some problems of the socialist industry and eventually I was even allowed to read what I wish.
There were a lot of problems to solve, I have discovered design errors and chemical malpractices in many technologies.
The most interesting - unbelievable was this: at the synthesis of plasticizers  Organic acid + alcohol (C4 to C11, predominantly C8- ethyl-hexyl alcohol==>
Esther + H2O the equilbrium goes to right, to the desired product if the water is removed from the system. This happens so water plus alcohols boils as an azeotrope (mixture) - the mixture is cooled and condensed, water has a greater density than oily alcohols, in a vessel two layers are formed  and water is periodically discarded
When I came there this was done manually- by the workers  a catastrophe especially in the night shift water returned to the reactor and the duration of reaction was excessively long, the color of the plasticizer became darker/
I immediately remembered that this separation can be made automatically simply using a Medieval invention, the so called Florentine vessel used in Italy for separating perfumes and essential oils. I have seen a picture of it in a book at the pharmacy of Uncle Leopold (see my story "Taxonomy-mon amour) 
I photocopied the imagine- possibly identical of what you see below and have designed a separator a bit more for industry and wrote a proposal to the Technical Commission of the factory.

 I have written very clearly that it is n old method and I just have adapted it to our case.

My enemies have tried to get me in trouble they have found a young technician who has made a counter- innovation and have accused me that I have stolen his idea. I was the class enemy!

The trial of the Technical commission , with great scandal lasted more than 6 hours, however at the end the technician was weeping and asked me for apology- "I was forced to do this..."

My idea was applied in the factory. Believe me the fiercest quarrel around my Blog and opinions is nothing compared with such unjust and idiotic experience. 


1) Charting the Nickel-Lithium-Hydrogen Workspace; 3,600 Variables Involved (

2) From David French LENR's Patent Specialist

3) Uwe Doms has discovered this:
#LENR Rossi vs. Darden case reassigend to District Court Judge … & Magistrate John O'Sullivan.

4) CIAM (Russia), 8th intl.Conf. Space Propulsion : The theory of LENR&their application in aerospace propulsion


Personal attack, character assassination, ridicule and even inventing distorted stories. These all seem to be well practiced tactics of particular people in this LENR & Rossi set of debates. 

The unfortunate (sad) thing I see, is that these tactics seem to be dominant among the anti-LENR people. I note that for particular individuals, such tactics are 'stock-in-trade' practice. Even worse, practiced by some who otherwise seem quite intelligent people. I have concluded that these particular advocates are prone to use every tactic they can reach and for them winning is more important than honesty & integrity. 

A comment about the anti-Rossi tactics and why they are employed. Firstly, this post is not about claiming Rossi is 100% right nor a challenge to his famous 'factory ready' claims, it is about commenting on the utterly devious tactics used in seeking to discredit him. It is a well known saying that when someone keeps throwing mud, some is bound to stick. To see this in a current context just follow the American presidential election primaries and the tactics of nearly all the participants. Ask yourself if you think the best mud slingers are leading the races (both Democrat & Republican). I am in little doubt.

So in regard to Andrea Rossi, particular very well know web identities have never been content to point out Andrea Rossi's inconsistencies and leave it to us to decide, particular ones of these people have gone to great extremes to pile tons of mud (and worse) onto Andrea Rossi, and then, onto anyone who questions the tactic. 

Because they have largely succeeded in establishing a highly negative, even 'evil', view of Rossi, other people don't seem to flinch when Rossi is called a liar, cheat, a thief and fraud (all the time). The issue re the mud-slinging tactic is that so much mud has been thrown that when anyone is associated with Rossi, they are immediately tainted by it. i.e. Seen as wearing the same mud that is sticking to Rossi. Throwing mud is a *despicable* tactic, but I guess for 'despicable people' it is worth doing.

Just to illustrate the absurdity of this mud-slinging, look at IH and how when they were seen as Rossi backers and his friends, the same despicable mud slinging was used on them, but, now they are in a dispute with Rossi (and that is *all* it is), they have been washed clean, sanitised and are now to anti LENR/anti Rossi people, the current heros *against* Rossi. What a pathetic and transparent manoeuver this appears to be. 

There are always at least 2 side to any dispute. Then come all us observers with our own 'sides'. Not all can be right. 

Mud-slinging is the tactic of the propagandists and manipulators.


Andrew Meulenberg has discovered it:
The worldwide list of dissident scientists
I am there too, despite of being a technologist.


 Recommended Sunday lecture:
The Source of Richard Feynman's genius:

A short course of Cobra Management, useful for confronting with trolls:


  1. Anyone who pays attention to Rothwell is the bigger fool. Rothwell has for years been nothing but a bitter dung beetle who has laid claim to lenr to roll his own personal reality without which he would be an absolute nothing. He's not alone such dung beetles are common and noticable in todays internet world. Clearly the IH crowd is pimping him out for free to all who will listen.

    1. In a serious discussion it is very inappropriate to use arguments such as you just did. Please don't.

      There is a real person behind his internet-username, a person that have done a lot of nice and positive things, and often made us smile.

      Surely there is better ways of attacking someones arguments. Please, non of that.

    2. DB, you are right
      I have decide to censor all such insultys except those addressed to me- in person. I must assume the risks of telling exactly what I think.


  2. They are really having a good laugh over at Industrial Heat they knew in advance that ole Jed would be on board with a little nudge.


  3. I think Jeds comment were his own not IH
    nudge comments.

  4. Peter
    I would sooner be TD in your Court
    than AR in Gary wright Court.

  5. Why is Jed Rothwell going round saying there would be 100's of KW of waste heat?

    It's ridiculous.

    Any fool can look up the thermal conductivity (K-value) of, say, PIR insulation.

    They you can estimate the external area of each 250KW ecat module.

    Then, knowing the temperature difference between the steam and the interior of the shipping container, (approx 90C) you can calculate how thick the insulation would need to be to limit any heat loss to 1%... Which is about what the air-con unit in the shipping container can handle, according to the photographs.

    Hint: It's around 70-80mm. And you can buy PIR sheet at a hardware store.

    You don't need to be a HVAC technician to work this out, it's called Fourier's Law, and it's pretty basic stuff.

    Losses through pipework are similarly negligible if lagged properly.

    Comparing it to commercial boilers is daft: They burn gas. Gas burns at high temperature. These high temperatures are harder to contain. The e-cat is easier to insulate, both because it works at lower temperatures, and because there's no combustion to ventilate.

    With a normal boiler, a large amount of waste heat is going out of the flue. That's a major cause of their crappy 70%+ efficiency.

    1. "Why is Jed Rothwell going round saying there would be 100's of KW of waste heat?

      It's ridiculous"

      No, it isn't. Mats Lewan, the people from NASA and others who observed public demonstrations of these units reported they were quite hot despite the insulation. A video shows a woman accidentally brushed against the unit and jumped back because it was so hot. There is no doubt they radiate a lot of heat. There are 52 of them in the reactor, so that is a lot of surface area.

      The insulation was the same in all photos I have seen.

    2. Jed, I actually based the calculation on the (old) 52 ecat setup. The amount of insulation on the newer configuaration of 4x 250kW would be less.

      I still say your "Rossi would be boiled alive" conjecture is ridiculous, as despite what may or may not have been insulating the 'NASA prototype', your supposed problem with the 1MW unit could have been solved with $400 worth of PIR foam.

  6. Also... All this talk of HVAC codes is equally silly. Codes are for technicians to follow. Think of them as out-of-date-bare-minimum-best-practice.

    Engineers can do whatever the hell they want, following the code is just a handy way to limit liability for them.

    As long as a (certified) engineer can justify a different, or even a better way of measuring heat, they are free to do so, that's between them and their liability insurance provider, if the worst happens.

    1. HVAC laws and inspection methods are not suggestions. They are mandated by law, and spelled out in detail. A boiler of this size must be regularly inspected, and the inspection includes a measure of efficiency.

      An engineer who does whatever the hell he wants instead of the mandated inspection procedures will lose his license and his livelihood.


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. From your link...

      "The only boilers required to be inspected under the provisions of ss. 554.1011-554.115 are boilers
      located in public assembly locations."

      "“Public assembly locations” include schools, day care centers, community centers, churches,
      theaters, hospitals, nursing and convalescent homes, stadiums, amusement parks, and other locations
      open to the general public."

      I'm not sure these codes apply to a shady industrial unit, apparently rented out by your lawyer.

    4. Jed, having read your links, my apologies... I was extrapolating from general principles regarding codes and engineers.

      The point about above does seem pertinent though... It seems like these are legally binding only for public buildings.

      In 'non-public' situations I believe my principle would apply. ie, You can go against code, but you need to be able to defend your method and calculations to your peers if something goes wrong.