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Cold Fusion is to Hot Fusion what biochemistry is to chemistry (Chris Tinsley)

To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves - there lies the great, singular power of self-respect. (Joan Didion)


a) An enigmatic message from a dead friend

My anti-hypertensive drugs (ENAP, TERTENSIVE) have helped me to survive beyond expectations but their side effect is permanent nightmares. I must solve impossible problems in the most irrealistic environments.  The former night's remarkable dream is different- actually it was a friendly dream. it was 1995 aagin and I was discussing with my regretted British friend Chris Tinsley in Kishinev Moldova in a small restaurant. Chris has told inter ali about his love and enthusiasm for soccer and to my horror this included in a way a lot of tolerance toward violence around sport -then in fast ascension- everybody sees and knows a lot about it. For me educated in the spirit of fairness and amateurism in sport  My father was a great athlete and coach-he has discovered this great champion too: The spirit of Paavo Nurmi was present in our discussions about sport at home.
OK times changes and Chris was so emotional when saying "we Englishmen like soo much to fight!"
But now, in my dream  he came with a puzzling statement:

"Peter, you and our still active good chaps are all ignoring the basic teaching of soccer- doing great harm to yourself and to Cold Fusion, you dormant ones! Why you continue to play on a 10 meters by 10 meters small arena where you can barely move- when a normal soccer arena is at least 64 meters wide and 110 meters long - 70-80 times greater as surface- where you have enough space to run and to attack? If continue to think small, be small, move small, you will never learn, enjoy and master soccer, my friends with no space!

I do not believe in any superstition but I know dreams are connected to our subconscious. OK, however my dear Chris I don't understand what are you alluding to, what are you suggesting? What small, what great arena, what large spaces?
Cn somebody help?

c) There are no limits in the demonization of Andrea Rossi- campaign

Brian Ahern has commented on my Blog:

I watched a two hour documentary on the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas and was stunned by the parallels to the Rossi drama.
David Koresh was a self-styled Messiah and he had dozens of loyal followers.

He lied every day of the 51 day standoff. He finally took all the loyal followers with him and inspired a generation of conspiracy dupes> They believe that the government conspired against an admirable character. The Waco incident inspired Timothy McVeigh to bomd the federal building in Oklahoma.

Similarly, Rossi's followers blindly follow his trials and tribulations. Let us hope that this charismatic leader (Rossi) is not followed by another McVeigh. 

A rational answer came immediate from Lennsart Thornros:

Brian, this is not a sect, Rossi's claim is Rossi's claims. I think most people and my self included think that he has something. It is hard to understand what, I give you that. However, it is many more factors that point that way,that he has something rather than he is a scam artist. I understand why he does not show exactly what he can do. It is a combination of poor communication and his financial interest (keeping the secret so he for sure has a time advantage when it can be commercialized). I just do not see any reason to be negative to Rossi. If he does not in one way or the other produce proof he will lose all credibility. I talk about months. If he does not then, we who believe he has it, will begin to change our mind and look for another solution. No, shame in being wrong and make a mistake. However, if I were as critical as you are comparing him to David Koresh, it will be rather humiliating to change stand. Not in a scientific way but the many very insulting (and uncalled for) attacks on Rossi's persona, must be hard to abandon and keep your integrity. 
I can guarantee that I will not commit suicide if Rossi fails. I would be very disappointed in him, but that is where it stops. 


1) Rossi Plans Demonstration, Piantelli Has New Patent

2) Piantelli's Patent

Method and apparatus for generating energy by nuclear reactions of hydrogen adsorbed by orbital capture on a nanocrystalline structure of a metal
EP 2754156 A2 (text from WO2013008219A2)

Technical problems: to increase the energy that can be obtained and to make it possible an adjusting the power supplied according to a method and an apparatus (101) to obtain energy by nuclear reactions between hydrogen (31) and a primary material (19) of an active core (18) comprising cluster crystal nanostructures a transition metal, where the hydrogen is kept in contact in a generation chamber (53) with such clusters at a temperature of process predetermined, and wherein by an impulsive action on the primary material, is caused an orbital capture reaction of H- ions by the clusters and then of capture by the atoms of the cluster, generating thermal energy associated with the reaction heat of said reactions and removing thermal power starting from this thermal energy. Solution: Prearranging means for generating (60) of in H- ions, in order to cause a transition from a first concentrating said H- ions to a second concentrating said H- ions in said hydrogen (31) in contact with cluster active core (18), in particular by means of ionizing said hydrogen (31), The ionization can be carried out for impact of the hydrogen (31) on an electron-donor material, in particular selected between the alkaline metals and alkaline-earth and arranged near the active core (18); or supplying to the hydrogen (31) an energy vector (69) as a radiations ionising, for example of type α, β, γ, X, laser, UV, or as a beam of particles for example protons, hyperons, mesons, leptons, metal ions which, through a source or owing to reactions between a suitable for secondary material and protons coming from the transition metal during the orbital capture; or reducing the collection of thermal power for causing an increase of temperature of Active core (18).

3) A Method of Producing Excessive Heat Output Cyclic Outbreaks in Titanium Powder (Video by Andrew Khrishchanovich)

4) Hank Mills:
Hank's Smoldering "Ghost Nickel" Hot Sauce Recipe

5) This is in Vietrnamese and it says about Tohoku University Jaoan opening a LENR research Center
6) A collection of LENR links to be explored

lenr – ecat | energy catalyzer (ecat) and lenr low energy nucle

7) A new paper in Norwegian
Frå segl til kald fusjon )Google Translate says From stamps for cold fusion?"
I hope we will read more about it here:


BrIan Ahern- who is good scientist when he is not writing about Rossi- would like this:

Small and powerful: Pushing the boundaries of nano-magnets

And this seems to be related- in a way- to Ed Storms's theory but only he can say if...
SUMMARY: Catalytic nanocages, which are tiny, open structures with reactive surfaces that could boost key chemical processes, are notoriously difficult to synthesize. Scientists recently succeeded in a new approach.

Ethan Siegel- a cold fusion arch-enemy from the younger generation of nuclear physicists (due to his idea that LENR is cold hot fusion) has written a smart paper. Please read the extended variant



What Leadership Looks Like in Different Cultures


  1. Brian Ahern sounds very much like a frustrated sociopath.

    1. Brian is looking like the pathological science that he is rejecting.

    2. Though I don't share his views, Brian appears honest and sound to me. That is rare within this field plagued by pseudoscience and intellectual hooliganism.

  2. An unconvinced laymanMay 8, 2016 at 12:06 PM

    May I ask, do you believe Rossi could turn trash into oil, gas and coal as he claimed? If so, why has he abandoned such a world-changing discovery? If not, why would you believe this equally fantastic claim about LENR? This is the elephant in the room for so many of us skeptics. Not the reality of LENR but the veracity of Rossi.

    1. Unconvinced Layman,

      Do you know (or realise) that companies today can and are doing what Rossi was attempting back then ?. If you don't know, then do a little research.

      Be fair to the man.


      Doug Marker

  3. These outbursts by Brian Ahern are the only way he can get attention in the LENR world.

    1. Just sour grapes because he couldn't replicate it after a few tries

    2. Please someone tell Brian Ahern to stop reading developments in the Rossi Coldfusion Technology, he is loosing his mind !

    3. Well, maybe he is not the madman LENR world expects everyone to be.

  4. A.R has said he made mistakes in the trash to oil business.
    This could be one of the reasons
    he is being careful not to make
    mistakes with the Ecat project.

  5. "Frå segl til kald fusjon" means "From sail to cold
    fusion". Sail here points at wind mills, one energy