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The first days when my daughter Antonia came home from the kindergarten- from "the group of the smallest" we have remarked that she is speaking very loudly, all the time almost shouting."But Toni dear Mammy and Daddy are hearing well, why are you speaking so dreadfully loud?" She has explained that at the kindergarten "all the children speak, no one is listening; who speaks the loudest gets some attention"
The same has happened probably at the unsuccessful building of the Babel Tower where people suddenly started to speak quite different languages- they had to wait 
millennia for Google Translate to appear and even expert translators were completely missing. This story is interpreted usually as a punishment of God for excessive human pride- the Tower was planned to be obscenely high just to show we can do it!
I have a very different opinion- the multiplicity of languages is a great blessing that adds to vital interestingness of our human world, to diversity, allows the creation of many sorts of splendid verbal beauty. I enjoy tremendously- for example- discovering the untranslatable idioms, words- it is a great collection on the Web. 
There are more trivial and not so altruistic reasons to this- I have survived in the darkest yeaars of my family tragedy by working as translator and interpreter for relatively good money- easier work than wood-cutting, anyway.
As practice of oppression shows it is easier to rule and torment people who are speaking the same language as you. And monolingual hatred is also perfectly possible. I well remember how in night- I believe in 1993, my Serbo-Croatian- Romanian dictionary has self-destructed itself - the very similar Serbian and Croatian words started to massacrate each other.My daughter has inherited my fine collection
of dictionaries- I use now the Internet- the e-Babel. Including:

It is a sad reality that many times words have to be used in disputes and fight. I want to keep my black belts, 8-Dan title in verbal karate in at least three languages.I need this skill especially when some people try to shut down EGO OUT!

Sincerely I fear that this editorial could be considered as an allusion to the post Babel state of LENR theories because it seems to be intolerable that after so many years we do not have an universally accepted LENR theory. I think this will be settled when we will be able to tell more exactly what is and what is not LENR. Or LENRs?

b) Felix Rends, LENR-Forum Moderator has an idea re LENR Theories

One fundamental Question is missing:

"Do we need scientific theories and dozens of questions and speculations to use LENR energy to rescue our climate and progress the development of mankind?"

Hundreds of thousands of years even the smartest human beings where not able to explain what we today call the 'Standard Model of particle physics' They had no idea what electromagnetic is, or weak and strong nuclear interactions, and certainly they know nothing about subatomic particles. But some of them made fantastic inventions, inventions that brought us to where we are today and now we have another fantastic invention, why not use it first and try to solve the theory problem later? 

Concerning LENR I am pretty much sure, that it is a kind of an exothermic stripping reaction like the Oppenheimer–Phillips process but that is only speculation. 


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Please try to combine this with...or to juxtapose to... my editorial:
More than words
Human communication is a glorious chaos. And images, from art to emojis, sometimes say it so much better than language can
by Thom Scott-Phillips


  1. Hello Peter,
    The article about communication, especially communication in English, really is similar to LENR with lots of speakers and no hearers. There are so many words in English and most people only recognize 20% and use 5%. The possibility for miscommunication is great. Then add in all us who has English as second language.
    What else than chaos can you expect.
    LENR is the same, full of info. It has its core values and now when you challenge the core values that is like using the 10,000 English words understood by only a handful. Same chaos.
    So why listen when you can spout anything you want and nobody gives a rip. Listen is hard.
    Therefore I think it is high time to organize LENR info and take away all the guess work from that info - only bring in facts.
    Most frustrating is that LENR's best info is tied up in a lawsuit. If Rossi has what he claims, then that is the LENR info we need - that would be facts. If not we need to identify other real LENR result (only them with COP > 1 ) and call that our base for further experiments / developments. In other words we need to get down to the 5,000 words we all understand.
    JUst so there is no misunderstanding; I am not saying there is anything wrong with theoretical ideas and discussions. There will be a time when they have enormous value but just now I think the experiments and evaluations of them is center.

    1. Dear Lennart,

      I apologize for the delay in answering- had technical troubles with the blog and extra consultancy work re my former expertise in polymers- quite chaallenging- adhesives.

      I have a very nice friendly relationship with English even if it is not my native language.
      My sister in law is English teacher and so i have read many books about the language even in the pre-Internet era had the best dictionaries etc. Now I am extracting new idioms and from text and I try to use them smartly
      Subsribed for example to Wordsmith A word a day and ue thw Web for discovering equivalents of proverbs and short stories. Compare English with other lnguages I am using.
      Have introduced two new words in official English dictionaries- Ego Out and memecracy.

      With LENR it is different IO think PdD mentality and dominance is doing a lot to harm, but nobody lisensa what I say.
      There is NO valid LENR taxonomy and insight just aggressive ideas flying around

      Best wishes,