Friday, December 30, 2011


Motto: Only today is not tomorrow and only tomorrow is not the day after tomorrow! (deep Romanian wisdom… from the category “winter is not the same as summer…”)

Today I have tried four types of champagne - one glass out of each bottle, which is quite reasonable. All were exquisite.

Today is December the 30th. Tomorrow will be the 31st – last day of this year. 2011 is therefore gone, already behind us. The day after tomorrow will actually be the first day of the last year of humankind's short (and petty...) history. At least this is what we read in the newspapers and what the Maya calendar seems to show. We could very well say that the day after tomorrow will be the beginning of the end.

This may also be considered a necessary evil, as endings mark new beginnings all the time.

Let’s take as example my four glasses of champagne. The first one was raised with my current boss, on the occasion of his ‘good-bye’ lunch. He was an excellent boss. He will continue to be an excellent boss, only … for other people. What will he do from now on? He will go ahead in his career, with a new beginning. A new phase in his professional and personal life (well, no matter how much we try to fool ourselves, it is true that the two sides of our lives are very much depending on each other and feeding themselves with the other’s time).

The second and the third glasses of champagne (quite close in time from each other) were raised for more ordinary endings – the year and the training period for some of our colleagues. We raised the glasses to mark the transition towards the next phase. Which is? Next years, next trainee round, next, next… The king is dead, long live the king! This spiral of …-end-beginning-end-beginning-end-… is as old as some famous dilemmas about what came first – the egg or the hen; the lawyer, the politician or the prostitute?... So hard to say and at the same time and so little relevant for the mess we are facing today!...

What about the fourth glass? Well, this one I believe just came natural after the other three. It was champagne day, a day for celebration and smiles. I am not sure if there was anything to celebrate, but what seemed really important was the spirit. And today’s spirit was one for celebration, smiles and hugs, fun and optimism. The spirit of the famous “tomorrow is another day!”.

Then why do we torment ourselves so much when something is coming to an end? It is really difficult to part with familiar things, to step out of our comfort circle. Whenever the decision to change something is within our power, when we have the freedom and responsibility to choose the way to follow, we are prone to stress ourselves, to have doubts about our choices and to wonder endlessly “what if?...” We are afraid of choosing the wrong path, of always regretting we did not take the other one, we did not know better to go the other way.

What seems hard to understand is that … we will always regret the alternative. Sooner or later, the path we take gets harder and harder. Life is never easy and no matter where we are heading, we face hurdles and pain, challenges and set-backs. Life not fair, not smooth, all charming roses that touch our senses with their scent also tear our flesh with the attached thorns. What we always forget to remember is that if we turn back the time to the moment of the initial choice, it really did look better than the alternative path. And so we can never really know whether the alternative wouldn’t have been worse. We always compare the reality with imagination, what we have with what we dream we could have had. And we have to admit that reality looses almost every time in this comparison – which is pretty unfair.

It is completely another story when the change is actually external and unavoidable. Usually that kind of change we embrace with a mix of fear, hope and anticipation. We almost never regret such change, most probably because we do not blame ourselves for the consequences. When there is a scapegoat for whatever bad things happen to us, we make peace with the reality, it does not look so serious or complicated. Is this strange? Maybe … but it is also very human. It explains the successful dictatorships in countries with large numbers in the population. It is quite easy to control a huge mass of people if you give them a direction and a sense of togetherness (be it in front of hardship or religion or common interest). Such regimes did not leave much space for thinking and spiritual growth, but kept the people at the same time busy and rather comfortable. I am not saying it is right, just that it is… not so difficult. People tend to accept their ‘faith’ whenever there is a third party to blame for whatever goes wrong and they can leave at peace with their own conscience and freedom of choice (or lack of it…).

So, I am coming closer to the end of today’s posting and I cannot say that I had a real subject. What I had was a wish to take a glimpse into the year ahead – 2012. What will it bring? Like I already said – the end of the world (as we know it?...), most probably resulting from a multitude of crisis (financial, industrial, commercial, social, political, sovereign, cultural, religious, moral and so on).

Where would then be the beginning? Well… in the same crisis, as we should not think of any final and irrevocable ending. Something has to come out of any kind of end. Do you wonder what?... Well, you have to have a little patience. We will know that exactly at the same time next year, December 31, when we will say good bye to 2012, and look forward to a 2013 full of hope and optimism.

In the meanwhile let’s clean up our houses, get some decent food and drinks on the table, hug and kiss our family and friends, light some nice fireworks, then raise another glass of champagne and rejoice. Let’s welcome the young 2012, as pale and pessimistic (but full of hope!) as it may be!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Motto (Serenity Prayer): God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.

As I enjoy a few moments of peace and solitude (as usually, flu comes with bad and good parts…), I just felt like writing something at Christmas time.

I am less than a day apart from jumping into this year’s Christmas holiday, which will be full of hugs & kisses, smells & tastes, stories & plans, and then… next group of hugs & kisses, smells & tastes, stories & plans... I will join friends and family, sharing with them some special days. Then we will all go back to day-to-day working and regular living.

Today I found myself thinking of those people who will not get warm family reunions this year. Some have no family to go to. For other the distance is too big. And some would rather hideaway on this holiday. On this latest category, I believe everyone has all the right reasons for hiding. Some are too tired, some are longing for quality time away from ‘crowds’, some just do not feel like sharing their unhappiness this year. They are tired of the smiling, of the questions and of the wishes (mostly the same each year). Some are afraid that they will have nothing new to share. Some are not willing to hide their discontent in this period and reckon it’s better to just pull back and hide for a couple of days. The holiday will go away eventually, the discontent hopefully also, even thou not necessarily at the same time.

There is a general perception that Christmas is a time of love and joy, so if some people do not feel loving (or loveable), joyful or energetic, then why pretend that they are, just for the sake of family and friends? On the other hand, why spoil others’ joyfulness and happiness with their presence?

I am not going to argue with such a Christmas approach, because each person is different and no one can ever really feel another’s pain or live another’s live in their stead. What I am going to do is wish them all the best on those holidays, just the same as I wish to any traditional Christmas-spirited joyful soul, who is probably still running around, buying last-minute presents, preparing delicious food, hugging & kissing around.

Well… I am not going to argue, but I am going to tell them: this posting is for you people!

This year I have experienced some moments when hideaway seemed like the best answer to address the blurry vision of the future that lies ahead. We are living historical times and it is not necessarily a good thing. It is also not necessarily a bad thing. And in this general context, some of us are facing personal changes. It is only natural that when the whole world questions us, we start also questioning ourselves. Are we in the right place, doing the right thing, choosing the right path, building the right future? Could anyone answer that for us?

Sometimes those questions have answers which we just do not want to see. Or we see but do not accept. We take pride in being free in taking our own decisions. However huge part of the changes in our life is not triggered by own decisions, but actually is a result of external factors and other people decisions. We can call that ‘fate’ or ‘luck’ (good or bad), we can blame it on the external decision-makers or on ourselves. Still none of those excuses or blame-games would change anything in the present. The sooner we realize and accept that, the faster we will get ahead living the next stage of our life. We must direct our energies ahead, start exercising again the freedom of choice and rediscover our own-decision-making-mechanism from this point onward.

What does this have to do with lonely Christmas time? I think a lot. Lonely holiday is nothing else than long time for thinking. As you do not play and hug and eat and share stories and plans with others, you will of course sit and do mostly the same by and with yourself. And the direction in which you explore (past or future) will actually shape the post-holiday period that will come after that.

Do not lie to yourself even if you plan a noisy family Christmas – if you recognize your state of mind in a part of the above description, it may very well mean that you plan to enjoy your loneliness in the middle of a noisy funny family Christmas reunion. And you’d better snap quickly out of it or sleep it over before Santa comes.

I wish you all a warm and rewarding Christmas!
May 2012 bring some hopes back into our future or… some future back into our hopes!

Hugs & kisses,

Saturday, December 17, 2011


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Cancer is one of the greatest enemies of mankind- a very cruel
one and when I started to think –it was the era of the antibiotics and the Salk vaccine, I was firmly convinced that cancer will
eradicated in my lifetime. This was an absolutely erroneous prediction- today approximately 13% of us have the chance to
die from a form or other of this dreadful illness. Ganglionar cancer
has killed my son at the age of 31.

David Haas is telling us that we have to fight against cancer and
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