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Explaining the LENR Pdisaster

The Pdisaster
“I am Psmith," said the old Etonian reverently. "There is a preliminary P before the name. This, however, is silent. Like the tomb. Compare such words as ptarmigan, psalm, and phthisis.”  (P.G. Wodehouse, Psmith, Journalist)
Special thanks to my British readers because the unforgettable lectures about the hero from the Motto, 60+ years ago, have inspired me to invent the new concept, wordplay, blasphemy from the title. Without British humor the world would be a duller place. Please do not confound Pdisaster sith PDisaster or Perfect Disaster- that is a rap artist.
Actually this is  only my n-th attempt to convince my LENR friends to re-focus their efforts and hopes on more healthy and promising systems instead of insisting to use the unmanageable, Unpredictable and incognoscible Pd-D system as source of deep theoretical truth and knowledge re LENR.
My fight has started long ago, perhaps with my first CF paper saying that topology is first. After more cycles of hope - this is the solution, (we will have a system generating energy at a commercial level soon) and disillusion (no, it does not work well you even cannot get significant excess heat all the time) I became deeply discontented and have decided that an explanation of the weakness and tragically low reproducibility of the the results has to be found, on a causal basis. It is inadmissible that all the results are so bad and unreliable. It seemed that we are confronted with an occult phenomenon and I dislike a lot the idea of occult phenomena in science and even more in technology. During my career in the chemical industry I have examined many accidents and even in the most mysterious casesm we have always found an explanation, have discovered a hidden parameter, some superposing of very improbable events or some  incredible human error in design or exploitation and we were able to determine what to do in order to avoid such unhappy events in the future. Perhaps CF/LENR is madness but it is some logic in it.
I have analyzed the global experimental results and found they are mostly dead, a few weak and ill and short-lived and very, very few quite good and knowing that it is about some systems similar to those catalytic I concluded that the CF/LENR Pd based systems are all poisoned, inactivated more or less, usually more.. All are in contact with air therefore air contains the poison I will not repeat here what I have written in many, many messages, perhaps my story is described well and in context, here:
http://pages.csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/cf/318theories.html  The cathode is exposed to air, the heavy water is saturated with air- so co-deposition would not change much the situation..

I wanted to convert irreproducibility from a trouble (something generating only complains) to a problem (something that has a solution to be found and applied) but my poisoning hypothesis is perhaps my most unsuccessful idea ever. If it is about technology, PdD is a highly unsuccessful system; is this only a coincidence? Due to some professional memes (nobody is perfect) first I thought that only the polar impurities from air are really harmful but later I have learned from professor Piantelli that any trace of alien gases (those that are not hydrogen isotopes i.e. nitrogen and oxygen to have to be removed from the LENR system otherwise they simply do not work.. Read please about deep degassing in his patent EP2368252B1/2013 or see it as still application in my “Piantelli Taxonomy”                                                                    Yiannis Hadjichristos also states it clearly that Defkalion’s generator also “needs a completely dry and airless environment to get triggered”


Actually the PdD system has only two choices: to be anaerobic or zombie- as it usually is. The situation is worse than a simple Pdisaster because this system will continue to remain the most popular for scientific studies despite the experimental situation even when the competing H-transition metal system will go commercial. PdD was the cradle of LENR and our founding fathers have worked with it, there it would be antiscientific and kind of sacrilege to abandon it. And it will deliver no good theories, no ideas and only a unique certainty: it exists.

Our very knowledgeable LENR colleague Axil has found a good analogy for the inherent debility of PdD:
It is unfortunate the Fleischmann Pons Effect was the first instance of the LENR reaction’s manifestation.                                
I liken the FP effect to the analogy of starting a fire in a flooded forest drenched in a perpetual downpour. Dry firewood is hard to find and if found, it continually gets wet.                                                       It is better to start a fire in a very dry place filled with dry tinder.

Ed Storms is building a LENR theory starting from this unhappy system. I think he is actually right in essence and the active sites or NAE where the nuclear reactions take place are indeed voids, cracks holes of some very specific sizes in the nano domain, and not the Pd lattice. It is easy to imagine that great and slow say oxygen atoms and small, very fast hydrogen atoms are competing for these “burrows” like pigs and rabbits. Once the fat atoms occupy a site hydrogen has no chance. However, if a new site is formed or opened during the process hydrogen’s high speed will be a decisive advantage. However the in-situ formation of NAE appears as impossible for Pdisaster working at low temperatures but quite handy for the hot Ni-Nike process due to the increased dynamics of the atoms of metal.                                                                                                             
We all still have much to learn and much to forget. And even more to do.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Sedentary mind is worse than sedentary body,
(my septoe)

Let’s face reality, my LENR ÜberTheorie paper (inspired mainly from DGT’s Hyper Theory for the Hyperions), was neither approved nor assassinated by the prominent members of the LENR community and that’s a sign it has not found the way to their hearts or it was rejected by their brains.

I have decided to continue fighting and writing for my idea of how we can make LENR to work and I am speaking now to the young LENR workers of all ages. I dare to hope they will accept me as one of them. At the surface and deep inside I seem to be old but this is only a temporary state, actually I am permanently young- at least functionally/mentally.

A very important recent event in LENR/Cold Fusion education was the Cold Fusion 101 Short Course at MIT; professor Peter Hagelstein has warned the students: “this field can be dangerous for your career!” and this is right. I am coming with a very different message than my famous namesake: “I bet that in 5 years the situation will be completely reversed and working for what today it is called LENR will be a formidable competitive advantage and a real professional privilege because this science-technology will be on the straight way to conquer the energy market including myriads of old and new applications”. I have told you about the great obstacles on this way, but once these impediments removed, a genuine super-stampede will start and it will a real delight for those who like technological progress- as fast or even faster than in this story, for example:
Looking back on 40 years of the cellular phone:
http://www.gizmag.com/mobile-pnone-40-year-anniversary-photos/25677/  You will proudly look back to the first 40 years of industrial LENR generators.

All I want, my dear and daring young colleagues is to help you till this field will not become an almost automatic generator of serial professional triumphs. Perhaps first of all, please explore my blog; my life experience is there- it free and NOT paved with good intentions because my style is difficult not populist at all. Please discover how my vision has changed and improved, this will be good for our future resonant collaboration. Exactly as you, I will try to learn continuously up to the end-my end because the field has a glorious future- and how glorious it will be how fast  this depends on you).

I have received a negative compliment these days from the Black Widow or the Nagaina of the anti-New Energy plot, Ms Mary Yugo who measuring my IQ has stated that I don’t own the sharpest tools in the box. This became a revelation for me: my young readers who will make LENR great need specific tools.  
Good tools, sharp, the best tools available.
Now, in this short essay I will  say first the essence:
a) the most important tool is Good Thinking, a subject that has obsessed me- in positive sense during my entire professional career;
b) in the present complex world MANAGEMENT IS THE NEW PHILOSOPHY the best guide for efficient thinking, the inexhaustible source for developing problem solving skills, the inspiration of learning from kindergarten to university, PhD and for getting high awards in research and development. Equally useful as basic science and living mathematics. You will be able to learn more from Edward de Bono than from Nietzsche, from Jim Rohn than from Heidegger and from Nicholas Nassim Taleb than from Soren Kirkegaard.
This time I am using a few recent papers of the type I have used formerly for my INFO labeled publication; these were not read so I ceased to write them after more than a decade but I am still collecting the most challenging and potentially useful ones.. A mixed bunch of papers mainly about management. I try to show you that they carry messages of interest for the LENR workers.
These are not written by the great gurus of management but by living nice authors whom I have followed for years.

A first example that inspired me this kind of writing:

In 100 Words: Climbing Molehills Without Sweating:
A very simple story about a costly standard error in real life and at work; it is applied in LENR too. Like Lucy, we search for useful LENR in PdD instead of NiH where it is.
The author of this blog writes convincingly and is a great master
telling much in few words, not septoes but “centoes”

More papers about learning and creativity, positive stimulative ones

Today, LENR is a field still mined with uncertainties, therefore those who claim to be knowers can do a lot of harm stopping the ideas of the learners who dare to take the risks and follow new paths. A sensitive subject- I have already written a lot about those who have strong certainties it will be a special lesson about this area. I need your help & opinions. By the way, I have already received inspiration and fine ideas- this morning- from Axil a colleague and good, generous friend who has demonstrated admirable courage and unique scientific culture in his messages:\
It is deeply personal but I hope he will not mind that I am citing him:
“ (When dealing with a new subject) I would always memorize it in great detail. Even though the effort was very difficult and time consuming, this technique was a means that usually led to eventual success in the analysis of these varied systems. Like an old fire horse that always jumps to the sound of the fire alarm, they cannot help themselves. It is how they have grown to be and cannot change; so too with me. My constant improvement to theory is my way to memorize the LENR system in all its subtleties and in all its complexity .” Thank you, Axil!

It is a great achievment to recognize the complexity and the subtetlies of LENR, but it is my duty to add a warning about its inherent wickedness or ill-will of LENR- see the reproducibility and later, control, problems. Beware of any kind of personification perhaps it is just a special extreme case of validity of my 5th problem solving rule:
5. NOT what we know, but what we don’t know is always more important for solving the problem.
Creativity stimulating taxonomy coupled with a grand synthesis of
daring, challenging, new, standard, verified and unverified, mainstream and heretical, clear and still hazy ideas – this is not a job for everybody! Prepare yourself for it my young LENR colleague! Even when you will not be able to throw a stone without hitting a LENR generator, you will have a lot to do, to discover, to fix, to reinvent.
May I remind you that "The world is constructed designedly, just in order to fulfill the interest of the scientist, being infinitely complex and perfectible, providing an endless and eternal field of thinking and action for him." Y.H.Prum  see my old paper here:  http://newenergytimes.com/v2/archives/fic/F/F199108.PDF
If you have thought this is an exaggeration, one year of work in LENR will convince you about the contrary.

What can you learn from your professional rivals:
Exaggerated rivalry is destructive in all stages however before the stage of over-exponential growth. it is simply absurd for a quasi-infinite market.
Management and business have created a wonderful concept and practice that’s called coopetition. You, young LENR worker, you must be a champion of coopetition, both you and your rival are in deep trouble just by working in this field. Compete smartly but collaborate also wisely; you need synergies.

We need a new kind of learner:
The theory of critical thinking is an intellectual masterpiece, I have read books and papers about it. This paper says it will become a reality and the efficiency of learning will increase. In any case, only those apt in using critical thinking will succeed in LENR

The future of learning is the future of work:
Harold Jarche became fast  one of my favorite blog authors, he has the ability to show the essence of issues and new ideas.This essay is about what has added the Internet to learning in the 21st century. Be grateful for the Internet and the Web for the new dimensions of communication and information.

Big Think's Guide to Thinking and Doing Bigger in 2013:
You need to “think big” ergo you need http://bigthink.com
Daily. Thinking big is thinking both holistically- to see the details in the whole and to think holographically- to see the whole (problem, field) in the very details. To think big is also to climb high on the DIKW scale. Arthur C.Clarke has added Prediction to Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom.

Using The Power of Certainty to Drive Growth in an Uncertain World:

A great opportunity to you to meet Daniel Burrus. Please start with his quotations and if you have just a bit of love for technology and management in your soul you will be captivated and mesmerized and you will try to read more and more from this author. In this case it s about uncertainty and how to cope with it something still too present and active in LENR.


Why Focus Makes Us Smarter--and 8 Ways to Sharpen Yours

Actually these are practical advices  how to improve your resilience and mental toughness. Not stubbornness but the ability to survive in very hostile conditions, being able to process fast and painlessly your unavoidable failures and disillusions. And much before feeling the advantages of good focusing you will learn that dis-focussing is a capital sin in research.


The lesson you never got taught in school: How to learn!:


The best comes at the end of this sub-series: I have written many editorials about the necessity to teach our students how to learn.

Zero impact, zero-feedback, the Romanian education system is very inert. In our LENR University we will try the best approach, I promise.

Building the skills of insight:
I adore the word INSIGHT; however for LENR or HHENI I prefer to use “deep understanding”

You, young friend are sentenced to be creative. The following two papers can inspire you.

Creativity Is Like a Slot Machine by Maria Popova
“To invent, you have to take the odd and the strange combination of the years of knowledge and experience.”

The Science of Creativity in 2013: Looking Back to Look Forward:

About errors in thinking:

I would make a huge error in thinking by trying to explain these papers. You have to meet the evil, especially the evil inside alone and develop immunity to it, step by step.
Remember this Grook:
Well, it's plain
and simple to express.
Err and err and err again,
but less and less and less.
       Piet Hein

You have to discover alone the shortcuts on this road. I confess that my fine collection of my own errors is a source of learning but a very personal source. Make you own collection, please! I am offering you a fine  group of papers about the different ways to err. It is up to you to learn how to err less, asymptotically less.

Cognitive Biases: Why We Make Irrational Decisions:

Why We Act Against Our Own Best Interest

It's Time to Stop Validating Ignorance:

Dealing With the Danger of Cognitive Hubris

The tools

It would be useful for you to learn a lot about what Woody Allen has called his second favorite organ. Not an easy pleasant lecture but your future is a direct function of the functionality of your brain. Discover the 101 of human neurosciences.

Has Evolution Given Humans Unique Brain Structures?


When will science give us better brains?:

Are we near to the limits of our tools???

I regret that I had to include here a tragic, apocalyptic aspect of our future. End of world, end of human intelligence these similar mental products are unavoidable and popular. OK, I have not the sharpest tools, I can admit it, but have we indeed reached – generally speaking- the limits of human intelligence? Is the general global intelligence decreasing slowly and irreversibly? In LENR and at the neighbors the theories are not more usable for practice -is this a symptom of the crisis in thinking?   

Is Scientific Genius Extinct?:
Sincerely, I cannot answer. Perhaps I am not intelligent enough to understand the problem, I have always believed that the possibilities of the human mind are limitless and can be extended by AI, you know Singularity and stuff like that.

Can We Reach the End of Knowledge?
Regarding LENR I have predicted it will be solved by a hybrid approach both scientific and technological; later we will be able to understand all the details and then new details will appear.

The Reason We Lose at Games: Some Games Simply Too Complex for the Human Mind to Understand:
As I have told elsewhere, I was a good chess player, however I failed to learn Go but I was happy to see great masters of this play. It can be about human diversity.

The following two papers are about the end of the (great) innovation. Some people are paid to make predictions, pessimistic ones that are more popular than optimist ones, just think about the end of world. Please take my word, it is possible that human intelligence is in some danger but Homo discontentus will continue to invent and to build great things. Hyperion generators will be a bright example.

Has the World Reached the End of Innovation?

Chip daddy Mead: 'A bunch of big egos' are strangling science. The scientific revolution has stalled, here's how to kickstart it

This paper was kindly sent by Yiannis Hadjichristos this morning. It is mainly about the negative role of the great egoistic Knowers who are staying in the way of other, usually younger creative learners. Read it, you will find a horrifying example of how Carlo Cipolla\s second law was applied to two semi-gods of physics. It will be easier to you to get rid of post-logical thinking see: http://egooutpeters.blogspot.ro/2011/03/modes-of-thinking-my-taxonomy.html  during your entire career, an enormous competitive advantage, especially if you keep it secret.  

We need people familiar with complexity

Be aware it will be extremely hard; beautiful and elegant equations  will try all the tricks to seduce your mind. I implore you to resist to their siren song, they are only a part of the reflection of an infinitely rich reality. Make love to them but do not marry them- this is a metaphor.

Managing in complexity:

Handle complexity with evidence, not opinion

Taming complexity:

Read please these 3 papers but be aware: you will need a special course in complexity theory.


This paper is intended for my reader Bettingham who thinks that
if the LENR technology, specifically DGT’s, will not be made public for free as the Salk vaccine, many people will continue to die of hunger. I am trying to explain him that free technologies in the energy sector will not develop but fade away and what moves them forward is mainly re-invested profit. The problem of hunger could be solved if we put limits to consumerism and losses of food, see:

To Solve the World Food Crisis, Stop Wastage:

The last paper today is just an opportunity to say that English is great is the WWW language, but you – in your own interest and for the sake of your brain, make the necessary efforts to NOT remain monolingual. Do not forget, LENR is for the world and needs the contribution of scientists from everywhere.
“LENR-ists from all countries, unite!”
25 handy words that simply do not exist in English:

I hope that despite the somewhat aleatory nature of the sources and examples I have used, you have got a preliminary imagine of the course I have started to prepare for you.
It will not be a 101 introductory type, much more a 1001 type
making you able to confront any Shahryār for long time and win.
In other words a good collection of tools.
But, my friends from 10 to 100 years young, so much depends on your feedback!!!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


NO MOTTO because
“Teoria sine praxis, sicut rota sine axis”
could be considered a kitschy stereotype.

Let’s try to be scientifically correct!
A good theory will help LENR to be accepted by the people and to become a practical energy source”-this statement has been repeated so many times in our community that we tend to believe that it is true. And this is, indeed a partial truth however many other know what, how and why elements are necessary to a real success i.e. both understanding and application.
Global correctness and honesty claim that following the publication of my LENR STRATEGY PRINCIPLES I should examine the alternate strategies and decide which one is the best;
If necessary I have to change or replace principles.

For the time given, the Principles have received the approval of a few persons in high regard by me; as a secondary effect my Blog was invaded by trolls a positive sign of increasing popularity and
I have received a single alternate strategy proposal, authored by Abd-ul Rahman Lomax, my knowledgeable LENR discussion partner. With Abd’s permission- this is his idea:

1. Demonstrate scientifically, with great precision and solid certainty that the Fleischmann Pons Effect has a nuclear nature.
2. Develop a sound theory of the effect and explore its parameter space.
3. Use the Theory to estimate the chances of scale-up and if OK, start great investment efforts for commercial power applications.

It is science-centric and having the roots in the “deuterium plus deuterium gives helium idea” demonstrated in a historical 1994 paper by Melvin Miles.
We are still discussing about it, however I could not accept it because:
a) I have doubts that the PdD system, especially if wet- can be scaled up and industrialized;
b) We cannot predict if some excellent theory elaborated for the PdD system would be valid for the NiH system too
This seems me a too time consuming research line and perhaps uselessly tortuous. But as I have confessed many times, I am far from being inerrant. (By the way, in a recent posting Mary Yugo has stated that possibly I am essentially good willed but I am as gullible and as intellectually impaired as Lewan, Essen and Kullander- an association I like)

I will continue speaking about LENR THEORY in the style of my former paper;

The Theory must be active, it comes with instructions of use.

The scientists and my readers know that there exist 3 categories of scientific theories:
3rd category- EXPLICATIVE-these tell what has happened in experiments, post factum;
2nd category- PROHIBITIVE- they say some important NO, exclude, interdict, limit, mutilate some phenomenon;
1st category- PREDICTIVE- these tell us what will happen.
Actually, in practice each theory has a peculiar combination of explicative, prohibitive, and predictive powers.
In the case of LENR the demand from a good theory goes much beyond of which unexpected (forget the damaging adjective “anomalous”!) nuclear reactions take place. The very first value & survival condition of a LENR theory is to explain and justify the disturbing mystery of the bad reproducibility of the LENR (PdD) experiments. For LENR+ the same question is good control.

Defkalion- (please see their NI WEEK/ICCF 17 paper or/and my other Principles paper:
http://egooutpeters.blogspot.ro/2012/07/some-basic-principles-of-defkalions.html) has reminded us that it exists a fourth category of theories PRODUCTIVE, actionable that tells us very directly what we have to do in order to get in practice a working LENR system. The interesting part is that they have revealed much more than the secret details that are not definitive and are inter-changeable. They have described in their theory the deepest secret of their technology- you have to make hydrogen reactive and the metal (nickel, a choice due to history and geography but only the future will show if it was the best choice indeed) more receptive. Their theory is about action. Pragmatism adds or subtracts  to a theory. What do you think?

The Theory must be holistic – in time

The theory must be broad and has to refer to a whole: sequence of  the pre-nuclear, the nuclear and the post-nuclear interaction and phenomena- and all these are a lot. The steps before the nuclear interactions are decisive and this is where the theory becomes similar to a versatile instruction manual.

The Theory must be holistic – in space

It is very artificial to distinguish between holistic in time and in space. The theory is about the Whole. This was formulated very intuitively by Edmund Storms who said recently:

A search for an explanation of LENR can take one of three basic paths. People can nit-pick about the mechanism, they can suggest any idea that comes to mind regardless of justification, or they can look for the overall patterns that must be explained. I'm trying to do the latter.  As is the case with any complex process, logic demands that the various parts have a definite relationship to each other. For example, to make an automobile function, a power source has to be coupled to a gear box through a mechanism that isolates the engine from the wheels. The exact design is not important at this level of understanding. However, to simplify the description, general features of each part are frequently described.  At this stage in the process of understanding, it is pointless to argue whether the engine is 4 or 6 cylinders or about the color of the car.

It is, however useful to discuss about the identity of the car. Is PdD a car or only a cradle? Can be LENR a car or only LENR+ has chances?

‘Holistic’ means that the process works only of all its components are present, are activated as necessary and are interacting as they have too. If anything is missing- finita la commedia, it does not work. A few weeks ago, Yiannis Hadjichristos has explained me : “In a certain sense, both structurally and functionally, the entire reactor is the NAE” Activated hydrogen, modified nickel, activators, modifiers, all these have to meet in the proper place at the prescribed parameters. Topology, is not only the first condition but much more, it is also the final condition for a sustainable functioning. This transcends the concept of “theory” as usual.

The Theory must be systemic and as complete as possible.
Systemic is an other powerful word for showing that everything in the working process is interrelated and has to collaborate harmoniously. Partial theories cannot help much, they have to be combined. LENR is not “a” problem, it is a scientific field composed (you guessed it) from different sub-fields and all these have to be understood, integrated, controlled, managed and continuously improved...

The Theory must be specific.
This is due to the acceptance of the diversity of the field. Only experience and time will show, perhaps all forms of LENR have some features in common but I think Pd D and NiH and LENR vs. LENR+ are operationally quite different. Contrary to the standard mentality, I think that the more technological forms deserve more science, research theory, efforts, and attention.

The theory is a mode of thinking.

The really wonderful theory sketched above is critically dependent of the mode of thinking of the Theorist+ who creates a new paradigm. His mode of thinking is, simultaneously a mode of action, because the theory is mainly about what we have to change for making the system work. His thinking must be clean,
free of bad memes, professional prejudices, inexistent correlations,
crippled metaphors and many other kinds of ballast ideas. Perhaps this is an explanation why LENR+, if it exists indeed as I say, was created by people outside the LENR community who are
not professional physicists.

NOTE. In his comments to the former paper, a gentleman who signs as John has written:
My two cents is that if Peter knows something that the people should also know, he also has a social responsibility towards us, enhanced by the fact that we consider him to be a wise person and a sort of leading theoretical player in LENR arena.
So Peter please share with us some facts that you know about Defkalion.

The wording is much too kind and my role & ambitions highly exaggerated. John, I very well know what my social responsibility is, and I have learned this many years ago. I have shared with my readers exactly what is the most important and valuable in their activity, the principles and their mode of thinking. This is essential, if they will go commercial in June or in September or if they use one additive or another, work at X or at Y megahertz –these are secondary issues of no use for your opinion. PLEASE read or re-read the relevant papers by and about them in the empathic mode. They have inspired this theory paper too and they are more than co-authors of it. Apply positive psychology to them, try to get deeper understanding of their modus-es of cogitandi, operandi, vivendi- and you will be truly informed

My conclusion to all these is that for making LENR the great, rich, cheap, healthy energy source of the future, we need much more than what is usually called a theory.


Monday, February 18, 2013


Motto: Never point a finger where you never lent a hand.  Robert Brault

Today I decided to share with you some thoughts about what I believe should be the main focus areas of a good manager. To put the things into perspective, I would have to say that by ‘manager’ I do not necessarily refer to a boss and a professional life. Management is a part of everyone’s life just as much as air, food, sleep. We are all managers in our private life, when we relate to our families or circle of friends. The manager is basically a person which manages something or someone. You hear often ‘he/she manages well under the circumstances’ – referring to either state of mind or behavior or results.

What I will try today to put in writing may be seen as an oversimplification of management function. I love simple things and I believe all our life should be governed by simplicity. We are the ones who overcomplicate matters. And sometimes bringing them back to their initial simplicity is the shortest way to seeing their beauty again.

Why I have chosen to do this under the ‘ways’ series and not the ‘roots’ one? Simply because I have decided to focus more on the positive part – how it should be. Of course ‘the manager’ can be always re-written as a ‘root’ piece, by simply pointing out the negative side of things, the fact that current crisis is deeply rooted in management errors or pure mismanagement – on different levels.

Enough introduction, let’s get started. You will not find here any history of management trends or any definition of management styles, as this is really not the purpose of this exercise. Personally I believe that most of the things written and spoken about pluses and minuses of management styles have their fair share of truth and deceit. I will just share with you my personal view of various areas of daily business (or daily life) which a manager needs to address for success. And I will do so without separating personal from professional, as I believe in two basic ideas. First is that both the road and the destination are important. Second that there is no business ethics, but just ethics (there is even a book about this, by John C. Maxwell).

I will start with the results, because most part of management was (and still is) focused on this. It is natural, as the basic idea of ‘managing’ relates to a purpose, a destination. You can of course wonder around and do beautiful things out of luck and without any direction, but that is definitely not management. So, first thing we need to have when we start managing something is a purpose, an idea of what we aim to accomplish. Usually the definition of expected result is called target or objective. During the management journey, it may change and this is one of the most important (and beautiful) aspects of successful management – the dynamism of the objective. Because in normal environment, every manager deals with more than one objective and there is always a relationship between various results. Sometimes the relationship is clear and can be anticipated, other times it is hidden and therefore unforeseeable. A good manager recognizes if and when some of his/her objectives need adjustment and stops before following an unrealistic objective that can even damage the bigger picture which is pursued.

I will use a simple example: going by plane from A to B. Simplest way to optimize this route is to fly on a straight line - fast and efficient. However if you add the restrictions regarding no-fly zones for example, you may find that the plane needs to take some alternative routes which do not seem rational for someone who is not aware of such restrictions. Furthermore, unless you fly a charter, you may find out it is impossible to fly with just one plane and need to change 2 or 3 to get at the destination. Ultimately, once you are in the air, the pilot may need to go around a storm in order to be able to deliver you safely, at point B. You may remember the ‘Cast Away’ movie with Tom Hanks – the parcel gets delivered in the end; whether that is an acceptable result or not, depends of course on the way you look at it.
So it is obvious that the result may vary in terms of quality and therefore one of the biggest challenges of management is to describe as reasonably as possible what is expected. But I will put this aspect on hold for a while, as this comes a little later in my story.

Going back a little, the result is something the manager targets to achieve. Therefore it has to do with the future. Does it also have to do with the actual act of management? Yes and no. Yes, as it is the crucial element shaping the day-to-day actions. No, as it is about the future and we all know that if we want to make God laugh we should show Him our plans.

Then what is actually the manager expected to do? This is simple: to manage his/her way towards the result. How? Let’s take the points of intervention, one by one.

First a manager must efficiently manage available resources. What does ‘available’ mean? Simply what he/she already has, plus what he/she can get in order to accomplish the objective. How limited are those resources? Well, this usually depends on the type or resource but also on the creativity, resourcefulness and personality of the manager. A golden rule about managing resources is that there is a right place, time and purpose for everyone and everything. Sometimes exceptional situations can be managed with exceptional approach toward resources, however in the long run you must clearly understand the structure, strengths and weaknesses of your resources if you really plan to make them more efficient.

In an over-simplified manner, I can imagine grouping resources in material ones (from money, buildings and equipment, car fleet, to paper and coffee...), information and intellectual property, time and human factor (here I include the composition of the staff but also the network linked to it - in case of work; respectively the family, circle of friends etc. - in case of personal life).

The crucial resource proves to be always the human, the only one who can actually make sense of all the rest and is decisive regarding the quality of the result. For example, the same amount of information processed with the same material resources over same period of time but by different people, will translate into different levels of knowledge and will generate different interpretation and correlation paths, thus delivering various results.

Second aspect on which a manager needs to focus is management of situations. Throughout our daily life, things tend to happen around us. Few situations are really neutral on the participants, most of them represent either opportunities or threats for the future chain of events and the humans involved in them. Those effects are commonly referred as consequences. What is also interesting is the fact that every person notices different things from a similar event (that is if he/she notices anything at all). Therefore, a good manager needs to be as attentive as possible to the situations around and at the same time as assertive as possible, interpreting and correlating potential consequences which may arise (either threats or opportunities). A crucial part of the result delivery is translating the situations; playing them to one another, then adjust them to available resources. In this process, a good manager should be always ready to adjust expectations if this proves to favor an overall improvement in results.

And thus, we reach the third crucial focus pillar: management of expectations. A good manager must transmit with clarity, both downwards and upwards, the expectations regarding the result. The message must be tailored to the recipient and must represent a fair correlation with the other pillars. What does this mean? As managers usually depend on others for delivery, they must have a fair understanding of the tasks they cascade down (in terms of both resources and situations), so they can assume realistic result parameters. For example, when you know that one of your staff members has a sick kid at home, you should not expect him/her to stay until 10 pm to finalize an urgent report if this report can be delivered by another staff member or can wait for another day. If you however insist on doing so, you should be ready to ‘compensate’ for the exceptional management of the situation and also understand that by repeating this exercise you will damage the human resource attached to it, in terms of enthusiasm and commitment.

Fourth and somehow already introduced by above three focus pillars comes the management of intervention tools - actually the personal touch given by the personality of the manager. Here we could spend days talking about management styles, but this is out of the scope of today’s exercise. I will just stop on some ideas I have in mind and invite you to expand on your own with whatever fits your managerial profile: enthusiasm, knowledge sharing, prioritization, motivation, recognition, delegation and empowerment (always together!), fairness and ethics, understanding efficiency (always check both quantity and quality of results!).

There are still many things to be said in terms of management however as this is not intended as a lesson, I will move towards closing now.

I believe that human and time factors are amongst the most important for a manager. The rest are easier to attract and also manage, once you get it right with those two. Everything is then indirectly connected to the third pillar described above – the management of expectations.

At the end of the day, a good manager is the one who enjoys the way to the results and thus masters the resources with enthusiasm and fairness. If management is perceived as a struggle, it can sometimes bring results – but only on a short term and is definitely not sustainable. Of course life will put us in front of such situations every now and then, also as a test of our management abilities. We should be able to face such challenges as they come, and temporarily be ready to apply different tools than our usual ‘kit’. But we should also be strong enough to come back to the more sustainable way of managing situations, to that natural way which fits best our personality and life style and allows us to look to ourselves in the mirror with a smile before we go to bed.

Fairness and appreciation for the people, completed by deep understanding of resources and situations, for the benefit of the result – all that sustains a manager’s success in the long run. I firmly believe this is the way we need to approach management if we wish to overcome challenges - be it in our daily personal life or at work.

And remember: There is often less danger in the things we fear than in the things we desire (John Churton Collins). Be careful how you set expectations and do not allow them to corrupt your ways as a manager.

Wishing you a great day!
Georgina Popescu

Sunday, February 17, 2013



Research without a strategy is a tragedy. 
(Paraphrasing http://www.strategyprinciples.com/)

1. LENR is in essence technology, a practical energy source.

a) LENR will not be built only on scientific principles; it will be deeply understood and applied commercially almost simultaneously;

b) The approach to useful LENR will necessarily be hybrid, scientific and technological, both theoretical and empirical, active and based on R&D plans;

c) The accomplishment of this new energy source is based on science but also on highest level engineering;

d) LENR is a broad and profound inter- and trans-disciplinary issue and it is much too complex to be let only to physicists, its research and development needs, beyond nuclearists, also material scientists, engineers, specialists in complexity theory and in advanced process control, technology developers, etc.;

e) LENR is based on a cooperative combination of new material aspects- kind of intricate materials science conspiracy to make it work; only one stage is nuclear the others are not;

2. LENR is much more complex, dynamic and diversified as usually accepted now.

a) Complexity, dynamicity and diversity of LENR have to be understood and used rationally and technologically;

b) We have to use the plural not the singular to investigate, describe, study and use the multiplicity of the phenomena and variants of LENR that exist as raw material for research and development;

c) The different variants of LENR have some tricks of materials science and some nuclear reactions in common but some of them are better than others for being converted in working energy sources;

d) LENR, in all its forms is a multi-stage, multi-barrier non-linear process and needs more specific theories to be understood to be made functional and controllable and to be applied;

e) In LENR, Occam’s razor has to be applied to itself i.e. in most cases not at all; its complexity defies our simple logic;

f)  LENR has roots in the Nature but its useful forms are super-smart artifacts;

3. LENR is now in a deep creative crisis and in a “grow or die” (scale-up or perish) situation

a) The highest priorities for LENR are: Technology first!, Transformation first! (basic, radical changes) and Topology first! -all these contributing to scale-up that is the reason of being of LENR;

b) LENR can survive and develop technologically only as LENR+ gas phase, high temperature, high energy density variant with a powerful in-situ mechanism of generation of the nuclear active sites (NAE) only LENR+ can be scaled up;

c) The development of the LENR technologies has to go stairwise not simply stepwise;

d) The weak, unreliable and short-lived variants of LENR as the wet Pd-D systems or the preformed static nanostructures based system will be restricted to scientific studies, mainly descriptive ones;

e) The LENR community has to accept that there are some not well known entities as condensates, clusters and effects
nano-magnetic, nano-photonic etc. mainly on the walls of the NAE that play decisive roles in this process.

4. LENR has a huge potential as new energy source.

a) LENR optimism is fully justified and I am convinced that at the middle of this century LENR will furnish more than half of the energy used by the Mankind.

a) The conversion to LENR will be a harmonious evolutionary process not disruptive;

b) The unstoppable technological progress needs an entirely new thinking about LENR, a new paradigm, elimination of many specific myths and negative memes;

c) The LENR community has to accept that it must focus on the technologizable forms; if not, then “we are barking not at the bad tree but at a dwarf useless bush”;

d) In LENR research, 80% of the efforts have to be used for intensification of heat release and 20% for measurements not vice-versa as it happened up to today;

e) There are no reasons to think that nickel is the optimum, ideal  transition metal for LENR+, many other metals, mixtures and alloys plus enhancement additives and methods will be tested in the coming years and technologies will flourish;

f) Up to the first pioneer commercial LENR based energy generator there are no real chances to improve the reputation, public image, press’ attitude toward LENR/Cold Fusion, it is waste of time to fight with the skeptics;

g) Lack of new ideas is the root problem of the field even with
unexpected funding


A, These ideas have resulted from the accumulated discontent with the ways on which LENR was going and is stagnating even now due to its extreme difficulty. Desperate problems need radical strategies.

B. I was inspired by the recent publications re. LENR theory by Ed Storms, and the MIT Cold Fusion 101 course by Peter Hagelstein and   Mitchell Swartz see e.g.:
http://www.lenr-coldfusion.com/2013/01/26/mit-cold-fusion-101-videos/ or
as well as by the serious and vivid discussions re LENR basics at the CMNS and Vortex Forums. My gratitude goes to the colleagues Abd, Andrew, Axil, Brian, Ed, Ludwik, Mitch, who have, perhaps unwillingly suggested to me that time is ripe to cut the LENR Gordian Knot(s) - or at least to try.

C. I believe all these strategic ideas were mentioned in my blog writings before, especially in connection to Defkalion and the Piantelli theory and patents; now you can see them bare-bones
and combined.
I am now wWaiting for the inquisitors.


Monday, February 11, 2013



“I create the sense of my life” (Mesenchytraeus solifugus)

My favorite metasport is climbing counter-stream.
(Sicyopterus stimpsoni)

It is my privilege to be sincere in my writings on this Blog. Not chasing popularity, being contented with few readers and page-views, not trying to impose my opinions on others, accepting contrary opinions but fighting dishonesty and vicious lies- all these  give me the freedom to tell what I think, how I think.
And the possibility to give personal answers to the unanswerable questions.
For example now I can discuss about the sense of life (human life, my own life) in a synergetic combination with the essence of the
LENR/HENI energy source- just because this problem is a defining component of the meaning of my life so long I remain mentally functional and rational, and also alive.

I still don’t know better definition of life than:
“Life is hungry matter and edible too” (Valeriu Butulescu)
A wise friend has noticed that this is good for defining a cannibal too; it is not my fault that life is…as it is. The problem is what is actually life eating – we can realize that it is a consumer of matter, energy and information- and human life is supposed to be an advanced gourmet consuming high quality stuff of these all- let’s define later what this means and say in which extent it is purely subjective..
Before starting to discuss about the sense and/or meaning of life let’s insert two “helpful messages” I have received yesterday evening and today morning from the ever benevolent WWW...

Internet intermezzo 

Suddenly, while trying to find something visually and audibly palatable among the myriads of advertisements released by TV I have heard a really nice melody and I knew immediately; it was the Georgian song “Suliko”- I remembered this was Stalin’s favorite.
Immediately I have realized that the sense of human life is so much crippled, stolen, destroyed in a dictatorship; the sense of life of the dictator is to take away the sense of life of the people he successfully oppresses. It strike me- the sense or meaning of life is very much like an asset and you can lose it, many times irreversibly even before getting or finding it. Freedom is a necessary condition for the wholeness of the sense of a life. And both poor and overly greedy people cannot be free. Moneytheism is an inner dictator.
All wise thinkers try to suggest than the sense of life has to be created, but you can do this only in favorable circumstances
We, here in Romania have lived in dictatorial societies from my birth, 1937 to 1989 and during the last 24 years Ceausescu was convinced he “is” the sense of the lives of all his people.\
Add to this the tragedy of my ill son, I have found the sense of my professional life, but the sense of my personal, life was merely survival. Almost as sad and hopeless as Suliko. But perhaps the
professional life of anybody is more specific and more memorable than his personal life. Or. it has to be.

This morning I got standard posts as dissecting old CF stories and asking if some newer results are encouraging or discouraging or both or undecided- but also a very direct warning to the field.
It is coming from the high art of IT management and does not say a word about LENR. It is:

Handle complexity with evidence, not opinion

Gerry- one of my favorite thinkers says we need new tests and facts not old opinions to be able to predict what happens. And mentions a principle of research I have also discovered long ago:”never trust a single piece of data”
Those who forget history will repeat it, perhaps better. But over-discussing the past will surely not contribute much to solve the problems of present and to remove the barriers on the way to real progress in the future. We need facts and tests at any price.
Intermezzo finished.

More about the sense of life,

When exploring a phenomenon, it is always useful to examine what happens in the most extreme conditions, ergo now let’s see what can say us life, in its most miserable, seemingly senseless form from this Planet- about its meaning, its raison d’etre.

See the first Motto please! I have met the author on the day when I have received a farewell message from my generous cold fusion partner Akira Kawasaki who said he is so lethargic like being frozen and has a constellation of fatal illnesses has lost his force, power and wish to live.
A great loss for our community, a noble and good friend disappeared for ever.
My deep sadness has inspired me to write an editorial about Lethargy the status when the sense of life becomes evanescent and it is no return, only very rarely. (I vaguely remember an episode in Moby Dick)
I have discovered the mysterious ice worm, see:


it lives in the ice of some North-American glaciers. It is an animal that should not exist, but some 7 billions (relevant number, isn’t it?) ice worms inhabit only one of these glaciers. The whole day it is buried in ice- I find this dreadful, worse than even our last Ceausescu years. Only during night, the ice worm comes out to feed on ice: snow algae, bacteria and probably pollen carried by wind from hundreds of miles distances. Where it is food, it will be life soon. I was quite shocked by the unhappy existence of this creature. Stupid enough, the trivial and lowly relatives- earthworms are living much better? It was only a primitive reaction of cryophobia see this list http://phobialist.com/
there are two other names for fear of ice. The ice worm has taught me that life is both an aim and a means and we must give sense to it. And life is powerful.  Due to thinking we can find our sense of life and we have to protect this sense against what other people, cultures or memes try to instill in it.
I am not a religious man; however I try to be moral and honest. Honesty in this means to listen carefully to other opinions and this includes religion/faith. My good friend G., who is a well known and highly appreciated preacher, has explained me the point of view of faith re the sense of life. A Godless life has no sense at all- this is the shortest formulation possible That means sense is extrinsic to life; however true faith gives you a second, infinite, perfect life. I wish he is right but I do not believe it. However I think life is just an opportunity and Homo discontentus has the possibility and the duty to create a meaning of his life – under the sign of the only seemingly egotistic self-accomplishment and of the genuinely altruistic “to make the world just a bit better”. This is the ideal case, in real life constrains and dominant memes add or subtract to the best human life sense. Perhaps at this point you could read the quotations re. sense of life appended to this paper.

In this blog I have described, more or less explicitly how LENR due to its strong correlation with problem solving, basic technology, correct and creative thinking and deep understanding became a generative component of the meaning of my life. I will consider my life as a success only if I will depart from it having solid proofs that LENR will also fulfill its sense becoming a valuable source of high quality energy. It is revealed here about the sense of a good life- it has to comprise some great achievement.
Take a look to the second Motto. The author is a humbly fish
one that is able to climb very high waterfalls. something incredible and impossible for the common sense- but real:

An other real creature that cannot exist and an other model offered by Nature both to the sense of life and to the essence of LENR. This rock-climbing fish does one amazingly great deed in its life, driven by sex and hunger- we have to do something similar based by ambition and the desire to be the first or the best.

In LENR Fleischmann and Pons were the pioneers but they could not convert their great discovery in an energy source- as they have wished and have stated from the first day. The amazing fish can climb a waterfall 100 meters high. Unfortunately, it is now obvious that LENR is as high as the Mont Blanc (Everest is already taken by one of the papers mentioned above) and there are many obstacles- I have described them in my “barrier” papers.
Anyway, analogies are like good servants, useful but not dangerously intelligent. (Though analogy is often misleading, it is the least misleading thing we have. (Samuel Butler))

The essence is that LENR is a wickedly wicked problem, real but not well understood and still not manageable. However as Defkalion – the goby high on the top has revealed last year at NIWeek- LENR is like the meaning of life, it has to be created with great effort and radical changes of the reactants. The sense of LENR has a technical name- upscalability. Everything else is just interesting science generating a lot of hot disputes, fresh questions and just a bit of heat, challenging the most sensitive measuring instruments. The first step is to accept complexity and to treat it as Gerry McGovern says in his paper.
LENR adds sense to my life but I know well that I am an “uomo finito” I cannot do or organize experiments; all I have is a PC and an Internet connection, good and fast thanks the series of ISPs where I have worked more than 10 years.
Hopefully I can achieve some deeper understanding of LENR before my little grey cells retire. Sincerely, despite lack of success and impact, I enjoy the process and I will, continue to write with or without feedback...


Sense of life quotations


Prime numbers are what is left when you have taken all the patterns away. I think prime numbers are like life. They are very logical but you could never work out the rules, even if you spent all your time thinking about them. (Mark Haddon)

Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer. (Joseph Campbell)

There is not one big cosmic meaning for all; there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person.”
(Anaïs Nin)

Life is problems. Living is solving problems. (Raymond E. Feist)

I believe that I am not responsible for the meaningfulness or meaninglessness of life, but that I am responsible for what I do with the life I've got. (Hermann Hesse)

Beyond work and love, I would add two other ingredients that give meaning to life. First, to fulfill whatever talents we are born with. However blessed we are by fate with different abilities and strengths, we should try to develop them to the fullest, rather than allow them to atrophy and decay. We all know individuals who did not fulfill the promise they showed in childhood. Many of them became haunted by the image of what they might have become. Instead of blaming fate, I think we should accept ourselves as we are and try to fulfill whatever dreams are within our capability.
Second, we should try to leave the world a better place than when we entered it. As individuals, we can make a difference, whether it is to probe the secrets of Nature, to clean up the environment and work for peace and social justice, or to nurture the inquisitive, vibrant spirit of the young by being a mentor and a guide. (Michio Kaku)

To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

The purpose of life is to stay alive. Watch any animal in nature--all it tries to do is stay alive. It doesn't care about beliefs or philosophy. Whenever any animal's behavior puts it out of touch with the realities of its existence, it becomes extinct. (Michael Crichton)

As soon as you look at the world through an ideology you are finished. No reality fits an ideology. Life is beyond that. … That is why people are always searching for a meaning to life… Meaning is only found when you go beyond meaning. Life only makes sense when you perceive it as mystery and it makes no sense to the conceptualizing mind. (Anthony de Mello)

Life has to be given a meaning because of the obvious fact that it has no meaning. ( Henry Miller)

Monday, February 4, 2013


I ceased to publish my INFORMAVORE’s SUNDAY web search newsletter, but I kept my habit to read a lot and to be informed.
Last week I came upon this paper:

Vegetarianism can reduce risk of heart disease by up to a third: http://www.ox.ac.uk/media/news_stories/2013/130130.html

Nothing special here, myriads of similar correlations, some even not false are sold by the scientific press. Vegetarian and vegan proselytism is highly active worldwide, many important personalities were engaged in vegetarian practice and propaganda, and the vegetarian memes are potent and have formidable penetration power and stickiness. Reasonable short vegetarian episodes can be really beneficial, sometimes. Difficult subject, there are great differences between what people say and what they do (eat).

I was ready to ignore this paper, but then I had a sudden revelation:
What will happen if EVERYBODY will take this paper as true and absolutely serious?
And then a second paper will demonstrate that strict veganism from cradle to grave decreases the probability of heart diseases to 3.4%? (this is very probably true because many babies are killed by veganism; you realize that mother milk is prohibited too?). Vegan cradle is a shortcut to the grave,
I have imagined a vegan revolution, ultra-fast pandemics- say in a year we have 7 and a bit billions of fanatic plant-eaters worldwide. The consume of meat in any form, of pork, beef, chickens, fish etc., dairy products and honey will go down to zero. The towns will be renamed after savory plants, New York will become Broccolyork,
Very probably absolute veganism will be associated with total
anti-alcoholism, self-imposed prohibition, from beer to tequila and from kvass to tzuika – the world reserves will be poured into the ocean with no fear of a mega tsunami.
OK, too much non-intelligent distopic imagination is harmful, however I dare to think that you already are aware about the problems generated by this radical change to economy (many branches of industry- not only Big Food destroyed, jobs lost, shrinking agriculture) and ecology (wild species fighting for the former food supplies of fowl and cattle). The Vegan Revolution will be a disaster- and I even have not mentioned the most tragic fact: our brains need a blood afflux and energy that can be given only by energo-intensive cooked meat ergo geniuses will disappear, independent thinking will become impossible, science and technology will regress. It will be a very disruptive change!

I have sub-zero attraction to vegetarianism so I continued this thread of thinking. Any disruptive change, even if it is all good in essence,it will be a catastrophe in practice.
We know what are the causes of evil in our world, a wise lady has told me the truth, see here: http://egooutpeters.blogspot.ro/2011/01/stop-koalemos.html
Say these main causes of evil will suddenly disappear- what happens if Koalemos dies? Can this world exist with no stupidity, zero greed or complete lack of violence? It is such a fine equilibrium between the sellers and buyers of stupidity, many professions cannot exist without stupid people, and the destruction of sancta simplicitas will be very harmful.
Please think about this, find your own personal examples and please accept that: the speed of change is a factor of equal importance to the direction of change, good or bad.
Mobile phone is really good-and actually it came slower than we think:

But this was only a rather hazy introduction, actually I want to tell you about New Energy, more specifically LENR or HHENI, how it will be started and implemented. It is usual to speak about an Energy Revolution because we are taught that “revolution” is
by definition something good, positive, to be desired. The bad old is replaced with the good new. This is true, but only in part- I will not annoy you with the historical examples as the French or the Russian great revolutions, our own Romanian Revolution from December 1989. The most recent ones- the Arab Spring have replaced autocratic kleptocracies with kleptocratic theocracies or similarly garbled ones. My favorite writer does not believe in the finality of revolutions please read this book that I quote often: “THE REVOLT OF THE ANGELS” by ANATOLE FRANCE
Revolutions bring good things but it is unavoidable that a lot of bad things come too; revolution devours many of their own children- both humans and ideas.
Really good changes are fast but not abrupt, sustaining not disruptive based on replacements and not on displacements, is powerful but smooth, deep but not radical.
The old is adapting not collapsing, the new is healthily, steadily growing but not exploding. The world needs diversity.

Analyzing today’s news re LENR, the general situation of the field, and the fear of a disruptive change induced by the advent of LENR energy almost disappears.
Let\s be realists, ladies and gentlemen! Total power in world is 15.10exp12W; the most promising LENR/HHENI generators have 10-40.10exp3W. The world will need hundreds of millions of E-cats or Hyperions-and/or much greater generators than the present ones.
No disruption, no bankrupt oil industries, just slowly changing infrastructure. In the best/worst/worst case a R-Evolution i.e. rapid evolution, step-wise, slower than exponential. Being given my ardent desire to see a brave new HHENI world, I am using soul migration management and resurrection techniques to come back in 2050, summertime; I am so curious!