Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LENR AND THE MATTHEW EFFECT. (or palladium takes it all)

Today, one of my favorite authors, the Canadian painter, Robert Genn, see please: http://clicks.robertgenn.com/ (and explore his admirable The Painters’ Keys website) has written about the Matthew Effect.
Robert’s mini essay starts with:

"The Matthew Effect" in economics was named after the verse in Matthew in the New Testament of the Christian bible: "For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath." (25:29) A popular way of saying this is, "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer."

and continues suggesting how this powerful effect works in education (I have informed my grandchildren) and in art.
Matthew's Effect is very natural- because those who have money learn how to make money and those who are in deep ‘trouble’ rarely know how to come to the surface. Increasing inequality is
the rule; please consider Taleb’s Extremistan idea too (the “Black Swan” book). We live in a weird, complex, dynamic world full of contradictions

Genn’s writing has reminded me that the Matthew Principle acts in Cold Fusion LENR too. The field is actually a double victim of it.
First, it is an external Matthew Effect; very soon after its start, due to bad circumstances, LENR became known as a poor branch of science, strange and problematic, with bad reputation. A long thread of scientific half-successes was not able to change the situation. Reputation is correlated with funding, funding is necessary for improving reputation- vicious circle- we all know this story too well.
A wicked problem and it seems nothing works, nor wise words of persuasion, neither impressive theories- only a solid breakthrough experiment, perfectly reproducible at a scale of energy of practical interest can bring change, money and fame. The external Matthew effect can be reversed only from inside- learning how to be very rich in energy.

Second, there an internal Matthew Effect too; palladium based LENR gets the dominant share of  attention, resources, publications, scientific studies, hopes- is the star of a very recent Cold Fusion Course, etc. while the more modest nickel (and other mundane transition metals) were rather unpopular. Piantelli and his team were solitary long distance runners/workers and had very limited resources, even in a LENRphile country as Italy.
It seems there is some logical symmetry here palladium is almost a cultic metal for the LENR community, and this is barrier to change; change has to come from outside.
In 2011 it seemed that Rossi and his E-cat will trigger a radical change in LENR research strategy. This does not happened from a bunch of reasons- but, I predict it will. The poor metal will become rich and the rich one will remain rich, mainly outside


Friday, January 25, 2013


For the sake of exactness -a part of the answer of Prof. Stremmenos has
disappered from JONP. Perhaps the author wanted it to be vitriolic, but the webmaster
has found it inadequate.

Here it is:

Concludendo, mi convinco per seconda volta che lei è un ingenuo … la prima era il suo sostentamento acritico della tesi di DEFKALION … forse aveva ragione .. la maestra … prima di prendere i soldi .?…!
Ch. Stremmenos

In conclusion you have convinced me the second time that you are naive...the first time it was your non-critical acceptance of the ideas of DEFKALION....perhaps it was right..your teacher before getting the money.?...

Fine, naive is transparent euphemism of stupid therefore I am asking the professor to study  http://www.giovis.com/cipolla.htm especially the Second Law.
Stremmenos has the historic merit of helping at the creation of Defkalion, an excellent team - you can discuss with them science, engineering, management, business. I think I was not completely stupid warning them: "Timeo Rossi et dona ferentes" before the divorce from Rossi.
After the divorce, because they have refused to die, the professor has called them "vigilantes"- but they have found their way to the new energy source and it is a blessing  that Rossi has competition, first of all to Rossi himself- it helps him focusing.
Trying to get rid of my weaknesses shown by Prof. S., I have read a lot of diplomat quotations- in order to be aware of the moral superiority of an Ambassador. The conclusion is
τιμιότητα είναι η καλύτερη πολιτική.
I have a strange feeling that Stremmenos's sympathy for me is somewhat limited, but this can change in the near future.


Today Professor Stremmenos has complained to the Blog of Andrea Rossi
that he has sent repeatedly this answer to my blog, but it was not published.
I have not received any text from him; there are two possibilities:
a) he has sent it to EGO AUT not EGO OUT as he writes;
b) he has not sent any text to me;
I hope a) is true, I hate cheap tricks

Here I am publishing the Italian text of Prof. S.:

Christos Stremmenos
January 24th, 2013 at 11:40 PM
Eg. Peter Gluck
Sono stato molto titubante a rispondere ai suoi commenti nei miei confronti, per i seguenti motivi:
1. Non ho tempo da perdere con gente che pontifica da un blog senza mai aver avuto relazione (sperimentale) scientifica di competenza, con gli argomenti che commenta.
2. Si, sono un alleato di A. Rossi e collaboro con lui a livello scientifico, perché riconosco la validità della sua tecnologia e l’onestà intellettuale ed umana della persona … ringraziando sempre il collega S. Focardi che a suo tempo mi ha fatto conoscere.
3. Non scendo al suo livello di commentare il termine “henchman” attribuito mi…. Si vede che la sua maestra elementare, malgrado i soldi che ha preso da suo padre, non le ha insegnato L’EDUCAZIONE CIVILE.
Le rispondo dal JoNP perche’ il blog su cui Lei mi ha attaccato non ha pubblicato questa mia risposta.

and here the English translation.
Mr Peter Gluck:
1- I have not time to lose with a person that does not have the scientific bases to talk of the matter he wants to master about, not having ever experimented anything
2- Yes, I work scientifically with Andrea Rossi, because he is intellectually integer and because I know his technology : the same with Sergio Focardi, Prof. Emeritus of the same University of Bologna where I teached Physic Chemistry .
3- I do not comment the fact that you define me a “henchman”: my career as a Professor and as the Ambassador of Greece for 7 years speaks for me; your father, evidently, has wasted his money sending you to your level of studies ( I suppose, from your behaviour, elementary schools) since it appears you didn’t even understand Civic Education from your teacher.
Ch. Stremmenos
p.s. I am answering to you from the JoNP because the blog where you attacked me did not publish this answer of mine

I have no reasons to refuse publishing his letter. I have attacked him because he has told bad and untrue things about the patent of Professor Piantelli and accused Piantelli of using the work of others- this is civil education?
He tries to demonstrate us that he is the real Father of Ni-H and falsifies history
of Science.
I am grateful to him because he has studied my CV and has discovered that I
am uneducated both professionally and as manners. Plus he knows I have never
ever made scientific experimentations. Probably I have a very bad memory, I remember these things differently. What I don't get exactly is if my Father has wasted his money
with my education or did not paid for it. Prof. S has certain information in these things, OK, fiat...
I am favored by having young grandchildren so i am familiar with such kindergarten level approaches to the problems, combined with tricks (not expensive again) of logic.

However, I am writing this with sincere regret- I well know Professor Stremmenos was a hero of the liberation of Greece from the dictatorship of the colonels- and what he does in the case of this Patent -is, in a certain sense a human tragedy.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


This is a new negative writing, unfortunately continuing what I wrote about Prof Stremmenos’s anti-Europatent diatribe, now the maestro himself, Andrea Rossi tries to annihilate the Piantelli Patent
The story is too simple this time, to not say primitive, so I want to tell you first a life lesson story from my most personal experience.
You will decide if it has to do with the new turn of the story or not at all..

A life lesson

In 1946 when I was in the third grade at the school, we had a teacher Mme Cristea who was, mildly speaking a sadist monster- she has incessantly punished us, calling us idiots and mentally retarded imbeciles and beating us or giving slaps. The times were confusing the communists were still building their dictatorship, killings peaked in 50-ies, and the bad things from the former fascist regime still living so Mme Cristea could do what she wanted. An old Romanian saying is “Beating is torn from the Heaven”; Google says the equivalent in English is:  “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” Children’s rights were not invented and 9 years old boys raised during the terror of war were very vulnerable and defenseless. I was scared and hated school. I wept and complained a lot; one morning when in way to school I have vomited on the street due to fear, my father told that he will speak with the teacher. And he really did. After this discussion the things have improved and even if I still was called with ugly names, however the teacher had not beaten me more, I was contented
One evening I told my Mom: “Dad is speaking so fine, so persuasive, he has convinced Mme Cristea to not beat me more and she ceased to torment me.”
Mom has smiled put down the Thomas Mann book she was just reading and then told me:

“Peter, listen to me very carefully! I know well you will be selfish,
arrogant, rude, you will waste your time, you are an inborn dictator, lazy and unable to deep feelings, you will lie shamelessly and will make many compromises, you will be a womanizer and you will eat and drink too much, you are a collection of coming sins. However please abstain from the greatest the most dangerous flaw, the worst DO NOT BE STUPID! Try as hard as you can, desperately, learn all the time how to avoid that personal disaster, you are my dear son and the First Commandment for you should be: DO NOT BE STUPID! I can forgive you everything else, but stupidity not! Stupidity is useless and harmful and converts you in a joke.
And now a first lesson, Dad has not convinced Mme Cristea to spare you, he gave money to her. That is called corruption and learn this word because you will meet corruption all time and everywhere and you are very stupid if you don’t realize this!”

Dear Mom, I have remembered this lesson, tried to do my best and now when is number of my future opportunities to do/not do something stupid is low, my not very smart guess is that I have “Pareto-ed” it see please: http://egooutpeters.blogspot.ro/2012/11/80-of-all-truths-are-pareto-truths.html
It is a more important and useful writing than the present one.

A Rossi lesson.

The Piantelli Europatent fight has continued. Andrea Rossi himself has stated clearly, the patent does not work: http://ecatreport.com/andrearossi/rossi-responds-to-furor-over-patents
Rossi dixit:
I receive many requests of opinion about the last patents granted in matter of LENR: this comment answers to all. None of those patents explains how the E-Cat can work. I read very shaky theories in them that never produced anything really working. The described apparatuses, that we replicated with high fidelity after the publication of such patents to check their validity, actually do not work. Everybody can try… Every further comment is useless.”

He and his team has skillfully and with high fidelity reproduced the described apparatuses and found they are not working.
Very direct and claiming to be decisive. But stop! Something seems to be rotten in Rossilanda here! The patent is called “method for producing energy and apparatus therefore” The method is the difficult and decisive part, and it comprises, grosso
modo, building of nanostructures, very thorough deep degassing- really time consuming plus triggering methods.
Rossi surely had no time to reproduce with fidelity
EP2368252B1, it was published this month, he had to kill WO 2010/058266 “in utero” before becoming a full patent. The application became public on 27 May 2010 – the problem is when, exactly had make Rossi this difficult study? Again has h respected perfectly the method described by Piantelli? After how many professional good tests was he able to declare that the apparatus plus method do not work and basta? Ready, kaput, finito, addio!?
Why has he not made public the results? Has he announced the European Patent Office, officially?

OK- to the essentials, there are two possibilities;

Rossi has made this study thus ignoring his own work- very intense and important in the year before the Bologna presentation of Jan 14, 2011? Has he worked then more than 24 hours per day? Has this caused a serious delay to the launch of the potentially savior E-cat? Is this reasonable, being given, that as Rossi says Piantelli has a different process? Is this reasonable, rational and effective?

Rossi has not made the tests of the Piantelli patent and this statement is a lie, hopefully his first. This is cruelty to launch a lie without a minimum of credibility. Lies are good, they help, they solve problems, make life better, and it is our obligation to take care of our lies, to make them as credible as possible. Even a thinking specialist, even somebody who has read the Piantelli patent should have a minimal impulse to believe that the tests were done.
What would be the salary of a Reputation Manager at Rossi's company? His job will be similar to Heracles’s 5-th Labor.

But isn’t this attack a waste of time? Dear Andrea Rossi, you are an Inventor, a great one- so many people still believe in you. Please DO NOT DO SUCH THINGS!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The European Patent Office has decided that the patent application WO 2010/058288 “METHOD FOR PRODUCING ENERGY AND APPARATUS THEREFOR” inventor Prof. Francesco Piantelli should become European Patent 2368252.
Filling date November 24, 2009, publication date January 16, 2013.

An event obviously positive for the field of LENR. Surprisingly, Professor Christos Stremmenos, known as an ally of the inventor Andrea Rossi (I will avoid with care to use “henchman”) is
surprised seemingly even shocked by this decision of the European Patent office and tries to demonstrate that this is unjust and a great error. His judgments are based on the limitations, errors, sins and misunderstandings of the author in a rather remote past. He forgets that the patent authority had used a text and its content and has not analyzed Piantelli’s supposedly dark scientific past. When he persevered to do bad things; these have happened some 10 years before the date of patent filing. This situation makes Stremmenos’s message completely useless, if he sends it to the European Patent Office which has committed a serious blunder according to Stremmenos, there will be zero impact on this organization.
To do useless things is much worse than make errors because you can learn much from errors while useless = waste.

It is an old slogan and a sad reality: “Oppressors of all countries unite- by using false correlations!” Inexistent correlations can be advantageously used for manipulating great (nations) and small (families) masses. See the history of fascism and of communism- you will be surprised how many people want these histories to continue correlating groups of people with the Evil.

The patent killer writing has some remarkable examples of such false correlations- let’s try to overcome the former rule and learn from it, the writer is well known diplomat.

First he suggests Piantelli has stubbornly rejected- for years- the wise ideas of Stremmenos regarding work with nickel nanopowder in correlation with his reactionary, perhaps even bigot thinking. How, for God’s sake, can give the Patent Office patent to such a regressive thinker, just because he later has changed his mind?
The truth is a bit more complicated- it is not about nanoparticles but about nanostructures, these are present on the surfaces of the rods used by Piantelli too- being formed by the effect of hydrogen on the metal.
Stremmenos says he, the owner of scientific technical truth was working very early with Ni powders, OK where the results, the patents, the many publications are? The other knight of Truth, Andrea Rossi is also said to have been working with Ni powder
from the 90’s however his success came much later.
Stremmenos opposes his unique (?) publication in the field
to those lead by Piantelli- see a list here:
http://egooutpeters.blogspot.ro/2011/08/piantelli-taxonomy_15.html  here you can follow the evolution of a scientific problem, the continuous improvements in experiment and in understanding- and it is an undeniable truth that the conductor of this group of scientists was from the start up to now, Prof Francesco Piantelli. The majority of the experiments with the
Piantelli cells were made in his laboratory- at the University of Siena. The counterproductive, anti-meritocratic and defeatist tradition of the Italian universities to put the authors in alphabetical order is harmful for the history of science. Abrini will always be a more visible author than Zucchini.

The Stremmenos paper: cited “Cold Fusion, an Ongoing Debate” is indeed speaking about powders obtained by grinding under vacuum, however not about some good or promising results obtained by using these in a cell. A general discussion about metallurgy, granulometry, surface morphology- really fine wishful thinking.
That surface increase could be excellent for many technical things (or not), this is common sense.
Compare this with what Prof Piantelli says about nanostructures
 here: http://egooutpeters.blogspot.ro/2011/08/how-does-apply-prof-piantelli-rules-of.html about his decisive discussion with Professor Giuseppe Franco Bassani much beyond nanopowders.

The unethical peak in this document of Christos Stremmenos is this statement:
“One may gather that he got the idea of using powders by copying the work of others: mine, and Dr. Andrea Rossi’s.”

The idea is not powders, Piantelli was and is a pioneer in this work, how could he use the works of Stremmenos? Dr. Rossi has surely used powders we all do but had no publications or communications- his discovery came much later, illo tempora he was probably busy regretting his insufficient knowledge regarding the thermolysis of polymers and trash. (The chances to obtain oil from these are equal to those of obtaining butter from you-know-what.)

Then comes a rhetorical question: “How is it possible to grant a 
patent for a process that doesn’t work?”

First- it is, second a failed reproduction test in 1996 can be considered a final verdict? See please issues 12 and 13 in:

Third, can Stremmenos’s friend and partner in the credo of “In Rossi we trust!” confirm that the Piantelli cells never worked? He is coauthor of so many papers that say the contrary.

This attack against the Piantelli patent is useless and chanceless and I have shown. However the best part comes last- it is also harmful for Rossi’s patent strategy.
Rossi- has stated boldly: “My process has nothing to do with the process of Piantelli.” 
answer to my question, published in New Energy Times, early 2011. It happens I believe him as I believe also what he has said- he respects Fleischmann and Pons who gave us a great dream but he has nothing to learn from LENR created up to his arrival on the battlefield (not his words but the sense).
Then two questions appear:
a)if his process is different why his patent application WO 2009/125444 is not dissimilar to Piantelli’s first patent?
b)if his process is different why does he care at all about Piantelli’s patent?
Stremmenos tells Rossi patent was granted in Italy, but unfortunately this is simply bureaucracy- a registered document for protecting an idea, but has no technical-commercial value. A key for an empty safe.

The document ends with:
“Andrea, go right on, don’t get discouraged — besides, I know that you are a veritable lion.”

Really emotional. It is fine to have so caring friends! But, why on the Earth should be Andrea be discouraged if a non-competitor gets a patent? Because he does not get one? His application is very badly written, and obviously does not say what he is doing.
You cannot have secrecy and secrets patented in the same time.

Beyond the words this opus of Stremmenos carries a subliminal
message: he, Focardi and Rossi are the real Fathers of Ni-H LENR
not Piantelli who just wants to take profit of their valuable work.

To not forget, in December last year Stremmenos has sent a letter in the spirit and style of the present one to the Greek magazine TO VIMA attacking Defkalion.


Sunday, January 20, 2013


Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit.  (M. Scott Peck)

In the realm of Cold Fusion, the spirit of Inquisition is dead or in trans-seasonal hibernation: my former heretical paper re Barriers went unpunished or unread or ignored by the verbally active players. I have described the route from Cold Fusion to the Energy Source via Excess Heat and – this is the point! -Enhanced Excess Heat (call it Excess Heat)2 if you wish and eventually to the terminal, the Source- which will be in eternal reconstruction and expansion. Again, I have explained that it is about an “obstacled way” the antonym of “shortcut”
Yannis Hadjichristos CTO of Defkalion, the most clairvoyant (in non-mystical sense) and far advanced traveler on this Way has sent a significant comment to my Blog. See it commented by our friend Alain at:

The essence of Yannis’s message: is
"We all have to realize that any effort to introduce to the market a product in this area is not as simple as introducing a new hybrid car."

Yannis also gives a short description of some frightening non-technical obstacles/barriers on the Way.
It is well known that effective players and the omniscient spectators usually disagree about the concept “impossible” and also differ regarding the best problem solving methods. Actually the spectators mainly know, the players usually try to learn.

Enhanced Excess Heat- is that for real?

This quote is well known by all the scientists:

“The great tragedy of Science: the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact” (Thomas Henry Huxley)

In the practice of research the situation is not so bad; instead of being defenseless victims of the sadist unaesthetic facts, the hypotheses and their offspring, the theories have developed efficient methods to remove, distort, ignore or kill the inconvenient facts and to replace them with friendly ones.
In case my Enhanced Excess Heat hypothesis is pure low IQ imagination and even the Pd-D system will be able to “deliver” decent energy sources, then I will have great battles with the facts.
But if we, suppose ad absurdum that Enhanced  Excess Heat is a must, a stage that comes before –and has to!- the Energy Source, in this very unpopular case the technological history of the first 23 something years of Cold Fusion LENR can be described as:

We were actually barking not at the wrong tree, we were barking at a dwarf, weakling bush….

Zero risk that this idea itself will be popular or make me popular.
I have a desire to be right, not popular.

Now I want to continue the discussion regarding the obstacles and barriers- first we have to build a good, logically consistent taxonomy of them. The situation is complex, but perhaps good Metaphors will help us to grasp the basic elements of it. Let’s consider the following three metaphors for a start.



Mess is a so rich, fine English word see: please: http://thesaurus.com/browse/mess has some 30 synonyms and only 3 antonyms- the best description of it being a low quality harmful chaos.
One of my oldest Septoes states:
3. The world is simultaneously chaotic and ordered
Entropically thinking, chaos is much more “natural” than order and therefore it is easy to remove order and to enhance chaos in the real systems. But, take notice; if you want that a system should work for you, some order has to be brought back in it!

First principle of messiology:
The simplest and most effective method to create a mess is mixing apples and oranges i.e. dissimilar things, issues or ideas- (people too!!!) then it goes quite automatically and an almost perfect chaos is created. This is true for all human affairs, from science to politics. Just mix widely disparate things etc. in the most aleatory way. Some fields have great doses of inborn messiness.

Cold Fusion was ab ovo imagined as a rich, cheap, harmless unlimited energy source as something noble, pure, idealistic  the Holy Grail of Energy was used and abused for it Holy Grail- how fine it sounds! But stop! Recently for some cultural reason I had to study the opera Parsifal of Richard Wagner- it is about the Holy Grail and it is very, very messy a hodgepodge of holiness and sin, purity and dirt, love and hate. (my favorite opera composer and model of creativity is Giuseppe Verdi.)
 In Parsifal there is a lot of strange mysticism, my guess is that even the author of the libretto and of the music did not know exactly what messages he wanted to convey to the future. Surely it is not love for humans. Common sense says holy is something for which you are allowed to kill and sacred is something you have to kill if it is offended by the bad people. Repeating ugly scenes here where I live at religious feasts is crowds of believers fiercely fighting for glasses of holy water. You know in some places this 21st Century is actually the 12th in disguise.

OK, Parsifal shows a mixed complicated existence with witchcraft and wounds that cannot be healed, bad deeds, intrigues an ugly story even if the Good eventually wins and the music is great in places... The Holy Grail does not inspire virtues, so I will never call Cold Fusion the Holy Grail of Energy... On the contrary, Cold Fusion has attracted many very good and idealistic, altruistic skilled people. - lovers of truth, potential benefactors of Mankind, good scientists. However the start and the continuation were awfully messy: surprisingly stubborn bad experimental results, successes alternating unpredictably with depressing failures and no rules or causes can be found for this mix. The recurrent malefic word became “irreproducible” as such or in the form of its euphemism as unreliable. The effect was certain but difficultly measurable and this had the effect to focus the efforts on the measuring systems and not on intensification. Scale-up was and is like fata morgana.
Then a real Babel-mix of theories, uncombinable, incompatible, contradictory. metaphorically speaking- the entire long way is in a very dense theoretical fog, impenetrable visual barrier. Messy3!

And I have not told a single word about the terrible mess created in this case by the mass media.

The mess created by Andrea Rossi
When the historical (above any considerations) day of January 14 2011 has arrived with the Bologna demo, for a very short time we have hoped that the energy savior Andrea Rossi is kind of knight without fear and beyond reproach, however the reality was quite different you all know or believe to know how different it was. Rossi has very probably enhanced the excess heat effect however has very successfully enhanced the chaos of LENR. He has mixed real heat enhancement with further enhancement by manipulating the measuring instruments and the results obtained. A confusing mixture of truths, half-truths and outright lies, an expert mode to make and to not make the same things in the same time. The most probably is that Rossi has some technical difficulties to stabilize
the enhanced excess heat and his problem solving program is a real mess- we have seen many breeds of his E-cats- thin, fat, hot whatever. The outcome of this mess is not knowable yet.
It is here the place to emphasize that if I disagree 80% with the deeds of Rossi, I disagree 115% with the dedicated Rossi killers.

Mess is a traveling companion on the way to the new energy source, there is a quite terrifying bureaucratic-legal mess on the last portion of the Way- as Yannis had shown it and Rossi has also alluded to. LENR needs a decent new name and good reputation management possibly a bit of plastic surgery.

Missingness is the idea; usually hiding in the dark that something essential is missing for solving of the problem of LENR.  The theoretical mega-mess makes this idea quite plausible.
At first sight, this barely could be considered a barrier because it is about something that is missing not staying in way. It is one of really vital questions- are we humans intelligent enough, sufficiently smart, creative as necessary to understand what happens and are we inventive enough in order to develop a commercial system based on LENR? Or are these tasks over the limits of our possibilities? It is considered an axiom that we are not able, we are allowed to use- something if we do not understand it deeply, theoretically, up to the essential details I do not agree completely, see please: http://egooutpeters.blogspot.ro/2012/12/a-hybrid-approach-for-solving-lenr.html
Therefore, I dare to think that even it will be seen that we need higher degrees of intelligence than we have- the best of us included, we will use quite soon the new energy sources and in 15 years there will be more than 1 billion of these sources worldwide.
It is interesting that the limits of our intellect are considered to be due to genetic barriers, see for example:
This is a painful problem/question even more for me- I have confessed that I owe all my professional successes to an excellent memory, only slowly eroded by aging, much more than to any other mental quality. I may add in my defense that I have the ability to listen both to people (with empathy) and to facts (without prejudgment). I will not discuss here if commercial
Cold Fusion could be only a post-singularity event see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_singularity
We cannot wait so much!
A separate discussion will be necessary to establish if we, as species are not smart or intelligent or wise enough to solve the
fundamental questions of Physics, Biology and Psychology plus all the Social Problems. And how this applies to LENR. Or, is will more important than skill and we can solve the problem in practice with a non-total up-to-the-smallest detail understanding of what happens- but with a perfect control and elimination of all the possible risks.
I think major discoveries and significant progress are still possible and do happen with hybrid scientific and empirical methods being used in synergy.
You have observed from my informative blog publications that I am following with great attentions everything written about human brains and I know that our brains are still developing as the local spearhead of Evolution and new mental possibilities appear all the time. Do not worry for LENR, please!
The bisencephalians -see Bisinis on my Blog- are with you.

Messianism in our case is about a savior who will solve the problem, the most probable come with a perfect theory that will allow us to go from the test tube to the industrial generator in few simple steps. Along the 24 years of Cold Fusion history we wished to believe and have usually succeeded- that the last discovery, the newest system, the most recent smart trick will solve the CF/LENR soon and very soon the traditional energy sources will disappear- it is the genuine solution. Then we have lost our illusions of a fast and complete victory.
But soon we started to wait for the next Messiah discovery. Do not forget the other source of despair- the theories that will bring our salvation are also not coming.
Messianism is also about waiting too passively, about connecting hopes to myths and miracles, about thinking other people will do it. Or on the contrary thinking that you will be able to get the great solution working in your garage with simple means, perhaps by serendipity- because you are so special and unique.
The solution needs very new creative ideas and what is called paradigm shift, nothing mystical can help.

I started this paper saying there is no active Cold Fusion Inquisition. and too many ideas are circulating much too freely, including my Enhanced Excess Heat heresy. I can imagine that the Inquisition is real; I am forced to retract this idea. I will sign the document but I will whisper angrily:
“Eppur si ha aumentato il eccesso di calore!” (And yet it had enhanced the excess heat!)

I am contented because here I have succeeded to tell now more than 5% of the absolutely necessary about the barriers in the way of LENR


Tuesday, January 15, 2013



A barrier is of ideas, not of things. (Mark Caine)

Recently I got increasingly impatient and worried. Time is flying, more and more LENR friends surrender to Thanatos and the absolute triumph of LENR is in delay. I cannot have any longer range hopes for myself, no biography has a happy end, that’s certain, - almost as taxes.

The plain situation is as follows: ~24 years ago Cold Fusion has started its travel toward the Energy Source and still has not arrived there. It is counter-productive to use any historical analogy or example- the state of facts is intolerable and has to be changed. And it can be changed as I have predicted it months ago in: my prophetic metaphor story:
that went unnoticed and half-understood even by me.
Actually it generates an essential question: why is the climbing so terribly difficult, what are those killer barriers, obstacles, limitations that must be penetrated, destroyed, overcome, in order to make our old and tired LENR dream – real?
Great questions are like dragons and dragon slaying Best Practice says – first cut the greatest head of the beast! In this case this is:
WHERE ARE THESE BARRIERS ON THE WAY? Again, my obsession- “topology first”! Notice please, it is not only about the Coulomb barrier, you will see this is perhaps the easier part.

It’s a very long way to go, it leads from LENR to Excess Heat and then to the Enhanced Excess Heat or LENR+) and from there to the Controlled Energy Source and there are many kind of obstacles, barriers, traps everywhere on this long tortuous up-mountain road.

No shortcuts- it is not possible to go from the weak, flickering, evanescent little excess heat to the real energy source, powerful intense, “here I am, here I stay” Enhanced Excess Heat is a “sine qua non” step of progress. As practice shows many problems have to be solved in order to get the hundreds times more powerful  enhanced excess heat (EEH) size counts (here too!) decisively. I say it for the 50th time; LENR and LENR+ have different mechanisms
And when we eventually arrive to this, it is not over – it is a lot of engineering to do for converting EEH (or LENR+)  to a manageable, easily controllable, tamed, eco-friendly energy source everybody and  his auntie will gladly take home.

Go LENR, go, do not stay in vain waiting a miracle on the slippery road from the small excess heat to the great one!

Go LENR+ go, work seriously you have to do many smart things till you get on the market!

Up to now, this writing still has a great virtue- rare here: it is rather short. The problem is that it has its own barrier to acceptance; the majority of its potential readers simply do not think there exists LENR+ the enhanced excess energy and have an other vision of the Way. However, I bet this will be reversed on January 15, 2014 based on practical data coming from the champions of EEH/CES. I have no time, but my ideas have.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I have dedicated to Cold Fusion then LENR then HHENI almost a third of my (professional) life time and therefore I am very dedicated to it and I have huge expectations for/from it. It is not necessary any mental effort for me to perform kind of personification of LENR and to wish it, at this New Year celebration, the classic:

Vivat, crescat, floreat LENR! 
(i.e. May it live, grow and flourish!)

Please allow me a few predictions (risky)  and some ideas that, I dare to think- could be useful for attaining the three wishes for LENR earlier or easier or better using a proper problem solving strategy. A radically new strategy- the leitmotif of this essay and of all other LENR writings published this year on my blog is Paradigm Shift. Paradigm Shift ASAP!


LENR is alive and hopefully will be very well, soon. Taking in consideration how attacked, oppressed and ignored this scientific field was and still is- a secular miracle created and sustained by a group of scientists, researchers, journalists and science writers. You can find the names of these special people in the 2013 History of Cold Fusion Calendar a historical piece, a treasure: created by our enthusiastic young lady colleague, Ruby Carat:
http://coldfusionnow.org/store/2013-history-of-cold-fusion-calendar/  Founders, heroes, martyrs, dreamers, achievers- many combinations of these. The survival of the Cold Fusion idea is their work and achievement. Many variants were created so perhaps it is justified the use the logically flawed and grammatically incorrect LENRs for these. Rich, diversified life however only very slowly evoluting to the superior form aimed from the very start-a practical energy source.


There are great, old, nasty problems with the growing of LENR.
A significant event, this morning one of our best creative thinkers and experimenters, Brian Ahern gave a good formulation of the problem:

LENR or LANR has consistently failed to meet two conditions: 
2. useful levels of heat output
My favorite partner for discussions, Abd (see the list of links appended to this essay) an encyclopedic scholar of LENR has asked that reproducibility should be replaced by reliability as we have used it too in our long discussions. Actually reliability is more subjective and bad reproducibility is the objective ugly fact and the curse of the field.

More technologically speaking, LENR experiments give low intensity, short duration and practically uncontrollable heat.
The mission: scale-up seems to be almost impossible.
There had been many disparate successes however the next step(s)
were not made – no follow-up, not improvements, not development- finita la tragedia!

About scale-up:
Scale-up is vital for technology’
Scale-up is not simply growing in space and time, it is not only quantitative, it is qualitative too; it is achieving of some necessary technological virtues, the sine qua non components of usability
Scale-up is the technological equivalent of maturization. Life is sometimes cruel and so can be technology. An adult is not an over dimensional child. Believe me this is not a forced analogy.
Many times scale-up is an ordeal, even a wicked problem, scaling up can be non-linear and non-continuous, and it can be sad reality that not all processes can be scaled up.
It is technologically naïve to believe that if you can get a bit of excess heat then in a few simple steps you will launch a good energy source on the market.

Some processes seem to suffer of technological nanism, dwarfism- a great trouble and you well know that desperate sicknesses need desperate remedies. Desperate is a toxic word, so we will speak about radical remedies. Nothing frightening actually, but great changes are necessary.

Using the personification idea, what we have to do is to make LENR more intelligent, more serious, more realistic, more pragmatic and more materialistic than it is now.
Take in consideration that these qualities are related, combined, in part superposed! It’s more radical than it sounds.

Some of the players in the field have already made huge progresses in this direction but their idea are not accepted and memefied yet. 2013 will be the year when this happens on greater scale.
Let’s discuss systematically:

Make LENR more intelligent: 
I use the following definition for intelligence: “Intelligence is the ability to not mix the points of view” (Mihail Ralea) This means to make proper distinctions, - you can find a list of those in my 2012 writings. For example:
- existence (scientific) is not usability (technological):
-  excess heat is not an energy source;
- applied science is not a technology;

But all can be if you discover how to do it!!!
- LENR is not LENR+, it is an essential, decisive difference and we have to find out what this is. Only LENR+ can be really scaled up
- LENR is almost natural, LENR + is very artificial, man-made

(I feel it is strange that > 98% of my colleagues and friends do NOT believe in the existence of LENR+ but I bet this will change in 2013. What is even worse I was not attacked for my unorthodox ideas, very disturbing)

There are many other non specific, however important differences, we have to distinguish between things:

- a patent and know-how,

- history and experience are not sources of universal solutions, many times you have to invent and work put absolutely new ones;

- fundraising is not a complete solution just a start that obliges and enslaves:

- if somebody has an opinion different or even contrary to yours in issues not connected to morality! this makes the person NOT your enemy but your partner for discussions; (this is, psychologically the most difficult distinction)

In his kind anticipated comment, John Allen has called the attention to the idea that disruptive effects have to be avoided and
that it is intelligent to accept that during development, besides many real problems imaginary, bureaucratic and even false problems bound to rules, law, names, enviro (hysteria) issues are in need of solitiuons too. (this is also realism).

Will LENR become more intelligent in 2013?  Will the smarter memes remove the inert memes? Perhaps some much awaited achievements of LENR will induce a peculiar Flynn Effect in the field- see
The human Flynn Effect is long term and slow, LENR’s IQ has to increase molto allegro.

Make LENR more serious.
I use the following definition for the adjective “serious": "To be serious means to be focused on the core of the things and not on the undefined halo of trivia hovering around them"(Mihail Ralea)

The true core of LENR is energy and I think/hope this will be in the center of the attention and of the research activity in 2013. However there are many scientists who, despite the lack of a theory and despite the crazy experimental situation try to discover something fundamentally new and important scientifically.

I have published a paper: “Why Technology First?” in the very first issue of “Infinite Energy” and I will never abandon and change from this kind of focusing. This is contrasting with the popular idea that we have the duty, as scientists to invest all our creative energies in understanding LENR, create a very good theory and use it to build a good technology. I have written a lot about why I consider this idealistic and impossible and recently I have concluded that a hybrid approach is the unique serious and realistic way to LENR applications. Fortunately, the serious meme “Physics is experimental” is making progresses recently in our circles.
During 2013 LENR will be increasingly serious and successful, I hope this is more emphasis will put on LENR+.

Make LENR more realistic 

Realistic LENR has many aspects. One of these, better to be avoided in this discussion, is the understanding of the contribution of the inner, seemingly inherent weaknesses of LENR to its bad reputation, low popularity and even rejection.
To negate something is always easier than to create something.
We must solve our problems at any price; otherwise LENR will remain interesting but technologically sterile.
LENR is very complex and this idea must become part of our modes of thinking and research strategies. It is very sad for the LENR theories that will lose from their elegance and mathematical beauty. Dynamicity and diversity are combined with complexity and this reality will lead to events and concepts described by new words like theoricide and theoriplexes.
 I hope that in 2013 Defkalion’s fundamental analytical data will
be used to the creation of a superior complete, predictive and even productive theory of LENR. In which extent this theory will be valid for the classic LENR, I have no idea. I think that Pd-D and Ni-H are different processes- Occam’s Razor has lost its edge in this case. Some of my best friends disagree strongly. I hope we will see one day the truth, Nature votes for unity or for its own richness?

Make LENR more pragmatic

Suppose you are a high jump coach and your athletes obtain lousy performances? What will you do, try to motivate them, learn them to run faster, move swifter, explain them the wonderful logic of the Fosbury Flop, and stimulate them to exercise…
Or put the bar lower? (In education and in culture sometimes and in some places “to bury the bar deeper)
I know that this is a clumsy and unjust analogy for increasing the precision of measurement but only for the first, say 5 heroic years when Cold Fusion had to fight for survival by demonstrating it exists. Later it became necessary to enhance the reactions and to obtain very convincing effects without using the high art of calorimetry. LENR was unable to do this before being converted in LENR+. Was this due to errors or to the karma of the LENR systems?

Make LENR more materialistic

Or, simply much better funded? The lifeblood of research and development is Money and LENR needs funding. Let’s hope 2013 will a generous year and let’s discuss how this money will be wisely, effectively and efficiently spent.  It suffices that one system to demonstrate its practical value and money will come to LENR
And very soon a lot of innovative systems will start to compete for a huge market. The LENR pioneers will become rich, very rich.
The field will flourish, but I m not sure this will start this year.


Many sources, a broad range of temperatures, perhaps later direct delivery of electric energy as by Randy Mills’s CIHT – if it can be up scaled, myriads of applications. A Smart New World. Fast evolution of the generators, Many surprises, all good or excellent. Gary Wright in his good anticipated comment has emphasized that prediction is very difficult and this is true indeed for bad things, For the good ones, we/you will see.

In case that I will have the opportunity to write a LENR OUTLOOK 2014, I will combine this with a LENR teaching course, in the style of this Cold Fusion 101:
with a very different, technology oriented content,
My ideas have evoluted in 2012, see below and I hope this will continue in 2013 at a faster pace.







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