Tuesday, January 15, 2013



A barrier is of ideas, not of things. (Mark Caine)

Recently I got increasingly impatient and worried. Time is flying, more and more LENR friends surrender to Thanatos and the absolute triumph of LENR is in delay. I cannot have any longer range hopes for myself, no biography has a happy end, that’s certain, - almost as taxes.

The plain situation is as follows: ~24 years ago Cold Fusion has started its travel toward the Energy Source and still has not arrived there. It is counter-productive to use any historical analogy or example- the state of facts is intolerable and has to be changed. And it can be changed as I have predicted it months ago in: my prophetic metaphor story:
that went unnoticed and half-understood even by me.
Actually it generates an essential question: why is the climbing so terribly difficult, what are those killer barriers, obstacles, limitations that must be penetrated, destroyed, overcome, in order to make our old and tired LENR dream – real?
Great questions are like dragons and dragon slaying Best Practice says – first cut the greatest head of the beast! In this case this is:
WHERE ARE THESE BARRIERS ON THE WAY? Again, my obsession- “topology first”! Notice please, it is not only about the Coulomb barrier, you will see this is perhaps the easier part.

It’s a very long way to go, it leads from LENR to Excess Heat and then to the Enhanced Excess Heat or LENR+) and from there to the Controlled Energy Source and there are many kind of obstacles, barriers, traps everywhere on this long tortuous up-mountain road.

No shortcuts- it is not possible to go from the weak, flickering, evanescent little excess heat to the real energy source, powerful intense, “here I am, here I stay” Enhanced Excess Heat is a “sine qua non” step of progress. As practice shows many problems have to be solved in order to get the hundreds times more powerful  enhanced excess heat (EEH) size counts (here too!) decisively. I say it for the 50th time; LENR and LENR+ have different mechanisms
And when we eventually arrive to this, it is not over – it is a lot of engineering to do for converting EEH (or LENR+)  to a manageable, easily controllable, tamed, eco-friendly energy source everybody and  his auntie will gladly take home.

Go LENR, go, do not stay in vain waiting a miracle on the slippery road from the small excess heat to the great one!

Go LENR+ go, work seriously you have to do many smart things till you get on the market!

Up to now, this writing still has a great virtue- rare here: it is rather short. The problem is that it has its own barrier to acceptance; the majority of its potential readers simply do not think there exists LENR+ the enhanced excess energy and have an other vision of the Way. However, I bet this will be reversed on January 15, 2014 based on practical data coming from the champions of EEH/CES. I have no time, but my ideas have.



  1. Dear Peter,

    About 2 weeks ago I posted "Defkalion's CEO stated that Defkalion would reveal an industrial prototype "by the end of 2012 or at latest the end of January 2013"

    You said to wait till next week when the long distance
    Exodus of Defkalion will be over.

    Today, you post "The plain situation is as follows: ~24 years ago Cold Fusion has started its travel toward the Energy Source and still has not arrived there."

    With still nothing from DGT on the expectations they set, I hope the DGT CEO will not copy a well known rival and now state that progress is out of his hands due to sellout to corporate interests.

    Does your statement about Cold Fusion's non-arrival mean that those following DGT out of humanitarian interest can now return to more fruitful activities than following DGT's progress on blogs? Millions of man-hours have been wasted when they could have been devoted to family, sport, education. What a waste!

    1. To have more data, read the interview of the boss of Defkalion Europe..
      it is rough google translate, but already clear.

      It is a reality today. New version R6 of the reactor, but just improvement.
      don't expect a home device before 2 years.
      Defkalion sell the technology, but does not manufacture.

      If peter can correct/confirm/enrich...

      best regards.

  2. On the contrary, my friend! I am sure DGT is progressing fast
    now in Canada and they are those champions I am speaking about.
    The Hyperion is still not on the market but will be soon.
    I have real expereience with Projects- from test tubes to
    (chemical) reactors of many cubic meters nd I daretosay that
    I can understand the barriers and obstacles on the way from
    EEH to CES. The DGT team is excellent and will DO IT, I bet.

  3. Hi Alain,

    I read the translation on your site.

    Regarding the "economic and social impact", DGT's reply was very low key market-speak:

    "The impact of technology Defkalion will be significant. The benefits will be in the field of energy supply will become gradually more and more fragmented.

    Truly sickening. The world need to know NOW whether this technology exists :

    1. To prevent large scale, sometime dangerous and wasteful investment in other energy solutions.
    2. To provide hope to impoverished countries that their development will be accelerated.
    3. To deflate tension leading to energy resource wars.

    The DGT CEO stated twice that an industrial prototype would be revealed by the end of this month. According to the DGT interview, the prototype exists.

    Sorry to point out that if DGT do have it and fail to live up to their own words by revealing it, then it appears they may be condemned for putting selfish interest ahead of humanity.

    Hitherto, I have always spoken of DGT as a special case of professionalism and honesty in this new energy field, replete with scams. I maintain that stance up to the end of this month.

    1. Be careful with promises.

      Showing a prototype means nothing. Nelson note that DGT was cooperative, mixed with Gibbs asking Nelson to confirm is the greatest proof I have in the pocket. The other is simply the CV of the board of directors.

      Second is that everybody, especially innovators, have problems, some technical, but most are about diplomacy, trace secrets, lawyers, competitors, regulators, lobbies, cartels... if not finance, politic, and meteorology.

      finally we as human are not so important.
      if DGT have a working reactor, they don't need our help, our support (hum... not me but friend of me might help you DGT... ;-> welcome on Linkedin/viadeo ).
      This is maybe the intelligent strategy of Rossi to stay fringe-looking, like the wright brothers.

      Sincerely I prefer Defkalion behaviors, but i don't understand why they should communicate with us, the laymen...
      I have learned much from discussing on their forum, weighting their competence, their concerns, their remarks, and get finally convinced they were really working on something serious...
      I was just too optimistic about delays.

      Their latest date of "wait at least 2 years" to buy one in a shop, is very realistic... innovation is planned for 6 month time-to-market and finally is sold after 5 years of troubles.

  4. Alain,

    I did not use the word promise. Agreed, you or I as observers are insignificant.

    However, the fact remains that the DGT CEO made statements on a world stage, twice. Though those statements appear to be easily satisfied, DGT appear to have changed policy.

    Fine. Concerned observers can now switch their attention away from grandstanding LENR groups back to something more worthwhile.

    As mentioned earlier, the impact on world society of keeping secret such a technology at industrial prototype stage is gigantic, especially relating to energy resource conflict.

    I see DGT's Chief Scientific Officer in a previous Ego Out thread defends the secrecy policy by talking about the problem of how to declare to "fuel" to Western governments. Well the answer to that is to introduce the product in a nation where governments have less bureaucracy. There are many such in Asia and South America, some of them in the developed nation club. Set up an auction amongst these countries. The West would follow suit for fear of being left behind.

    People with the key to a quantum leap in human development, who kept it secret for years, will not be viewed favourably by future generations, if we all survive that long.

    1. Dear Spacegoat,
      I have started a new paper about the barriers on the Way. One of the barriers metaphorically is that people do not understand well how difficult the Way is and how nasty the barriers both real and imaginary are. The simple fact that the existence and absolute necessity of the Enhanced Excess Heat stage is still ignored or denied, generates kind of status of "loneliness of the long range runner" for those who try to solve the problem of the new Energy Source.


    2. The problem with demo, show, announce, is that NOTHING can convince the skeptics, except the final product that usually takes 5 years, in normal industry, to reach the market.

      Is it a joke to say that maybe LENr is more simple than selling a swimingpool purifier, and can reach the marker in less than 5 years ?

      I recognize that since 2011 I make the great professional mistake to imagine that LENR could go fasttrack.

      about regulation, I have no doubt that as soon as LENr get seriously considered il will be blocke by regulation, first by stupidity, then by Malthusian ideology groups agains any scientific progress, suppoerted strongly by incumbent operators in all domain, and thus by the politicians who follow both.
      I notice that it is slowly happening.
      The only way to avoid that preemptive blocking by ideology/business lobbies, is to create a mass of users big enough to counter-lobby the authorities.

      Those users should either be quite free from regulations, or desperate enough to take the risk...
      I imagine about endangered small business, inpoverished population... but often regulation is anyway too strong.
      Thus for me the only opportunity is to develop pilots in countries that are optimistic, developping, still moderately regulated yet enough, with honest respect for foreign business.

      The best place I imagine, from the network I have would be in indonesia. I know the exact place, the people to contact, the project manager/lobbyist, that will be able to co-develop the pilot project from kampung level to DPR level.
      In france the project LENR-Cities have a similar idea, adapted to occidental old-world organization. It is the best way, the only way, to develop LENr in countries like france, but i'm not sure it will work.
      In indonesia, there is no doubt it will work, if you manage the project respecting the local culture, and cooperating with respect but rigor.

  5. What about sharing key LENR+ information to other scientists and honest experimenters (ex. the MFMP) struggling with plain LENR? What about arranging practical demonstrations to universities of basic LENR+ proof of concept devices? What about writing papers and inviting genuinely skeptical scientists in the academia to challenge them, even by performing measurements themselves on the actual devices, in an open way?

    There is so much that can be done even without having a complete LENR+ commercial product *now*. I don't think most people following the LENR scene are really expecting products anyway. They just want tangible evidence that it is a valid, useful technology, and the guarantee that it will be quickly developed and openly and accurately studied by publicly known, trusted entities working for the collective good. The rest will eventually and naturally come.

    I can understand that DGT is a private company whose primary concern is making profit, but in my opinion this isn't something that, if real, can be withheld because of business reasons. Too much is at stake, socially and economically.

    This also applies to other scientists reportedly successfully working on LENR+ and keeping key information private or "covered by NDA" mostly because of personal reasons (fame, wealth, etc).

    1. Dear Tizzboom,

      Almost everything you wish- on the line of collaboration
      is part of DGT's strategy and you will see soon the actions they have started.
      Unfortunately many of our colleague fighters think that
      as sooon they have excess heat they have won the great prize and a usable energy source will appear automatically.
      ZTherefore they do not need colaboration.

    2. Dear Peter,
      It sounds as though you may be agreeing with Mr Rossi!
      "Dear Drew:
      The real researchers of LENR are at most not well known. Some of the well known ones are mental bricolagers.
      Warm Regards,
      Thankyou for your continued support and updates of DGT

    3. Dear Drew,

      This is a very sensitive subject, from many points of view. It can be considered a Pareto Truth, perhaps.
      See please it is a very divisive point:
      a) if what I think that Excess Heat and Enhanced Excess
      Heat are different isreal, then the statement has some basis
      b) If Enhanced Excess Heat is my personal illusion and fata morgana then the statement is false, to use an euphemism.
      Can we discuss this in private? (peter.gluck@gmail.com)?