Friday, January 25, 2013


For the sake of exactness -a part of the answer of Prof. Stremmenos has
disappered from JONP. Perhaps the author wanted it to be vitriolic, but the webmaster
has found it inadequate.

Here it is:

Concludendo, mi convinco per seconda volta che lei è un ingenuo … la prima era il suo sostentamento acritico della tesi di DEFKALION … forse aveva ragione .. la maestra … prima di prendere i soldi .?…!
Ch. Stremmenos

In conclusion you have convinced me the second time that you are naive...the first time it was your non-critical acceptance of the ideas of DEFKALION....perhaps it was right..your teacher before getting the money.?...

Fine, naive is transparent euphemism of stupid therefore I am asking the professor to study especially the Second Law.
Stremmenos has the historic merit of helping at the creation of Defkalion, an excellent team - you can discuss with them science, engineering, management, business. I think I was not completely stupid warning them: "Timeo Rossi et dona ferentes" before the divorce from Rossi.
After the divorce, because they have refused to die, the professor has called them "vigilantes"- but they have found their way to the new energy source and it is a blessing  that Rossi has competition, first of all to Rossi himself- it helps him focusing.
Trying to get rid of my weaknesses shown by Prof. S., I have read a lot of diplomat quotations- in order to be aware of the moral superiority of an Ambassador. The conclusion is
τιμιότητα είναι η καλύτερη πολιτική.
I have a strange feeling that Stremmenos's sympathy for me is somewhat limited, but this can change in the near future.


  1. Keep smiling Peter. You can do it so well :)
    Doug Marker

  2. Thanks, I am just smiling but I want eventually to write about
    something nice and good and for grown ups intellectually.

  3. This is to Alex Xanthoulis,

    Not sure where to put this response to Alex I choose to do it here on the latest post.

    Alex I'm glad you posted here (if it is really you) and through the wonderful world of anonymity where you can do and say things that you cannot in the real world I have a piece of advice for you.

    Your business strategy is wrong. Change it.

    You may not like me for saying it but it makes no sense. You cannot predict the future of this market, you have no idea what environment your licensees are going to be a part of by the time any mass production takes place. There is a real possibility your licensing fee will be too much or your product obsolete before you've even put it out there.

    Unfortunately your technology is based on a theoretical framework that is scanty at best, not your fault. And as such the early clear leader of the market will not be predictable at all, so any investment made by somebody else on your efforts is highly volatile.

    However there is a much better way to get a product to market quickly, make a ton of money and preserve your IP, while diversifying and giving the public what they want.

    Listen up.

    Sell the only thing you actually have to sell at the moment, your knowledge of how to get a reaction to work no matter how long it is stable for.

    There are lots of companies who want to build applications based off of this technology and they are willing to give up shares or stock in their company for the right to simply know what you know.

    So exploit that. Sell your knowledge in exchange for stock. Bet on a lot of different players but nobody in particular. In the end at the very least you'll have a holding company that owns stock in lots of different companies all trying to figure out how the technology actually works while making a market ready product.

    You just turned potential competitors into your allies.

    This idea is nothing new, it's what think tanks do. Except you'll do it better than anybody has ever done.

    I hope you heed my advice. Good luck to you.

    Anonymous DOD guy.

    1. Dear Anonymous DOD guy,

      It was really Alex, I had a Skype conversation with him
      this morning here & yesterday night in Vancouver, 10 hours difference..
      I hope you will have the possibility to discuss business
      strategy with him soon

    2. Thanks Peter for your fine blog.

    3. My pleasure, your words are a reward for me,
      whoever you are, whereever you live!