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To be prepared against surprise is to be trained. To be prepared for surprise is to be educated.
James P. Carse, Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility

The known is finite, the unknown infinite; intellectually we stand on an islet in the midst of an illimitable ocean of inexplicability. Our business in every generation is to reclaim a little more land, to add something to the extent and the solidity of our possessions.(Thomas Huxley)

The number of quotations re, finite/infinite I could chose for this year-end issue is very great however finite; just their global wisdom is infinite, more precisely immeasurable and non-quantifiable. 


The end of a year - something fully conventional because fortunately, there are no bumps on the trajectory of our evolving Planet, it is even more stressing than your birthday- however you share your fear of finitude with billions of people. All the genuinely rational civilizations have fixed this transition between old/new year in springtime when the biological branch of Nature resurrects and not at the intersection of December and January that usually are very similar. The trick is to convince everybody that the coming year will be much better than the year that goes. I will do the same- I have stored great quantities of healthy wishful thinking so Ego Out and I wishes you :


This change of years is also an opportunity/obligation to review what has happened
during the passing year and to learn how to/how not to repeat the errors of the near past in the near future and how to make creative new smarter errors. The best metric usable is number of problems solved because  this is the mission and raison d'etre of the Researcher. But equally important is the number of problems discovered, the direct expression of our gratitude to Nature that so generously tries to satisfy the curiosity and the interests of the Researcher being infinitely complex and perfectible at all levels, thus opening him/her an unending area for thinking and action.”
2015 was rich in LENR,, events news, publications. Lets be objective- no breakthroughs, no triumphs, no 180 degree changes, no reversals of attitude of our enemies-deniers-detractors. However it can be seized a, partially underground, trend of reputation improvement. It would be not fair to ignore the decisive role of Andrea Rossi and his intensive excess heat release devices that have changed a lot of things for good, despite excess of secrecy regarding the performances. As I told many times the Rossi and the Rest situation is a challenge- I am wishin many times;
"oh, to be seventy again!" and going back in a lab- a modern one anyway and find out how Rossi ignites the New Fire. A smart friend has predicted that it is not rocket science just to do a lot of simple but necessary things combined in a sufficient recipe - just in time, and kaizen-wise. In a way illustrating my 65+ years idea: "existence is nonexistence in movement". It will seem elementary BUT only in retrospective.

In 2016 we will have to improve the definition of LENR and I thiank the msot important issue is to recognize that there are a lot of LENR plurals- kinds, ways, methods, partial theories that have to be combined. Will PdD offer us more discoveries or improvements than in 2015 when we have learned that functional cathodes show some EM activity.
An other definition problem is Rossi's 1MW plant's positive or negative result.
What I think , in this case positive means ready for commercialization market ready.
I have learned some things about definitions so I tell you take extreme care with these violent, sometimes mutilating logical maneuvers. The semantic proof for this is that "definition and finis (death) have the same root (S.C. Lec) And as Douglas Adams has shown: we demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!” 
In LENR especially true- see the usual suspect definition. For a science-technology in full development it exists an optimal level of vagueness.
At the end of 2016 this level, as ell as the uncertainties, ambiguities, open questions
will decrease- my prophecy.
This is a long time, what will we learn about the now mysterious X-Cat this night? 
Will the information amplify and reinforce our LENR optimism?


1) The first great surprise of 2016? I will see it tomorrow morning- my guess is that E-Cat-X born Mme Curie- is a proof of the technological potential of creative high (fast) dynamics and nano-structure building, re-building in metal-hydrogen systems. Who knows how much will Rossi reveal about the performances and characteristics?!
Big Reveal from Rossi at Midnight, New Year’s Eve?

Andrea Rossi
December 30th, 2015 at 1:36 PM
Domenico Canino:
Thank you for your trust.
As a matter of fact, the perspective of the E-Cat X is huge. We’ll return soon on this issue: the last night I had a dream: at midnight tomorrow, when the New Year will be born, which means at 00.00 a.m. of Jan 1st 2016, I will be in the plant and I will uncork the bottle of the Korbel ( a very good US champenois) to celebrate: I will be alone inside the plant in that moment, with the security guards only; immediately after that I will write here what is the E-Cat X and what I want to do of it. F9.
God bless you and all our Readers too.

2) 1 MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #31: Two Reactors Showing Sign of Fuel Consumption]

3) more on LENR

4) Remarkably rich in information

Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project - Facebook

5) A German LENR Patent  - thanks to Gregory Goble:
"Usable electrical energy from a metal-hydrogen reaction" 

I will study it an try to communicate with the author

6) The success of E-Cat X depended on thermo-resistant, refractory materials of superior quality and endurance probably similar to that described in this patent:

T Takagi, H Maruyama - US Patent 20,150,360,958, 2015
There is provided a ceramic structure including silicon carbide (SiC). The silicon carbide includes carbon, and silicon which has 28Si enriched in comparison with a natural abundance ratio. An enrichment level of the 28Si in the silicon carbide may be about 99% or higher. The silicon carbide may be in the form of at least any one of an SiC sintered body, CVD-SiC, SiC fiber, and an SiC/SiC composite.


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The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.(Anatole France)
If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing. (Gail Sheehy)


I do not have very great expectations from the year coming after tomorrow, my personal maximalist desire is to survive it and still be functional; actually the minimalist is the same.  As I told witnessing LENR in development is really interesting and what happens,both good and bad things, successes and failures
are splendid raw material for analyzing, thinking, guessing, participating in a way, being alive and having an aim, belonging to a good Cause. Being busy. Being a blogger. Discussing with reader friends.

I don't dare to predict that 2016 will be a triumphal year, things still go slowly
and the much expected results of Andrea Rossi's 1MW plant will be considered  positive only if ready for large sale commercial production, and technology too has some draconian rules, as prohibitive and cruel as the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Control, maintenance, safety, legal issues are great obstacles.
However the publication of the daily COP data and the reduced energy bills of the 
Customer of Industrial Heat can raise a worldwide tsunami of technological optimism and be a first step toward the professional beatification of the inventor.

My prediction is: 2016 will be the year of LENR Awakening

Words are vulnerable, are degrading, misused and- as awakening- have to many senses- in different contexts. Awakenings - as satori belongs to religions firstly, are deeply spiritual; however the awakening of LENR will be intellectual, cognitive- referring to understanding, comprehension.
It has to be the awakening of the great public, billions of people worldwide needing clean and cheap energy.On the other extreme an awakening seance has to be organized- well- for the billionaires who want to invest in the Clean Energy, we have to help them to start communicating with the Spirit of LENR.
Not less difficult it will be to organize the awakening of the LENR Community itself, to increase its global seriousness orders of magnitude- that is focus on what they have to- on the future, not dwelling in the discontinuous victories of the past- not repeatable and unable to grow. Enlarging vision, refreshing mentality, breaking old paradigm. Slogan: NO country without LENR research, without LENR strategy! 
LENR community has to become more united, less fragmented. More work, producing a deluge of data, rivers of information, pools of knowledge, bottles of wisdom and a few drops of prediction, climbing high on the DIKWP scale.

It will not be easy, however never forget:
The routine of accomplishing infinite, impossible and invincible tasks is the best way of learning for the Researcher.

A bit of music related to awakening:


1) Comments to the Huw Price paper
A lot of good friends are here

2) Overview of the electric E-Cat X

3) Rossi from the front line:
Andrea Rossi
December 30th, 2015 at 8:06 AM

Time: 08.05 a.m. of Wed Dec 30st :
E-Cat 1 MW: another reactor shows a decrease of efficiency, but still has enough COP. The charges are starting to give evidence of consumption. Very interesting to study the phenomenon from now on.
E-Cat X: works, makes heat and electricity, is very promising.
Warm Regards,

4) Kalte Fusion doch moglich
A German language discussion group saying cold fusion is possible:
5) And a German language LENR video
poelzi: LENR

The science to look out for in 2016

LENR absent

A paper of a great Italian LENR-ist II Thermodynamics Principle and II Moore’s Law in a Comparison between Living and Complex Artificial Systems Ubaldo Mastromatteo

Comparison between the way how in artificial and natural systems the intrinsic disorder of the matter is transformed into order clearly shows the existence of a specific law for the living organisms that does not group with the laws of physics that not alive matter must undergo. As an example we have compared the process to fabricate a microelectronic chip and the biological process needed to make a similar size biological cell: a wheat grain. Just estimating the energy needed to make the two systems, we see that the energy balance differs of about three orders of magnitude. In fact, to make the silicon microchip of that size with a medium complexity, the energy used is in the order of 1 KWh, while a wheat grain energy need is in the order of 1 Wh. This strong difference in the energy balance appears a quite strange surprise and has heavy not scientific implication. Moreover, it is worth taking into account that the complexity of a biological eukaryotic cell is much higher than the microchip one. Apart from the nonscientific considerations, the understanding of mechanisms the biologic world uses to achieve its extraordinary efficiency is very important to design cheaper artificial manufacturing processes to make systems more and more complex when the minimum dimensions goes in the range of nanometers.

I have asked Ubaldo to write an essay about LENR and complexity

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Troubles   come by the kilo and go by the gram. (Ukrainian Proverb)

explains why progress (betterment is so slow overall)

Success will come and go, but integrity is forever.


I have enjoyed translating the essay of Vladimir Vysotskii- I have asked him to tell us about the "philosophy" of his theory of Coherent Correlated States, Very significant
and understandable, I think. See the paper at the end of this issue of Ego Out. At News, paper no 1 is a Lesson of national LENR research and development strategy, also by Vladimir Vysotskii. I am very grateful for his help and for he being an example.
Axil gives a very relevant answer, actually more answers to asked and unasked questions.

Today interesting info, see  e.g. the Heliorite surprise. Tomorrow?


1) The Vysotskii model for national LENR development strategies:

On December 23, Vladimir Vysotskii has made a great presentation-lesson  (2 hours) 
at the ZNANIA  (KNOWLEDGE) community of Ukraine about THE NEW ENERGETICS (problems and perspectives) .This lesson was put on the website of this comunity and will be used for education and information in the entire country. Vladimir speaks in Ukrainian language, however almost all slides are in English, with a few in Russian so you can easily understand what was it about. 

2) French language blog
Fusion froide : le chat (E-Cat) est enfin sorti de sa boîte

3) Andrea Rossi about creativity
December 28th, 2015 at 4:57 PM

When will we see “American home boiler, Rossi effect engine (reactor) Inside”?
Andrea Rossi
December 28th, 2015 at 8:05 PM

You can’t imagine how impatient am I, but I must be patient all the way, working to make it happen as soon as possible. Sometime you can’t foresee: for example, I studied for years how to get out from an E-Cat directly electricity ( we had traces of it), but I have not been able and for those years no progress has been done…suddenly, during a night in the plant, I got an idea that arrived unexpected, and in few seconds we got a progress that we didn’t get in years.
Therefore, it is impossible to give an answer.
Warm Regards,

4) Thanks to Alain Coetmeur- paper possibly connected to LENR

X-ray laser pulses from solids 

Boris I. Ivlev Instituto de F´ısica, Universidad Aut´onoma de San Luis Potos´ı, San Luis Potos´ı, 78000 Mexico 
In experiments on irradiation of metal surfaces by ions of keV energy, X-ray laser radiation was observed despite population inversion was unexpected. The radiation continued after the bombarding by ions was switched off. In this paper unusual properties of that X-ray radiation are analyzed. Anomalous states are formed inside the metal. These states are associated with narrow potential well created by the local reduction of zero point electromagnetic energy. This reminds the van der Waals potential well. States in the well are long-living which results in population inversion and the subsequent laser generation observed.
It is discussed at the LENR Forum thread 
Re-examing Karabut's anomalous collimated X-rays

5) At our fine LENR Forum, it surfaced really interesting information from the Swedish company Heliorite:
Basic LENR in the DEAN model:
AXIL ANSWERS to my question regarding the Grimm paper of yesterday

Science grows through explaining exceptions. For example, Newtonian physics explains most of the universe, but there are a few exceptions that it cannot explain: the orbit of Mercury and the bending of light through the influence of high mass is another. To explain these exceptions, the general theory of relativity is required. Einstein was judged to be a kook until Max Planck took him under his wing and sponsored his ideas. Not until then did general relativity gain any traction in the science world.

LENR is another example of the exception to the rule. Quantum mechanics works well for most things but there are a few things that it cannot handle. For example, what goes on inside the proton and neutron is not subject to the rules of quantum mechanics, so a new force was invented called the color force that handles this exception. The color force is the source of the strong interaction, or that the strong interaction is like a residual color force which extends beyond the proton or neutron to bind them together in a nucleus. The other exception that goes along with the color force is the fractional charge that quarks have. There are also the strange cases that come up involving the fractional quantum hall effect where magnetism produces balls of fractional charge that really surprised physics.

The color force is carried by gluons which makes it different from magnetism. But the quarks inside the protons are thought to be monopoles and they cannot be separated. But why is a quark different than a monopole which can be separated. This confinement is caused by superconductivity inside the proton or the neutron.

If we could produce a monopole that was inside a superconductor, then we would have something special. We would have quarks. This is the exception that quantum mechanics cannot handle. The color force, quarks, and superconducting monopoles are covered by non-associative quantum mechanics.

It just so happens that nano particles can produce a superconducting monopole. This is accomplished in Rydberg matter which has been proven by Holmlid to be superconducting and subject to the meissner effect.

The Rydberg matter that is produced in the LENR reaction is a carrier of the color force that keeps quark contained. This conjecture is proven true in the experiments of LeClair. The water particle is a water based Rydberg matter formed under the tremendous pressure and temperatures produced in the collapsing cavitation bubble. When this nanoparticle begins to eat through material no matter how hard, the particle is protected by destruction from nuclear level forces equal to that of a supernova by the quark based superconductive strengthen color force at the tip of the water crystal. The monopole shield is impenetrable and can withstand a supernova based explosion. When LeClair puts this extra force into the cavitation erosion equations, the equation becomes valid after a hundred years of failure.

LeClair states:

NanoSpire Cavitation Erosion Model Prediction of Fusion Thermodynamics

Mark LeClair of NanoSpire has solved the one hundred year old problem of accurately predicting cavitation erosion for all materials, as a function of cavitation and material properties. Researchers including Lord Kelvin, Lord Rayleigh and many scientists since their day have been unable to solve this seemingly intractable problem. Previous attempts at deriving an accurate general equation have been off by a factor of up to 300X compared to data.

Mark has derived a general equation for cavitation erosion that is a 98% R^2 curve fit for ASTM-G32 cavitation erosion data for 22 different materials. The equation takes van der Waals repulsion into account during high speed impact of cavitation reentrant jets. The equation predicts that a thin layer exists at the point of cavitation reentrant jet impact with a substrate where van der Waals repulsion dominates. The pressure in this thin zone is in the range of a few hundred up to just over a thousand gigapascals depending on the strength of the material.

In cold fusion, we are dealing with a special exception to standard reality involving the color force, gluon force carriers, quark confinement, non-associative quantum mechanics produced by a special shape (topology) of a special nano/micro particle.
See for the theory as follows:

Vortices in Non-Abelian Gauge Field Theory


Data vs theory: the mathematical battle for the soul of physics


From one of my favorite authors, Tanmay Vora: 
Consume Less, Create More
True for LENR research everywhere and always, too!
Prof. Vladimir Vysotskii about "The philosophy of Coherent Correlated States"

As the majority of the physicists does, I also adhere to the concept of Occam's Razor according to which, any (including the anomalous ones) effect can be explained on the basis of already understood phenomena and it is not necessary to postulate new concepts (new forces, new unknown processes and so on...)
To illustrate this to my students, usually I give them the following example: how any automobile works- you can suppose that in the engine under the hood there sits a little Jinn who turns the wheels and has a passion for drinking gasoline. however it is much simpler to not imagine this Jinn and to study the principles of functioning of functioning of the engines.
A similar thing happens also with LENR.

The fact that the conditions and symptom phenomena of LENR are not in accordance with the usual effects of nuclear physics means only that Nuclear Physics had never till now to deal with reactions of charged particles of low energy.
In this situation it is necessary to look/investigate in detail at this processes using the standard quantum mechanics and electrodynamics, and not to imagine new particles or new fields.

Grosso modo, there are only two specific features of LENR:
(1) the great probability to occcur and
(2) the absence of radioactive ash (radioactive daughter products)
During the reaction per se there can appear radiations (many times fixed), however there is no activity after the end of the reaction.
Besides this it must be taken in consideration that LENR can be observed in rather
completely diverse/different systems (predominantly in the process of saturation of the metallic hydrides, sometimes in gases in the presence of transient magnetic fields at low temperatures (Mizuno's experiments). at THz laser stimulation (Little), at the  switching of strong currents, in fields of strong shock waves (Urutskoev) in growing biological systems (our works) and so on...Common in all these systems is the non-stationary interaction.

According to my opinion, both these particularities and all the phenomena observed take place perfectly by the method  of automatic formation of the coherent correlated 
 sates (CCS)  based on same general terms of quantum mechanics, however only when it is in action the fundamental principle of superposition accomplished in non-stationary conditions.
In stationary/steady state  conditions the initial phasing of all states disappears very fast after establishment of some concrete state due to relaxation, however  in non-stationary states it exists- however it can be considerably weakened under the influence of relaxation.

As it is shown in my paper published during the years 2010-2015, this method is automatically realized in all the shown examples of successful cases of LENR. And my friend Leonid Urutskoev is not exactly right, when he says that "it is completely unclear how arises the wave functions  of the quantum particles". This state is as calculated (and it is rigorously calculated for concrete situations according to the Schrodinger Equation)

From these statements come some important results:

1. The formation of CCS leads to the apparition of very great amplitudes of the fluctuations of energy   (and of impulse ) of the particles that exists there for a long time . The amplitude of these fluctuations even at low values of average energy (at the thermal level 0.025-0.1eV) can surpass tens and hundreds of eV (and in principle can even be as high as MeVs)- and this is necessary but not sufficient condition to overcome any barrier. Such energy could be sufficient for breaking any barrier if it would be real not virtual, energy "isolated" just for a short time)
For the removal of the barrier and accomplishment of the reactions on the basis of the fluctuations,as a minimum, there must be implemented two additional

1. The first is that the time of existence of the fluctuations,  should be sufficiently long to allow the particles to come to the barrier, to pass through it and to stimulate the formation pf such composite nuclei that are proper for the necessary reactions.

2. The second condition results from the fact that the fluctuations must still strictly respect the law of conservation of energy (the global energy of any system before the start of fluctuations and after its termination must be the same) From this it flows that the dezagregation (collapse) of the composite nucleus created by the fluctuation and the corresponding release of energy cannot occur later than the existence of the fluctuation, that is only when the fluctuation that "takes time"
 still is active. Obviously if the obtained composite nucleus is long-lived ( that is instable, i.e. radioactive) such a scenario becomes impossible and this channel of reaction does not work!
In discussions with businessmen, I call this mechanism "the principle of the honest borrower who takes interest- free loan from the bank.
This goes the following way- the borrower takes credit (this is fluctuations of energy), uses it (in our variant the particle with the energy received goes through the barrier), gets profit (at us accomplishes the reaction) and returns the credit (at us uses the released energy returning it in the system for respecting the law of conservation of energy).
These conditions can be respected only if the fluctuationsare very great (a great credit) and for sufficiently long duration of the fluctuations  That laso means - such profitable business cannot be made in short time.

So the businessmen can understand better but tiil now this does not lead to funding.

These conditions exists only for the CCS which in the most formalized manner are described by the uncertainty relation of Schrodinger-Robertson) - for example 
  (here  - is the coefficient of correlation and at its maximum CCS , аnd ).
In the normal conditions of non-correlated states that correspond to   
and the "usual" relation of uncertainty of Heisenberg  there can be great fluctuations of energy (however only for short times), or long time fluctuations however with very small quantities of energy 

It is obvious that both these extreme situations, or any intermediary cases based on the Heisenberg relations do not allow the realization of the LENR effects.

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Dum spiro, cognosco! (Latin saying about life long learning)

An anonymous reader whom I thank and regret he gives not his real name, has sent the the Grimm paper No 1) below and it is possible taking in account what we have learned recently from Leonid Urutskoev, that actually it is an important paper. LENR is even "greater" than we have imagined. I have already asked my wise friends who accept the striking Otherness  of LENR what do they think about the paper. Just now and here I am asking my friend AXIL too.

The ambition of LENR to be connected with both the micro- and macrocosmos, with the fundamental issues of Physics, becomes increasingly obvious, however first let's like LENR for its technological virtues; the Cosmos has no problems however our Planet has and needs this source of energy. First things firsi- or, in the worst case, simultaneously with the second ones.

I have told yesterday about the rise and failure described by the three sagas of LENR- Patterson, Cincinnati Cell, Case.
Other researchers and their working lines were more resilient. The Piantelli storia (not saga) has included a few years of slow progress (I called these the Montalbano years because a lady researcher, Vera Montalbano from Bologna has presented very  detailed reports at the Asti meetings, thorough analyses many instrumental analytic methods- Ni rods before and after experiment.) Piantelli had bad problems with his oppressors but was able to solve the problems and we still  can wait good results from him, soon.
I also hope the Defkalionada is not over and the technology will resurrect.

Not mainstream LENR but something I have participated at and i am trying now to find out what has happened cavitation in excess energy generation. Nanospire is alive active but we are not well informed about their progress and plans.
I have lost any contact with Jim Griggs whom I met at Minsk in 1993 or 1994. 
The line started by Yuri Potapov and his Yusmar has continued at INTERENERGORESURS where I have worked as consultant and Russian to English translator. CTSytems, the company of the Ukrainian inventor Gennadii Ivanenko is
still manufacturing cavitation heaters:
The main product of the company is cavitation based devices for manufacturing biodiesel. I hope to give you more information about the cousins and relatives of LENR organized by its history, but we have to focus on the spearhead part of the field


1) A possibly very significant paper signaled by an Anonymous at Comments:

Quanta transfer in space is a constant
Author: S.E. Grimm 
Physicists and cosmologists are convinced by the idea that energy and space emerge from some kind of magic “substance”. You can concentrate all the energy and space of the universe to the size of a fictional singular point or expand it with no restrictions. Of course, this boundless concept is not in line with the foundations of physics. Moreover, it is a serious obstacle to understand incomprehensible observations like cold fusion. 

ends with:
"So we can simply conclude that the transfer of quanta in space is a constant and is correlated (the transformations are non-local ). 
To express it in a more technical way: when the wave pattern of dense free electrons penetrates Hions that are locked inside a metal lattice, the H-ions are forced to expand their boundary. The result is a BEC-like phenomenon that decrease the Coulomb force of the involved H-ions."

2) More about the recent Brillouin Patent Application
Thanks to David French and Jed Rothwell

3) Dear ECW

5) Some statements by Rossi are discussed in this long, inquisitive Vortex thread, many open questions remain:


If the reactor has a fuel, then Rossi must know how the energy is being produced in the reactor from that fuel. But then he cannot explain how the NI62 formed in the 100 micron ash particle that was produced in the Lugano test. Rossi's theory with Cook does not explain pure Ni62 formation.

Will Rossi explain how heat and electricity is produced in his patent or will just assert that fuel is required without knowing how the fuel produces that energy that his reactor generates? Will the patent office allow such a patent that cannot explain how energy is produced?

Even if Rossi does not understand how his reactor works, will people accept it without that operating description? Rossi might need to make something up to make the patent office and the people sanguine. How can Rossi prove that the E-Cat is not a perpetual motion machine?


10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2015: Where Are They Now?
In February we chose our 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2015—here’s how they have advanced since.By Tom Simonite on December 26, 2015
My favorites:
Supercharged Photosynthesis


It is fatal error and ccounter-productive to think that Competitive  Intelligence is
something illegal as industrial espionage- NO! It is something normal and useful, even for LENR:
Competitive Intelligence - A Selective Resource Guide
By Sabrina I. Pacifici, Published on December 18, 2015

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He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. (Friedrich Nietzsche)


As so many young people belonging to the East  European cultures- crippled temporary by Communism- I have heard first the word  "saga" when reading the series of novels of John Galsworthy "Forsyte Saga". In those dark years, culture was a means of survival so classics and everything not hostile to the regime was translated; books were cheap- from a monthly salary you could buy  more than 100 books. Now you can buy less then 10- probably. OK, I have read too the Icelander's Saga's - know well the rules of the genre.  A saga typically starts with the very long description of the genealogy of the hero- 50 names or more and even people with  good memory as me are unable and later unwilling to follow it. The vision is dark, pessimistic and usually catastrophic like in Wagner's Tetralogy. Not my style, I love Greek Gods and...Giuseppe Verdi- whom I consider my model of creativity.
It happened this morning that our colleague Lou Pagnuco has sent to Vortex a new patent describing  a catalyst somewhat similar to James Patterson's magic but lost beads- so here is the Patterson Saga...
"Jumping like a lion and falling like a stone" (OK not exactly stone but it also goes)
a metaphor coined by us young engineers at my very first workplace- for our  actions
that started with great enthusiasm but usually have collapsed or fizzled out in a few days. The three tragic sagas of our field Patterson, Cincinnati Cell and Leslie Case's catalytic case had longer duration but ended with lost, forgotten or unaccomplisef spell. I remember that at my visit in Sarasota in April 1997, James Patterson was still optimistic. But he could not manufacture a new generation of working beads. It was also a human tragedy due to the death of his grandson and heir in an accident.
The Cincinnati Cell Saga was a real tragedy and I have followed it up to the end; I have learned that research is a human endeavor- no divine help possible- and I have seen a great example of (un)actionable parameters.
Cincinnati Cell:

Les Case- to whom I apologize now for not including him on the list of good men working in LENR- he was nice & good!- his Saga was less dramatic. I told Les more times that I have waited him to come and make my prediction about Cold Fusion from my "Topology is the key..." 1992 paper a reality. For some reason he did not succeeded also. Catalysis is only a necessary step but there are further steps as we see these days at Andrea Rossi.
By the way I heard gossip that the following two papers (already mentiond in my blog but ignored) about catalysis have inspired Andrea Rossi. Being from 2009  and 2010 these are more likely the end of a series of possibly illuminating readings about catalysis- we will never know but the replicators-in-spe could study them:

a) Influence of support on catalytic behavior of nickel catalysts in the steam reforming of ethanol for hydrogen reduction Environ Chem Lett (2010) 8:79–85

b) Modification of nickel supported over ZnO for HDS of thiophene with neodymium
Journal of Rare Earths, Volume 27, Issue 3, June 2009, Pages 443–446

Surely it is something about the metal-support interaction, the white magic of classic heterogeneous catalysis. But what, in which form? The E-Cat knows and the X-Cat is even more smart and advanced.

1) A new Brillouin Patent Application
United States Patent Application 20150371723

2) Rossi: The E-Cat X Does Produce Electricity Directly (Update #2: ‘We Can Choose’ between Heat and Electricity)

3) Glowstick V5 by MFMP 

4) The moving of capitalist systems toward a world without oil and gas is obvious.
by Maxim Kalashnikov (in Russian)
Toward LENR Rossi technology and the German fusion technologies not solar and eolian energy!

5) At Vortex Lou Pagnuco tells about a new catalyst patent that re-connects us with the memory of the Patterson Cell:

This is the Hungarian translation of Professor Huw Price's paper that has a great impact; our new friend Zoltan Rausch has made this translation

It will be seen soon after some supplimentary reviewing- at the request of Zoltan

Zoltan hopes to see creative LENR activity in Hungary too!


No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning

What has this to do with LENR? Probably more than we are able to understand
today when we have no Theory of LENR Otherness- however any action of destroing myths works for LENR too


Not a single word about LENR, however I find it wonderful that good books are still written:
Sunday lecture of the highest level and quality.

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Scientific correctness is a slippery thing, however you will learn soon that it is lubricated with vitriol. (Yves Henri Prum)

There is a term called political correctness, and I consider it to be a euphemism for political cowardice. (Milos Zeman)

By analogy what is then "scientific correctness"?
Oppression, domination, inertia, laziness, hypocrisy, reactionarism, denial of progress, stopthinking...

These are nasty things, however reality- including European reality and LENR reality, forces me to speak about nasty things. But you my friends,- please enjoy your vacation - you can read wonderfully smart things here:

Blessed should be the memory of the Canadian painter Robert Genn and also the initiative of his daughter Sara to continue her Father's Work!


Outer peace (continuation)
I pre-, -, and post-agree with Leonid Urutskoev's analysis and prediction that LENR 
cannot be nice, meek, obedient science but on the contrary,  its very nature and inherent fate is to be disruptive, radical. sweeping, paradigm breaking and re-constructive (after living so many years in a communist regime both Leonid and I have a somewhat cautious relationship to the words 'revolution' or 'revolutionary', having idealistic negative connotations, but the synonyms are pale, so we have to take in account that a good healthy pre-condition to peace and serenity is the ability to creatively forget the past- its darker sides of it. We have to make peace with our past.
No better name can be find for the ternary, triple, 3-component technological revolution: Information-Energy-Matter.
History shows that progress can be slowed down but is unstoppable- what have we to do? We all. including skeptics lead by a science  with dogmatic traits or believers
hyperbolizing the already discovered preliminary, larvar, incomplete facts- have to enlarge and enrich our vision, to learn superior methods of thinking.
To expect and accept the coming great ideas- LENR is their harbinger! 

Inner peace 

Decrease the terrible fragmentation in the field, learn to communicate and collaborate, please understand that opposing views are actually complimentary and "need" each other. Do not consider different visions if mission and strategy are similar. 
My personal opinion remains that our community will not be able to make real peace
with its past- that means to not more dwell in it till we do not understand it  and do not accept that we were victims of the interests of hot fusionists, of the arrogance and selfishness of the aristocrats of the nuclear physics, of the honest closed minded dogmatics, of the sensationalist journalists, of Koalemos, of green envy and so on, however for the future's sake please believe me that with solid, reliable, decent,  credible, convincing results not needing the huge increase of the performances of calorimetric measurements- the evolution, reputation, situation of Cold Fusion would have been completely different! Much better.
Do you think it wa easy to me to accept that  Fleischmann and Pons were unlucky; geniuses, but really unlucky! They made a "miscovery" in an incurably ill LENR system captive in the cage of its own weaknesses.
Please read these quotations: and do not be angry with me, I am ready to make intellectual sepukku as soon as reproducible results thta can be called promising with some effort...will be obtained with the electrochemical PdD
To be in peace with our professional conscience, being proud that PdD has generated heroically indeed the absolute certainty- EXCESS HEAT EXIST AND IS NOT CHEMICAL!- we must explain the slow progress, why the things went so badly- the broken promises of Energy source and to focus on viable systems. With no regrets, it was beautiful and interesting after all.

LENR was born to suffer and try and eventually it will win and become the leadinng source of energy. Will this be accomplished with the true new theory or prior to it by thr direct contribution of Technology as I predicted/advised it? It is good both ways
so I will rest in peace. Discontent is the essence of the human nature but only of the living humans. The others, who are in majority, don't need it.


1) LENR publications of Akito Takahashi:

 the first one in the list is his JCF-16 presentation:

Chaotic End-State Oscillation of 4H/TSC and WS Fusion
Authors: Akito Takahashi
As a model mechanism to explain anomalous excess heat results observed by nano-Ni-H systems, the weak-strong (WS) fusion rate estimation during the unresolved effective life time of end state for the 4H/TSC condensation/collapse motion is of key issue. The effective life of collapsed end state on the order of 1 fs is expected. Computer simulation study was done in this work using the HME-Langevin program, using several key conditions as time-dependent TSC trapping potential, fix-up at 2.4 fm p-p distance of proton hard core collision, and the DDL (deep Dirac level) component effect by relativistic motion of electrons. Computer simulation generated chaotic oscillation of p-p distance of 4H/TSC in the range of 3-100 fm, behaving as near stable (strange attractor) lasting for rather long time ( a few fs or more may be expected).

Comments: 23 Pages. Preprint of submittal to JCF16 Proceedings

Download: PDF

2) LENR Videos at VIMEO

3) Why Science Should Give Fusion Power a Chance
It’s the end of 2015, but there’s still no Mr. Fusion to power the flux capacitor. Is cold fusion nonsense, as official sciencedom proclaims, or the victim of irrational fear? The biggest worry for some fusion boosters is not being vaporized, but losing face in the scientific community. At at time when climate change threatens man’s very survival, low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research is beginning to look promising. But the field has been relegated to fringe science when the planet’s best and brightest could be on the case.

4) Such companies as this could make us good surprises in 2016:
NEOFIRE™ applied research for a LENR energy source

5) Andrea Rossi's daily report and news:
Andrea Rossi
December 26th, 2015 at 8:35 AM

Saturday, Dec. 26, 08.33 a.m.:
1MW E-Cat: stable
E-Cat X: working, very promising; no breaks after 42 days 24/7.
Warm Regards,

Rossi: the X-Cat does produce electricity directly:

6) In French language:'
Cold Fusion- the energy revolution thought to be impossible by everybody however  the billionaires and the investment funds just start to believe in it (however are they stronger than the others)
Fusion à froid : la révolution énergétique que tout le monde pensait impossible… jusqu'à ce que milliardaires et fonds d'investissement commencent à y croire (mais seront-ils plus forts que les autres ?)

This is also an echo of the Huw Price paper.AXIL DIXIT

A leading LENR experimentalist and a creative thinker, Dr. Leonid Urutskoev states:

"The existing LENR theories are still naive. We are faced with a fundamentally new phenomenon I became convinced that the proposed theories will not be able to explain LENR an entirely new vector (i.e. a new direction) and a new dimension have to be introduced.”

On connecting the dots, both the Holmlid and LeClair experiments shows that there is a disintegration of nucleons occurring thereby producing meson by-products of all kinds. This leads to the proposition that analog monopoles are producing disruption of the color force in the affected nuclei. Monopole fields are connected to non-associative quantum mechanics. This unusual quantum behavior is occurring on LENR. What this then leads us to is a realization that a new kind of physics applies that has its origins in string theory called TOPOLOGICAL GEOMETRODYNAMICS. This system postulates that reality is a completely geometrical layered structure where the plank constant changes based on the level of reality that we are interested in. Just understanding this stuff entails a lifetime of effort, but based on the weird stuff that LENR occasionally is showing us, some far out completely off the wall descriptions of a new reality is in order.


Developing nuclear physics
Forging the link between nuclear reactions and nuclear structure 
W. H. Dickhoff
Department of Physics, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri 63130, USA


Good for LENR researchers too- music, especially opera inspires me: 
10 Magical Effects Music Has On the Mind: