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The Paris agreement represents a bet on technological innovation and human ingenuity. (Nature, today)

But, dear LEADERS from everywhere please let and help LENR to contribute, please embrace and support LENR and you will see the results relatively soon. I bet that starting 2037 it will be already a Pareto situation in the Clean Energy production, 80% of energy coming from LENR (and its daughter and granddaughter technologies) 
and 20% from all the other sources together. Energy Revolution at the speed of the Information Revolution!!!

If I am right, my request is authorities should put my name somewhere, in a visible place, on the Tomb of The Unknown LENR-ist.

I hope this message will have the proper echo, and we have to prepare for a long term effective and efficient R&D. So please read the two papers at LENR CONTEXT-2
and help me to defines the most specific LENR intelligence- and. perhaps the other traits and virtues our future researchers need to solve the problems fast. Thank you!


a) The paper and question du jour

1) Is Rossi betting against his 1MW plant?
Do not worry, better go to: and read Rossi's dialogs with Diegio Keese and our friend Alain.. 
Perhaps not the best example: the Creationists tell us the Universe was created in 7 long days by the omniscient and omnipotent God. Then please admit that a revolutionary technology developed with mainly thermal stimulation, with no guiding theory, very complex a nd subtle, has high changes to be still perfectible. I am postponing to replace my Bosch 3000W heater till October 2017 - my birthday No. 80. I want a heater that is reliable, needs minimum of maintenance, is perfectly controlled and works continuously for years. So Rossi's bet is technological normality, nothing really bad.

b) Important- Ed Storms will publish two new LENR papers, answering to many questions.
He also gives a metaphor of the LENR search..

Peter, when an explorer enters an unknown land and starts to map the terrain, he does not note the location of every rock or small stream. Instead, He locates the major features, such as the major rivers, the mountain ranges, and the safest path. Likewise with LENR, we do not need to answer every question about the nuclear process for a map to be drawn.  We can clearly see the unusual features of this land. Once a map is available, then each rock can be placed on the map in its correct location.  Presently, people are examining the individual rocks without knowing where they are located. 

No, I'm not satisfied with what we know about PdD. Nevertheless, we know far more about PdD than about NiH.  Much of the knowledge about PdD was obtained by scientists and was provided in detail with honest intention. We can not say this about NiH. Yes, Rossi has been unique in being able to make industrial grade heat. However, he has not revealed how he does this.  People studying PdD have told the world exactly what they did, as is expected. They have allowed their measurements to be examined in detail, with nothing hidden. Rossi has not done this. Consequently, we have no idea what he has done or discovered. The situation with Defkalion is even worse. Rossi is like an explore who found an outcrop of gold. He hides the true path to the gold to keep other people from finding its location. Only a fool would follow the false path he provides. 

Yes, my theory conflicts with what Hagelstein believes. In addition, my latest experimental results conflict with the assumptions he uses to support his idea.  I'm writing two papers. One describes my theory in greater detail so that anyone can easily identify the assumptions I make and their logical consequences. I would hope other people would do the same with their proposed theory so that ordinary people can understand what they propose. In addition, I'm describing the experiment results in detail and show why people have been following a false interrpretation of how LENR works. Fortunately, these new experimental results do not invalidate my theory although they might create problems for other people. 

I hope they will appear first on his "Explaining..." website


2) Rossi on scaling down the E-Cat X to a few watts:

3) The central importance of calibration

4) My LENR lab episode 7

5) Andrea Rossi from the frontline:
December 16th, 2015 at 9:19 PM

09.16 p.m. of Wednesday Dec 16
1MW E-Cat stable
E-Cat X good
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
December 16th, 2015 at 4:53 PM

Genaro Froberg:
The massive production, which will start only after we will have obtained positive results from all the tests on course, will reduce the costs and, consequently, the prices of all our production.
Warm Regards,

6) German researchers switch on the Wendelstein 7-X, the world’s largest stellarator nuclear fusion device
Physicists attempt to bring fusion back to the forefront of the energy debate
Starts with: 
"The high-profile debunking of the cold fusion concept in the late ’80s led to a long winter for many nuclear fusion technologies..." (badly)


Study: Elite scientists can hold back science
Discused at:

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  1. The Paris Accord may be placing a trillion dollar bet on new tech but they have clearly stated that bet is hedged by betting on more plant life, aka restore the trees and seas, to cover that bet.