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Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people. (Dennis Prager)

The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions. (Chanakya)

My Septoe No 5/103 says:
"The Good and Evil are Siamese twins"
It is dreadful to see how these days some people are doing the most abominable
evil deeds, crimes, random innocentcides in the name of some supreme good. It was insinuated that there are two Surgeons wanting to separate the Siamese twins, Science with the price of sacrificing their heart and Religion getting rid of their brain but this an inadmissible metaphoric simplification, things are more complex and subtle.


I consider that it was a great luck, good chance and fine privilege that I could dedicate more than the last third of my life to that great field and problem that has started as Cold Fusion, is now Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and will continue as 
Heat Energy from Nanoplasmonic Interactions or Useful Energy from Hydrogen Metal Deep Interactions- its past is mixed, its present is uncertain but its future is limitless.
Thousands of times of times I was informed by benevolent wise people that I am fighting for a lost cause, sometimes the slow and narrow progress -toward an energy source has made me sad, however never-ever i had doubts and regrets, and will not have, I am sure.
And my attitude of male Solvejg or Penelope was rewarded in many modes. First of all by the interestingness of the field- today writing systematically about the news and event in the field- make an excellent life-organizer for me. I am happily busy.
However today I want to tell you about an essential fact from our field: it is a very great number of people, who are really good, good hearted, nice, friendly, positive
- working in, fighting for or writing about LENR. LENR seems to be a magnet for 
such valuable individuals. Good of the best sort- active and more-proactive, courageously taking responsibility; attached to betterment and progress,reflecting on the human level what is goodness in nature- SYNERGY the benefic Force that made possible the evolution from existence to life and to conscience- human catalysts.
I want to speak about them with professional and with personal gratitude however 
it appears a self-imposed restriction: I will interpret the Latin saysing "De mortuis nil nisi bene" In a somewhat original mode- I am allowed to speak only about those 
good people who are not more with us but are patiently.waiting us to join them in the LENR Valhalla or Heaven.
My first meeting with the Cold fusion community was at IcCF-2 Como in 1991- I was very impressed by Martin Fleischmann- charismatic, radiating superior goodness, shining with wit and intelligence, glowing culture - a peculiar combination of K.u.K Austrian Empire multi-ethnic and British one plus Science as Culture values of the classic and imperishable Professorship.
I also met Hal Fox, we became friends- for the duration of his life, he has helped me to start writing about CF in his Fusion Facts, has sponsored my travel to the two Minsk Cold Fusion Conferences where I also have met good friends- about whom, luckily my sel-imposed rule says -do not tell.
It was such a honor and pleasure to work with Gene Mallove and with Christopher Tinsley- they both have great contributions to the field, Gene was an unique personality- a model for our writers and fighters. I am deeply indebted to Arthur C. Clarke- a giant of the literature and a giant of generosity.
My long-time best LENR friends, Mike Carrell and Akira Kawasaki, noble heroes both examples of altruism and determination to make LENR great and functional.
I cannot forget Claudio Ciavarolli from ONNE Italia who died so tragically young
and was so obviously, serenely  loving the people and trying to make life better for them. Surely I have forgotten more good people so - my apologies. Today it is a great density of good people in LENR, it is so good to collaborate with them!

Dear LENR-ists for the sake of our common cause, for the memory of our good colleagues, please do not forget that because what happens in the hot stars is not good for a cool, blue Planet full of live, Mankind has received a special miraculous Second Chance the tamed flames (nuclear cobras with venom teeth removed by the techno-dentist) , clean and powerful of LENR. Awake, researchers 
and make LENR and everyday ubiquitous Energy Source! Donate freedom to the slaves of the energy bills!


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7) Andrea Rossi
December 24th, 2015 at 8:12 AM

Now it’s 08.10 a.m. of Dec 24:
1 MW E-Cat stable.
E-Cat X under constant scrutiny, still very promising.
Warm Regards,

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Chosen for the word "feuding"! 
Feuding physicists turn to philosophy for help
String theory is at the heart of a debate over the integrity of the scientific method itself by Davide Castelvecchi

Nuclear Physics seen differently?!
Electronic-Positron (Pairino’s) Structure of Nuclear Substance (Matter) 
Chuvilskaya Tatjana Victorovna
Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow 119991, Russia 
Decrease or enlargement of the number of pairinos in nuclei and as free nucleons, pairinos, electrinos, positpinos is a factor of destabilization in the matter and or environment. For the benefit of a electronic-positron structure the representations about an annihilation of the electronic-positron pairs, formation in substance electronic-positron of pairs under activity action of a gamma radiation, electronic and positron character of a beta radiation in nuclei are worked. Terminology: positrino, electrino, pairino. The new mechanism of a physical phenomenon, well explored to the present moment, with the conventional interpretation - mechanism of an annihilation of a free positron on electrons of substance is offered. That is the conventional point of view is those, that during annihilation the electron burns down, disappears or is transmuted into a gamma-quantum. In opinion of the author any facts or the proofs of such interpretation do not exist. The following mechanism therefore is offered: an electron and positron at coming together are discharged by two gamma-quantum and form pairino (unloaded electron - positron state with gravitational mass “m” about 2 eV, with compensation by electric charge, about an electrino by positrino interaction); that is the mechanism “cold” (low, is less than 10 KeV, energies) synthesis of pairino. The given mechanism of phenomenon of annihilation is more realisti

Progress im Material Science inspires Progress in the Energy Science
Exceptionally strong and lightweight new metal
Magnesium infused with dense silicon carbide nanoparticles could be used for airplanes, cars, mobile electronics and more


Human is Good?! 
Can This Man Make AI More Human?
One cognitive scientist thinks the leading approach to machine learning can be improved by ideas gleaned from studying children.
By Will Knight on December 17, 2015


  1. A good Midwinterblot (Scandinavian winter party before christianity) to you also Peter. You just need to be more optimistic. Sunset or prime just a slight difference of look out angle!Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you, I am optimistic enough, just cannot deny reality- it is not fair and not scientific.
      Please support LENR technology!


  2. Peter,

    A good Christmas to you. Hopefully when you see this come morning, you had a warm fulfilling one. Thank you for you services.

    Shane D.

    1. Thank you, dear Shane- everything was OK and very nice. Grandchildren especially.

  3. Peter,
    Thank you for your always existent devotion to the LENR cause. It is my very appreciated and pleasant daily read. Keep on doing it in your scientifically sharp and philosophical stile! I hope to witness with you the dawn of LENR in the mainstream media in 2016.

    1. Dear Marc,
      I am grateful for your kind words, but I also want to see your words, kind or not, your opinions published in
      my Blog.