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It is easier for the world to accept a simple lie than a complex truth. (Alexis de Tocqueville)

I like this quotation- a simple or complex case of deep truth depending on its context. In my cultural history, I have discovered It many years ago reading a paper by Rita Levi Montalcini many years ago- and "menzogna semplice" became an unforgettable meme for me. '
Rita Levi Montalcini, see: and 
Lynn Margulis,  see: are two shining feminine scientifc personalities,representatives of the type of INNOVATOR-INTEGRATOR SCIENTIST-RESEARCHERS so painfully needed  by LENR to develop and prosper.

The quotation should not be interpreted as a incentive to "sell" a simple. or simplified LENR truth to the public, no, on the contrary this is counter-productive, it's possible good effect  on very short terms is later reversed and creates irreversible damage to Cause- specifically, LENR. A crippled, mutilated truth can be more harmful than a lie.


 Preparing a Pro-LENR WW campaign, learning from Vladimir Vysotskii

I think you remember Vladimir Vysotskii's appeal
entitled "Again we are going to be too late, gentlemen!" to the decision takers in Ukraine- in support of organized LENR research.
Now I am thinking more and more about the necessity of organizing a permanent activity of popularizing, informing honestly the world - press, organization personalities, centers of influence, whatever- do not care for the past, make everything tabula rasa and build a network a communication infrasructure - we will really need it soon. For example now our isolation has the effect that we ae not able 
to start an open dialogue with the 29 billionaires dedicated to Clean Energy- and still have no idea what they intend to do with for LENR. Or not do.

I have asked Vladimir Vysotskii to share with us his experience  in disseminating essential knowledge about LENR and its potential. He has kindly, openly and realistically answered.

'I am regularly writing informative-popularizing papers in our authoritative political-economic publications and I am quite frequently speaking at Ukraine's radio and television stations. My University is supporting me morally - however it cannot do it financially too.

There is a typical reaction to such publications or speeches at radio (TV). Within a week or so I get calls from some people, who ask to meet me- let's speak about what could be done.  At these meetings I tell them the whole history of LENR, tell about Rossi and Parkhomov, shortly describe my own theoretical and experimental results; then I tell about the perspectives and say that in the initial stage it is necessary to 
have some funding and it is necessary say, a year of work to build a technology and obtain results on the level of Rossi or higher (especially for creating LENR systems that do not need supplementary  heating to work)
I also say that only after this stage it would be possible to go to specific indusstrial or commercial devices/applications. The meeting usually ends so- they receive from me complete information and they promise to communicate what are their possibilities and that they will find funding. However actually they disappear  and do not offer anything. 
This can have two reasons:
1. I think that they are consulting with some academic experts and these tell them that that everything is not real, is in contradiction with the "classical" nuclear physics or the "classical" hot fusion reactions. These experts do not know and do not want to know other reactions/alternatives!

2. The businessmen who are interested in this technology want to receive it at once 9e.g. in the form of heaters for houses that are in construction. They are not interested in the scientific stage of research, however I want to start just with such work.

There were also reactions to my presentations from State authorities and from the academy of sciences. if invited to participate at scientific meetings or the gatherings of the directors of the scientific institutes, I am always going. They listen me with attention and speak to me- however there is no continuation of work. And that's all.This is as a Wall. But I am still trying to remove it.So will we, dear Vladimir. I think actually such a heroic campaign is about more than visible and tangible successes- these will come fast after the commercial breakthrough(s) of LENR, it is also about networking and seeds of memes- LENR-loving memes.

Let's think about it! Together!

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