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It is very easy to find lots of wise quotations about the many virtues of small steps. True in the 
majority of cases including in research and development.
I am manufacturing the Motto now, based on my classic speech at a Chemical engineering conference organized at OLTCHIM Ramnicu Valcea, I think in 1975 at the heigth of my PVC research activity:"Advices to young researchers and young married": 
"There are some things you cannot do bit by bit, step by step! Do not beware of excesses!"

The present action of trying to change the undesirable state of affairs, Andrea Rossi's relative omniscience and the Rest's ignorance of the essence of usable LENR needs a combination of huge leaps and of small steps. Psychologically it needs a strong desire to solve the problem, and positive- yes we can too! thinking.
Today I have started to discuss systematically with people wiser, better informed and more influential than me.


Searching for quotes for small steps I came upon this one:

Likewise nanotechnology will, once it gets under way, depend on the tools we have then and our ability to use them, and not on the steps that got us there. (K. Eric Drexler)

It is a new aspect of small steps, unexpected things happen when the stepps are very, very small. Nano-steps can bring huge change and we have to be increasingly aware of the importance of nano LENR. The importance of nano-, structures and - plasmonics for LENR
and LENR+ cannot be exaggerated.Today's most interesting event is the revival of NICHENERGY's website, Francesco Piantelli 
has first understood the role of nanostructures in LENR- at the site thesea re called "nickel clusters" Perhaps nano- is the basic necessary condition for good LENR, I think some dynamc factors make the sufficient condition.
The CEO of NICHENERGY has told me that Piantelli is very active despite his age and  there are some papers in preparation. We have received a new proof that very high quality scientific work was done in NiH not only in the PdD system.
It is simply sensational how long duration excess heat effects had been achieved in Piantelli's lab.

I recommend you to read paper no 4) 


1) NICHENERGY website became active! History of Piantelli’s investigation

2010 The company Nichenergy s.r.l. is founded with the specific aim to support the LENR research of Piantelli
2011-2012 Three new patents pat PCT/IB2012/052100, PCT/IB2012/053615, ITPI2011A000107.
Start of experiment longtime ignition of a reactor with new morphology of "Core" (always productive today, 20 0ctober 2015, after more than two years and a half) made with the devices and machines in the laboratory using materials and components on the market to test the stability of operation
2013 Starting fenomenological processing connected to 22 parameters so far identified, critical for the reproducibility, for engineering and for the scale increasing
2014 Organization of three different production lines of the "core" to find the optimum with improvement of the structure of the clusters, redefinition of the metal support of the cluster of Ni and new method to stabilize the density of the negative H ion indispensable for the calculation of reproducible performance also quantitatively
2015 Preparation of new reactors and their ignition and starting of the project and design of a new series of reactors to get to the leaps in scale...

Discussed at:

2) Cold Nuclear Fusion- in Italian Unionpedia type of encyclopedia-dictionary

3) The official Russian LENR website announced the experiments of Jeff Morriss in a reactor with lithium-nickel hydrogen and flow calorimeter
Эксперименты Джеффа Морриса с литий-никель-водородным реактором в проточном калориметре

4) The cold fusion horizon
Is cold fusion truly impossible, or is it just that no respectable scientist can risk their reputation working on it? by Huw Price

Why do scientists dismiss the possibility of cold fusion... - Aeon

A smart author!
Discussed at:

5) Jed Rothwell's presentation is disseminated:

Download video: Brief Introduction to Cold Fusion

6) Rossi Now ‘Far Less Skeptical’ About Jet Engine (Update: Rossi Increasing Time Working on ‘Game Changing’ Application With US Engineer):

7) Andrea Rossi explains:
December 21st, 2015 at 8:40 AM

It is not possible to state a precise date, because we have to complete 350 days of efficient operation within a period of 400 days from the official start up of the test on course. The 400 days will expire at the end of March, while the date the test will have been finished will depend on how many days the plant will have been stopped for ordinary and extraordinary maintainance and reparations.
Assuming we will use all the 400 days allowed, the test will end around the end of March. If we will use all the 400 days allowed or less, is a question that would require a cristal ball to be answered.
Warm Regards,

Paris Climate Agreement Rests on Shaky Technological Foundations
The effort to limit global climate change relies on technologies that are unproven or even illusory.
Nothing about LENR


Tanmay Vora:
Real Influence is a By-Product

Applying this to the influence of LENR in science, technology, business, politics, economy etc. and to my/EGO OUT's influence on the LENR community worldwide

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