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This is the second and final part of my demonstration regarding
a possible bisociation between ‘opera music’ and ‘new energy.’

Before starting is useful for you to make a short Google search for “opera singers decibels.”

The Director of the W.E. Opera House has presented us the major problems of his prestigious institution that has myriads of problems.

“Our old singers are simply dreadful, obsolete, terrible voices, doing a lot of harm and fight, thinking that nobody can ever replace them. Do you know the wording “toxic bosses”? We have toxic singers now- and very soon we will lose our public.

There is hope, but it will not be easy! First of all, there is C.F.
whose greatest merit is that he had the very courageous idea that new singing is possible. He has tried for many years- more than 22 to get a job at the W.E. Opera House. We like him- but you cannot rely on him. Unfortunately he has a very small, weak voice, one day he whispers intermittently as a tenor, next day he mumbles as a basso, the third day he shrieks almost as a contralto; then the following day you see his lips moving but you cannot hear anything even when wearing a sensitive hearing  aid. I want so much to help him, he has great merits, is working like a slave- but the Opera cannot use whispering singers! The best medical doctors have examined his vocal chords; there are tens of very different diagnostics- but no real cure. He is so ill, that many times we have been told that he is dead. I don’t think so…or he is very skilled in re-incarnation.

F.P is a real bella voce- he has been the very first to discover the deepest secrets of new singing. He sung in at least two opera world premieres and could be a great professor of singing for all the other potential singers. He is ill- has both asthma and the Cassandra Syndrome. His real musical genius is associated with a medical genius- he is a very important researcher regarding the most wicked illness that can hit humans. Therefore he is very busy, but I am still positive that we will hear his unique voice on our stage soon.

A.R. – the most hopeful, the singer de jour- has recently demonstrated that he has a good, strong voice- and can sing for long times. He obviously wants strongly to be the First Tenor
But he wants- first of all, to test his own voice multiplied a hundred times in this style perhaps
Not a simple task! And dangerous! Chorus singers and opera solo singers are different species- it seems. But we wish him much skill, good plan, luck and success. Our Opera house and the world desperately need good, new singers. But do not forget the danger of voice slipping e.g. an accident always possible even with the best singers.

However, this list could not be complete without R.M. a unique peculiar voice. And what a voice! The voices of all the others are heating the souls of the public, R.M’s voice directly electrifies them- by a special technique known as CIHT. He knows and says that his voice is different. He well knows how to sing is a vocal theorist too. His problem was to sing continuously for long time in great roles. He says that the problem is solved and will make a sensational debut later this year.

We want to show you many good operas; we need a lot of excellent, famous singers. The life of an opera director is not easy.

Tags- fossil fuels, cold fusion i.e. Pd-D LENR, Ni-H LENR a  la Francesco Piantelli and a la Andrea Rossi, Randell Mills’s hydrino energy.
Intensity, Reproducibility and Controllability, Continuity,
Scale-up. Safety


Dear Readers,

All that I what I want from you is your attention; your comments positive or negative
are chicken soup for my old soul.
I have received- at Gmail- the following comment that DID NOT appeared
here. I don't why, my guess is that using the name Anonymous can have some
negative effect as filtering- but who knows?
Anonymous, who seems to be a Canadian friend, says:

Cold fusion is not dead :

A friend in Québec, Canada is currently working on a cold fusion boiler to heat a house.

He limits the capacity at 1kw of electricity input and receive 4 kw of heating, using INEXPENSIVE ingredients.

You can visit his web site :!_HydroPlasmol/_le_projet_.htm

You can also visit this web site: 

 I am grateful for this information regarding the Hydro Plasmol Project of Pierre Corbeil et al. It is very interesting
it includes plasma electrolysis- it is still unfinished. Waiting for really good news from them.
The second link is known about Rossi's E-cat..

Thank you, Anonymous!

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Of all the noises known to man, opera is the most expensive.  (Moliere)

In practice, to be well educated means to be able to cope with any situation, including the most difficult and/or surprising ones. Human destiny is impredictible and Black Raptors, not vegan Black Swans- can appear suddenly putting you in great trouble. One of such possibilities predicted in principle, but with timing and all the relevant circumstances absolutely unknown, is the meeting with an extra-terrestrial - let’s call her/him/it simply E.T.

I have my own ideas regarding the first meeting of Humanity with an E.T. How will it be? No red carpets, no solemn festive music, not great bosses and leaders at both sides, no exchange of experience- how to (mis)lead the masses, no discussions regarding sex, war , genocides, energy sources, money, science, research.
You cannot learn anything useful from stars and celebrities and other privileged individuals. The information of real value can be obtained only from the simple (or somewhat more complicated) human beings you meet on the street, in the bus, tram, airplane
or at his/her favorite pub. E.T. is smart beyond the known limits and has studied us for thousands of years and knows this well.

Quite unexpectedly, one evening E.T appears in your room when you are alone and instantly you become very,vitally, important. You are the representant of Mankind- it is your life’s Exam! You start to realize that your answers are decisive for the destiny of all people, born and yet unborn. If there will be future- these E.T.s are millions of years in advance to us and they can make with and from us everything they want- we are absolutely helpless.

I am thinking that perhaps I have real chances to be chosen by E.T.s perhaps they will want somebody with a broad life and professional experience and still not completely senile, also possible that they find some of my ideas (from my former newsletter and this Blog) as intriguing. The same ideas that my earthly brothers mostly ignore- their loss!

Between imagination and reality there is only a fluid wall- one night I am staying till very late at my PC and at once E.T. appears near me. E.T. has huge hypnotic eyes – my luck that I see so badly that “his” looks are not catching me. Paradoxally we communicate by telepathy at short distance, I hear his words but I cannot determine which language is he actually using. I am speaking Romanian, English, Hungarian a few words in Russian, German, Italian, French (you will see why) but he understands everything. I offer him a drink,,tzuika- but he does not want it, the poor guy (?). He says that cosmic ether is his unique food i.e. practically nothing, I become envious- what an excellent method to avoid food crises! He looks quite nice, but just when I start to think that he is quite an inoffensive being.. he starts a terrible attack- an unbelievably hostile and aggressive discourse. And everything changes: DANGER!

“ Listen to me, man! On a distance of a hundred billion light-years  and starting from the Big Bang,  yours is the most selfish, primitive and megalomaniac civilization around, ever. It existed only one worse than this in which the twins killed and ate each other in their mother’s womb. But this has disappeared fast when the last-but one being ate the last (or vice-versa) and have died of hunger. But even those born criminals have not imagined that their Planet is the Center of the Universe- an universe that was created especially for you! You are the most greedy, wolfish, cruel and intolerant species, the most skilled in destroying your small Ship. You detain the Cosmic record for auto-destruction and you do this both positively (how could you supra-populate so much this unhappy Planet?) and negatively – killing each others incessantly for millennia? You also are on an absolute peak regarding demented dictatures- millions of people being killed or dying for a single individual. You are retarded with at least 2000 years compared to the age of your species.  And even now when you slowly start to understand how the world works, you are always coming back to your old, deeply confusing stories and fairy tales. I have nowhere, never seen- and I have travelled for many centuries- such a slavish addiction to old symbols and such a continuous, idiotic struggle for the Deity you call “money”. Or such a tyranny of pernicious hateful ideas that had to be forgotten so much time ago. Or such a cannibalization of the future by the past!
Many years ago, we have concluded that you, Homo sapiens are useless and harmful, so perhaps we will organize a small rain with asteroids for your planet, hoping that something more valuable than you will later emerge here. Can you tell a single argument in your favor, have you done something good here downstairs – after killing all the animals that ate you or were in your way?”

Overwhelmed by this apocalyptic speech, I knew that I am in the deepest trouble ever. This dreadful being is angry and upset, judges us based on our “News” at TV and does not know that 90% of us is so busy living that have no time and no opportunities for doing evil.
Or he knows about the Zimbardo Experiment? About Groupthink?
How could I fight with this huge mountain of cold and razor-sharp logic? What kind of mitigating circumstances can change the Mind of this Monster? But I have to do something, I have an immense responsibility- as nobody had during the Human History.

I have to solve a Problem!
I have learned something during this 73 years and I remembered a most efficient slogan:

To NOT be surprised but to surprise!

I am aware, the situation is critical...I have to use the best words this Being understands, plus something ELSE, more greater than all the words together. I get the saving idea in the very last moment as so many times in my life. I am improvising as fast I can, I don’t care if I will err and I continue, asking myself in terror, if in the huge brain of E.T. there is a small place for feelings? I am in a room with somebody who is 10000 times more intelligent than me and who can transform me in vapors in a fraction of a second- and despite this, I have to remain calm, systematic and coherent- what a stress!
I don’t want that this Creature should see how terrified I am.
And I start my small speech.

“You, honorable E.T. know the world so much better  than me, you know all its wheels and you feel its pulse  I guess you can even move some smaller galaxies if you wish. But you are fixed in this Universe  and cannot move in other.
What if I show you an other universe, small- and you cannot enter it without my help? A small universe that was created by Man, is only his and even does not belong to all humans? We can express ourselves in more-than-words and without words.
We are able to create alternative universes – paradises and habitats and Hells- in many combinations.
I will show now you an universe, useless and futile, aside to Nature and contrary to logic- but I cannot imagine my life without this different reality I adore.”

My PC is in front of me, I am exploring fast the Web, go to the charming site – and in greatt haste and quite subjectively I start to show E.T. my strongest arguments:

“Perhaps our logic is not the best, but with our feelings it is different.

E.T., do you understand what is seduction, that irresistible call of love, not always sincere and good? Please let me know if you, asexual and evolved as you are. can you resist to these women?
Or to wonder why we are so many of us?

Or do you have a daughter and she says you “dear Daddy’? Can you imagine what do you feel when you hear this? I can – I have a daughter and two small grand-daughters and I am fighting with you now for their existence:

Or you have a son and you want that he should come back home?
I had one, lost him due to cancer and he will never come back and we will not meet again. Nothing comes after death- but what do you know about death? Do you have children?

Do you understand what means to be young, in love but to know that you will die soon, to be in despair, hopeless? Listen to this man:

Has your language words like to wait and to hope? If yes what are you using them for? Listen please to this one:

Or suddenly you realize that you are old, the woman you love is despising you and it does not count that you are powerful, a king- your world collapses:

What if death will come to take you much too early exactly when you want, can and do live so intensely, what do you feel then?

You surely do not believe in the divine, being a god yourself, but do you know how much beauty can faith? Generate?

Can you understand that even the evil can be beautiful?:

Do you know in how many places and in which forms can love
transcend the limits of possible?:

I have explained patiently and methodically to the monster why Traviata is my favorite opera- I feel subconsciously that Violetta, the fallen sinner, poor sick woman having an immense ability to love and not a bit of luck, a victim of a cruel society is in some way a symbol of Mankind.

I try very hard to fulfill my mission of saviour.

“E.T., I know we are mentally and morally retarded, wicked, corrupt, absurd, irrational, ill-willed, sadistic, ridiculous but PLEASE listen to our music and look to our paintings, buildings, sculptures; talk with our mathematicians and poets and you will see that we are not only a bad species that must be deleted or discarded. Give us time , a little time, just few centuries and we promise you to bring light both scientifically and morally

E.T. looks at me, he seems sad and for the first time he is in some way… human.

“We do not hear the sounds, therefore I don’t know what have you tried to show me there. And we do not have that weird idea of “beauty” However, I have seen how excited, enthusiastic, transfigured you was, with H20 in your eyes. OK, I will not kill the Earth- I give you an extra millennium for thinking. But THINK!!!

So, or almost so, it has happened.

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New septoe

I have to finish the 77 SEPTOES project soon.

Today I have added this to the list:

"Good thinking- rejecting memes, addiction to facts"

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A confession first- I am much more interested in the future than in the past. I have no chance to be or act as a historian, see please my former posting... However, this week, Wednesday- we will celebrate the 22nd anniversary of cold fusion and I will remember
in writing some events which have impressed me deeply and are perhaps relevant for the future.
The essence is this: what became of cold fusion has a great future.
My vision of this subject has changed radically from the initial understanding of it but this is quite normal for a new scientific process.

Anyway, as I have told, based on my concept of unstoppable technological progress- that has to be valid for energy generation via nuclear fusion too- I have joined this “movement” as soon as
I got the surprising information about the historical Fleischmann - Pons conference.
I have read everything I could gather about Cold Fusion and I have decided to do research in this field. The F-P conference was in March 1989, then the socialist regimes from Europe have collapsed,
in December, the dictator Ceausescu was executed and we became free. A good start, but free and penniless is not exactly a happy state. (I had great problems with my ill son.)
I moved from the Institute of Chemistry to the neighboring Institute of Isotopic and Molecular Research- Cluj. One of the teams here had a really great experience of working with palladium. I have worked with a skilled physicist, Mrs. Evelina Palibroda- she has planned, organized and executed the experimental part. As the majority of early workers we were searching for nuclear signals. The results are described in this paper:

Evelina Palibroda, P. Gluck
“Cold Nuclear Fusion in thin foils of Palladium.
J. Radioanal. Nucl.Chem. Letters 154(2)153-161 (1991)

The first, introductory sentence of this paper, demonstrates how unjust is that I suffer from the Cassandra Syndrome:

“After many months of intensive research, cold fusion remains a
multidimensional enigma.”

This is a great and profound truth today too, the introductory sentence of the present paper could be:

“After 22 years of intensive, creative, serious, diversified research cold fusion, actually (LENR) remains a multidimensional enigma.”

Surely the scientific community has demonstrated that the phenomena (very diverse!) are REAL but there still are many problems with the “know what”, the “know how” the “know why”
and, the most important and relevant “know why NOT” -elements

The Palibroda- Gluck paper was presented at the 2nd International Conference on Cold Fusion at Como, in 1991. My colleague made the presentation- with success; however these congresses are not organized for extended and deep discussions. I was enchanted to have the possibility to participate, I could do this because a rich relative from the US has sent me some money but have asked me why I am going to such an expensive place? In socialism to be poor is a natural state, but in capitalism it is disturbing and humiliating. And a sin.
At Como I was in a very disadvantageous situation- no presentation, no reputation, nobody knew me- it seemed that I will be one of the most unremarkable participants. I wanted to join the community. What shall I do?

Early Cold Fusion history was characterized by a strange application of statistics and of a kind of democratic process- similar to voting. Hundreds of teams worldwide have tried to reproduce the Fleischmann-Pons process or something similar, a few succeeded But the majority failed, including some famous universities and research institutes. Based on this bad statistics, the mass media and the mainstream scientific community have concluded that cold fusion does not exist, is dead. But those who have obtained positive results have continued to work, and the field is active living, creative now 20 and some years later.
This application of statistics was very unscientific, erroneous, misleading. Very stupid!
This gave me an idea- I cannot write a paper, but I will write
a meta-paper, a paper about papers demonstrating that statistics
cannot kill cold fusion. A very short paper:


I have shown this first to Douglas Morrison, the great skeptic present at the conference (who was convinced that I am an idiot
because I have asked him once in 1990 what is an e-mail?)  and then I gave to Martin Fleischmann- who is a genius, a nice man
and a man of culture. Martin has liked the meta-paper that became a poster at Como and I was saved from the curse of anonymity.  
I became a collaborator of Hal Fox’s “Fusion Facts” See please

I have studied the results obtained by the experimentalists, have tried to understand the ideas of the theorists. I remember with gratitude the first overviews written by Ed Storms and Mahadeva Srinivasan- excellent ones!

My ideas that resulted from this study are presented in this paper:  

It is a highly unsuccessful paper, largely ignored, simple ideas, no beautiful mathematical theory. More questions than answers.
I have tried then to explain the problems of cold fusion. Why it has not succeeded to become a source of energy in 3 years? This question has a great permanency we can ask why it does not succeeded to become a source of energy in 20 years. Piantelli’s and Rossi’s NI-H processes, very different from the classical cold fusion have, fortunately changed this, very recently.
Classical Pd – D cold fusion has the following fatal drawbacks;
-       low intensity of energy release;
-       bad reproducibility and controllability;
-       lack of continuity- cannot work for months
-       cannot be scaled-up. remains a lab curiosity

My explanation for this techno-tragedy is not believed by my colleagues. It’s sketch is in the following phrase of the “Topology” paper:

“ In my opinion, this “lack of reproducibility”, is actually  nothing else than an extremely high, mimosaceous SENSIVITY of the cold fusion phenomena that can be triggered, delayed, perturbed or stopped by some hyperfine, immeasurably small causes such as sub-parts-per-billion level impurities or “esoteric” metallurgical factors.

I consider that all “sick” cold fusion/LENR processes are poisoned by the trace impurities of air that inactivate the nuclear active sites
where the reactions can take place.
True? Fixed idea? Simple stupidity?

What I know- Piantelli’s process works and he takes really extreme measures to clean the surface of nanometric nickel.
What I don’t know: the E-cat of Rossi Focardi works well; Rossi says he uses a proprietary process for treating nickel. If this treatment includes very thorough cleaning of the nickel’s surface
or the system is rather tolerant for impurities is still an enigma.

But if my theory is falsified and a “dirty”  Pd-D process starts to
work fine, generating plenty of energy at will, for long times and
an industrial prototype is presented, I will make intellectual seppuku- i.e. never more telling or writing a single word about this subject that was vital for me- for 22 years.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


It is always risky to belong to a minority and it does not count much how you made it  there- by birth, due to historical circumstances or by choice. Human cultures tend to have dissolving power, are based on conformity and want high degrees of uniformity. “Minority” does not refer always to numbers; there are more women than men in a patriarchal society, but they constitute an oppressed minority.  An other example: slave owners believe slavery is something right,sacred/divine and insist that the slaves should also think so. And a rich owner can have hundreds of slaves. (or almost-slaves) having the functionality of a minority..

However, people with two left hemispheres of the brain are so rare that those authorities who take care of the interest, ruling and favorite memes of the majority, have NOT discovered yet that the Bis (allow me please to use this shortened name for them- singular Bi, plural Bis) are destroying the most sacred traditional values of the society, God hates them and they are in direct opposition with Nature’s way to do the things, they are evil, dangerous and make a lot of harm.
This can change- if the first serious scientific paper re the human characteristics linked to the peculiar brain structure will be analyzed seriously by the experts and the conclusions will penetrate the mass media. I don’t dare to make predictions, but I will fight for the rights of the Bis. They are NOT bad!

The scientific paper is:
“The basics of the anthropology of individuals with two left brain hemispheres.”
by N. Ossianski, Al. Anso Kallinni
Alaskan Annals of Applied Anthropology, Jan-Feb 2011, vol. 16, No. 1 pp 23-74

The authors, Prof Noemi Ossiansky and Dr. Alexander Anso Kalinni are from the Chair of Neuroscipiology, Terra Nova University, well known by their colleagues for their pioneering works re. the morality and sexuality of the hebridians.

This new work is actually a proof of the courage and creativity of these prolific authors.  Being very interestedin the theme, I have asked and received the paper in electronic form- I guess this journal is not available in many libraries in our geographical area.
It is a long paper but well written. I think it is my fault that I have not discovered the exact number of subjects investigated in this study, but I am convinced that it is sufficiently great to validate all the statistical data. 
This study made me happy because an important scientific problem, was ignored for a too long time but now this will change, - obviously with a mixed impact on the lives of the Bis. Do not forget that some Bis are in very high positions, mainly in academies, universities, consulting companies, intellectual groups etc.

What was a real enchantment for me: the authors have used with much skill the same nnegativity as that present in my recently published Problem Solving Rules. This type of convergence- we have to consider the Rules of Sandy Schuman and many other publications that have discovered the importance of NO- yes! all these are fuelling my enthusiasm.

First of all, says the paper, a Bi is NOT an individual missing the right hemisphere of the brain, the specific functions of this are taken over by the two left hemispheres in a very advantageous way.
The brain has a fantastic capacity to reorganize itself. The authors even speak about  a kind of “overcompensation”.

The Bis canNOT think postlogically at all, they are unable to accept authorities and ideas imposed to them, preferring facts and data nad verification to opinions. They never excel in prelogical thinking and canNOT separate logical thinking from critical thinking. A normal, well functioning society can accept only limited doses of such weirdness; therefore you will not meet many successful Bis.

The Bis simply canNOT believe a lot of things quite natural, useful and desired by the other, normal people, as: fairy tales, lies, myths, legends, dogmas, propaganda, spiritualities, slogans, advertisements, absurd things, paranormal, magic and miracles, superstitions and all the kind of usual weird things. The authors consider this inability very harmful. Skepticism toward any scientific idea can be accepted , one of the axioms of the democratic postmodernism is that all ideas, rational or irrational, are created/born equal, except those in which everybody must believe because they belong to us and we to them- but the Bis canNOT understand such elementary truths. And will pay a high price for this.

The Bis do NOT need certainties, idols, sacred, inerrant laws and perfect principles they do not search for hidden significance in naything or the approval of others in order to function optimally. They like to create their aims, purposes, plans, strategies, missions themselves, independently Quite strange.

The authors emphasized repeatedly that the Bis are NOT able to understand and accept symbols- probably in correlation with  their total impotence in postlogical thinking. It is simply impossible to convert a Bi to moneytheism, monotheisms or to any other modern or old religion or spirituality. The Bis think there is always a second chance, but NOT a Second Chance- never! Outrageous!

The Bis do NOT accept automatically the values, heroes and models of their society, they refuse to convey their attention and admiration to the unworthy, weird nobodies inflated with big money, usually known as stars and celebrities. I have sent to Mme Prof. Ossianski my radical word-play or rhetorical question: “Decelebritization or Decerebelization?”
but she has not reacted- I have the impression that she is not very fond of her objects of study. Bis will NOT generate waves of love, I guess.

The Bis do NOT like low quality things or ideas and are known for their strong kitschofobia. They ignore gossip, trivia and tabloids.. They are usually not rich enough to be excused  for being such arrogant, eccentric snobs. They don’t join sects, hate-, suicidal or extremist groups. They don’t care or fight or kill for any sport teams  as normal people do... The word “fan” was not invented for them.

The Bis are NOT idealists- they combine a materialist worldview with realist judgment and pragmatic approach to the problems- being again based on a very unusual mentality and behavior.
The Bis are immune even to the most powerful, influential and popular memes. Ossianski and her colleague have demonstrated
that the memes can be attached only to the right brain hemisphere
and make the bold hypothesis that the most memes-addicted categories of human beings- extremists, bigots, fanatics are actually Bidextrencephalians- i.e. the contrarians of the Bis. This new study will be much easier than the present one- it is a great abundance of material for this study.

The authoritarian leaders at all levels do NOT love the Bis because these non-conformist individuals are NOT mass-moronizable and cannot be made naïve, simple and primitive as necessary for successful ruling of the professional oppressors.

The Bis avoid useless things and actions and this places them many times outside the human societies.

A lot of professions are clearly NOT made for the Bis- e.g. – artist, cleric, politician, historian, gangster, bureaucrat, thief, lawyer, hacker, spammer, swindler, and billionaire. A remark- some Bis are quite good prosecutors or detectives.
They are also not good writers, communicators or successful bloggers because they all suffer from the Cassandra Syndrome.

A paper from the references says” “Not all intellectuals are Bis, however the great majority of Bis are intellectuals”
If, by some genetic mutation, the number of Bis will increase, this can be a major disaster for prophets, preachers, populists, psychics, astrologers, pornographers, fear mongers, expert liars, and organizers of Ponzi schemes, conspiracy theorists and similar human destroyers. Nobody could convince a Bi that ignorance is bliss.

Bis do NOT have strong feelings, except perhaps love, empathy and solidarity.  Their ability for hatred, envy, greed, violence is much reduced in comparison to the standard local and global levels.
A 100% Bi is NOT sad; he/she has no time to be unhappy. Not interested in perfection, they seek continuous perfectibility.

The Bis have NO more certainties as ideas; they don’t need and don’t accept shortcuts to the insurmountable complexity and interestingness of the reality. Instead they work diligently for understanding the World, are ferocious and insatiable but gourmet informavores, strive for knowledge and try very hard to achieve wisdom both by good questions discoveries,,experiments and by refining, cleaning, destroying ideas sold as wisdom but NOT so wise, or NOT wise at all.
Bis are NOT carried away by the omnipresent tsunami of counter-education, they take education and self-education as deadly serious
Even trying to prolong it after their physical disappearance, via programs with/of self-development.

The Bis are NOT very intelligent or creative. Till now NOT a single Bi or an individual suspected to be one (prior the brain hemispheres could be seen properly) could be described as a “genius”.
However, their inherent goodwill, energy, patience, discipline, responsibility, seriousness, dedication to progress, focusing on the essence and the future and professionalism makes them able to achieve important things.
We need the Bis, however it will be always awfully difficult to like them They are not as us, they are different.

The paper end with this wording:

“Bisinisencephalians are people made specifically for problem solving. Other people have the mission to discover the problems. And again others, the greatest crowd, are only generating problems.”

PS The paper does not say it, but I could observe that these Bis do NOT have a normal, healthy sense of humor. When they make jokes, instead of coming with healthy, traditional, commonsense 3S (sex, shit, sadism) funny stories, they pop out with a too subtle, “intellectual humor” (that’s actually an oxymoron!), something really dreadful as Alan Sokal’s famous writing: