Friday, March 28, 2014


What can do an old, incurable workaholic during a period of relative absence of news? Inactivity, like the sleep of reason produces monsters- this is a certainty; it is easy to imagine the destructive effects of a prolonged hibernation! Being aware of this, I have used the not-so-interesting -times, almost two and half months from the start of Defkalion’s technical Armageddon with and for Hyperion-6, up to the Anniversary MIT Colloquium- to compose a review of my life’s philosophy.
In my basic profession, Research, as in many other creative activities, the great differentiator is Initiative; the mark of great researchers (as we have discussed many times with my friends Yiannis and Axil) is the rare ability to make a Synthesis.
Not an easy task, we have a natural trend to misinterpret our own ideas, to use critical thinking much too gently, to ignore the subtetlies and to by-pass the paradoxes and internal contradictions that are core elements of a good thinking method/system.
Anyway, I have tried to solve the puzzle, have welded together many fragments of truth forming a something with logical consistency.
When this opus was almost ready, I started to think: where to publish it, in a place with good visibility, making it a “presence”.
This publication must have a much broader audience than my modest blog EGO OUT where these ideas are already there in pieces. lacking unity!

The Foundational Questions Institute’s 2014 Spring Contest

Being aware that great questions illuminate us better than great answers, I knew about the existence and generous aims of Then Jed Rothwell, leading supporter and librarian
of our field has published there a great essay: Cold fusion may have revolutionary potential”; I hope this will be great winner
despite the present bad reputation of cold fusion; till the end of the contest (August) this can change (and the understanding of the concept as well).
FQXI’s 2014 Spring Contest is about: “How Should Humanity Steer the Future? “ I had a secular revelation- this is my aim too,
the Ego-Out philosophy is the obligation of an individual to tell
Everything he/she has learned in a lifetime in order to help the future generations to make the world a better place.

What a wonderful opportunity to make my philosophy known!

I wrote an essay for the contest, it is here:
Its title and its essence are:

My general ideas about how our world works and about how our problems can and have to be solved are described; these are used in my understanding of what cold fusion is, too.
I am asking all my old and new friends; please visit and read the essay, if you like or dislike relevant ideas and/or the integral ideology of it, please make comments as requested by FQXI. Please help me only making the essay known to all the good people who actively care for the future of Humanity.
The essay is not about an ideal but about realism; I know that the public prefers pleasant perfect crystal shaped lies to unpleasant fragmentary truths.
However by this essay the ideas became present and universally accessible hopefully waiting for their day to come.

Thank you,


Thursday, March 20, 2014


My Blog went through a longish period of hibernation.
As I have told you, I have finished describing the Problem part of the LENR field and the Solution part is still in intensive construction, nothing relevant can be told just now
It was a dead season; even the usual old subjects were not de-frozen and discussed on our forums.
Regarding the real battlefields, no relevant information will be published before Rossi’s professors of three continents long time experiment report and/or Defkalion’s pre-commercial Hyperion 6, whichever will arrive earlier. A few weeks, probably.
Tomorrow will start the festive 2014 Cold Fusion (LANR) MIT Colloquium celebrating the 25 anniversary of the announcement of cold fusion. Three days of interesting presentations and discussions. It is remarkable that the spirit of this meeting has progressed from the scientism of ICCF-18 to
including engineering in the way to obtaining usable heat excess.
The problem of cold fusion is not more “to be or not to be” but
“to be useful or not be at all.”
As it is adequate for this anniversary, some of the papers have features of a review, or are concerned with the basics or line out a strategy. My selection of the genuine anniversary papers is as follows:
Mitchell Swartz “Our Emergent Need for a Clean, Efficient Energy Production Source
Arik El-Boher “Progress Toward Understanding Anomalous Heat.”

David Nagel “Scientific and
Practical Questions about Cold Fusion”

 Brian Ahern “Nanomagnetism for Energy Production

Nikita Alexandrov “
Advanced analytic and highly parallel Cold Fusion Experimentation”
 Charles Beaudette “Post
Missouri Priorities for Cold Fusion”
Nathan Cohen “The Tortuous Path of Innovation and Implications for Cold Fusion in the next Decade” 
Peter Hagelstein “Landscapes in cold fusion research”

The other experimental and theory papers do not seem to be very surprising or game/paradigm changing, with the possible exception of:                                                                        Tadahiko Mizuno: “Replicable Model for Controlled Nuclear Reaction using Metal Nanoparticles.”  See please my failed attempt to learn what this co-author has concluded about reproducibility in cold fusion experiments. Perhaps now he will say more.
I am especially curious to listen to or read these presentations and I hope the organizers and our nice reporter from Cold Fusion Now will be fast and of excellent quality as usual..
It is sad that many great contributors are missing from this cold fusion feast. Surely, due to my talent to make blunders I will forget many good people but I still think about Founding Father Stanley Pons, discoverer and creator of the Ni-H LENR line Francesco Piantelli, 89ers as Akito Takahashi, Yeong Kim, Li Xing Zhong, Jean-Paul Biberian, Michael McKubre (traveling) It is most unfortunate that it is considered as axiomatic that the lattice is the place where CF takes place and the active sites (NAE) concept is not welcome at this meeting; therefore our very merituous leading author and thinker Edmund Storms is not there. I think scientific disputes should not be taken as personal. Follow please my example- I agree (even pre-agree)  with Storms in principle but I strongly disagree in the details; I also think lattice is vital for LENR but the reactions take place on it, not in it. In cold fusion-as in many other fields we have mainly fragmented truth and what seems to be opposites are de facto complementary. It is not “my truth” vs. “your truth” – we all are still well immersed in a pond of ignorance and error trying to swim to the island of technology. Please let me to organize the coming 50th anniversary and I will invite all the important researchers if they agree with me or not.
LENR+ i.e. enhanced excess heat will be only implicit at the meeting; due to a diversity of causes a decisive Defkalion demo with Hyperion R6 could not be included in this 3 days program. It will be a separate, unique event in the near future.
Both Nature and history dislike round, seemingly beautiful numbers; e and π are the greatest “stars” and are irrational
The Hundred Years War lasted some 116 years'_War and now I predict that Cold Fusion’s 25 Years war will last 304 months instead of 300 and will be finished by an absolutely convincing, inexorable demo.
Big Science, Big Oil, Big Money and their close associates are slowly thinking and will need up to other 6 months to see what is obvious- the New Energy Era has started.
My best wishes of success and illuminations or revelations  to the organizers and the participants of the MIT CF Colloquium!
Long live Cold Fusion- by its real name!