Monday, June 27, 2011


78. Patent literature is mainly mythology, not history.
79. Geography is destiny, history is a prison
80. Autodestructive adoration: you become what you adore.
81. Even very high intelligences are NOT additive.
82. Natural selection builds, unnatural counterselection destroys  
83. Kleptocracy is the most natural form of government.
84. Geniuses are specific, no global genius exists.
85. The stupidity of geniuses can be catastrophic.
86. Religions are shortcuts between Questions and Answers.
87. “Fan” the dirtiest form of mental slavery.
88. Chronology is rather annoying, kairosology most interesting.
89. Implementation is decided by abuse not by use.
90. In my life, obstacle was usually a verb.
91. Recipe of humor: sex, shit, sadism- surprisingly

Sunday, June 26, 2011




Fast Facts: A Look at Some of What Happens Every 60 Seconds on the Internet (Infographic):  

ICANN Approves Historic Change to Internet’s Domain Name System:

The Web is shrinking. Now what?:

End of the Internet as we know it:

5 technologies that will shape the Web:

Can AI be your guide on the Web?:

More efficient e-mails:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Wendy Boswell’s search school (4):
Google debuts search by image:

Wendy Boswell, search for movies and TV shows:

Bing and Decide: search with your friends:

How to find sheet-music with your favorite search engine:

Yahoo App Search: find interesting smartphone apps for your iPhone or Android:

A biologically inspired visual search engine;

Pew Internet, identity:                                   

Pew Internet, blogs:



Comparing Facebook Like vs. Google +1:



Google: 'At scale, everything breaks:

Google Places Two Bets on a Post-PC World:


Google — With Help From YouTube — Hits One Billion Visitors Before Facebook:

At Google, groups are key of the company’s culture:

A New Book Chapter by Two Googlers: “Indexing the World Wide Web: The Journey So Far”                       

Being Googley:



Early Experience Found Critical for Language Development:

Researchers Identify Components of Speech Recognition Pathway in Humans:

A Podcast and Two Reports From “The Book Tomorrow: The Future Of The Written Word” Conference:

The British Library and Google to make 250,000 books available to all:



In Tiny Worm, Unlocking Secrets of the Brain:


Competition Between Brain Cells Spurs Memory Circuit Development:


City living affects your brain, researchers find:


Reason Seen More as Weapon Than Path to Truth:

What’s the future of synthetic biology?:

Cracking the Egg The egg reigns supreme as the animal kingdom’s preferred reproductive method:

Seven New Species of Mammals Discovered in Philippines:

Seven evolutionary leftovers in your body:


Scientists a Step Closer to Understanding 'Natural Antifreeze' Molecules:

Why Penguins are afraid of the Dark:



Five predictions for the future  of energy:


Solar Panel Prices Continue Dropping, Grid Parity Not Magic Bullet for PV:

Alta Devices Breaks Solar-Cell Record:

Small nuclear reactors get a customer:

Nuclear cleanup;

Self-Cleaning Anodes Could Facilitate Cost-Effective Coal-Powered Fuel Cells:

Geothermal technology packs one-two punch against climate change:

A look at future aircrafts:

Nanotechnology pushes battery life to eternity:

Researchers discover source for generating 'green' electricity:

International Programme on the State of the Ocean:

From Seawater to Freshwater With a Nanotechnology Filter:


Archive Gallery: How The Space Age Influenced Design (Drea,m Cars):

UCLA develops scalable method of fabricating high-speed graphene transistors:

Scientists Find Simple Way to Produce Graphene:


Living with mistakes:


Why are 160 million girls missing from Asia?:

Free classical music:


Managing yourself, extreme productivity:

Managing Yourself: Can You Handle Failure?:

Why does criticism seem more effective than praise?

Five ways to stay current at the work:


Need Innovation? Hire an Entrepreneur:


'Ultrawideband' Could Be Future of Medical Monitoring:

The measured life:


Using ‘smart materials’ to develop new drugs:


FAO reports 1.3 billion tons of food produced for human combustion lost or wasted each year:

Better cooking through technology:
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Study confirms safety cancer targetinbg ability of nutrient from broccoli:

Production of the mustard oils- on the origin of an enzyme:


Thai-Style Chicken Salad Recipe:

Strawberries Boost Red Blood Cells, Study Finds:

The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis network



The hair hall of fame:

Fireworks- hot as a blow torch:




Blekko Slashes More Spam With “Zorro” Update:

Bob Rankin how to remove spyware toolbars:


Improvements in the state of security:

Google’s perspective on malware’s rise:

The perfect scam:

Should you be afraid of scareware?:

Software extracts your location on Twtter even it’s secret:


No Easy Answers to Password Problems:

Mary Landesman, guide About re passwords;

Facebook security, safetuy and privacy:

Spies can send messages hidden in a Google Search:


Saturday, June 25, 2011


Many thanks to those friends who have promoted these rules.Now the last, Super-rule is included.
 Only my proverbial modesty stops me to call the Rules providential, but they are and many
problems will learn this  fast.
Apply the Rules without hesitation!

by Peter Gluck (June 2011)


“The problems are here to be solved.”
 “My aim: to solve Mankind’s’s real problems.”

1. There are NO isolated problems, they always come in dynamic bunches

2. There are NO final solutions for the really great problems, these have to  be solved again and again.

3. NOT solving the problem, but defining it is the critical step .

4. NOT the unknown data, but those known and untrue  are the greatest obstacle to ths solution.

5. .NOT what we know, but what we don’t know is more important for solving the problem.

6. NOT the main desired positive effect, but those secondary negative and/or undesired effects decide in most cases if a solution is implemented.

7. NOT all problems have a complete, genuine solution.

8 .NOT the solutions that seem perfect from the start, but those which are very perfectible are the best in many cases.

9. NOT the bright, shiny, spectacular solutions but those elaborated, worked out with difficulty and effort and patience are more valuable and have a larger area of applicability.

10.NOT the solutions that are logical and perfectly rational, but those that are adequate for the feelings of the potential users, even if they are ilogical, have the greatest chances of fast implementation.

11. NOT the quality of the solution but the speed of its implementaion is the decisive factor in many cases. It can be better to have a partial solution applied fast than a slower almost perfect solution.

12. NOT always long hours of hard work and great efforts, but (sometimes) relaxation and fun is the best way to obtain solutions for (awfully) difficult problems.

13. NOT our own problems, but the problems of other people are usually more boldly and creatively solved by us

14 NOT the solutions worked out by us, but those borrowed. bought or stolen from others are more easily accepted and implemented.

15 NOT the enhancement of human strengths but the limitation
of human weaknesses is more useful for efficient problem solving

16- NOT the very careful perfect planning, but the smart assuming of risks and firm decision taking are the practical keys to successful problem solving.

17. Do NOT accept the premises of the problem, change them as necessary and possible.

18. Do NOT stop at the first solution, seek for alternatives.

However, for the advanced problem solvers, there is a SUPERRULE- the most important of all;

19. NOT the wise application of these rules but the finding  of the specific exceptions to these, is the real high art of problem solving.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


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Welcome to a faster Web:


Internet Could Be 10 Times Faster Than It Currently Is, Researchers Say:

An Egalitarian Internet? Not So, Study Finds::

Digital Democracy? Study Finds Elite Viewpoints Dominate Online Content:


IPv6 Passes World Test With Flying Colors:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  


How the Human-Curated Web is Winning, Even if Mahalo Isn't:

Wendy Boswell- what is real time search and how do you use it:                                   

Wendy Boswell- Internet for kids:

60 apps in 60 minutes:

Understanding the human part of the user’s experience:


What makes a good corporate blog:


8 Tips to Avoid Social Media Disaster:


Biz Stone: Twitter Is Bringing Humanity Together in New Ways:

How Twitter works to impact search results:

Top 25 best free online music players for your websites or blogs:



Google- scale changes everything:


Google makes Web pages load instantly:

Google and Silicon Valley’s cult of innovation:

Google brings Search by Image and Voice Search to desktops:


Google Expands Use & Display Of Related Searches


New tool shows would-be emailers if you’re swamped on Gmail


Google’s “Me On The Web” Pushes Google Profiles — Take That, Facebook?:


E-books and e-readers in public and academy libraries: 



The Mystery of Consciousness Continues:

New neurons help us to remember fear:

Your eyes are amazing (infographic):

"It's Sad But True That Most Discoveries In Biology Are Made By Physicists" - Freeman Dyson:


Photosynthesis Mechanics: Tapping Into Plants Is the Key to Combat Climate Change, Says Scientist:


Nitrogen-Fixing Bacterial Symbiont Promises Trove of Natural Products:

Tuning 'Metasurface' With Fluid in New Concept for Sensing and Chemistry:

Ten things you may not know about the solar system:

Earth Sky 22 killer asteroid science:


Proving Darwin Right: New Study Supports Hypothesis That Competition Is Stronger Between More Closely Related Species:

International Mission Will Measure Saltiness of Sea:

Top ten light emitting creatures:



World Bank Says to End Biofuels Subsidies:


Renewable energy at a crossroads:           


Record food prices liked to biofuels:


Using Waste Heat from Automobile Exhaust:


Thermally activated cooling system puts waste heat to use:


When Size Matters: Nanotechnology for Energy Efficiency:


A Preview of Future Disk Drives:

A cell becomes a laser- the first biolaser:

Data transfer at the speed of light:

Bob Rankin-about download accelerators



The Best Hard Science Fiction Books of all Time:


The 100 greatest non-fiction books:

20 questions you should ask yourself each Sunday

Nicholas Bate- how to get more lucky, more quickly, more often:

True art or a fake- quizz!

10 hidden benefits of smiling:

An article about the secrets of  extreme popularity:


Introduction to a book by Gerry McGovern- about identifying main tasks:


Organizational health: The ultimate competitive advantage:


The Thought Leader Interview: Henry Chesbrough (Innovation):

How to succeed in business writing- don’t be Dickens:

Miki Saxon- Happy 100th Aniversary, IBM!

The positive effect of negative information:

Necessity, not scarcity is the mother of invention:

In business fairy tales:

Solving your organization’s open faced sandwich:


The ghost of personalized medicine:


The Search for E. coli Gains Speed:


New Clues About Aging: Genetic Splicing Mechanism Triggers Both Premature Aging Syndrome and Normal Cellular Aging:


Phage on the rampage Antibiotic use may have driven the development of Europe's deadly E. coli.:

Scientists Develop a Fatty 'Kryptonite' to Defeat Multidrug-Resistant 'Super Bugs':


Lyme Disease Bacteria Take Cover in Lymph Nodes:


Why Hair Turns Gray: Communication Between Hair Follicles and Melanocyte Stem Cells Key to Mystery:


Understanding Alcohol's Damaging Effects on the Brain:



'Super Varieties' of Wheat Expected to Boost Yields and Block Deadly Threat to Food Security:


Sloshed: Maybe We Should Be Judging Wines by Their Labels:

Ch√Ęteau Lafake   The fine-wine boom is attracting forgers:


A new recipe database:


Healthy fast food:


These chemicals are good for you (and yummy):


Kung Pao Chicken:



How robots will beat humans at billiards:

An old, but good joke:




Meeting the cybersecurity challenge:

Bob Rankin- where do viruses and spyware com from?:

Bob Rankin- Facebook malware- are you protected?:


Safeguards against "Phishing" Slow in Coming:

Security Threats to Mobile Devices Increase but Only 4% of Smartphones and Tablets Protected with Security Software:


Best sites for free mobile downloads: