Sunday, June 5, 2011


A new issue of my struggling info newsletter- again many interesting serious news
signs of progress but also of painful failures in problem solving. By the way, next
week I have to up-to-date my problem solving rules. (there are 16 rules now Plus I have to perform
some accelerated Ego Out diminishing actions, time flies and a lot of important
things have to be initiated. I still have much to say.
My initiative or call for a Perfect E-cat Experiment has found attention and
even sympathy  but zero success. Future will show whose insuccess it was.\

Please enjoy and disseminate these news:



Global Internet traffic to quadruple by 2015:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

20 things I learned about browsers and Web:

A great source of quality information/knowledge sometimes even wisdom:                                   

Find out what you really want with specialized  search engines:


Wendy Boswell Deep Web People Search

How to Find Information Using a Reverse Email Search


The Best 15 People Search Engines on the Web:

Top best 100 free iPad apps:

Introducing search engines come together for a richer Web:


Social media is a form of entertainment , say users:

Twitter intros instant follow button:


Wendy Boswell: find Someone on Facebook Using Just An Email Address:


5 ways you can use Facebook to find someone online:



Wendy Boswell: Google People Search

Use Google to Find a Phone Number, Address, Map, and More!:

Google Wallet turns phones into credit cards

One out of eight people now uses Chrome:


Metaphors we do everything by?:

The Kindle Tablet’s Bookish Legacy:

20 best free e-book websites for downloading free e-books:



Examining the Brain as a Neural Information Super-Highway:


Physicists Explain the Long, Useful Lifetime of Carbon-14:

Gold mine A trove of worms found in the deep subsurface biosphere illustrates the ubiquity of life.: \

Hungry worms fom Hell:


15 natural disasters that could kill us all:


Reindeer See a Weird and Wonderful World of Ultraviolet Light:


Scientists Crack the Spiders' Web Code:


Researchers Solve Mammoth Evolutionary Puzzle: The Woollies Weren't Picky, Happy to Interbreed:


River Mystery Solved: Scientists Discover How 'Didymo' Algae Bloom in Pristine Waters With Few Nutrients:



The Sky Really Is Falling and Our Only Salvation Is the Rapid Dismantling of the Fossil Fuel Industry:


10 Clean Energy Trends To Watch In 2011 And Beyond

What will a nuclear-free Germany cost?:


Phase Change Memory-Based 'Moneta' System Points to the Future of Computer Storage:


Chameleon Magnets: Ability to Switch Magnets 'On' or 'Off' Could Revolutionize Computing:


Graphene Can Polarize Light: Researchers Demonstrate World's Thinnest Polarizer:


The link between creativity and eccentricity:

3003 principles of engineering practice;

Internet reviews of books:

Dave Pollard what we believe and what we care about drives what we do:

Peter Cochrane's Blog: How tech alters human needs:

A visual glossary of symbols:

Pigments through the ages:

A book- loving and hating mathematics:

Snapshot of the drug culture:


Bret L. Simmons- Book Review. Leadership Is Dead: How Influence is Reviving It

Has success eluded you because you eluded failure?:

The missing link in innovative research:

New views on Capitalism:

New views on management:

Solving the Rubik Cube of the organizational structure:

Scheduling  a meeting the right way:



EHEC Outbreak: Rare Strain of E. Coli Unknown in Previous Outbreaks:


Springer offers free access to research articles on E. coli bacteria:


DNA Sequence Yields Clues to Germany's 'Super Toxic'E. coli Outbreak:


New Treatment Dissolves Blood Clots in Brain Tissue:


Super-Sticky 'Ultra-Bad' Cholesterol Revealed in People at High Risk of Heart Disease:


Social Life and Mobility Are Keys to Quality of Life in Old Age:


What Odors Throw Off Mosquitoes? New Findings Hold Big Promise for Fight Against Mosquito-Borne Diseases:

The unstoppable march of tobacco giants:

Researchers Show Aging Brain's Reduced Ability to Respond to Experience:



USDA to reshape how we see dietary nutrition,0,6436170.story


Mapping God’s Bloodline:

Political misquotes: The 10 most famous things never actually said:



Spyware is invading our smart phones:



Why the bad guys are winning?:


Making the case for security


Bob Rankin: Virus Alert - XP Total Security 2011:


Gmail Spear-Phishing Attacks Net FBI Scrutiny:

My repeated advice- read and subscribe to Hoax Slayer:


DIY Computer Forensics: How to Recover a Deleted File:


WHO Connects Cellphones With Cancer Risk:

A perverse document: possibility is NOT probability is NOT certainty.

Mary McBride: Do cell phones cause brain cancer?:

If cellphones cause cancer, how do they do it? No one knows (i.e. don't panic),0,4990068.story

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