Monday, June 27, 2011


78. Patent literature is mainly mythology, not history.
79. Geography is destiny, history is a prison
80. Autodestructive adoration: you become what you adore.
81. Even very high intelligences are NOT additive.
82. Natural selection builds, unnatural counterselection destroys  
83. Kleptocracy is the most natural form of government.
84. Geniuses are specific, no global genius exists.
85. The stupidity of geniuses can be catastrophic.
86. Religions are shortcuts between Questions and Answers.
87. “Fan” the dirtiest form of mental slavery.
88. Chronology is rather annoying, kairosology most interesting.
89. Implementation is decided by abuse not by use.
90. In my life, obstacle was usually a verb.
91. Recipe of humor: sex, shit, sadism- surprisingly

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