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Welcome to a faster Web:


Internet Could Be 10 Times Faster Than It Currently Is, Researchers Say:

An Egalitarian Internet? Not So, Study Finds::

Digital Democracy? Study Finds Elite Viewpoints Dominate Online Content:


IPv6 Passes World Test With Flying Colors:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  


How the Human-Curated Web is Winning, Even if Mahalo Isn't:

Wendy Boswell- what is real time search and how do you use it:                                   

Wendy Boswell- Internet for kids:

60 apps in 60 minutes:

Understanding the human part of the user’s experience:


What makes a good corporate blog:


8 Tips to Avoid Social Media Disaster:


Biz Stone: Twitter Is Bringing Humanity Together in New Ways:

How Twitter works to impact search results:

Top 25 best free online music players for your websites or blogs:



Google- scale changes everything:


Google makes Web pages load instantly:

Google and Silicon Valley’s cult of innovation:

Google brings Search by Image and Voice Search to desktops:


Google Expands Use & Display Of Related Searches


New tool shows would-be emailers if you’re swamped on Gmail


Google’s “Me On The Web” Pushes Google Profiles — Take That, Facebook?:


E-books and e-readers in public and academy libraries: 



The Mystery of Consciousness Continues:

New neurons help us to remember fear:

Your eyes are amazing (infographic):

"It's Sad But True That Most Discoveries In Biology Are Made By Physicists" - Freeman Dyson:


Photosynthesis Mechanics: Tapping Into Plants Is the Key to Combat Climate Change, Says Scientist:


Nitrogen-Fixing Bacterial Symbiont Promises Trove of Natural Products:

Tuning 'Metasurface' With Fluid in New Concept for Sensing and Chemistry:

Ten things you may not know about the solar system:

Earth Sky 22 killer asteroid science:


Proving Darwin Right: New Study Supports Hypothesis That Competition Is Stronger Between More Closely Related Species:

International Mission Will Measure Saltiness of Sea:

Top ten light emitting creatures:



World Bank Says to End Biofuels Subsidies:


Renewable energy at a crossroads:           


Record food prices liked to biofuels:


Using Waste Heat from Automobile Exhaust:


Thermally activated cooling system puts waste heat to use:


When Size Matters: Nanotechnology for Energy Efficiency:


A Preview of Future Disk Drives:

A cell becomes a laser- the first biolaser:

Data transfer at the speed of light:

Bob Rankin-about download accelerators



The Best Hard Science Fiction Books of all Time:


The 100 greatest non-fiction books:

20 questions you should ask yourself each Sunday

Nicholas Bate- how to get more lucky, more quickly, more often:

True art or a fake- quizz!

10 hidden benefits of smiling:

An article about the secrets of  extreme popularity:


Introduction to a book by Gerry McGovern- about identifying main tasks:


Organizational health: The ultimate competitive advantage:


The Thought Leader Interview: Henry Chesbrough (Innovation):

How to succeed in business writing- don’t be Dickens:

Miki Saxon- Happy 100th Aniversary, IBM!

The positive effect of negative information:

Necessity, not scarcity is the mother of invention:

In business fairy tales:

Solving your organization’s open faced sandwich:


The ghost of personalized medicine:


The Search for E. coli Gains Speed:


New Clues About Aging: Genetic Splicing Mechanism Triggers Both Premature Aging Syndrome and Normal Cellular Aging:


Phage on the rampage Antibiotic use may have driven the development of Europe's deadly E. coli.:

Scientists Develop a Fatty 'Kryptonite' to Defeat Multidrug-Resistant 'Super Bugs':


Lyme Disease Bacteria Take Cover in Lymph Nodes:


Why Hair Turns Gray: Communication Between Hair Follicles and Melanocyte Stem Cells Key to Mystery:


Understanding Alcohol's Damaging Effects on the Brain:



'Super Varieties' of Wheat Expected to Boost Yields and Block Deadly Threat to Food Security:


Sloshed: Maybe We Should Be Judging Wines by Their Labels:

Ch√Ęteau Lafake   The fine-wine boom is attracting forgers:


A new recipe database:


Healthy fast food:


These chemicals are good for you (and yummy):


Kung Pao Chicken:



How robots will beat humans at billiards:

An old, but good joke:




Meeting the cybersecurity challenge:

Bob Rankin- where do viruses and spyware com from?:

Bob Rankin- Facebook malware- are you protected?:


Safeguards against "Phishing" Slow in Coming:

Security Threats to Mobile Devices Increase but Only 4% of Smartphones and Tablets Protected with Security Software:


Best sites for free mobile downloads:

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