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Romanian wisdom

New Septoes*, inspired by old Romanian wisdom


Whoever digs someone’s grave falls 
inside himself.

Wolves shed furs but never ethical codes.

Great people make any place worth living.

A person’s fear is another one’s strength.

Introduce your friends, so I know you.

Small obstacles can overturn a winning chariot.

Wisdom is about experience, perception and humility.


Septoes: literary genre invented by Edward de Bono i.e. to tell something wise in seven words


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More than ever, the world needs good engineers. However, the pool of talent is shrinking not growing. (Dean Kamen)

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In research there are always many ways leading nowhere...and self-made gurus sdending or attracting researchers to try these ways with confidence.
Builders vs destroyers, accelerators vs retardants, catalysts vs poisons, progressists vs regressists, pioneers vs reactionaries, affirmer vs deniers. Very strong contrasts and contradictions, dramatically enhanced by the extraordinary difficulty, newness, exceptionality, richness, diversity of LENR. 
Many different LENR teams worldwide belong, in different proportions to those trying to expand understanding and, simultaneously, to those denying/ignoring entire fragments of reality, more or less well defined.I think the most vulnerable to shrinkers is the LENR+ territory of LENR,  where new forms of nano-dynamism rule.


1) Hideki Yoshino (CleanPlanet) will talk on LENR at Nikkei BP company event called "Future Creation Square in Marunouchi"

2) From Andrea Rosssi's JONP

Hank Mills
Dear Andrea,
I understand now about how you previously mentioned the pressures in micro-cavities could reach those on the surface of White Dwarf stars. There are multiple scientific papers, some decades old, that describe absorbed hydrogen (even in an amorphous, initially defect free nickel structure) reaching high levels and forming “bubbles” that can reach pressures of a thousand atmospheres or more upon the cooling of the lattice (after being absorbed at high pressures and high temperatures). Then, once subjected to rapid heating, these bubbles of very high pressure hydrogen gas can then reach even HIGHER pressures — powerful enough to induce LENR — before they either migrate away or damage the lattice.
Interestingly, these bubbles typically stay close to the surface of the metal (not deeper than 50 microns in the papers I’ve read). This would explain why LENR seems to be a SURFACE phenomenon! As the bubbles penetrate deeper into the lattice, they grow smaller and less numerous.
However, I think it helps if substance already has interior lattice defects or micro-voids, very close to the surface. One way of doing this is probably rapid heating. In another paper I’ve found, ultrasound irradiation of solid metal can produce small defects in the lattice.
Finally, after all these years of following your technology, things are truly coming together in my mind! It’s like a dozen Eureka moments hitting me all at once.
But, as always, there’s no easy shortcut. The reason why nickel is such an optimum metal in some ways is because it’s not the best at absorbing hydrogen. But this is a good thing, because we don’t want hydrogen escaping too quickly and the pressure dropping before LENR can be triggered. Also, the tensile strength of nickel is what allows the Rossi Effect to be triggered repeatedly over and over again. Of course, after many, many cycles of thermal shocking, these micro-voids might be damaged. The solution you came up with is electromagnetic stimulation to keep the hydrogen in these cavities stimulated at a decent pressure, but without damaging the lattice!

Andrea Rossi
October 31, 2016 at 6:21 AM

Hank Mills:
Thank you for your insight.
Warm Regards,

3) NEW THREAD Trick or Treat, Give The E-Cat Some Intergranular Hydrogen Filled Bubbles To Eat! (Happy Halloween!)

4) Sam North recommends this video
Iraj Parchamazad on LENR with Zeolites


Two papers re Hot Fusion progress

Extinguishing a fusion fire in a flash of light
Date:October 28, 2016
Source:American Physical Society
Fusion energy researchers have discovered that they can rapidly extinguish and cool a magnetically confined fusion plasma hotter than the center of the sun by injecting a large quantity of neon gas to prevent damage to fusion-energy devices when there is a loss of plasma equilibrium.

Fusion reactor designs with 'long legs' show promise

Date:October 28, 2016
Source:American Physical Society
A recent assessment of the power handling capabilities of long-leg divertor configurations was performed and compared to conventional configurations using an edge plasma simulation code that could handle magnetic x-points in the leg. The combined effects of long-leg magnetic geometry, enhanced gas-plasma interactions and the presence of a secondary magnetic x-point are found to increase the peak power handling ability by up to a factor of 10 compared to conventional divertors -- an unprecedented result.

Sunday, October 30, 2016



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Image result for stability quotesImage result for instability quotations


It is Sunday and I am thinking about stability and instability in LENR land, in multiple senses. Seee please the first Motto image, I take it personal because due to aging
I have some problems with stability when standing and have to use a walking stick on the street. Plus when I ma angry or nervous my right hand starts trembling- but it is still controllable. I well know alternatives to old age are worse than the trouble itself so I do not complain.

However, both stability and instability can be very good and very bad for LENR depending on the sense and circumstances- for LENR too.
There is no stability and no genuine certainty in the whole field both classic and progressing LENR. In classic LENR it seems to be too much stability - almost stagnation.  
However I think that the LENR+ - useful energy generating LENR processes are.will be all actually long range stable forms of well controlled local instabilities and disequilibrium in which the nuclear reactions./interactions take place,. The best combinations of stability and instability.
Finally for my own near future (1-`.5 years) I would preferre the turbulent instability of coming LENR events much better than the final total stability of the unique zero-risk zone. I doubt it is well connected to the internet.


1) The Fleischmann-Pons Calorimetric Methods and Equations
by Melvin H. Miles
Presentation at SSICCF20, Xiamen, China, Sept 28-30, 2016

An exemplary work- Mel Miles is one of the main contributors to the demonstrated certainty that Cold Fusion does exist.
The author stated: "My goal is to help others understand the very accurate Fleischmann - Pons calorimetry and give it the recognition that it deserves."
The Author has also added the following explanation & details
This calorimetry is very accurate when the  equations are used correctly,
and it offers many advantages over other types of  electrochemical
calorimetry. I am surprised that isoperibolic  calorimetry is presently
rarely used.  Some important points are:

1.The Lower-Bound method  is very useful (Sides  9,10).  This method
assumes the excess power is zero and then follows the changes in  the
heat transfer coefficient that follow.

2. This lower bound method was followed in my recent "Kitchen Experiment"
 for a heat conduction calorimeter (Slides 11,12).

3. My results gave larger than expected excess power (Slide 13) for my
small JM Pd cathode (0.1 x 2.3 cm).  The 73 mW of excess power was more
than 3 W per cm3 Pd.  This JM palladium source also gave excess heat in
previous experiments at China Lake and at NHE in Japan.  This palladium
source also was previously used in my excess heat-helium correlations for
the  gas samples sent to Brian Oliver at Rockwell.

4. This isoperibolic calorimetry accurately models periods when the cell
temperature is changing (Slides 19, 20).  Also, the Fleischmann Straight
Line Method covers a two day period, including the 12 hour application of
the heater pulse,  yet the changing cell temperature does not cause any
errors Slides 23,24). Statements in Ed Storms books about isoperibolic
calorimeters are wrong and need to be  corrected.  These erroneous
statements include: " Correct power is only obtained when the temperature
is constant--" (2014 book,p.107) and "-- by measuring the temperature
difference  between the inside and outside of the cell, once this
difference has become constant." (2007 book, p.162).

5. Application of the Fleischmann-Pons equations for the heated gases
leaving the cell requires measurements of the atmospheric pressure.  To
my knowledge,  almost no other group has done this (Slide 28).

Perhaps I should add that my electrolyte was D2O + 0.1 M KNO3.  No
lithium was used.  The palladium surface was not blackened (Slide 21) as
is usually the case when using 0.1 M LiOD.
Pons has told me that the black color was not present in his experiments
when using a lithium-free electrolyte such as NaOD.  Stan believes the
black color is due to lithium-nitrogen compounds that form due to lithium
metal deposited on the cathode reacting with nitrogen from air that
enters when make-up D2O is added.

A great Thank you to the Author for the permission to offer this to my non-CMNS readers too, 
this the history of Cold Fusion itself!

2) An interesting thread at the LENR Forum: An Open Conversation With RANDOMBIT0: Constructive Comments Appreciated -- Cynical Remarks Frowned Upon

3) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

October 30, 2016 at 1:59 AM

Mr Andrea Rossi,
1- did the circuit of the steam of the 1 MW plant have a “steam trap”?
2- did the test protocol foresee the installation of a steam trap?
3- has IH ever complained the lack of a steam trap during the test?
4- was a steam trap installed initially in the plant and has it eventually been removed by you?
5- has anybody proposed you to install a steam trap before or during the test?
6- have you ever seen a steam trap installed to calculate the performance of a steam generator?

Andrea Rossi
October 30, 2016 at 11:53 AM

1- no
2- no
3- no
4- no
5- no
6- no
Warm Regards,


Thanks to Sam North for telling about this:
New Particle May Hide in Old Atom-Smasher Data

Development Of A New Thermoelectric Material For A Sustainable Society

Saturday, October 29, 2016

OCT 29, 2016 LENR INFO


Technology [is] the knack of so arranging the world that we don't have to experience it. (Max Frisch, 'Homo Faber' 1957)


 For technologies the usual choice is to grow fast or to die slowly; LENR is different, just living a very slow birth. A technology was born, but this fact is still disputed- inclusive in a Court-  a peculiar unique situation.
Today, interesting but not very convincing signs that LENR is alive came from Chile, Russia and Spain.
Strangely something similar seems to happen with Hot Fusion- please take a look to LENR IN CONTEXT-1

Anyway, all the weekdays we have found disappointingly few LENR related new papers, this Saturday it was somewhat better.
Happy Weekend!


1) Consortium Proposes LENR Research to Chilean Governmen

4) A new Russian paper copyright by REGNUM by Alexander Prosvirnov
What nuclear energetics needs Russia to do all...

Какая ядерная энергетика нужна России, чтобы сделать всех 

5) Published papers and a video of the LENR seminar held at the People's Friendship University of Russia on Oct 27, 2016 

Опубликованы доклады и видео на семинаре в РУДН 27.10.2016
the following papers are accessible;
1- Alexander Prosvirnov
News in LENR-Cold Fusion, May-October 2016

2- Boris Ustinovich Rodionov
A World Computer can solve our Problems?

3- Alexander Kiprianovich Shevelev and Ishak Imamutdinovich Dvletchin
About the possible mechanism of heat generation in the Rossi-Parkhomov Cell

6) NEW THREAD ON LENR FORUM: Nevalinna on Cobraf : Yeong E Kim funded by Industrial Heat and Cumberland & Western Resources

7) From Alain Coetmeur:
Repsol Innovación (Oil corp, Spain): a LENR initiative "LENERPLAS " is nominated for their INSPIRE program
It says:
"LENERPLAS (LENR): study of clean and efficient processes assisted by surface plasmons for power generation and H 2 , from the Polytechnic University of Madrid."

8) Jones Beene has just started a challenging and interesting thread on the Vortex Forum:

Hi\-Yo Silver\- the smoking gun of LENR emerges\?"

9) A discussion from Rossi's JONP

Gerard McEk
October 29, 2016 at 9:23 AM
Dear Andrea,
You are trying to achieve 5 Sigma for the QuarkX.
1. Are you still developing this QuarkX
2. or have you chosen the most promising version and are you just testing?
3. Can you tell us what the most challenging aspect is of achieving the 5 Sigma for the QuarkX?
4. Do you expect that the 1MW e-cat plant under construction can be delivered this year to your customer?
5. Are there other plants under construction?
6. If 5 is yes, do these have the same power rating?
Thank you for answering our questions and good luck with everything!
Kind regards, Gerard

Andrea Rossi
October 29, 2016 at 10:22 AM
Gerard McEk:
1- yes
2- no
3- materials to be invented
4- n.a.
5- yes
6- no
Warm Regards,


Some signs of progress in Hot Fusion (5)

1- Turbulent solution to a growing problem
Date:October 28, 2016
Source:American Physical Society
Plasma turbulence, the wildly fluctuating pattern of particle motion, is a concern for fusion energy devices because it allows heat to escape the plasma. However, an even more serious concern is posed by naturally growing magnetic islands that tear the magnetic fabric of the plasma. In a recent experiment, researchers suggest that plasma turbulence can prevent filamentary structures called magnetic islands from growing so large that they cool off the 100 million degree plasma.

2- Breakthrough in Z-pinch implosion stability opens new path to fusion
Date:October 28, 2016
Source:American Physical Society
Researchers have demonstrated improved control over and understanding of implosions in a Z-pinch, a particular type of magneto-inertial device that relies on the Lorentz force to compress plasma to fusion-relevant densities and temperatures. The breakthrough was enabled by unforeseen and entirely unexpected physics.

3- General atomics breakthrough enables greater control of fusion energy
Date:October 28, 2016
Source:American Physical Society
An important new tool has been created for controlling fusion plasmas that are hotter than the sun. Changing the way the current system operates is a significant effort, considering the size and complexity of each beam system, say scientists.

4- Launching fusion reactions without a central magnet, or solenoid
Date: October 28, 2016
Source:American Physical Society
The tokamak is an experimental chamber that holds a gas of energetic charged particles, plasma, for developing energy production from nuclear fusion. Most large tokamaks create the plasma with solenoids. But future tokamaks must do without solenoids, which run in short pulses rather than for weeks or months at a time as commercial fusion power plants will have to do. Recent computer simulations have now suggested a novel method for launching the plasma without using solenoids.

5- Steering a fusion plasma toward stability
Date:October 28, 2016
Source:American Physical Society
Plasmas in fusion-energy producing devices are gases heated to millions of degrees that can carry millions of amperes of current. These superhot plasmas must be kept away from material surfaces of the vacuum vessel that contains them by using strong magnetic fields. When the gas becomes unstable it can touch the chambers' walls, quickly cooling the plasma and disrupting fusion reactions. Such disruption could potentially harm the walls of future fusion-producing devices. Now researchers have developed a potential way to avoid these instabilities.

And progress in HTSC
Helium encased in a carbon fullerene buckyball is proposed as a possible room temperature superconductor


Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Personal Achievement

This is about Judgementalism
Succereding with the biggest challenge of 

Friday, October 28, 2016



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A mob is not, as is so often said, mindless. A mob is single-minded. (Teju Cole)

A mob is defined by its mode of (non)thinking and of action, not by the number of people; there are many uni-personal mobs around (Peter Gluck)


My editorial of yesterday had two effects
a) It was confirmed that the attack is by far not limited to the Rossi Technology the target is the entire NiH realm- and this is extreme danger to the future of the field. They are much worse than IH per se. 
 So it is not only about destroyers pulled by strings, they have their own agenda.
The want put the Djinn back in the Bottle for many years.
It is about an application of the fatal slogan:"MIX AND KILL!" - individuals mixed in a mob up to the loss of individuality- see the Mottoes. It is impossible to communicate rationally with a mob. I have witnessed how They have formed a tumor, seemingly inoperable on the LENR Forum, I do not want a similar fate for Ego Out so I will advise them to ignore  my blog. When and if they will say something new with a bit of sense- I will restart communication with them, where they are.

b) This is the good part: the main propagandist has formulated their Theory of Zero Excess heat and Fraud: the effect is 50 times smaller than that claimed by Rossi due to a combination of water flowing in half-full pipes and generators producing just warm water and not steam.
This has to be proved. A performance of creatively destructive fantasy because they do not have any detailed description of the Plant Plus they do not have any real experience in similar plants, nor the competence or schooling necessary nothing more than middle classes. Competence cannot be replaced with arrogance and insults.
I am a chemical engineer (B.S. 1959 Ph.D., 1983) and for example for me it is clear 
 that when in a plant like that is said that the pressure is zero bar it is referred by default, to relative pressure, not absolute
Also it is very likely, from what Rossi said many times, that the water circulation was regulated, and I bet that the or now mythical flowmeter has measured water going to the reactor- as it has sense. For calculations, instant and longer term. The other mythical piece, Exhibit 5 gives the average dats for 10 long months and they do not look bad at all. The theory - 20kW in, 20 kW out seems inept. Nor the IH people working in the plant, neither the many smart visitors were unable to observe that the plant is a "perpetuum stabile" - the opposite of a perpetuum mobile?.
 Besides, Rossi never refused to install anything, as he repeatedly said, because the measurements have been made with instrumentation owned and  installed by the ERV, in full acceptance from both parties ( Leonardo and IH). I doubt the ERV , a nuclear engineer from nuclear plants and a long experience as a certificator of similar plants, needs to learn from complete amateurs who can speak but never solved a technological problem, never lead a technological Project.

Discussions will be possible when the diagram of the Plant and the ERV report will 
be published.


1) New documents for the Rossi-Darden Trial

72 respm Response/Reply (Other) Thu 5:37 PM 
71minutes Discovery Hearing Thu 4:22 PM 
PAPERLESS Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan: Discovery Hearing held on 10/27/2016. John Annesser and Ryan Chaiken/plaintiffs; Christopher Pace and Christopher Lomax/defendants. (Digital 14:51:20.) (cg1)

2) Report from Brilliant Light Power Industry Day Event (Tom Whipple) From Lou Pagnucco on LENR Forum
Recent Possible Related USPTO Patent Appls

3) Rossi Plans QuarkX e-cat Demonstration for February

4) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

October 28, 2016 at 12:20 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,
If you win the litigation against Cherokee and IH, how much will be the quote in percentage you will have to pay in federal taxes to the USA and in State taxes to Florida State?
Can you tell this?

Andrea Rossi
October 28, 2016 at 11:42 AM

In total the percentage is about the 40% of the net income.
Warm Regards


New method to help solve the problem of nuclear waste
Actinide oxide nanocrystals: Challenging materials for nuclear safety
Date:October 27, 2016Source:De Gruyter 
In the last decades, nanomaterials have gained broad scientific and technological interest due to their unusual properties compared to micrometre-sized materials. At this scale, matter shows properties governed by size. At the present time, nanomaterials are studied to be employed in many different fields, including the nuclear one. Thus, nuclear fuels production, structural materials, separation techniques and waste management, all may benefit from an excellent knowledge in the nano-nuclear technology. No wonder researchers are on the constant lookout for better ways to improve their production.

Hybrid nanostructures hold hydrogen well
Scientists say boron nitride-graphene hybrid may be right for next-gen green cars
Date:October 24, 2016
Source:Rice University
Layers of graphene separated by nanotube pillars of boron nitride may be a suitable material to store hydrogen fuel in cars, according to scientists. 

Numeracy and literacy are important but what about oracy?

Thursday, October 27, 2016



Image result for depression mongering quotationsImage result for desperation mongers quotations

Nothing is more useless than a dispute with depression mongers, merchants of desperation, people paid or volunteering to kill Hope- see below.


About depression mongers

Many threads at the fine LENR Forum are dominated by noisy packs of Rossi detractors/IH supporters who also try to create the standard vision and ideology of the entire LENR field.Actually I do not care much for them, I well know that discussing with Teflon brains is not possible- and all I want to do now is to warn the LENR community how pernicious the ideas of these - nomina odiosa!- individuals
Just take one of their favorite memes- going well beyond the Rossi-Darden conflictL

LENR+ does not exist. It is a figment of Gluck's imagination. Ni-H cold fusion is no stronger or more reproducible Pd-D. It may not even exist.

That means total denial of Rossi's multiplicative excess heat but also of the Piantelli-Focardi NiH, of Parkhomov and many other replicators, of MFMP, Lugano experiment  denial of the role of high temperatures, of catalysis, surfcw dynmica of the vapor-phase systems with clean active surfaces via deep degassing, spell as nothing can be better than PdD- the situation is and will be hopeless technologically speaking. 
It is very depressive to think that it is possible that such people will decide the future of LENR. Regress, FUD, VUCA, desperation- the field will stagnate, hibernate or die.
But I think LENR+ cannot be killed.


1) From Cold Fusion Times
J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci. 20 (2016) 29–53
Research Article

Optical Detection of Phonon Gain Distinguishes an Active Cold Fusion/LANR component 
Dr. Mitchell R. Swartz JET Energy, Inc.
Successful cold fusion is heralded by a large, if not quite abnormal, increase in the anti-Stokes to Stokes (aS/S) ratio in coherent multi-wavelength optical reflection volume-enhanced electric-driven spectroscopy (CMORE-spectroscopy). This distinguishing phonon gain is not seen in the “off” state or the avalanche (undesirable) mode. It heralds seven acoustic phonons assisting nuclear reactions and a core peak calculated Stokes temperature of circa 1645 K. ⃝c 2016 ISCMNS. All rights reserved. ISSN 2227-3123 
Keywords: Avalanche mode, CMORE spectroscopy, Excess heat mode, NANOR, Phonon gain 

2) In Italian Andrea Rossi the E-Cat Quark X will initially be used in industrial plants

3) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

October 26, 2016 at 7:21 PM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
You explained that during the whole year of the 1 MW Ecat test you have been there in the plant from 6 P.M. to 10 A.M., so you spent there the entire nights for one year: an impressive dedication indeed.
God bless you,
Andrea Rossi
October 26, 2016 at 10:38 PM

Yes, that’s what happened.
Thank you for your sustain,
Warm Regards,

October 27, 2016 at 4:04 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
The report of the ERV dwarfs all the stupidities said by the corrupted surrogates of Cherokee-IH.
Every expert can understand that the water flowmeter has been put in correct position; you repeatedly said that it was at a lower level respect the source and the point of delivery to the plant, so that it intrinsecally had to be always full, independently from the entity of the flow; the external water reservoir is clearly used only to refill the internal water tank in case of leaks, as well as it is clear that the external reservoir was higher than the internal tank, so that a floating valve maintained a constant level in the internal tank, where water arrives by gravity to compensate the possible leaks. Clearly the external reservoir is not affected by the hydraulic pressure of the live water piping system and it is also logic that the water circulation is forced. As an expert of thermal facilities, I can see all this at a glance. This plant is genial also under the engineering point of view, not just under the scientific content.
The stupidity of IH, who lost your license to pack away 100 millions of their investors, is colossal.
You will win, for the sake of all of us.
May God bless you,

Andrea Rossi
October 27, 2016 at 11:18 AM

I cannot comment issues that have to be discussed in Court.
Warm Regards
4) Cold Fusion – The Salvage From The Energy Crisis?
Posted on October 27, 2016 by SkinPlasty.Com

5) A link for info and graphics for SSICCF20 thanks to David Nagel):


Young, talented and fed-up: scientists tell their stories
Scientists starting labs say that they are under historically high pressure to publish, secure funding and earn permanent positions — leaving precious little time for actual research.

By Cold Fusion's arch-enemy Ethan Siegel
Dark matter rises to its biggest challenge… and succeeds! (Synopsis)


Critical Things Smart People Never Say

Learning and Memory in the Brain: How Science Cracked Your Mind's Code

Wednesday, October 26, 2016



I have borrowed these shamelessly:

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said. (Peter Drucker) 
(From today's gappingvoid.)

A mistake repeated more than once, is decision. (Paulo Coelho)

Behaving courteously and respectfully in a rude world can be a competitive advantage. (Beverly Langford)


a) Nice additions to my List of yesterday by colleagues who can define better and smarter "REALLY WELL" than me

My void list of yesterday of things going really well in LENR was completed; here are the contributions in chronological order- my thanks go to those who helped:

- Marc Ellenbroek
What is really going well in LENR land?
1. Well, Peter, I think you are, together with Frank Ackland, David Nygren and many others who keep The New Fire alive in our minds by filling your blogs with constant LENR information!
2. All the replicators like Bob Greenyer and those working together with MFMP, but also Alan Smith and Hank Mills who facilitates those who want to replicate. They will be the first to see the New Fire and I envy them..
3. Us the followers of the New Fire. We maintain the story of the New Fire hot and we will inform the world when the New Fire is lit.

Brian Ahern
Re: LENR landscape
-I have shown consistent exces energy with the NIH system funded by EPRI. Se EPRI report 1025575 dated August 2012
- I intend to experiment with other avenues with Randall Mills concepts. I think there may be DDLs or Hydrinos, but only fleeting if not virtual.
- I think it should be required reading to study the DTIC report from 1995 by Thermacore Corp, Lancaster PA. They showed 97 watts of excess thermal energy without electrolysis
- The Thermacore team was under contract to me at the time and I never met more talented heat transfer specialists. This report was neglected at the peril of LENR supporters.
The Thermacore experiments were showing great promise when the company was abruptly sold in 1996. 

Gregory Goble

I just awoke in the middle of the night and read your wish. I'll add three things to the list before returning to dreamland.

The Muon Dance - Leif Holmlid
Sweden gets really cold, ran out of coal long ago and has no oil. They crave heat. Observation of cheap muon catalyzed fusion in LENR is lending credibility to the field. Cold fusioneers doing the muon dance is more exciting than the twist.

Joyful LENR Airbus Envy
Everyone wishes they had labs as nice as those at Airbus. With three LENR patents published in 2016, those labs are aglow with the New Fire. The first was filed in September of 2014 and was not published till July 28, 2016… Happy to note… It was Joyfully GRANTED ON....LY 22nd - 26 DAYS BEFORE PUBLICATION!! Joyful joyful…

Mysterious 250MWe to 5GWe LENR Power Plants
Everyone loves a good mystery… Lawrence Forsley of SPAWAR fame, Chief Scientist at Global Energy Corporation which is out there peddling such huge LENR power plants around the world is a great one. I'm wondering how it will end… just have to wait and see. Looking at the list of chapters in this book, not one is titled scam artist or fraudster.

Anyways, back to sleep and some really wonderful dreams. Sure to wake in the morning much refreshed… goodnight now and great big hugs to all of you.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

 notice Notice of Hearing by ATTORNEY ONLY Tue 11:12 AM 
NOTICE of Hearing by ATTORNEY: Discovery Hearing set for10/27/2016 03:00 PM in Miami Division before Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan. (Annesser, John)
Att: 1  Exhibit,
Att: 2  Exhibit,
Att: 3  Exhibit,
Att: 4  Exhibit

2) New Exhibits Posted in Rossi v. Industrial Heat Case — Includes List of Plant Visitors, and Test Plan by Penon 

3) Industrial Heat's James A. Bass: President of Reactance Engineering Inc and Engineer for JM 

4)E-Cat Plant Test Plan (Fabio Penon)

(This is a very relevant and important document)


1. Plant description

The MW1—USA plant under test consists of 115 power generation units, grouped in modules. Only 111 units will be operational during the tests: Four units will be used as spare parts.
Every unit absorbs a power of about 1.1 kW — 2.5 kW
Each unit consists of a reaction chamber, where the nickel powder reacts with the hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst. Electric heaters heat the reaction chamber and by this way trigger the reaction between nickel and hydrogen.The power panel regulates the power supply of the electric heaters.
The cooling water is contained in a tank, placed inside the plant, that receives the water from an external plant. It is conveyed by pumps in the units E—Cat, where it is heated to vaporize. The steam is collected in one tube of the steam line, which conveys it to the outside of the shelter.
The steam is then passed through the customer’s facility, where it cools up to its condensation.
The water is so recycled to the internal tank in a closed loop. The water is distilled water. The external tank is connected with the internal tank, by a water line and a floating valve, so that the level of water inside the internal tank is maintained constant. The water flows from the external tank into the internal tank by gravity.
The heating elements of the E-Cat units, the pumps for the water, the internal services to the shelter and the control panel are powered by the public grid
In the plant some measuring instruments are installed:
– flowmeter for measuring the flow rate of cooling water inlet into the shelter. It is located along the line of return of the water, between the plant of the Customer and the 1 MW E—Cat
– temperature probe for measuring the cooling water temperature at the inlet of the shelter. It is located in the internal water tank, containing cooling distilled water.
– temperature probe for measuring steam temperature at the outlet of the shelter. It is located along the steam pipe at the outside of the shelter
– pressure probe for measuring steam pressure at the outlet of the shelter. It is located along the steam pipe at the outside of the shelter
– power analyzer for measuring the power supply. It is located along the electric power line before the E—Cat

2. Test set up

2.1 List of components

. 60 Water pump ( Prominent). 

115 E-Cat units
1 Water pump
1 Internal Water tank (0.2 C.M. )
1 Auxiliary external water tank

2.2 Measurement instrumentation

-Flowmeter Test report n. 01/2015, dated 2015/01/15
-Power analyzer PCE 830 Calibration certificate n. 0518/15, dated 2015/01/28
-Probe for water temperature measurement HSTC – TT – Tl — 24S.
– Probe for steam temperature measurement TU — T – NPT — U 72
- Probe for steam pressure measurement PX 309—100A5V
– Multifunction calibrator
The measurement chain of temperature a will be calibrated by the thermometer HSTC-TT-Tl-24S-1M-SMPW-M

3. Calculation of the energy multiple

6.1 Calculation of the energy produced ( EP )
The energy produced by 111 power generator units is given by the sum of the heat of heating of water, heat of vaporization of water and heat of superheating the steam.

ER ( energy of heating of water up to100 °C )= Mw x Csw ( va — Tiw)
Mw = mass of water vaporized during the whole test, coming from tank
TiW = inlet temperature of the water, coming from tank
Csw= specific heat of water = 1‘14 Wh/(kg°K)
va = vaporization temperature of the water = 100 °C

Ev = ( energy of vaporization of water) = A x MwA = ( latent energy of vaporization) = 627,5 Wh/kg

Es ( heating energy of steam ) = M3 x Cps x ( Tos — va)
Ms = mass of steam produced during the whole test
Cps =specific heat of steam at constant pressure = 0,542 Wh/kg
Tos = outlet temperature of the steam
va = vaporization temperature of the water
The values refer to the atmospheric pressure

In order to be conservative:
- it will be not taken into account the heating energy of steam
- the temperature of the incoming water will be always considered to be equal to the maximum value of the same measured during the entire test day

It will be possible small leaks of water to the inside of the shelter and are present measurement uncertaintiesTo take this into account the total mass of water transited during the test period will be reduced by 10%..

3.2 Calculation of the energy absorbed ( Ea )
The energy is supplied from the public grid in order to be conservative: — all the supplied energy is supposed be absorbed by the 111 reactors
In reality a part of this energy feeds the pump, which conveys the water from the tankexternal to the reactors This energy doesn’t feed the reactors

3.3 Calculation of the ‘energy multiple’

Energy multiple = energy produced (EP) 
                              energy absorbed ( EA)

4. Test protocol

Before testing Leonardo Corporation will implement the system in accordance with reference documentation
The ERV will provide the measuring devices: robe for measuring water inlet temperature 
probe to measure outlet steam temperature,
probe to measure the outlet steam pressure, 
inlet water flowmeter, 
electrical power analyser
Leonardo Corporation will install measuring devices with reference documentation
Before the plant start up the ERV will verify the compliance of the plant configuration and of the measuring chains with reference documentation.He will carry out a trial run
Leonardo Corporation will start the system
The ERV will then follow the system start-up to reach the operating conditions and at least the next 24 hours of operation
According to data collected after the first 24 hours of operation, he will make an initial assessment of the ‘Energy Multiple’ and he will prepare the report
During the test will be detected the electrical power supplied, the temperature of the inlet water, the temperature and the pressure of the outlet steam, the flow rate of inlet water.
At 00.00 of every day of the test, the measurement system will calculate the mass of water that has passed through the E—Cat and the total energy supplied to the E—Cat.
Every event that occurs from the start until the close of the tests, after 350 days of operation, will be recorded in the logbook by Leonardo Corporation.
During the 350 days of operation, the ERV will visits to the plant with a frequency approximately four months in order to verify the configuration of the system and the measuring chains and make evaluations of Multiple Energy
At the end of the 350 days of operation the ERV will follow the shutdown of the plant. At the conclusion of the test the ERV will produce a final report, showing the results
Abano Terme, 2015/02/09
Fabio Penon ME.
5) A selection of significant abstracts from ICCF-20 kindly sent to the LENR Forum by Vladimir Dubinko


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