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A mob is not, as is so often said, mindless. A mob is single-minded. (Teju Cole)

A mob is defined by its mode of (non)thinking and of action, not by the number of people; there are many uni-personal mobs around (Peter Gluck)


My editorial of yesterday had two effects
a) It was confirmed that the attack is by far not limited to the Rossi Technology the target is the entire NiH realm- and this is extreme danger to the future of the field. They are much worse than IH per se. 
 So it is not only about destroyers pulled by strings, they have their own agenda.
The want put the Djinn back in the Bottle for many years.
It is about an application of the fatal slogan:"MIX AND KILL!" - individuals mixed in a mob up to the loss of individuality- see the Mottoes. It is impossible to communicate rationally with a mob. I have witnessed how They have formed a tumor, seemingly inoperable on the LENR Forum, I do not want a similar fate for Ego Out so I will advise them to ignore  my blog. When and if they will say something new with a bit of sense- I will restart communication with them, where they are.

b) This is the good part: the main propagandist has formulated their Theory of Zero Excess heat and Fraud: the effect is 50 times smaller than that claimed by Rossi due to a combination of water flowing in half-full pipes and generators producing just warm water and not steam.
This has to be proved. A performance of creatively destructive fantasy because they do not have any detailed description of the Plant Plus they do not have any real experience in similar plants, nor the competence or schooling necessary nothing more than middle classes. Competence cannot be replaced with arrogance and insults.
I am a chemical engineer (B.S. 1959 Ph.D., 1983) and for example for me it is clear 
 that when in a plant like that is said that the pressure is zero bar it is referred by default, to relative pressure, not absolute
Also it is very likely, from what Rossi said many times, that the water circulation was regulated, and I bet that the or now mythical flowmeter has measured water going to the reactor- as it has sense. For calculations, instant and longer term. The other mythical piece, Exhibit 5 gives the average dats for 10 long months and they do not look bad at all. The theory - 20kW in, 20 kW out seems inept. Nor the IH people working in the plant, neither the many smart visitors were unable to observe that the plant is a "perpetuum stabile" - the opposite of a perpetuum mobile?.
 Besides, Rossi never refused to install anything, as he repeatedly said, because the measurements have been made with instrumentation owned and  installed by the ERV, in full acceptance from both parties ( Leonardo and IH). I doubt the ERV , a nuclear engineer from nuclear plants and a long experience as a certificator of similar plants, needs to learn from complete amateurs who can speak but never solved a technological problem, never lead a technological Project.

Discussions will be possible when the diagram of the Plant and the ERV report will 
be published.


1) New documents for the Rossi-Darden Trial

72 respm Response/Reply (Other) Thu 5:37 PM 
71minutes Discovery Hearing Thu 4:22 PM 
PAPERLESS Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan: Discovery Hearing held on 10/27/2016. John Annesser and Ryan Chaiken/plaintiffs; Christopher Pace and Christopher Lomax/defendants. (Digital 14:51:20.) (cg1)

2) Report from Brilliant Light Power Industry Day Event (Tom Whipple) From Lou Pagnucco on LENR Forum
Recent Possible Related USPTO Patent Appls

3) Rossi Plans QuarkX e-cat Demonstration for February

4) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

October 28, 2016 at 12:20 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,
If you win the litigation against Cherokee and IH, how much will be the quote in percentage you will have to pay in federal taxes to the USA and in State taxes to Florida State?
Can you tell this?

Andrea Rossi
October 28, 2016 at 11:42 AM

In total the percentage is about the 40% of the net income.
Warm Regards


New method to help solve the problem of nuclear waste
Actinide oxide nanocrystals: Challenging materials for nuclear safety
Date:October 27, 2016Source:De Gruyter 
In the last decades, nanomaterials have gained broad scientific and technological interest due to their unusual properties compared to micrometre-sized materials. At this scale, matter shows properties governed by size. At the present time, nanomaterials are studied to be employed in many different fields, including the nuclear one. Thus, nuclear fuels production, structural materials, separation techniques and waste management, all may benefit from an excellent knowledge in the nano-nuclear technology. No wonder researchers are on the constant lookout for better ways to improve their production.

Hybrid nanostructures hold hydrogen well
Scientists say boron nitride-graphene hybrid may be right for next-gen green cars
Date:October 24, 2016
Source:Rice University
Layers of graphene separated by nanotube pillars of boron nitride may be a suitable material to store hydrogen fuel in cars, according to scientists. 

Numeracy and literacy are important but what about oracy?


  1. Peter
    I have wondered why someone has not
    came up with a way for vehicles to make
    Energy.But someone has.

    "Breakthrough in harvesting energy from automotive shock absorbers"


    1. The amount of energy from vehicle shock absorbers available to be recycled would be minimal, and definitely not worth the expense of whatever technology they invent to harvest it. The obvious indication of this is that in normal use, they require no cooling system at all. Any heat generated simply dissipates into the surrounding air without the shock absorbers reaching any greatly elevated temperature. On a normal road or highway they remain well short of 100 degrees C.
      The money would probably be better spent on smoothing out the roads.

  2. Re: the comment in the leading article,-
    "So it is not only about destroyers pulled by strings, they have their own agenda.
    The want put the Djinn back in the Bottle for many years."

    The problem arises not from destroyers trying to put the Genie back in the bottle. The problem arises from the the failure of someone to actually produce a genie so as to establish and prove its existence.
    There are millions of people out here just waiting for one to be conclusively proven, but so far, after all the years of talk from someone saying he has lots of them "ready for market" no less, to this date they remain hidden away apparently doing the bidding of just one person.
    That is the factor which is effecting the "destroying".
    If this ever changes, and a genie is ever conclusively demonstrated to exist, then whatever the 'destroyers' say will be of no effect.

    There is only one person responsible for this present situation, and that is the person who claims he has 'products ready for market' and has a web site which advertises them as available for sale with a three month delivery date, and yet fails to deliver, to either customer or licensed agent.
    I wonder, how are the last three allegedly sold back in March coming on? They must be already delivered surely?
    Well, probably not.