Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Taking  seriously and with interest the legal aspects of the Rossi vs. Darden conflict
I have studied the case with much attention. So have discovered an interesting and relevant document, with implications - more or less direct- for LENR.

The case was invoked in an earlier document and I ignored it due to lack of time and assumption of lack of real relevance,  but now it is obviously seeming something of importance. I have no idea how something such compromising could be leaked but hostility breeds more hostility, including treason- however it is not reasonable or useful to search for details- it is  a rather old case- pasee, gone in oblivion, out

Anselmo Rubinaldi, Michelangelo Ltd. vs Timothy Durrell, COMMWARMgem
Rubinaldi vs CommWarm.gem, 2007, Dak hd 283- 400567 Do. Wm Hwat, Dak 03.04. 2007

Not surprisingly it is about  a technology of artificial diamonds- inventor Rubinaldi was not paid for it and started a Trial invoking thousands of diamonds sold by Durrell's company. 
The Defendant has started an extreme intensity Web campaign against the inventor and has hired an army of trolls (troll-gangs exactly as bordellos never have lack-of-workforce problems).
The document  shows how COMMWARMgem has instructed this army, principles, tactics, elements of strategy- a school of targeted misinformation. 


(in red for insiders, in black for the simple soldiers)

My friends,So we succeeded to gather this individuals, able to do, speak everything we will ask them; the problems  if hey will smart enough and will avoid capital stupidities  and blunders. But let's be pragmatic we will find not essentially better ones even if we invest a  lot. And when the story will be over, we will get rid of them as of old slippers.- fast, their recompense should be the honor of having worked for our noble Cause.
Let;s hope the best even from the worst.
It is our long term advantage that our people are recruited mercenaries (financial or moral) while the opponent we are fighting with, is mainly honest people unfortunately and honest people are intractable, all you can do is to stop and destroy them mercilessly

THANK YOU FOR JOINING US! We have to work in an organized concerted way; if 
we win on Google/Web our chances to win in the real Trial will be increased. Let's see what we can do!?
First we can speak, we have to speak, the facts are not decisively in our favor and
so our main weapon is WORDSPEAK. On the Web this means WRITESPEAK and CHATSPEAK. It also has to be REPEATSPEAK at its best!

Our first battlecry is:'Divide, Dominate, Destroy" Create a world polarized in "Us and Them- angelize "Us" and demonizs "Them"  all the time.. Do 
not forget but do not accept openly for a second that demonizing is ten times easier than angelizing in this case.
And be as talkative as you can, OVERSPEAK- that means write messages at least 3-5 times longer and more meandering style than the foe. But OVERSPEAK also means hyperbolize shamelessly- make small errors to look fatal, the possible probable and the probable certain.
Always attack in pairs, triads or pack, numerical superiority is always an advantage. 
Use an Orwellian NEWSPEAK, learn from Humpty Dumpty that  the words mean 
what we want, not what the obsolete dictionaries suggest. Assure continuity of the action, be not lazy, do not hibernate. put pressure on the opponent, use PUSHSPEAK.

Quantity of words is necessary but not sufficient for domination. Feel free to use GOADSPEAK, DIRTYSPEAK, NASTYSPEAK, INFECTSPEAK. Be venomous, do not refrain from COBRASPEAK (or rotten DRAGONSPEAK)  Know well that ridicule is 
our most potent weapon- show that they are idiots, mentally retarded, insane, crazy,  thinking like a 2 months old, inhabitants of a land of stupid, credulous naive nitwits-  call it Rubinaldi slum or Rubinaldi Planet where normal, logically and rationally thinking people cannot stay for a single second.

An other battle cry is:" Combine, Confuse, Corrupt!"  Use plenty of fear and threats-FUDSPEAK,  discover, imagine and create fatal vulnerabilities, unbearable uncertainty, mutilating complexities and shouting ambiguities in the writings, truth of the enemy; that means simply: VUCASPEAK, But you have to be slippery- EELSPEAK, it is so useful to lie big and to retract hyper silently, without accepting you said it.  Sidetrack discussions whenever possible.
Be aware of your limits in using logic, thinking but exploit your ability to use effectively EMOSPEAK, emotionalize, create  strong contrasts, antagonize beyond any limits. Try hard to be indignant (on a moral basis, surely) and combine this with kitschy SWEETSPEAK- even WEEPSPEAK if it could have effect- when it is about the ideal moral, qualities and virtues of "Us".
Always demand perfection from the adversary - and claim that imperfect things or achievements are actually of no value, non-existent.

Try to find morally unstable individuals- or simply needy ones and try: CORRUPTSPEAk  (but let us decide if we pay and how much and what for)

Third and most powerful battle cry-slogan: "Mix, Manipulate, Masacrate!"  (But it was soon revealed that you must add: Mistify! to this.)
You must use the deep black art to mix incompatible things  creating explosive  miserable mixtures, most of them explosive. Mix lies, half-truths and genuine truths add plenty of rumors do not care for stupid plausibility or veracity.. Mix real and imaginary things- invert their nature and cook that mixtures. Mix problems  and solutions so that you annihilate both. Mix impertinence and useful cowardice - hit and run. Mix and destroy real targets- always attack persons and not scientific or technical subjects issues- it is easier and more impressive to an uneducated or mis-educated public. Mix your own high intelligence and encyclopedic knowledge with your natural and sometimes supra natural dumbness- it can be a salvation in crisis situations.
Mix past, present and future and rebuild convenient chronologies not necessary natural ones.
Mix real significant, genuine English  words with BLAH- BLAHSPEAK and with the horrible Troll-jargon. So you can say anything and its contrary- usually in the same time and very convincingly.
Mix realities with impossibilities and total falsities- so monsters that could work for you, are created.Mix accusations with the verdict you want, be a mixture of prosecutor, judge, executioner and grave-digger in the same time and same person. Build verbal- and idea-traps for honest  and sincere people who do not follow the rules of diplomacy.
Mix niceties with threats and use a complete arsenal of arguments and methods to silence critics.
Mix facts with toxic lies and try to kill them, if you have limited quantities of poison
give priority to fountains and wells, metaphorically speaking.
Brag having powerful allies and great authorities on your side
Mix reality with perceptions, manipulate, words, concepts, principles, be creatively destructive and ...the reverse!
Keep you human and friendly reactions and attitudes for your families and personal friends- this is a case of total war. The true aim of this campaign is to create memes i/n our favor and even more anti-Rubinaldi memes so  learn MEMESPEAK
(To be continued)





  1. Peter, great posting, surely the miscreants have clearly identified themselves, at least the cadre of Rothwell. It all will come down to when and if Rossi can really deliver something that can be reliably demonstrated. Yours, Bob Loblaw

  2. Hmmm, this tactic IMHO, describes the several years of anti-LENR diatribe that occurred at ecatnews. Right down to the tactic of blasting the perceived opposition with large meandering monologues 'popeye overspeak'. Also that there was a constant penchant for certain groups there to work in packs. In fact Ecatnews became a den of attack packs.

    Best thing that ever happened to Ecatnews was when Paul (the admin) turned it off.



    1. To Brian Ahern, whose messsge do not appear her due to unjknown reasons

      Dear Brian,

      I know Rossi is all-evil, but why do you think he has written this diatribe?

      And you are silent, why do you not inform us about the latest achievement in nano-magnetism, if possible in some kind of correlation with LENR. A few words about ICCF20- Rossi do not lack deniers nd detractors is this your main preoccupation?

    2. Dear Doug,

      independent E-Catnew was the worst viper nest ever seen in LENR communication bt the new robots are even less rational, less decent- they are untractable.