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There cannot be peaceful co-existence between Truth (even scientific truth) and the very practise and dissemination of Populism


Some people want to have success but are lacking basic talents and aptitudes to obtain it in any area of life- but do not take this to the extreme, there are degrees and shades. Say, a leader-political or other is not able to build something really good- then he has to use the following stratagem::
- find or invent some enemy who want to do harm to the "people" or to the Cause, the Truth...
- claim he can protect the people etc. against the enemy
and thus way being to be accepted as a necessary, merituous, accepted Leader, Doer...

The high art in Populism is how to select the enemy- it must be a minority, relatively inoffensive and vulnerable. Its strength must be measured by the harm he can do.
Populism is everywhere- why should be LENR an unlucky, oppressed but fundamentally important scientific-technological entity, be an exception? We have our populists too..

We do not have many breakthrough and achievements and discoveries and applications to celebrate and, it would be fine to find enemies- outer enemies who can be made responsible for this situation. Some enemies are real- pathoskeptics, nuclear physics dogmatics, energy regressives  The greatest internal enemies, in my opinion are the idealists and optimists who are not able to accept the extreme inherent difficulty of the LENR problem per se, who thnk we know almost anything about the territory of LENR. Take please a look to my "Six Pillars of LENR+"
We have recently fabricated an enemy Andrea Rossi who does harm to the prestige, funding, 
future of the entire LENR-land.
What is his unpardonable, dreadful sin? See below, please:

Very short interview with Andrea Rossi

Q- Many classic LENR-ists, science purist who think only the Scientific Methods is the way, consider you are doing something very bad by launching a LENR Technology before having a perfect, complete Theory that explains everything.
What do you thinks?

A.  Could Mankind have used fire and light only after a full knowledge of chemical reactions, atoms and photons etc. we'd  still be in the Stone Age."

I take the risk of increasing my non-popularity that the trouble with the Science protecting LENR populists is- double:
a) they don't know how to solve scientific problems when the Scientific Method does not work well- Nature give s inaudible or partially incoherent  responses,
b) they do not own the very spirit of Technology- I repeat Technology is much more than applied Science

I continue to think that "Technology First" is the Way to successful LENR and Rossi is a friend not nn enemy of LENR.


1) Rossi’s Knot Untangled: Practical Mechanisms For The Induction of Cold Fusion in Metal Hydrides

2) Now discussed at E-Catworld
Anisotropic Magnets Produce the LENR Reaction (Axil Axil)

3) Discussions at Andrea Rossi' JONP

October 9, 2016 at 7:23 AM

Caro Andrea
ICCF 20 e’ stato un fallimento. L’unico impianto industriale realizzato e’ il tuo.
“Non ti curar di lor, ma guarda e passa”
After the last ICCF we got confirmation the sole industrial plant in the world is the E-Cat.
“Don’t care them, just keep on your job”

Andrea Rossi
October 9, 2016 at 2:36 PM

Thank you for your attention to our work.
Warm Regards,


Marco Serra
October 10, 2016 at 5:30 AM

Dear Andrea,
we already know your point of view about not releasing your IP for free. You are maybe right but I disagree in the reasons why you think so, i.e. “Because nobody would invest a single cent in a technology given away for free”.
In my humble opinion a good technology always worth investments especially one that solves big urgent issues like the clean energy production.
In support of my thesis I’d like to consider this example:
Suppose an inventor that, after 20 years of hard work, discover a technique to cure melanoma permanently and release it for free. Do you think nobody would start to produce drugs exploiting his technique ? And the entire world would not start to search a way to extend the technique to other type of cancer ?
What would happen, instead, if he decide to not reveal the technique and protect his own IP ? What if he start a big pharmaceutic enterprise and personally face all the intricacy (authorizations, production lines, supply chain, commercial strategy …) implied in production and commercialization at a worldwide level? And all this while continuing to research for improvements of his technique ?
Don’t you think that the spread of his invention would be relented by this decision ?

I cannot do anything but respect your will to protect YOUR IP, it’s in your rights. But please don’t think that if you don’t push your technique into the market nobody will do. Don’t think that without Leonardo Spa the Rossi Effect will be forgotten. This was maybe true until 3 or 2 years ago, but not now, after the Lugano Report, the 1 year test, the QuarkX.
You are a genius. A great inventor that I thank God to has sent to us. You deserve the Nobel. You will be remember in the time. I’m pretty sure of this.
This would be enough for me to give a sense to my life. Isn’t it for you ?

God bless you
Marco Serra

PS: ti prego non rispondermi “thank you for your insight”. Ci ho messo il cuore in questo post. Ciao

Andrea Rossi
October 10, 2016 at 6:55 AM

Marco Serra:
I had decided not to talk again about this issue, but you say you put your heart in your comment and I have not the heart to spam it. Nor I will answer ” Thank you for your insight “, to respect your will.
Therefore, I thank you for your passionate attention to the work of our Team and for the simpathy contained in your suggestion, but I must repeat that nobody invests seriously in technologies without a protection of the IP. This is true also in the example of the pharmaceutical products you cited: also in that field no medicines would exist without a protection of the IP related to them.
Warm Regards,

4) From Alain Coetmeur

Hideki Yoshino, Clean Planet (JP) representative talking at Global Business Leaders Summit 2016

5) Сергей Цветков «Инициирование реакций холодного синтеза»
Actually it is an 2012 paper from JCMNS Initiation of the Cold Fusion Reactions by Air Components Sergey A. Tsvetkov ∗ 14-13 Kurchatov St.,
  Sverdlovsk Region 624250, Russian Federation 
The approach to cold fusion phenomenon based on interactions between deuterium and the components of air in titanium is considered. Experimental results which point at release of excess heat and neutrons are shown. On the basis of these results the nuclear fusion method and the device for its realization are patented. The application of this nuclear fusion method for nuclear waste transmutation, in particular caesium-137, is considered. On the basis of the calculations given conclusion about applicability of the method is made. According to the experimental data, saturation of titanium with deuterium–air mix results in temperature increase of the titanium deuteride sample by 45◦C, in comparison with saturation of the same sample with pure deuterium. The calculation of excessive heat emission based on these results is given. The conditions necessary for the cold fusion reactions to occur are formulated. 
© 2012 ISCMNS. All rights reserved. ISSN 2227-3123

A paper about the biotransmutation of elementa"Philosophical powder"of Kornilova and Vysotskii

Статья по биотрансмутации элементов «Философский порошок» (технология Корниловой-Высоцкого)

6) The Russian Cold fusion Official site presents this paper - complete from Sendai ICCF20

Доклад на ICCF20 "Advance on Electron Deep Orbits of the Hydrogen Atom"
Advance on Electron Deep Orbits of the Hydrogen Atom
 J. L. Paillet1, A. Meulenberg2 
1Aix-Marseille University, France,
 2Science for Humanity Trust, Inc., USA ICCF20, Sendai, Japan, 2016

) Stepan Andreev:"Russia -world leader in the research of low energy nuclear raections"

Степан Андреев Россия — мировой лидер в исследовании низкоэнергетических ядерных реакций


the problem is to know what questions to ask


  1. Peter
    Article from Infinite Energy Magazine.


  2. Regarding the simplistic analogy as written above:-

    "Very short interview with Andrea Rossi

    Q- Many classic LENR-ists, science purist who think only the Scientific Methods is the way, consider you are doing something very bad by launching a LENR Technology before having a perfect, complete Theory that explains everything.
    What do you thinks?

    A. Could Mankind have used fire and light only after a full knowledge of chemical reactions, atoms and photons etc. we'd still be in the Stone Age."
    It's not so much a matter of the "lack of a perfect scientific theory" which is detracting from the believability of the claims of Mr Rossi.
    It is the long term complete lack of a convincing and provable test or demonstration which is his big stumbling block.
    So far after more than five years of saying he has "products ready for market", he has failed to produce anything which can be demonstrated to work to anyone long enough to put anything on the market, or even do a test which works intermittently long enough to convince anyone that he has something which produces a COP of more than one. And it's not for lack of people or companies which are willing to try. But so far, the record is that all who have paid money to either be agents for the sale of such devices, or even to produce such devices, ( Defkalion, and Industrial Heat), have had their fingers badly burnt. (And not burnt from the heat produced by an ecat device.)
    Some have ended up the focus of much internet slandering by someone who says he cannot comment on matters before the court, but then goes on to post the slanderous comments anyway.
    If a device could be convincingly demonstrated to work, most people, including me, would be happy if the explanation for it's operation was witchcraft. Who cares? we can sort out the details later. We simply don't care so long as the witchcraft works on a repeatable basis and also that it works when Mr Rossi is not there. (A major defect with all the devices so far.)

    The reason for the now widespread disbelief is that so far, after more than five years, we have no devices convincingly demonstrated to work, no devices to fulfill the long claimed "ready for market" status, and also, to top it all off, no theory as to how such a device might even work.

    So, regarding the analogy above, if someone had said they had invented a fire to cook things on and then failed to ever show anything burning, he would have been in the same situation as Mr Rossi now is.

    My advice to Mr Rossi, (yes I know, he hasn't asked me for advice and certainly will not,) would be, get any one of the hundreds of capable organisations to do a simple energy in vs energy out test, and if they find it actually works, even intermittently or unreliably, he will still be the most famous inventor of this century.
    But we all know that's not going to happen is it?

    1. Pweet - like your previous comments here, that's a lot of good points that make sense.

      I'm still waiting for Peter to produce an explanation for where 1MW went without leaving a large trail of evidence. If that evidence had been there, I'd have accepted that Rossi's device worked even though we don't yet know why. Instead, it seems pretty certain that there were no preparations in place to remove that amout of heat and thus that Rossi knew beforehand that his measurements would be false.

      Where massive profits are in prospect, it's not reasonable to expect all the details of an invention. A believable demonstration that it works would be all that is needed, and after that the regulatory bodies would check for any safety concerns (so would get the details but they'd remain secret for others). I can accept the premise that Rossi would publish misleading fuel analyses in order to protect the secret and push competitors in the wrong directions - that makes business sense. I can't however accept the idea that a simple steam system will break Conservation of Energy and that this amount of steam heat could simply disappear. If it had been a few kW "gone missing" then we could blame experimental errors, but nearly a megawatt has very visible consequences.

  3. I might also mention, the amazing 1 Megawatt plant which was the subject of a one year test, and came up with the truly amazing result of a COP in excess of 50, (Rossi says), and for which a further three plants were sold to the same 'customer' on the basis of these results, (Rossi says), and which were to be produced and delivered as per the advertised delivery schedule of three to six months, (Rossi says),( delivery time is now expired by the way), now seem to be relegated to the back burner while he fiddles with the possibility of making it with the all new and even more amazing Quack ecat X which produces a whole 20 watts of heat per reactor cell. Yes, a whole 20 watts!
    Does that sound even remotely believable or logical?
    The customer allegedly bought three more of the 1 MW plants of the same design as that proven to work. What's with all this delay while the whole design is re-worked to a new format which has not even been proven yet, specially when Rossi says the COP is more or less the same?
    How is it that such ridiculous circumstances can be dished up and yet some people think the reason for the unacceptance of the 'reality' ?? of the ecat is due to the lack of a scientific explanation for it's supposed operation.
    The lack of believability is entirely due to the lack of a working device. It has almost nothing to do with the lack of a working theory, even though that would be nice.
    I am certain that if such a device is ever made and then proven to work, a believable scientific principle of operation will follow very quickly.

  4. "Materials Characterization and the story of “The Blind Men and the Elephant” GE Material Characterization“the-blind-men-and-the-elephant”/


    Introduction: "When asked to explain what it is like, one of the blind men touches the leg of the elephant and associates it with a pillar or a tree trunk, while the other grabs the trunk of the elephant and relates it to a snake. The third thinks the elephant is a fan upon touching it’s ear, and so on and so forth. There are several versions to this simple yet thought-provoking tale with fewer or more blind men, but, the story goes that each blind person has his own version of what an elephant looks like. None of them is completely right, and, at the same time, neither one of them is totally wrong."

    "Materials Characterization, in my opinion, is one such field that I can relate very closely with the story of the several blind men and an elephant – the material to be analyzed, metaphorically speaking, is the elephant that needs to be described or understood, and the analysts are all similar to the “blind men” in the story – each with his or her own viewpoint on what the material is like, depending upon their professional experiences and academic credentials"

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  7. Ed Storms:

    “The NAE in my theory are cracks of a especially small gap size that are generated by stress relief in the material. They permit formation of a structure that is able to lower the Coulomb barrier and dissipate the energy by emission of low energy photons from the nucleus. The theory shows how helium, tritium and deuterium are made by the fusion process, what conditions are required for the process to work, and identifies engineering variables that are needed to control the process."

    What does high packing of hydrogen above 95% into a palladium lattice or into a porous nickel fuel particle or the cracks and pits in any metal lattice do in the LENR process?

    In the quantum mechanical world because of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle(HUP), if an object's position becomes sharply defined then its momentum becomes highly uncertain, and vice versa. Thus, if we cool atoms down, the momentum of each atom decreases, and the quantum uncertainty of its position grows. Instead of being able to pinpoint where each atom is, we can now only see a blurry space somewhere within which the atom must be. At some point, the neighboring uncertain positions of nearby atoms start overlapping and the atoms lose their individual identities. Surprisingly, the distinct atoms become a single entity, and behave as one coherent unit.

    When a gas is forced into a confining volume inside a metal lattice, the gas gains energy from the HUP. But that energy is carried off by the lattice and the gas cools. As additional gas is forced into the confining lattice, and its associated energy gains are cooled by energy transfer away from the volume, the gas becomes increasingly coherent. The lattice acts like the compressor in a refrigerator.

    The compressed gas cools to a point where the individual gas atoms loss their identity and become a single effects a single atom. This superatom can not tolerate a mixing of individual positive a negative charges inside its super nucleus, so a critical point is reached when the positive and negative charges of the protons and electrons separate.

    The separation of the charges increases the loss of kinetic energy and this energy... the last bit of kinetic energy from the individual atoms, is removed from the nascent superatom in Bremsstrahlung as the individual electrons wiggle their way out of the newly forming super nucleus. This burst of gamma rays are what we have seen in the segment 7 radiation bursts in some MFMP experiments and in early Rossi reactor startups.

    These electons form a coherent cloud of negative charge that orbits around the newly formed composite positively charged superatom nucleus that has a combined composite spin producing a anapole magnetic field...a super-radiant monopole magnetic field.

    What that compression of gas into the metal lattice has generated for us is a new particle...a quasiparticle...a Bose condinsate...a superconductor that serves the same function as the Anisotropic magnets do in LENR. This new particle acts as a molecular Anisotropic magnet that produces the special kinds of spinning vortex like magnetic fields that will excite the protons and neutrons in nearby atoms to decay under the auspices of the weak force.

    Now we see strange mesons that turn into pions and than muons. In this bath of weird and uncommon sub-atomic particles, we see protons turn into neutrons, muon catalyzed fusion of light atoms and fission of heavy atoms, and then transmutations of every kind based on the random configurations of the atoms in the vicinity of the subatomic particle shower.

  8. ​I have just authored a post explaining how Bose condinsation is central to the LENR reaction.

    In order to get the Bose condinsate to form, the gas that enters the lattice must be pure in the expreme, all gas atoms must be the same. This means that all the surface imperfections must be cleansed of all dissimilar gas types. Air, oxygen, water vapor, nitrogen...every possible gas contamination must be removed from the gas pockets in the lattice.

    The hydrogen isotope used in the LENR reaction must also be absolutely pure. There must be no mixing of protium, deuterium and tritium. The hydrogen isotope must be 100% pure.

    This is a hard requirement to meet because the source of the hydrogen can be a hydride that was chemically constituted using a mixed hydrogen isotope.

    This means that the replicator must make his own hydride using a isotopically pure hydrogen source.