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WARNING: Forget, delete this quotation ASAP it is untrue these days ,  even the oldest and dumbest dogs can download brand new tricks from the Web.


Answers to my writings of yesterday

My writings of today have got answer on the LENR Forum, in a thread dedicated to my activity.

Do you know what is the easiest way to get access to and enter a hornet/s/vipers/scorpions' nest? 
I have no idea because I think it is counterproductive to do this. (NOTA BENE I am speaking about this specific thread NOT about the LENR Forum!) 
However I had a pleasant surprise, you know that I like progress- the Document is dated 2007 however more things had been added to the collection of vicious SPEAKS. one obvious VITRIOLSPEAK is just an amplification, however ROBOTSPEAK is a breakthrough (or break-in if you wish) The opponents are actually using all the time ROBOTSPEAK!  sure sign they are programmed to do a job and nothing can change this. It would be better to cease to wait human reactions, direct answers, rationality, sensitivity to facts, common sense from them.
On the Web, perhaps a rather sophisticated CAPTCHA as "HOnEstANsWEr" could help to avoid useless communication with robots.. i.e. something that does not exist, 

The problem is aggravated by the much by the unfounded and annoying ambition of a speaker to do LECTURINGSPEAK a form of WISESPEAK about anything to anybody- posing in universal genius. 

Otherwise emphasis was on who coined "Rossi Planet" and and we also could learn that water is only water at 103C at normal pressure, in pipes trying desperately to be half-full (the other half is probably, but not surely, empty) 


From ICCF20 Sendai
Mardi 4 octobre, deuxième jour de ICCF20 à Sendai, Japon

In English:

Grande successo dell'ICCF20: presenti oltre 150 ricercatori provenienti da 17 nazioni.

and late evening here:

Mercredi 5 octobre, troisième jour de ICCF20 à Sendai, Japon

MFMP wants to collaborate with Vladimir Vysotskii
I have predicted that Vysotskii's papers will be stars at ICCF20!

LENR the Italian technology than can change the world and get it out of crisis
LENR la tecnologia italiana che puo cambiare il mondo e farci uscire dalla crisi

Nobel Physics Prize Awarded to Researchers in Condensed Matter Physics


This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics is preparing the world for the revelation that cold fusion, aka condensed matter nano-fusion that is everywhere, is the reality that will transform the world like never before. It has been a long time coming but perhaps just in time to help save the world from the ravages of fossil fuels and the fossil fool oligarchy. It’s been a long fight but the cold fusion light bulbs are finally about to illuminate a new age of physics and energy.


Molecular machines garner 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Crystals for energy conversionScientists find that mechanical behavior of tiny structures is affected by atomic defects

An international team of scientists with participation from the University of Göttingen, the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Pennsylvania State University, and Wright State University has measured the mechanics of tiny crystalline ceramics. Materials are made of atoms, and if they are arranged periodically, they are called crystalline structures. If the size of these crystalline structures is 1,000 times smaller than a single human hair diameter, then they are called nano-structures such as nano-rods, nano-wires, nano-ribbons, nano-belts etc. In some cases, special atomic arrangements enable them to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. These materials are called piezoelectric materials. They are useful for energy harvesting as well as a variety of electro-mechanical gadgets to enhance the quality of life. Hence, it is important to have a grip on these nano-structures and measure their mechanical responses. Until now, it was unknown that mechanical behavior of piezoelectric nano-crystals containing atomic defects is different than pure.
In nature, crystals are never 100 percent perfect, and they have various kinds of structural defects. One such defect type is a stacking-fault. This is considered a structural defect. In a stacking fault, a stack of periodic arrangements of atoms in crystals gets added or missing. Dr. Kasra Momeni, Director of Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Laboratory and faculty member of Mechanical Engineering at Louisiana Tech University, elaborates that the presence of structural defects including stacking faults can significantly alter the stress distribution. This is due to the complex interaction between stress fields from stacking faults and the ones from free boundaries of the nano-rods, which can alter the failure mechanism of nanorods with stacking faults compared to the perfect ones.
“Since energy harvesting is one of the key requirements in today’s age, converting mechanical forces into a useful form of energy, i.e. electrical output, is an alternative to other energy transduction modes as well as an efficient approach. There are several crystalline ceramics which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. We introduced a new concept that mechanics of these tiny crystalline ceramic structures are dependent on atomic defects. For example, they can collapse and their mechanical properties are not as expected. Consideration of these facts will enable us to design energy harvesting devices out of such tiny structures,” explains Dr. Moumita Ghosh, leading scientist of this research from the University of Göttingen and former doctoral research scholar of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
The new finding reveals a non-intuitive know-how of defects in terms of mechanics at low dimension. Defect engineering in piezoelectric nanomaterials in future will enable us to realize various high quality and cost-effective vibration-based energy harvesting as well as electro-mechanical devices for biomedical research, diagnostics, and electronic applications.


Bill Nye: From Ebola to Climate Change, Science Illiterate Leaders Endanger Us All


  1. This is a grotesque distortion of what I and others have said. Gluck wrote:

    Otherwise emphasis was on who coined "Rossi Planet" and and we also could learn that water is only water at 103C at normal pressure, in pipes trying desperately to be half-full (the other half is probably, but not surely, empty)

    1. The water is liquid at 103 deg C when it is under pressure, not at normal pressure.

    2. The pipe is half empty where the water has been cooled down to 60 deg C (according to Rossi), and where it is in the gravity return to the reservoir at 1 atm.

    - Jed


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    LENR the Italian technology than can change the world and get it out of crisis
    LENR la tecnologia italiana che puo cambiare il mondo e farci uscire dalla crisi
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