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The term "birther" is well known, in LENR  we have an analog of it, those people who are convinced that Andrea Rossi has not achieved any excess Heat in the 1MW 1 year Test- I coined the word: "ZEROERs" for them.  
I ask now the technology literate Zeroers who are able to do a simple thermal engineering calculation not the usual blah-blah ers the following:
we have got the very plausible mean values of measurement ERV Report mean values for 10 month: flow -1398 kg/hour, feed water- 68.7 C, steam produced 102. 8 C.
Heat is flow X enthalpy difference - in this case  (enthalpies in kJ/kg);
[1398 ( 2679.61-288.84)]/3600 = 928 KWh produced per hour-as Rossi claims, and a COP of 928/20= 46.
Zeroers say "20kW in 20 kW out- and that means 72000 kJ/hour or a flow of 
72000/ the enthalpy difference of above i.e. 26.76 kg/hr. Easy to observe sucha difference. The zeroers would say it is o steam but only hot water- absolutely implausible
because the Hot Cats work well over 800C - but even in this case the enthalpy difference will be ( some 140 kJ/kg and the flow 72000/140= 514 kg/hour smaller
smaller than the measured value.
Irrelevant  stories as half full pipes or 1MW not consumable do not change anything of these simple calculations Zeroers are zero themselves.


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Monday, October 03, 2016
57notice Notice of Hearing Mon 1:43 PM 
PAPERLESS NOTICE of Hearing: Status Conference, re: service of Third Party Complaint, set for 10/7/2016 12:30 PM in Miami Division before Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga. (ps1)

Translation of the famous Ethan Siegel paper
Холодный синтез: желаемое или действительное?


Press Release: The Nobel Prize in Physics 2016


  1. Peter,

    I empathize with your notion of zeroers, but will come back to some absolute realities that permeate the Rossi vs IH trial.

    1) It is a trial by jury (it will not be a ruling by the judge or an arbiter). The pretrial activity is to whittle down what can be put before the jury.

    2) That Rossi has no proven science he can put before the jury to defend any case he makes for excess heat. But this may not matter if his lawyer plays his cards well.

    3) So, Rossi doesn't necessarily have to prove excess heat, just that he fulfilled his part of 'the agreement' for a 12 month test (which at surface value seems a logical event). If the ERV data claims excess heat then the matter becomes why should it not be accepted.

    4) One burden that falls on IH is to convince the jury there was 'no workable mutual agreement' to conduct the 12 month test as claimed by Rossi (this is the area that IH supporters have been attacking). IMHO it is IH's best defense allowing it is the non technical jury they have to convince.

    The thing to be taken from point 1 is this trial becomes a song-and-dance act by the lawyers. The best performer should win the jury. The LENR technical facts are IMHO totally beyond the jury. The claimed contract to conduct a 12 month test is not. That is the battleground.

    Doug Marker

  2. Also, Re Krivit's book - still working through it and one interesting surprise is that Krivit points out that various researchers in Japan and elsewhere conducted tests based on early 'Mills cells' using light water and were able to replicate Mills findings. In one case a Japanese researcher was able to boost the results by reworking the structure of the anode. So this far into the Book, Krivit is praising Mills. Most other Scientists seem to be getting both praise and criticisms.

    Krivit early on points out how the 'Cold Fusion' scientists divided over the ability to get successful results from light water and began heavily criticizing those (i.e. Mills) who claimed evidence for excess heat when using light water in experiments.

    The point made by Krivit is that even 'Cold Fusion' scientists turned on other scientists who didn't adhere to the notion of nuclear activity coming from a deuterium + deuterium fusion event. Krivit, as can be expected, considers that Widom & Larsen offered a far more probable theory of Neutron capture.

    So still reading, and the book is getting more interesting.

    Doug Marker

    1. a clarification. What Krivit says of the Widom (& Larsen) theory(s) is that it was "ultra low momentum neutrons" (Widom 2006). More about this as it unfolds.

      Also when I mentioned 'Mills cells' it would have been clearer had I said 'Randal A Mills cells' and mentioned they go back to year 1991 when he announced his successful experiments using nickel cathodes (not anodes) in light water and using potassium carbonate as the electrolyte.

      Also, the relevance of 'light water' is it is pure water from straight H and 2xO (H2O) vs heavy water which is of course made using deuterium vs hydrogen so is D + 2xO (D2O). The scientists 'attacking' the use of light water argued that the excess heat must be coming from pollution by way of D20 as in their minds there is *no way* excess heat can be generated from an electrolyte cell using water without Deuterium in it.

      Doug Marker

    2. Plus a spelling correction

      It is Randell L Mills (not Randal A Mills).