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The laws of progress- by Yves Henri Prum

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Image result for progress quotationsImage result for progress quotations


A fundamentally important aspect of any scientific-technological field is improvements, creative problem solving - advancement- in a word Progress.
Progress is made by people-planned, tried, re-tried but also evaluated and understood. The problem is a bit more complicated than at a first sight.

Yesterday I have discussed with Sam North, my Canadian friend about longevity
and I told him that longevity is more a problem of genes, a talent and it is not worth to sacrifice the quality of your life for the quantity of it. It is again a Pareto relationship 80% the genes, 30% the life-style and I do not believe in any miracle medicines or food additives for rather healthy individuals. On the same line of thinking I remember how disappointed was my mother, an excellent pianist, when after 4 years of learning piano with one of the best teachers from Timisoara in the 50ies Mme Ingrid Andree, (RIP!) I was still a weak beginner without any chance to make any progresses. Sounds, images a re not for me- all I have are words and movement (swimming) Mother had to realize it, with sadness.

On my turn, now I understand that Progress - on the human side is also a skill, a talent, and effectively there exists something that could be called PQ -progress(intelligence) quotient. It manifests itself n many realms of life and social life - there are progressives and regressives (even reactionaries) of all kind both good and not good.
Just a few words to bring more realism in the understanding of talents actually it is up to "educated genes" if you are interested (e.g. ) for your kids- learn that it is more to heredity than genes, see this as a first paper about the subject:

But we have to discuss about the problem of progress in LENR. Achieving it, maintaining, accelerating diversifying it. Removing the obstacles, breaking the barriers to it.
But also about progress blindness, progress illusion; to be unable to seize real 
progress, to see progress where it isn't

Because still nobody has commented Ed Storm's significant opinion paper about the root cause of LENR trouble- and I will not answer as the first to it, I will say only that
 progress illusion is more for PdD wet, while progress blindness is for high temperature transition metal- light hydrogen vapor phase systems.
A strange case of progress blindness is the newly emitted hypothesis of the most active IH supporter. 
Rossi had once been able to generate excess heat, but forgot the spell and the disputed 1MW plant 1 year test gave zero excess heat. The absurdity of this idea
shows its author has not understood a iota of the fast progress made by the ECats say from 2011 till now. Unfortunately for him, the IH fighter does misunderstand
a lot of things but I have to recognize that he is progressing in error and in repeating fmore frequently false info of other people. With such friends, IH does not need enemies.


1) LENR Reactor Live Test – 60 second film (Tom Conover)

2) The E-Cat as a Cavity Resonator Producing 50-120keV Radiation With Side Effects (Paul Dodgshun)

3) Rossi Provides Projected Timeline of E-Cat Development

4) Rossi vs IH: Leonardo Required to Provide More Definitive Defense Statement

see also the pacemonitor of the Florida Court
Tuesday, August 30, 2016
39 motion Strike More Definite Statement Tue 6:30 PM 
MOTION to Strike Affirmative Defenses , MOTION for More Definite Statement by Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi. Responses due by 9/16/2016 (Annesser, John)
38minutes Discovery Hearing Tue 11:49 AM 
Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan: Discovery Hearing held on 8/30/2016. John Annesser, Ryan Chaiken and Porpoise Evans for plaintiff; Christopher Pace and Christopher Lomax for defendants and Francisco Leon De La Barra for third-party defendants. (Digital 11:01:25.) (cg1)
Actually 39 means IH has to answer...let's see the document.


Theorists solve a long-standing fundamental problem on atoms

Date:August 30, 2016
Source:DOE/Argonne National Laboratory
Trying to understand a system of atoms is like herding gnats -- the individual atoms are never at rest and are constantly moving and interacting. When it comes to trying to model the properties and behavior of these kinds of systems, scientists use two fundamentally different pictures of reality, one of which is called 'statistical' and the other 'dynamical.'
Thanks to Che!
Why We Still Don’t Have Better Batteries what if electrochemical battery technology has arived to its inherent limits?

‘Star in a jar’ could lead to limitless fusion energy

August 30, 2016

Spherical torus/tokamak design for fusion nuclear science facility showing magnets and other systems and structures (credit: J.E. Menard et al./Nucl. Fusion)
New compact spherical tokamak design may overcome physics challenges
Physicists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)* are building a “star in a jar” — a miniature version of the how our Sun creates energy through fusion. It could provide humankind with near limitless energy, ending dependence on fossil fuels for generating electricity — without contributing greenhouse gases that warm … more…


From Tanmay Vora
Six Rules to Simplify Work

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This Motto goes with/for the blog issue of yesterday

And this quotation- I simply like it! It shows the beauty, elegance and expressiveness of the English language.

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The concepts discussed today-  Exceptionality and Uniqueness applied to LENR must be extracted from and cleaned of their political and anthropomorphic backgrounds. Actually this is not quite possible, so better is to anthropomorphic LENR.


To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail. (Giorgio Armani)

Something remarkable is worth talking about. Worth noticing. Exceptional. New. Interesting. It's a Purple Cow. (Seth Godin)

Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible. (Cherie Carter-Scott)


One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself. (Shannon L. Alder)

Absurdity and anti—absurdity are the two poles of creative energy. (Karl Lagerfeld)

Dare to Differ (Matthew Goldfinger)

The precision of naming takes away from the uniqueness of seeing. (Pierre Bonnard0
The greatness of art is not to find what is common but what is unique. (Isaac Bashevis Singer)

Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one's journey is easy. It's how they handle it that makes people unique. (Kevin Conro)


a) Ed Storms about the root cause of LENR's troubles

The root cause of our troubles has no relationship to science. The root cause is psychological.  Rational thinking is a rare ability. Most decisions about all subjects are based on emotions with the rational arguments being used as justification.  Science has allowed knowledge to grow because it tries to focus on the rational argument based on what is observed, not on imagination driven by emotion.  Unfortunately, present understanding of LENR is still based on emotion, not on science.  This conclusion is easily justified simply by noting the level of animosity and insult used in the discussions and when theory papers are peer reviewed.  No one has achieved the respect and trust required to change minds. Everyone believes they are right regardless of their obvious ignorance.  Normally, conflicts are resolved in science by debate with a respected referee being present. This referee can be a person in a company or a professor at a university who has the authority to focus attention on the facts.  The LENR field does not have a person with such authority.  Consequently, the LENR discussions are not scientific. They are more like a political or religious discussion that uses the vocabulary of physics. I see no progress or change until the subject enters mainstream science and is taught in university.  Until then, the discussions are a waste of time without an effective understanding being possible. That, I suggest, is the root of our problems.

b) The exceptionality and uniqueness of LENR.

In the frame of the recent discussions about the true identity and basic nature of LENR, I want now to meditate and discuss about the Exceptionality and even the Uniqueness of our field.
Actually, exceptionality and uniqueness are just other names for what I called Otherness - the first pillar of six in my model:
this can be named also extraordinary or unusual or special but for  the sake of truth, of science and  the future- never Anomalous!

In fact my model is confronting an opposite one, that of Pd D is genuine and says it all
see please the definitory features


OTHERNESS                                     SAMENESS
COMPLEXITY                                    SIMPLICITY
DIVERSITY                                        SIMILARITY               
DYNAMICITY                                     STATICITY
METAMORPHOSIS                            STEADINESS
CREATIVITY                                       STANDARD

I think that simply comparing the acronyms of the two models- OCDDMC vs SSSSSS
you can get a feeling of their relative degrees of interestingness. You know, Freeman Dyson and I have stated independently that we are living in the most interesting of all possible worlds.  

NOTE. I will continue to write about the exceptionality and unicity of LENR but now I do not want to interfere with Ed's opinion paper- please tell him what do you think about the root cause of our LENR troubles.            


1) Will the Leonardo Corp. E-CAT soon be the most valuable brand in the world?

2) From Andrea Rossi's JONP site
Augustus Cofer
August 29, 2016 at 6:34 PM

Mr Andrea Rossi:
Why has been necessary a 1 year test for the 1 MW Ecat, considering that the Lugano test already had supplied the proof of concept?
Andrea Rossi
August 29, 2016 at 11:00 PM

Augustus Cofer:
These tests have been two completely different things. The Lugano test, funded by the Swedish Royal Academy of Science and by Elforsk, has been an independent scientific test, without any commercial involvement and the object of the test was a Hot Cat which worked with a surface temperature of 1573 K and over. The Hot Cat is not yet a commercial product. On the contrary, the 1 year test has been a commercial test, made along a protocol described in a commercial/industrial contract; the object of the 1 year test was a low temperature E-Cat rated 1 MW of power, not a Hot Cat rated 3 kW of power. Being a completely new and revolutionary product, a test of at least one year has been agreed upon by the parties that signed the related contract.
Warm Regards,

Eugenio Mieli
August 30, 2016 at 7:32 AM

Dear Andrea Rossi,

considering the many variables we must consider (technical, legal, political) and consequently the difficulty in being precise in predictions, may you now make a schedule of upcoming major deadlines in the long road of E-Cat?

I’m sure that on certain issues you will be forced to repeat yourself, but I think it is interesting to have an overall timing pattern that reflects your feelings today. Obviously without obligation . . .

Thanks so much,

Andrea Rossi
August 30, 2016 at 8:44 AM

Eugenio Mieli:
1- continue the manufacturing of the industrial plants: NOW
2- complete the R&D of the QuarkX to sell the first unit: within 2016
3- presentation of the QuarkX prototype: within 2016
4- start massive production of the E-Cats in the USA and in Sweden: 2017- 2018
Thank you for your attention,
Warm Regards,

3) Hydrogenation of Nickel (Engineer48)


Thanks to Sam North!
US physicists just revealed plans to build the most viable nuclear fusion devices ever
Virtually limitless energy forever

Intensively discussed on Vortex and in other forums:
Electrons with no mass acquire a mass in the presence of a high magnetic field
Why manufacturing will make or break the future of energy


Problem Solving:
A Harvard psychologist reveals a simple trick for getting over the hardest moments in your day
A warning coming from Jim Rovnak with possible implicationsfor LENR-commercialization:
Dark money groups funding dark money groups funding dark money....

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MOTTOImage result for root cause quotationsImage result for root cause quotations
Image result for root cause quotations


a) Introduction of the day, let's think about Root Causes.

I'm impressed- Internet is inexhaustible information, interesting irresistible ideas invading intellect, instant infinite inspiration. Incredible!

The sketch of an alliteration-illiteration above needs improvement- however the Internet if well treated and smartly accessed can indeed help. I wanted to start this week with an important LENR bound subject and PsyBlog, one of my many standard sources used for my web-search newsletter and not abandoned has offered today this paper:

The Real Cause of Alzheimer’s Revealed By Thousands of Brains

I have no special interest in the Alzheimer disease and I hope this is mutual (despite some compliments received from the IH Planet), however it was good to know that not the amyloid proteins are the main, root cause of this terrible illness.
And the paper reminded me that we , the supporters of LENR too, have to  use more effectively and efficiently, more smartly and creatively  Cause -Effect analysis and we have to focus on the root cause.
I remembered with pleasure one paper published when I was working at OLTCHIM, 
 outside my specialization- about the root cause and the aggravating factors of an undesired phenomenon the coloration of the soda ash (natrium carbonate) solution
- making the product inadequate for high quality glass for example. My friend now Professor Laurentiu Filipescu from Bucharest have jointly but independently discovered that the coloration is due to a form of nionic iron- it goes to the cathode when electrolysed and can be removed with anionic ion exchanger, we succeeded to publish our discovery in the reputed Zhurnal Prikladnoi Khimii. We have determined also the technological parameters that must be respected in order to avoid the formation of anionic iron.

Anyway, in problem solving you have to deal systematically with:

- the real root cause and the aggravating factors of ...if negative...

- the real Solution and its improvements, directions of development...if positive

Please take a look to the Mottoes how could we apply them for LENR?

What is/are the root cause(s) of LENR?

b) Conclusions for the initial stage of my discussion with Ed Storms re LENR

The differences in opinions are now clear, the temporary obstacles are obvious so a pause would be rational and even welcome  However I daresay it was useful - we have discussed about important concepts as genuine LENR,  LENR and Mother Nature, adequate LENR, chaos in LENR and now- about the root cause of the troubles in our beloved but not happy yet- field.
A few conclusions, I hope Ed will agree inclusive to the formulations:

- Ed considers I am unjustly sub-appreciating the possible contribution of the knowledge acquired by the study of the original classic PdD system; i think this is not a complete/completely developed LENR system, ergo. it is not saying much to the complete,  high temperature LENR systems; according to Ed these do not exist yet, and it is dubious if they are possible.

- we are accepting and working with different sets of data and accepted facts, Ed thinks the NiH systems have a low reliability, are based on weak calorimetry amd have dubious if any scientific value while I am much more permissive and I think that NIH( actually transition metals- light hydrogen systems( re both the present and the future of LENR technology; 
- specifically, Ed rejects,  I accept the good results of the Rossi 1 year1MW Test;
- Ed has very serious doubts regarding the results obtained with NiH at the upper limit of temperature range- up to 1400C while I think they are necessarily good due to the Surfdyn effect,

- We think antagonistically differently about Mother Nature, despite the fact that Ed's attitude is based on his 65 years of studying Mother Nature and I haave spent 57 years doing the same thing, and, nota bene, we are both chemists at the root.

b) DOE Report No 3?

I repeat this question:

And with smaller letters- how can we avoid that the DOD report should be a third negative DOE Report after those of 1989 and 2004?


1) Bob Greenyer Posts New Video with MFMP News and Ideas

2) Rossi's cold fusion - in Finnish
Rossin kylmäfuusio

translated with Google Translate
Based mm. Francesco Piantellin patents and Ross received incomplete information, LENR community (ECW at) Consequently, there is some kind of consensus, "Rossi-effect" the operating principle.

In simple terms, the E-Cat's operation principle, therefore, would essentially something like this:
- The tank is nano-sized nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride
- A suitable pressure and temperature conditions under which hydrogen ions absorbed to form a nickel hydridimetallin
- One of the stimulus hydridimetallin atoms excited by electron atoms and obtained by curtains "messed up"
- Preceding the nickel atom (? After the transfer of an electron) will capture the absorbed hydrogen ion or proton orbit
- Proton atom is thrown out of the orbit speed and collides with either a lithium atom or nikkeliatomiin
- Hurled out of the proton kinetic energy of the collision is sufficient to penetrate the Coulomb's wall
- Preceding the lithium atom transmutatoituu beryllium copper and nickel atom
- Beryllium breaks down the same road as two alpha-particle, ie a helium atom nucleus
- Alpha-particles capture electrons and become a helium atoms
- Decomposition of lithium into helium to produce energy
The stimulated nickel atoms therefore act as nano-size "particle accelerator", which paiskovat protons around.
This post has been edited: 3:07 SkiiggeBoey29.8.2016

3) To be a supporter of Cold Fusion/LENR is still considered an error, sin... see
Nobel Disease

4)  Rossi Comments on Theory and Radiation

5) From Jed Rothwell
The History of Cold Fusion in Italy -2009 now in English:


My friend Sam North has suggested me to write something about batteries:
Why We Still Don’t Have Better Batteries

How to Deal with the Irrational Parts of a Negotiation

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Mother Nature has only Solutions but no Problems (real life problem solving truism)

People need to be cautious because anything built by man can be destroyed by Mother Nature. (Russel Honore)

If you can't be in awe of Mother Nature, there's something wrong with you. (Alex Trebek)

Mother Nature is not sweet. (John Shelby Spong)

Mother nature is a fickle and forgetful bitch," she snapped. "She needs a helping hand and I am trying to hurry her along for their sake.” (Sabrina Jeffries) 

Mother Nature," he murdered half aloud and grinned, "we think of her as a benevolent old lady. Maybe instead she's the wantonest kind of whore.” (Harold Sinclair)

Nature speaks clearly to him who knows how to understand her, and has no need of interpretation. (Antonio Vallisneri)

I have never imputed to Nature a purpose or a goal, or anything that could be understood as anthropomorphic.  (Albert Einstein)

Thus, I love nature primarily for the puzzles and intellectual delights that she offers to the first organ capable of such curious contemplation. (Stephen Jay Gould


a) The status of the Srorms-Gluck discussion about the essence of LENR

Ed: I know of only one way to reduce chaos, which is to apply what is known about what is real. That is, use what is observed in the lab to guide the imagination. I attempted to provide this information in several books and in many review papers. Chaos reigns because people in the field ignore most of this information. 

Peter: However if PdD cool on which this information is based is not genuine LENR or is not as say NiH at >1250C, the the value of what we know is questionable and we must discover new things. 

Ed: No believable evidence supports the claim that LENR can  occur >1250°C. What little evidence exists has not showed that the apparent extra energy results from a nuclear reaction rather than from an unexpected chemical reaction.  No extra energy reported by Rossi  was obtained at this temperature.  His devices have always worked at much lower temperatures. Even these examples are in serious doubt.  

In contrast, PdD has been explored by hundreds of studies and shown to produce nuclear products by many replications.  Yet, you ignore this huge body of work and favor a few poorly done studies. Why??  You ignore simple explanations and favor complex explanations having very little relationship to what is observed. Why?  You add to the chaos that is characteristic of the LENR field.  Why?
Ed Storms also says: 

Ed: Also, a good way to get knowledge about what someone else knows is to ask questions. I have found that this approach is very rare in this field. Everyone has an opinion that is unmoved by any argument.

Peter: However again if new forms of LENR need new science than we have to ask Mother Nature  by experiment, helping her by technology to give clearer, louder smarter answers.

Ed: We have asked Nature and Nature has given an answer to a few people. You need to ask these people what Nature said. Instead, these people are ignored. What questions would you ask instead of the ones that have been clearly answered? Why would your answers be accepted any more than those provided by anyone else?   In fact, who can be believed in this field?
Peter: My final word about the question: which sort is the genuine lENR? - is that we have actually to decisively de- ask this question. Reason there is no LENR, but LENRs each genuine in its own specific way and mode. Howgh!

Ed: Are you willing to believe that a collection of very unusual phenomenon has been discovered, each unrelated to the others?  If so, you clearly can not be trusted to contribute any useful insight about LENR. 


My answer to this

A- what I strongly dislike is the last paragraph- I never told that the phenomena are unrelated to each other, they have common features and specific features, yes each needs  specific treatments and investigations to be understood and ways to be developed toward applications- but why is Ed using the poisoned, alien word "unrelated"? A fair exegesis excludes the use of false citations and additions to what the opponent writes...

B-  It is no problem that Ed and I are using radically different modes of thinking especially regarding the relative value of the Known and the Unknown,unfortunately  there are great differences in our starting suppositions. This discussion becomes semi-impossible due to some selective data half-denial by Ed. The Ni systems- Piantelli, Rossi, Defkalion,  and around Rossi as Bondeno, Lugano, Parkhomov, MFMP  and many replicators are not fully accepted- in corpore- due to lack of believability or weak calorimetry. With this premise- we are at a dead point and have to wait till NIH will be confirmed even for those who do not take it in consideration. The most radical way will be if/when the COP of 50-60 obtained in the 1 year/1 MW experiment will be confirmed. Obviously Ed does not think about the Quark that works at 1400 C and rejects the idea of accelerated massive genesis of NAEs  at high temperatures he is convinced that NAE is a nano-crack and nothing else. I do not understand why he excludes heat over 1250 C, however cracks will not be stable at high temperatures?!

C- Ed says:  We have asked Nature and Nature has given an answer to a few people.
It is relevant what have asked these people- and we know they have limited the questions mainly to the classic PdD LENR system; we also know that the answers were- LENR surely exists, it is not reproducible at will , it depends on hidden or immeasurable parameters too. I interpret these results also that Pd D is not a complete LENR system, the dynamism due to high temperature enhancement is missing from it. Reading these papers with attention is not an equivalent of a good question?  What can learn a goatherd from a shepherd?  A lot, but goats and sheeps are sufficiently different to need separate strategies. By the way, it is not correct to say my sheeps know all, while you have only zombie goats- not real ones.

I remark and I do not like it Ed uses again the lazy and arrogant "ignore" instead of the active and brave "reject"

There is a great and significant difference between the vision/opinion of Ed and mine about Mother Nature (please  read now the Mottoes, yes it is a diversity of opinions there!)
For Ed, Mother Nature is a nice lady who loves and respects the Great Laws and tries to help us to understand Her. She adores simplicity and common sense logic, her favorite tool is Occam's Razor. 
I think Mother Nature is a narcissistic person, trying to be interesting at any price (sometimes even low price) playing with complexity, diversity, strangeness, fast and deep change, secrets and especially surprises.  She thinks that many times the most complicated answer is the best one. She respects her own Laws but she chooses what Law to respect, when and why. She cares for us, but in a very special way. Ed's LENR ideology and mine are actually mirroring our images of Mother Nature.

The E-Cat is neither CHEMICAL, FISSION nor FUSION. It is a MACHINE!” (Chapman)

Aneutronic Fusion – the QuarkX Explained (Steve H)

Cold Fusion Is Real Fire From Water Part 2 Of 4 Mp3 Download


Is blue the new green? Wave power could revolutionize the renewable-energy game

Scientists stunned by huge MIT discovery