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Gravitation pulls all the strings of the Universe (Valeriu Butulescu) 

Our fate is so similar to that of the apples, as soon we are 'ripe' we are in danger to fall from the tree. (Valeriu Butulescu)

The first Motto has inspired me to add this:

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and to comment that sometimes the pulling forces are well, even too well known.
As a personal note I have to add that the strongest string by which I was lead and mis-lead during the first 64 years of my life was a negative, invisible one- lack of money. Strings- it exists a great variety of them! And also a great variety of puppets! LENR is a good field for applied Stringology studies, unfortunately.


This is an idea thread about ICCF20; I have to wait still to see the list and titles of the coming papers. I have told you more times that there were five places whwre I was happy like a fish in water my whole life: a) swimming pools; b) good libraries, c) at the opera house, c) fine restaurants and d) scientific congresses. Things have changed- I am too old for swimming- and no good places for swimming in my town.I have no ore patience for staying at opera- I can listen to them at the TV or better on the Web as I will when I will. Library and books- the most spectacularly and unexpected change to e-book and again to the Web. Restaurants are OK, with moderation- my wife is a perfect cook and likes cooking to the Family.
Scientific congresses- I am too old, too short-sighted, too slow moving (to use euphemisms for them but the essence is to read the papers fast, to look at the recordings from my PC. The great loss is I cannot speak viva voce with colleagues. 

Our lives are full of problems that are inherently wicked and therefore have NO COMPLETE, NO PERFECT SOLUTIONS, the solutions have permanent flaws. A
fast example I have hypertension and it cannot be cured, must take permanently some medicines which help me to coexist, to survive with my flaw- at a cost.Politics is actually a smart choice between the bad and the worse- political problems have no solutions. Education is also in part insoluble because data, information, knowledge from the past cannot be adequate to solve ll the problems of the present and future, therefore learning  and re-learning must be permanent. 
About scientific symposia, workshops and congresses, please consider this a personal opinion, these have the problem that it is impossible to make them financially profitable and scientifically  at the highest level. It is OK, there are taxes paid by the participants but if these taxes become too important then the participants more precisely the speakers the presenters decide about the orientation. Especially at a such oppressed field as LENR the natural trend is have as many papers as possible from many countries, the selection is influenced by the obligation to be a success
The times for real discussion- move to the restaurants or the hotel or after the Congress, the breakthrough (if they happen?) cannot be emphasized.
I have participated, during my OLTCHIM years at the organization of ccngresses
and I learned that the standard speaker, strongly motivated by a specific form of publish or perish is actually convinced that the meeting's main aim is to inform the world about his/her bright ideas. 
I think congresses must be organized as opera representation. See the Motto here:

The opera is a very expensive noise, a scientific congress is a avery expensive meeting. Both need very generous financing in order to be independent from the public, participants and to be at the highest level of quality and respective thinking  A poor congress is a poor congress.
When I will see the list of papers, I will continue this string of ideas.

the past as obstacle in the way of future 

1) LENR news on

2) About the LENR experiments of Rossi and of Parkhomov- by Mihail Mironov
I recommend you to read this paper  with Google Translate; the author, leader of the MAUS Laboratory is a promising scientific researcher

3) Some News from Around the World of LENR

4) From Andrea Rossi's JONP
August 17, 2016 at 12:22 PM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
You already have given communication that the industrial plants manufacturing has been started, and this is for sure a milestone in the history of technology.
When do you think that also the massive production will be announced?
Thank you,

Andrea Rossi
August 17, 2016 at 2:07 PM

It is very difficult to answer, many factors do not depend on me, while the selected industrial manufacturing as it is on course depends on me. I can assure you that I am doing all I can to make it possible in the shortes possible timespan.
Warm Regards,

Frank Acland
August 17, 2016 at 1:36 PM

Dear Andrea,

A few weeks ago you said you thought the first commercial application for the industrial E-Cat plants would be in the field of centralized or district heating. Has this changed, or do you still feel this way, and if so are you already working in this area?

Thank you,

Frank Acland

Andrea Rossi
August 17, 2016 at 2:04 PM

Frank Acland:
Yes, the distributed heat will be the start. I will give the details when it will be in operation.
Warm Regards,


Another Rossi secret revealed as follows:

Nano-skeletal catalyst US 9023754 B2…hw&bvm=bv.129759880,d.eWE


This super nano nickel powder is Rossi's powder as shown in the Lugano demo. It is about 100 times better than the Ni carbonyl powder that MFMP uses.

The specific surface area values using BET method show that the chemically processed Ni powders have a very high specific surface area (> 60 m2/g), which recommend them for electrical applications, especially for electrode applications. For Ni carbonyl powder the specific surface area was found 0.68 m2/g.

The evaluation of the chemisorption characteristics by using hydrogen selective adsorption method shows that the modified Ni powder exhibits high power of hydrogen adsorption (600µgH2/g), which recommend them as catalysts in hydrogen addition reaction.
The google link was truncated. The full link should be as follows: 

NOTE- It is a Romanian paper:

M. Lucaci * , S. Gavriliu, M. Lungu, I. Vida Simiti a , I. Roman b 
Advanced Research Institute for Electrical Engineering (ICPE-CA), 313 Splaiul Unirii, 030138 Bucharest-3, Romania 
a Technical University of Cluj Napoca, 15 C. Daicoviciu, 3400 Cluj Napoca, Romania bAviation Metallurgy (METAV-CD S.A.), 16-18 Zapada Mieilor, Bucharest-1, Romania 

Very fine nickel powders starting from NiAl intermetallic compound by removing of aluminium from the lattice of NiAl intermetallics using a chemical processing were prepared. Powders with particle sizes up to 1 micron with high specific surface area were obtained. These powders can be used for applications in which a paste or smooth fine coating is needed, for example, in multilayer capacitors. Also, nickel coated graphite particles are employed for electromagnetic shielding. Very fine nickel powders with high surface area can be sintered together to make controlled porous structures for metal filters and electrode applications (batteries, fuel cells). (Received April 20, 2004; accepted June 22, 2004)

Inspiring but pre-Rossi, anyway


Morphing neutrinos provide clue to antimatter mystery
Excitement rises over chance of new physics from Elizabeth Gibney

Thanks to Jack Cole for signalling this:
This new equation might finally unite the two biggest theories in physics, claims physicist Linking general relativity and quantum mechanics with wormholes.


You know that I am a polymer chemist, engineer by Mark Peplow
The plastics revolution: how chemists are pushing polymers to new limits
Polymers have infiltrated almost every aspect of modern life. Now researchers are working on next-generation forms.


  1. Peter
    You said this in your blog.
    uper nano nickel powder is Rossi's powder as shown in the Lugano demo. It is about 100 times better than the Ni carbonyl powder that MFMP uses.
    Do you know why MFMP does not use this

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  3. The Nano-skeletal nickel as explained by Axil could be good if was builded by Ni62...

  4. Sam , MFMP plans to test Ni62 unfortunally powder they received must be still reduced at nanoscale yet.

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