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a) Introduction of the day, let's think about Root Causes.

I'm impressed- Internet is inexhaustible information, interesting irresistible ideas invading intellect, instant infinite inspiration. Incredible!

The sketch of an alliteration-illiteration above needs improvement- however the Internet if well treated and smartly accessed can indeed help. I wanted to start this week with an important LENR bound subject and PsyBlog, one of my many standard sources used for my web-search newsletter and not abandoned has offered today this paper:

The Real Cause of Alzheimer’s Revealed By Thousands of Brains

I have no special interest in the Alzheimer disease and I hope this is mutual (despite some compliments received from the IH Planet), however it was good to know that not the amyloid proteins are the main, root cause of this terrible illness.
And the paper reminded me that we , the supporters of LENR too, have to  use more effectively and efficiently, more smartly and creatively  Cause -Effect analysis and we have to focus on the root cause.
I remembered with pleasure one paper published when I was working at OLTCHIM, 
 outside my specialization- about the root cause and the aggravating factors of an undesired phenomenon the coloration of the soda ash (natrium carbonate) solution
- making the product inadequate for high quality glass for example. My friend now Professor Laurentiu Filipescu from Bucharest have jointly but independently discovered that the coloration is due to a form of nionic iron- it goes to the cathode when electrolysed and can be removed with anionic ion exchanger, we succeeded to publish our discovery in the reputed Zhurnal Prikladnoi Khimii. We have determined also the technological parameters that must be respected in order to avoid the formation of anionic iron.

Anyway, in problem solving you have to deal systematically with:

- the real root cause and the aggravating factors of ...if negative...

- the real Solution and its improvements, directions of development...if positive

Please take a look to the Mottoes how could we apply them for LENR?

What is/are the root cause(s) of LENR?

b) Conclusions for the initial stage of my discussion with Ed Storms re LENR

The differences in opinions are now clear, the temporary obstacles are obvious so a pause would be rational and even welcome  However I daresay it was useful - we have discussed about important concepts as genuine LENR,  LENR and Mother Nature, adequate LENR, chaos in LENR and now- about the root cause of the troubles in our beloved but not happy yet- field.
A few conclusions, I hope Ed will agree inclusive to the formulations:

- Ed considers I am unjustly sub-appreciating the possible contribution of the knowledge acquired by the study of the original classic PdD system; i think this is not a complete/completely developed LENR system, ergo. it is not saying much to the complete,  high temperature LENR systems; according to Ed these do not exist yet, and it is dubious if they are possible.

- we are accepting and working with different sets of data and accepted facts, Ed thinks the NiH systems have a low reliability, are based on weak calorimetry amd have dubious if any scientific value while I am much more permissive and I think that NIH( actually transition metals- light hydrogen systems( re both the present and the future of LENR technology; 
- specifically, Ed rejects,  I accept the good results of the Rossi 1 year1MW Test;
- Ed has very serious doubts regarding the results obtained with NiH at the upper limit of temperature range- up to 1400C while I think they are necessarily good due to the Surfdyn effect,

- We think antagonistically differently about Mother Nature, despite the fact that Ed's attitude is based on his 65 years of studying Mother Nature and I haave spent 57 years doing the same thing, and, nota bene, we are both chemists at the root.

b) DOE Report No 3?

I repeat this question:

And with smaller letters- how can we avoid that the DOD report should be a third negative DOE Report after those of 1989 and 2004?


1) Bob Greenyer Posts New Video with MFMP News and Ideas

2) Rossi's cold fusion - in Finnish
Rossin kylmäfuusio

translated with Google Translate
Based mm. Francesco Piantellin patents and Ross received incomplete information, LENR community (ECW at) Consequently, there is some kind of consensus, "Rossi-effect" the operating principle.

In simple terms, the E-Cat's operation principle, therefore, would essentially something like this:
- The tank is nano-sized nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride
- A suitable pressure and temperature conditions under which hydrogen ions absorbed to form a nickel hydridimetallin
- One of the stimulus hydridimetallin atoms excited by electron atoms and obtained by curtains "messed up"
- Preceding the nickel atom (? After the transfer of an electron) will capture the absorbed hydrogen ion or proton orbit
- Proton atom is thrown out of the orbit speed and collides with either a lithium atom or nikkeliatomiin
- Hurled out of the proton kinetic energy of the collision is sufficient to penetrate the Coulomb's wall
- Preceding the lithium atom transmutatoituu beryllium copper and nickel atom
- Beryllium breaks down the same road as two alpha-particle, ie a helium atom nucleus
- Alpha-particles capture electrons and become a helium atoms
- Decomposition of lithium into helium to produce energy
The stimulated nickel atoms therefore act as nano-size "particle accelerator", which paiskovat protons around.
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3) To be a supporter of Cold Fusion/LENR is still considered an error, sin... see
Nobel Disease

4)  Rossi Comments on Theory and Radiation

5) From Jed Rothwell
The History of Cold Fusion in Italy -2009 now in English:


My friend Sam North has suggested me to write something about batteries:
Why We Still Don’t Have Better Batteries

How to Deal with the Irrational Parts of a Negotiation


  1. Can't help but commenting the Finnish Kauppalehti discussion.

    It's the same bullshit gone on and on for years by the same crackpots.

    You don't have to translate. Just go to Frank's e-nut world for example, or go to MFMP Facebook pages, and imagine the hoola-hoola therein is written in some weird unimaginably incomprehensible language.

    Got it? Good.

  2. Peter
    An interesting article.

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  4. Peter
    Research in Alzeimers.
    Thanks for battery story.

    1. dear Sam,'
      I d onot want an answer but I tell you a great secret- your helth if you live ain normal circumstances depends 80% on our genes and only 20% on your life-style. If you get Alz or not is the same. Diets do not help if you are not ill, on the contrary. Vegan is suicide. Moderate alcohol is excllent.

      Best wishes if you want to discuss this let's do in private.

  5. Peter
    They say keep mentally active is good also.
    So I will keep reading your blog.

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