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LENR is in an identity crisis, in a definition crisis- and this started at its 
unconventional birth. And in chaos, as I told. So we can just try to define waht is actually genuine LENR? The majority of the researchers and their associates from multiple areas still consider the original system of the Founders is the true, veritable, authentic scientific field. NiH is rather unknown, uncertain, not sufficiently studied. Terra incognita hic errorem. Inside the NiH land, Francesco Piantelli says his is the unique actual "vero" "anomalous process" and Andrea Rossi is just using a summum of transient secondary physico-chemical processes . Andrea Rossi says the Piantelli process does not give massive excess heat, ergo it is not genuine.
Multiple Rosssi replicators have obtained excess heat however on the additive and not the genuine industrial multiplicative level. Isn't the LENR chaos more than genuine, my friends?
Based on the natural idea that the genuine PdD a model and source of information for all the forms of LENR, yesterday Ed Storms has stated:

I know of only one way to reduce chaos, which is to apply what is known about what is real. That is, use what is observed in the lab to guide the imagination. I attempted to provide this information in several books and in many review papers. Chaos reigns because people in the field ignore most of this information. 

However if PdD cool on which this information is based is not genuine LENR or is not as say NiH at >1250C, the the value of what we know is questionable and we must discover new things. 

Ed Storms also says: 

Also, a good way to get knowledge about what someone else knows is to ask questions. I have found that this approach is very rare in this field. Everyone has an opinion that is unmoved by any argument.

However again if new forms of LENR need new science than we have to ask Mother Nature  by experiment, helping her by technology to give clearer, louder smarter answers.

My final word about the question: which sort is the genuine lENR? - is that we have actually to decisively de- ask this question. Reason there is no LENR, but LENRs each genuine in its own specific way and mode. Howgh!


1) This letter to editor apppeared at News
Column on fusion ignores information
This letter is in response to the recent “Earth Talk” column published in thePoughkeepsie Journal, (“ Fusion reactors far from reality,” Aug. 4).

The column ignores recent developments in fusion technology. Aerospace giantLockheed Martin is working on a fusion reactor design that is small enough to be built on assembly lines and uses microwave energy rather than costly lasers to ignite hot fusion reactions.

A number of well known corporations, such as Mitsubishi, Toyota and Volvo, are working on cold fusion reactors, now popularly known as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). “Low energy” signifies the relatively small amount of energy required to start the fusion reaction.

The most common fuels used for LENR reactors include nickel powder, lithium and hydrogen gas, as well as palladium and deuterium. Mitsubishi has a proven method of using LENR to transmute elements, which proves beyond reasonable doubt that fusion has occurred at low temperatures.

No one knows when economical and reliable fusion reactors will hit the marketplace, but there is ample reason to be more optimistic than the analysis would suggest.

Christopher Calder
Eugene, Oregon

2) Cold Fusion/LENR- the war of patents
Fusione fredda / LENR: La guerra dei brevetti


4) A historical 2014 conference:
David Nagel – Scientific and Practical Questions about Cold Fusion

5) NASA and LENR Free downloads

6) [W85.Book] Free Download The New Fire: A Simplified Introduction to Cold Fusion and LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) PDF ePub Book nby Dennis W. Drumheller


2016 Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics
Thursday–Sunday, October 13–16, 2016; Vancouver, BC, Canada
Session 1WB: New Frontiers in Low-Energy Nuclear Theory I

9:00 AM–10:48 AM, Thursday, October 13, 2016
Room: Junior Ballroom A&B

Sponsoring Unit: DNP
Chair: Sonia Bacca Bacca, TRIUMF

Abstract: 1WB.00002 : Advances in ab initio theories for nuclear reactions

Author: Sofia Quaglioni (LLNL)

Driven by high-performance computing and new ideas, in recent years \textit{ab initio} theory has made great strides in achieving a unified description of nuclear structure, clustering and reactions from the constituent nucleons and their strong and electroweak interactions. This is giving access to forefront tools and new fertile grounds to further our understanding of the nuclear force and electroweak currents in nuclei in terms of effective degrees of freedom. A fundamental understanding of nuclear reaction mechanisms and a new capability to accurately compute their properties is also relevant for nuclear astrophysics, terrestrial applications of nuclear fusion, and for using nuclei as probes of fundamental physics through, for example, neutrino-nucleus scattering. In this talk, I will present recent highlights and reflect on future perspectives for this area of nuclear theory. Prepared by LLNL under Contract No. DE-AC52-07NA27344.

A nanoscale wireless communication system via plasmonic antennas


An especially good issue of Gapingvoid:
Without DOUBT nothing is possible
Rethinking Groupthink: Great Advice For Leaders From Adam Grant’s New Book “Originals”


  1. I really agree with Ed Storms. Ask questions and do not think your idea is the solution. It might contribte.

    1. Questions illuminate but WHO can give you the answers
      when you are on new territories? People from Congo are
      ready to give instructions for Eschimooos how to behave on a very cold day and vice-versa- freely cited after Stanislaw Jerzy Lec. If I sk Ed how to make QuarkX better the answer is more nano-cracks and good hydrotons.


  2. Ed Storms: "However again if new forms of LENR need new science than we have to ask Mother Nature by experiment, helping her by technology to give clearer, louder smarter answers."

    When experimenters look only for excess heat, they may miss what Mother Nature is saying. Try looking for sub-atomic particles, RF radiation, spectrographic composition of emitted light, and particle tracks in photo-emissions from LENR ash; in short, any possible experimental technique so far invented.

    1. Yes, multi-disciplinarity and other multi's is a must.

  3. From my point of view, any energy source utterly and totally useless, based on flaky physics, can be called LENR. They are alike in that no usable amount of energy is available.

    Oh, and they are all arriving "soon" with disruptive consequences.

    1. I like your shortcuts to QED. By the way couldn't you find other hobbies, different ways gto show your wisdom?

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