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Today Sam Hansson's choice and explanation of his Mottos:

My motto at the moment is “Mit Feuer Getauft” (Baptized with Fire) , this motto is influenced by the German invasion of Poland 1939 and all though not correctly translated to English holds the meaning “Stand Your Ground”.
In the small city of Wizna Polish soldiers stood outnumbered 59 to 1 against the German Wehrmacht. 720 soldiers fought bravely for three days holding back 42 000 Germans.

I also try to remind myself to think positive and have fun, pain is only weakness leaving the body, and all that. Smile - Be happy – Give the world an index finger salute now and then.


..and despite the fact that I am almost 3 times older than him, a good friend of mine- he has visited us in Cluj and is constantly helping me with my blog- including artistic aspects and i admire his activities pro LENR.

Please tell about your bio including professional activity & life experience!

I grew up in Sweden where I studied business economics in high school preparing to become an entrepreneur, but after being drafted into the military stayed with them for a few years as a consultant focusing on surveillance and security. I then moved into production and quality for a few years working on the assembly lines in a factory building microwave ovens, as well traveling Europe to handle repairs and presales. The last couple of years I have been focusing on sales and business development for various tech companies, moving slowly towards digital marketing.

Your personal life philosophy, you Rules, what is in your opnion the meaning and significance of life, your life especially, your self-image!

My life philosophy is that whether we are aware of it -or not- we all make up our own reality, so we might as well make up a great one. Most people would not agree with me and argue that I'm wrong but I simply can't see the benefit of believing anything else.

As for rules, I care very much for how my actions effect other people, I also care a lot about nature but I try to assess every situation objectively based on my own morals. Within the corporate world I've been in many situations where I've been asked do stuff that is legal but immoral. That way I think about laws and rules as guidelines, they'll teach you not to commit a crime but not how to be a "good" person. 

In the frame of your developing thinking and philosophy please descibe your Meeting with Cold Fusion LENR- how and why have you been converted in the active, dedicated and industrious (hard working) LENR supporter you are today?

Something that have had great impact on my life is my mother and father's struggle with Parkinson's disease and cancer. These experiences led me to understand just how important and valuable it is with scientific progress. Science is a great thing most of the time, it allows us to life healthier and better lives, so when a scientist has something to say, I want to know what how it can improve my life.

I never heard anyone say that “we'll never be able to cure cancer and we shouldn't even try”, there are lots of great minds working on that, but I realized that things was very different for those researchers working with alternative energy research.
They've been marginalized, not so much for the research having no merit but because there are opponents working on competing technologies and political agendas of taxation and reliance on centrally distributed energy.
The situation is such that not even NASA can talk about their “Cold Fusion” research programs without being criticized.

To further a debate I started to blog about this subject. In the beginning I was focusing mostly on Andrea Rossi and his Nickel Hydrogen technology (e-cat). It seemed at first not very credible but that changed with time as he was given endorsements one test after another. Eventually it seemed like a done deal and the world was going to drastically change but the commercialization has been delayed and recently as we know uncertainty has been shed upon the subject after disputes from a business partner in America, Industrial Heat LLC.
Because this is 'word against word', I want to witness the “Cold Fusion” effect with my own eyes and to do so I have had to learn the (very) basics of the technology, measurements etc. It's possible I've seen Cold Fusion taking place (?), I've seen anomalous readings but not in Nickel Hydrogen systems.

To say that I'm hard working is to stretch the truth. It's more of a hobby and a passion. While it's very discouraging sometimes to read about the disputes I try to remind myself to focus on things that are positive, for example all the great minds I've gotten to learn within science and business, also the skills and knowledge I've picked up along the way, for example bits of knowledge about the environment, science, technology, politics etc. 

What do you like and what do you dislike the most in today's LENR, the brightest and the darkest or hazy sides of it- in your opinion?

Regardless of how things plays out with the overall field in general and with Andrea Rossi and his E-cats in particular I think we're witnessing up front things with historical importance. For example I see how "Cold Fusion" has led to new ways to think about scientific research and how to engage a larger audience in new ways. I'm referring especially to the MFMP and their concepts of "Live Open Science", a concept with many applications and benefits. I hope they can push through and go mainstream! It's such a great concept I hope it'll be adopted sooner rather than later.

The darkest parts of LENR at the moment is probably the influx of financial and political incentives. When "Cold Fusion" can be commercialized we'll have the means to reform society positively in many ways, so we can do better, but it's being handled in a way that I don't approve. I want to see "Cold Fusion" reform banking and politics, not the other way around.

What is your personal LENR ideology, ideas habits INITIATIVES direct collaborations?

Those that followed by blogs knows that one of my goals for years have been to develop a kit. Because I'm not a very technical person I've been dependant on others for help. It took me a few years but I've finally seen the idea come to fruition, much thanks to my partner in crime Alan Smith and an independent research partner in Ukraine.
We've started a company (www.lookingforheat.com) that provides chemicals and lab equipment to garage researchers, academics and industry over the Internet. The only web sop in the world where you can buy “Cold Fusion” equipment and chemicals in affordable amounts. We provide a "LENR Test Kit" so simplistic that now almost anyone can try for themselves. It's basically a high-temperature heater with swappable cores intended for running tests with various fuel powder compositions. This kit is continuously improved based on the ideas of the online community. Our latest module is a pressure/vacuum/flushing add-on, it's being tested as we speak and it will hopefully be added to our web page within a few weeks. If fuel such as that of Alexander Parkhomov works, it should work in our systems as well and could be tested very cheaply.

Experimental and explanation, old vs new - you as a New Wave representative  in LENR?

As for theory, I read a lot of papers but I don't really understand them. They are not very usefull to me.

There are lots of bright people that set out to explain various Low Energy Nuclear Reactions in theory, but that isn't helpful for me when I am trying to prepare a fuel that will produce excess heat on demand, so I rather stick with trial and error. I've ground Mentos into powder and tested once, It didn't work!

This morning I received an email with a Nickel Hydrogen recipe, very easy to prepare with a kitchen own and The LENR Test Kit. That's the sort of things that gets me excited, I'll prepare it tomorrow and test Thursday.
what should the community do to solve its problems

What should anyone do when he/she realized he has a problem? The solution to a problem is not always obvious, but it's rather obvious what it’s not. (Isn’t it?)

I have myself many problems, I read your blog for inspiration, I read what others write, sometimes it's useful most of the times not. I look up to Peter Hagelstein, never ever give up and consistently move forward.

your sincere personal opinion- has Rossi added to the field or has he had a bad, damaging influence?

Sincerely I don't have all the information, the situation is what it is and the community has become divided.

There are you know others that argue the opposite, that IH has damaged the field, or possible both parties.

The work of Rossi has been mentioned in various articles and drawn the attention of governments and multinationals. Regardless of what an individual think of the (uncertain) situation, he can only move forward when he accepts the situation for what it is. At the end of the day, as an individual I'm responsible for my own actions and my own progress, so while following the situation very closely I try to focus more on myself.

Because I've heard about several other researchers that claim to have successfully replicated Nickel Hydrogen technology I haven't given up on my dream to see for myself. Our company is following up on a few leads over the next couple of weeks, testing powders that supposedly have created excess heat. Because these teams are willing to work with us and because they are not getting paid to collaborate, we see very little incentive for them to make things. 

Your predictions in LENR for the coming years 

1 Year: Rossi is still going strong while heavily opposed.

1-3 Years: We will know more about efforts to commercialize Palladium based heaters. We will have seen more clearly that American entities have tried to control and regulate Cold Fusion, they’ll continue doing so but they won't be very successful. 

3-5 Years: Dr Bob has his own brand of commercial heaters 

5-10 Years: I've grown a beard and become a vegetarian 


Link one LENR Test Kit Upgraded: 

Link two Picture of me: 

Link to youtube video with Frank Sinatra: 

Other favorite music of Sam:
Remember The Name with Fort Minor, it’s been my motivation music for years.

Thnks dear Sam and great success in your endeavors!
My grandson Rudi likes your music too!
b) A completely useless discussion with Jed Rothwell
Anyway the last one before the publication of IH's Counterclaim- or the revelation of a PROOF of Jed's accusations. 
Jed has received a message on the LENR Forum saying:
We are not interested in your guesses any more since you refuse to substantiate them with verifiable evidence. (FrankWtu) But Jed, we have to accept this, is not so sensitive and thin-skinned, nothing except IH to which he does a lot of harm, can stop him.
Jed's method of discussing is perverse he tells things, does not explain or justify them but repeats and repeats them- it is an old trick of the propaganda to believe that repetition makes a lie-true. Combines this with insulting those who do not believe his barely credible, non-smart stories: . 
He wrote:
The calorimetry is described in the ERV report, and in the sample data I have. If you wish to see it, you must ask Rossi for it. I will not provide it.
Since you have not seen it, you have no business commenting on it. You have no idea what I am talking about, so you cannot judge whether I.H. is right, or Rossi is right. No engineer or scientist should ever try to judge technical data he has not seen. When you do that, you disgrace yourself! Shame on you!

Actually I have not judged anything I have asked him for proofs and he is unable to give them.

"Continuing- which gross errors; . . ."
The ones in Rossi's data. I repeat: You must ask him for the data.
"how can Jed know about the fake data-"
It is obvious. Anyone can see it. The pressure cannot be 0.0 bar.

He knows well Rossi will not give any data prior to the Trial- as legal and normal. 
The constant null value of pressure is a very stupid invention of Jed and Co.

". . . where Reports after 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th quartile- why were pressure readings all brought to zero?"
All of the ones I have seen.

Till now he has seen only one fragment of the ERV report- coming from Rossi
now he knows more why he does not say what he knows, actually? My guess is that he has seen the ERV Report in a dream. Can you describe it. Jed?

"Who from IH has protested against the flawed instruments and data?" 
All of the I.H. experts protested.
All- that means how many? When was the very fir ts protest? Why have they continued to work despite of knowing that the instruments are good for nothing and the methods of measurement are the same? Do they have lost the professional dignity. 

What has resulted from the protests?"
Rossi sued them.

OMG! How could this demonic Rossi sue those honest workers, just because they wanted good instruments and correct measurements? I had no idea about this trial, was it in 2015? Now I am starting to believe that Rossi is evil. Please give us some details. I will publish them in a special edition!

"Answer please how the IH experts succeeded to make good measurements?"

By conventional methods. Rossi's "measurements were flawed and the instruments unsuitable" as I.H. put it in their Motion to Dismiss. I.H. experts were able to use proper methods, over Rossi's objections.

So good to hear there were NO unconventional methods used.

It is enough  for now, I will ignore Jed's wisdom as said till the Counterclaims bring some fresh air- or thinking about Jed's logic- fresh pestilence.


1) More From Rossi on Restricted Access to the Customer’s Plant

2) Who owns the E-Cat now?
3) Cold Nuclear Fusion of Alexander Yurievich Kuznetsov
A,Y Kuznetsov is the owner of the Star Industries Company from Russia, trying replication of the Rossi process. There are videos there but too noisy for me, now. Iwill ask my Russian reader friends to write me- In Russian about these Kuznetsov's achievements. Spasivo!


Frank Acland about the start of E-Cats production
August 1, 2016 at 6:50 PM

Dear Andrea,

You say that ‘production has started’ on the 1 MW E-Cat Plants. Congratulations! Some questions if you don’t mind.
1. These are low-temperature E-Cat plants?
2. The design has been finalized for these plants?
3. How many plants are currently ordered?
4. Can you build more than one at a time?
5. When do you expect the first of these plants will be completed?
6. When do you expect the frist of these plants will be installed?
7. How many workers are involved in building these plants?
8. Are you personally involved in production process, or have you delegated this task to others?

Thank you,

Frank Acland
Andrea Rossi
August 1, 2016 at 7:42 PM

Frank Acland:
1- yes, so far
2- not exclusively
3- confidential
4- yes
5- I prefer to reserve the answer
6- I will give information of it when it will be working
7- enough
8- I am personally involved
Warm Regards,

Susan Cordasco about access to the plaant of the Customer during the Test
August 1, 2016 at 6:21 PM

Dr Andrea Rossi,
Did Industrial Heat have access to the part of the factory where was the plant of the customer ? Did IH make any measurement of temperature in the area or with the plant of the customer ? Can you answer or this is information restricted ?
Andrea Rossi
August 1, 2016 at 7:36 PM

Susan Cordasco:
Absolutely not. Nobody of IH has ever entered the area in which was the plant of the Customer, based on an agreement signed by IH and the Customer , on the base of which both parties were engaged not to enter in the respective areas. Between the two areas there was a wall that has never been violated by IH. I know this because such agreement has been signed also by me, as the responsible of the safety of the E-Cat area.
Warm Regards,

Gerard McEk about progress of the Cook- Rossi theory of the Rossi Effect
August 1, 2016 at 12:05 PM

Dear Andrea,
Can you tell us something on the progress on the theory which you are developing together with Professor Cook:
1. Do you think that it can be fully explained with the existing physics?
2. Does quantum physics play a major role?
3. You told me that you are checking the theory with the QuarkX’s. Are you satisfied with the results till now?
4. Are there still some doubts in the theory or unexplained aspects of the QuarkX’s?
5. When you are sure that the theory can fully explain the LENR process of the QuarkX, will you then immediately publish the theory?
6. If 5 = no, where does publication then have to wait for?
7. Can you give us an idea about when you hope to publish the Theory?
8. Is it likely that the publication of the Theory and a public demo of a QuarkX are done on the same day?
Thank you for answering our questions.
Kind regards, Gerard
Andrea Rossi
August 1, 2016 at 6:20 PM

Gerard McEk:
1- yes
2- yes
3- yes
4- there are always doubts in every theory. Otherwise it should not be a “theory”, but a “law”
5- maybe
6- n.a.
7- not yet
8- I do not know.
Warm Regards,


This issue re Jed Rothwell's comments seems simple ! ...

1) Jed is accusing Rossi and Penon of fraud.
2) But, Jed was not present at the test at any time
3) Jed did not participate in the active test in anyway

Jed could be right in his accusations, but based on what ? - hearsay ?, opinion ?, remote analysis after the fact ?.

IMHO (again irrespective of what eCats actually do) Jed is on thin ice making accusations of fraud based on his role (or lack of it) in the test and contract.

Next we will be told that Jed is IH's star expert witness asked to tell the jury how Rossi and Penon lied and cheated.

Jed is (as already said) on thin ice in terms of proofs suitable for a court of law, in this test. 

 and :

Further comments on the IH / Rossi saga:

One path this litigation could be leading to is that if indeed Rossi and Penon *did* do as Rothwell and IH are claiming/implying and cheat or lie during the test or in the report, then one might ask if IH used the alleged Rossi fraud during the 1-year test period, to harvest investment from a variety of sources.

The 89 or so Million $ to Rossi sure is a great temptation to him, just as harvesting the claimed $150 million from investors into IH/Cherokee would be if harvested based on Rossi 'progress'. 

So what did IH really believe about Rossi's eCats during the extraordinarily long test period?. Was it an opportunity they could not resist ?.
An altogether unpleasant possibility but one that cannot be ignored.

Also add to the original comment that IH and Rossi have had a longer than 3 year relationship. 

That in itself must rank as ample time to have done some deep due diligence/testing especially with the est $89 million completion fee to be paid after 1-year test.


New high-temperature device captures a broader solar wavelength spectrumhttp://revolution-green.com/new-high-temperature-device-captures-broader-solar-wavelength-spectrum/
Interesting materials used.


  1. You wrote: "Actually I have not judged anything I have asked him for proofs and he is unable to give them."

    This is Rossi's data. You must ask him for it, not me.

    He will not give you anything. He has never given you anything. And yet you believe him! This is irrational. You blame me for not giving you Rossi's data, when he himself will not give it to you! That's crazy.

  2. Jed
    Do you wish you had never seen
    any Data.

  3. "Do you wish you had never seen any Data."

    Not at all. I enjoy playing around with data. This dataset is interesting, and relatively easy to analyze.

    Why would I feel that way? I am not emotionally involved with Rossi the way Peter is. I don't care what happens to him or his claims. He is obviously wrong, and probably a fraud, but there have been many mistakes in the history of cold fusion, so it is no big deal.

    The only thing I regret is that the lawsuit has blocked the publication of the ERV for now. I hope that will be resolved on Friday. I don't know if it will be, but I hope it is. If the ERV data is published, everyone who understands calorimetry will see that Rossi is full of shit and his claims are ridiculous. I expect a few pro-Rossi fanatics will continue to say he is right, but any engineer or scientist worth his salt will dismiss him. If Rossi had not filed suit, that would have happened months ago.

  4. Jed
    Do you think the Judge should order
    another EVR be done.

    1. Sam, I'll add my answer to this question.

      The way I see it, the judge is only a judge of the law and it is only that aspect (the contract) that the judge will deal with. Also bear in mind this will be before a jury.

      The question when boiled down, is "does IH owe Rossi the est $89 million ?"

      The question of "Does LENR work" is not for this judge & jury to prove either way and neither could they.

      The judge cannot really be judge of new science, the jury likewise. If the existing ERV is called incompetent or fraudulent there needs to damned good evidence that a Jury can understand. Is that possible ? - simply IMHO 'no'. It would too easily turn into a war of science opinion.

      The science community are at constantly each other's throats over LENR - some still argue it is junk science - others put forward substantial testing to claim the opposite.

      I sincerely doubt the judge could or would order another test. But anything is possible.

      Doug Marker

    2. There is no need for another ERV test. Any expert witness such as a licensed HVAC engineer will testify that this test produced no heat. It is obvious.

      Rossi might find some crackpot engineer or physicist who claims it works, but the others will all say that is impossible, so the testimony will be thrown out under rule 702:


    3. Jed
      Are you not saying the EVR was done
      If so it would make a lot of sense
      for another EVR.

    4. Rossi's own data shows there is no excess heat. The interpretation of that data by Rossi & Penon is wrong.

      It wasn't just done incorrectly. It is blatant fraud, with a fake customer site that had no heat coming from it. Proof of that, plus the calorimetry done by I.H. is all the evidence anyone needs to dismiss this claim. Any expert will testify to that. I do not think there is any need for another test.

      If Rossi is willing to pay for another test, done by a third party, that might be a good idea, but if I were I.H. I would not pay for any more testing. I expect they have rock-solid proof already.

  5. Doug
    A two or three month test and Court appointed EVR
    just makes so much sense to me.
    They could have it done by the end of
    the year.

    1. Sam, If your idea of a court appointed ERV (Engineer Responsible for Validation) is made the arbiter of a test, what is the jury there for ? - why would they be needed. What was wrong with Penon as ERV.

      My belief is this is a legal matter based on contract law and will likely only be decided based on law matters and not in proving leading edge science.

      This court has AFAICT no jurisdiction to rule that LENR is real or is false. It can rule on if the terms of the contract were met as explained by law (not science).

      There is a difference and it is that did Rossi meet the terms of the contract. Did the ERV carryout his obligations per the contract ?. For IH they are saying no they didn't, now they have to 'prove' why. If they can't point to obvious deception or gross error in the manner the test was conducted, they have a problem even if the eCat theoretically used more energy than it generated.

      Can you see that the issue as you convey it is that only an ERV can be the arbiter of such a test. The judge & jury serve no real purpose. How many ERVs in succession might be appointed in subsequent appeals ?. How can this judge determine that any new ERV did the right thing ?. That can really only come from agreement between Rossi, the ERV and IH. These are the only ones who can truly agree in unison about a further test. Rossi argues he has the results already.

      It is an interesting situation and I guess we all are wondering how it will pan out. The law in the USA can move in mysterious ways.

      Doug Marker

  6. Doug
    The good news is Ecats are in production.
    Hopefully a happy customer will soon
    come forward and tell us there energy savings.
    Good enough proof that the Ecat works.

  7. If IH had what they contracted for, which is a working Rossi E-Cat of some sort, then the payment to Rossi would be such a small percentage of the overall profits that it would be crazy for them not to pay him what he wanted. Whether the ERV report is competent or incompetent is not really relevant.

    From the current situation it should be obvious that IH do not know how to make a working system. Since they have manufactured them and it would be somewhat unthinkable that they would not have tested them themselves, then the year delay during the ERV test during which IH have not made further devices and worked on manufacturing plans also implies that they don't have a working system yet.

    The court case may be a good conversation-piece, but doesn't actually matter. The real question is whether IH have a working system and could thus start selling them to us in a reasonable timescale. It looks like the answer there is no, they don't.

    I'd accept Jed's assertion that IH used an IR camera analysis of the outside of the building and didn't see enough heat for 1MW of energy-use, since in the same situation I'd have done that myself. It's a logical thing to do in the circumstances. We have no proof that it happened, of course, but that proof may turn up later.

    On a practical basis, using up 1MW of heat takes some doing. That implies quite a lot of products moving through the locked room if you're making a product with it, with the alternative being simply venting it to the atmosphere which would have been visible in any case on an IR camera. Still, whatever way you use that heat you'd need to install some equipment large enough to utilise it at somewhere around 100°C. The big question there is where did all that energy go. It seems to have been measured and then disappeared without trace leaving around 20kW of heat-plume above the locked room. Funny, that....

    Since you'd need to be able to use the total heat produced, it would seem certain that Rossi knew pretty closely what energy output he expected and would have planned for it. If he expected 20kW output he could easily get rid of that with no employees or products in that locked room. At 1MW he'd have need a lot of movement and, to achieve no more than 20kW dissipated in the room, he'd have needed a 98% efficient process at 100°C or thereabouts. That's not thermodynamically possible.

    It's rumoured that Brillouin are also sponsored by IH. Brillouin have had good results and I'd trust their data, so IH may at some point have a working LENR to sell to the world. It's also worth following (and supporting) Looking For Heat, who are trying to replicate Parkhomov and are open-sourcing their experiments and selling the kit for home experimenters. If it works, you'll be able to prove it yourself, without a court in sight.

  8. I wonder if I.H. new if the Ecat was working
    at max when they did there I.R. camera test.

  9. You wrote: "On a practical basis, using up 1MW of heat takes some doing. That implies quite a lot of products moving through the locked room if you're making a product with it, with the alternative being simply venting it to the atmosphere which would have been visible in any case on an IR camera."

    That is not the alternative. Whether you use the heat for manufacturing or simply dump it, almost exactly the same amount of heat is dumped. Even an endothermic process such as baking bread uses only a tiny fraction of the heat. The rest is lost as waste heat. That is why bakeries are hot.

    Sam North asks: "I wonder if I.H. new if the Ecat was working at max when they did there I.R. camera test."

    Rossi claimed that the machine worked at full power the entire time. That is also what the sample data I saw showed.

  10. Jed
    Your a hard man to stump.
    Are your children as smart as there data.