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The inability to predict what will happen can be a fatal drawback- for example in ice hockey, business life, chess and LENR development but the list is wide open....

In ice hockey the rule is:

"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.
Wayne Gretzky

Saying a bit over-used, sometimes misused - today on Gapingvoid- very true and of vital importance. Gapingvoid comments: "If you are going to take a leadership position in your business or industry, you need to be thinking about future trajectory.Not the past..."
The best way to predict the future is to build it, at least to organize it.

What could contribute to fast, generalized progress? What obstacles to be removed first?
Thank you in advance!


Novel source of clean inexhaustible energy
The George Washington University, DC, United States

My research and studies in LENR (Cold Fusion)
Мои исследования и изучение LENR (ХЯС)
It is by replicator Denis Vasilenko- whom we wish success! first part second part

A LENR patent application (thanks to Felix Scholkmann)
Method and System for High Efficiency Electricity Generation Using Low Energy Thermal Heat Generation and Thermionic Devices
United States Patent Application 20150110237

Cox, Rodney T. (North Plains, OR, US)
Walitzki, Hans (Portland, OR, US)

A system and method are provided for generating electric power from relatively low temperature energy sources at efficiency levels not previously available. The present system and method employ recent advances in low energy nuclear reaction technology and thermionic/thermotunneling device technology first to generate heat and then to convert a substantial portion of the heat generated to usable electrical power. Heat may be generated by a LENR system employing nuclear reactions that occur in readily available materials at ambient temperatures without a high energy input requirement and do not produce radioactive byproducts. The heat generated by the LENR system may be transferred through one or more thermionic converter devices in heat transfer relationship with the LENR system to generate electric power.

From Cold Fusion Dog Bob
Volodymyr Dubinko speaking about quantum tunneling at ICCF-19:

Report on LENR Presentation to Scientists and Engineers (Gerard McEk)

What says Andrea Rossi about the situation:

Andrea Rossi
April 29th, 2015 at 7:45 PM

Now, at 08.40 p.m. where I am, inside the computer container of the plant, I can say that the 1 MW E-Cat ( ” She” ) is stable and in ssm mode. Also the tests on the new version of the Hot Cat that we have set up here are going on giving us many, many data. I’d say that our R&D and test cycle is advancing nicely, but we must remain very conservative, conscious of the fact that the results, at the end, could be either positive or negative.
Warm Regards,

Waiting news from the ХТЯ и ШМ you remember it was a meeting in Moscow today,
Bazhutov and Parkhomov reporting about ICCF-19.


[BOOK] Wind Energy Essentials: Societal, Economic, and Environmental Impacts:

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E-Cat Cold Fusion Reactor Shames Thousand Ton ITER Electromagnet (Hank Mills)

NASA is Rossi's competition?

Bernie Koppenhofer
April 29th, 2015 at 9:51 AM

Dr. Rossi: NASA could be very near to announcing, for publicity reasons, a huge “breakthrough” in LENR. Have you considered announcing interim results of your 400 day test? This interim announcement would bring much wider attention to your ground breaking research. Thank you for working so hard the world is indebted to you.

Andrea Rossi
April 29th, 2015 at 10:20 AM

Bernie Koppenhofer:
Our work scheduling is not generated from others’ announcements, but from a serious work.
We will publish the data of our 1MW E-Cat when our test and R&D will have been completed.
By the way, the fact that we compete with NASA honours us. I think our work has been a catalyst of their work on LENR.
Warm Regards

BErnie Koppenhofer can refer to this news:
Nasas Cold Fusion Tech Could Put A Nuclear Reactor In

Not new info but well said:
Tom Darden Reveals why he Backed Rossi

Waarom willen we niet aan de LENR ( koude kernfusie)
Why the Dutch authorities in research don't accept LENR (cold fusion)?


no MOTTO today because 
Quotations are the fig leaves of the intellectual nakedness- (Valeriu Butulescu)

I have got some comments to my idea re the great companies that will make the LENR revolution an every day reality. The last issue of the triad transport-transfer-transformation is the most difficult- it is making information and/or energy and/or matter more human , adapted to the needs of humans.I have asked about the energy revolution equivalents of Microsoft, Apple, Google and 
reader Richard Pollack had an idea:"it's very possible that these SAME companies will be involved in the ENERGY revolution"
I have a trend to disagree, these companies all are characterized by features of giantism, while really great deeds are made by companies having an exceptional ability to grow fast. But who knows... Richard can be right. I have tried to consolate myself for going downstairs with tons of curiosity inside by reading a dozen or so fine papers at: 

My sure prediction about the Energy Revolution is that it will come.

Other: If you have read my essay:
you will know that I am pro positive feelings, emotions,positive actions but I consider positive thinking as counter-productive and of negative effectiveness in most of cases, especially in research. However am reading constantly about positive psychology; today this habit has brought to my attention an important powerful concept, see:

What are the necessary "signature strengths" of the LENR+ pioneers?  Beyond a broad back able to host many arrows and being able to continue? We have to ask, for example the Lugano testers and our young MFMP heroes.


David Nygren discussing with Denis Vasilenko the new Parkhomov replicator:

Parkhomov Explains Cut-and-Paste of Plot Lines in March Experiment

A richness of information here: see espeecially about
future Parkhomov replications

Problem solving in a modern world                       

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Man is the only kind of varmint that sets his own trap, baits it, then steps in it. 
(John Steinbeck)

My strongest weakness is curiosity, specifically LENR curiosity and I am angry beyond any limits seeing how slow it goes on its meandering way- and I will not see the real great victories of it. I am searching for LENR info many hours daily and due to excessive curiosity I am falling stupidly in some smartly built traps.
Probably this has happened- Google has detected some trouble with my account
and I had to change instantly my safety settings. I like my account, it is the oldest
of all owned by people of the same name- Google mail was in an incipient stage when I have obtained it. It is part of my life and it was stolen... but I took it back. Thanks Google.  Google knows the value of time and the value of personal values.

As you have already seen it on Ego Out many times, Technology progresses by solving the  problems of transport, transfer and transformation of information, energy and matter.
I had the privilege to live when this was accomplished for transport and transfer of energy; from the three giants who have accomplished this- Microsoft, Google and Apple I was connected to Google because I predicted they will be those who convert search in finding. I have worked for web search when this became a splendid reality- more than 10 years. And because for them my time too is seen as kairos not as chronos.
LENR is part and spearhead of a similar evolution for energy. The task is even more difficult- and it is huge, so three giants will not suffice. In practice now we have a monopoly of Rossi.
It happens that today I have met a friend Walter Braia, after an absence of more than 65 years- he lives in Frankfurt am Main- has made a fine career in mechanical engineering. He spoke about turbines, I have tried to inform him about LENR+. When I told him about the 1MW plant, he told very rudely that 400 days is an obscenely long testing period. Probably he is based here on his own, different experience.

Which companies will be the ET (energy technology, not what you think!) equivalents of the IT leaders- Microsoft, Apple, Google in the energy revolution? There will be 
tens of smaller ones- I am so curious to know!


ICCF-19 photographies made by G.V. Tarasenko;

ICCF-19 video made by G.V. Tarasenko;

All the posters of ICCF-19 compiled by Jed Rothwell…/0B0zswVgoWa18cmhlUjg0c0dLeDA/view

Report of Rochester, Minnesota Public LENR Presentation by Tom Wind (Ivan Idso)

Hank Mills's questions are good but not answerable, as you see:

Andrea Rossi
April 27th, 2015 at 5:32 PM

Hank Mills:
1- no, this issue is not that simple
2- the issue is confidential
3- same as in 2
Warm Regards,

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De gustibus non est disputandum..
In matter of tastes there must be no disputes

It was my intention to show you how the ICCF-19 intellectual feast is evolving, how intensely the most diverse presentations, experimental and even more theoretical are discussed on forums and groups. Even exotic theories...
But there came news mainly from Russia and this have priority..

What FIRAX Tech does  (see below)could be sensational.. but still it is difficult to understand/follow it.


An Event: I hope it will be as ICCF-19.5 or even more.
TImes are accelerating!
  • Dear Colleagues,

    • We invite you all to participate at our yearly usual RCCNF and GL-22 conference in the anniversary year 2015 (26 years from the Discovery of Cold Nuclear Fusion, Cold Nuclear Transmutations) again in our favorite Olympc  pensionate in Dgomys- where the majority of these conferences-15 took place.
    • With respect,
    • Yu. N. Bazhutov

  • The Russian Society of Physicists                                                                 The Russian Society of Chemists, named after D. Mendeleev                  The Nuclear Society of Russia                                                                        The Physical Faculty of Moscow University named after MV Lomonosov      

  • Russian University of the People's Friendship                                      Committee on Problems of Globular Lightnings of the Russian Academy of Science

  • Phone.: 8 (916) 627-4969, 8 (499) 124-3036 №__________ 
  • Fax: 8 (495) 851-0124
    Е-mail:;; ____________ 2015 г.;

    Dear Colleague,
  • We let you know that from Sept 27 to Oct. 4 2015 the above named conference will take place.

    The program of the conference comprises papers on the following directions/subjects:
  • 1. Experimental research in the problem of Cold Nuclear Transmutation of chemical elements and of Globular Lightnings
  • 2. Theoretical models of these phenomena
  • 3. Applicative and social aspects of CNT and GL
  • Applications for participation at the conference, including information regarding the title of the report or reports,  the authors, speakers and the abstracts (in Russian and English languages, both texts on one page.) have to be sent till May 25, 2015 by e-mail for their timely inclusion in the program of Conference.
  • Duration reports 30 min, short presentations 10 minutes.
  • Payment for accommodation and meals in the hotel for a a person/day - (1080-2600) / (2110-3560) rubles. in (double / single) room, including three meals and use of the beach ( Registration fee for Russian participants of the conference ( accompanying persons and students) -1500 (500 rubles) should be made to obtain a reservation at the hotel and the inclusion in the conference program until May 28, 2015 - 2000 (1000) rubles thereafter.
  • Reports discussed at the conference and presented to the Organizing Committee (electronic and printed copies) in accordance with the Rules of registration (see above our websites), will be published in a separate volume.
  • Arrival and registration of participants - September 27 (> 14:00), departure - October 4.

  • President of the conference:  Yu.N. Bazhutov, 
  • Vice-presidents: V.L. Bychkov, N.V. Samsonenko
    Instruction for Abstracts Preparation
    (Font size: for title – 14 and 12 – for authors centred)

    I.P. Ivanov1, V.P. Kuznetsov2

    1M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, ;

    Abstract texts are presented in Word format, font size is 12 point, Times New Roman, interval 1.0 with 2 sides form a line. Margins: 25 mm on left, right, bottom, 30 mm. on top. Abstract texts have to be no longer than 1 page total (А4) in Russian and in English without references.

  • "Hot Cat" or "Cold Duck";                                                       
      Thanks to Cold Fusion Dog Bob a.k.a Sam
Not ICCF-19 but theory including LENR, my friend Vlad Plesa, ZPEnergy generously hosts the theory of Wlad Guglinski whom we know from Rossi's blog:
Proven asymmetry of electric field foreseen in Quantum Ring Theory



An important event dedicated to the most important and difficult problems: An example for LENR

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Thanks to J.P. BIBERIAN


Between too early and too late, there is never more than a moment. 
(Franz Werfel)
author of the book "40 Days on Musa Dagh" about the Armenian genocide of 1915

Author Jean Paul Biberian, a great personality, experimentalist  and thinker of our field, has published this enchanting and instructive book:

Cold Fusion, ITER, Alchemy, biological transmutations" both in French and in English (prefaced by Stanley Pons)

Biberian is based on the realistic understanding of DIVERSITY, but this is also an admirably very personal book. In Chapter 2, "My own story", Jean Paul relates the heavy losses of lives caused by the first great genocide of the past Century and its "replicas" to his family, his parents were forced to go in exile.
When recently he wrote": "Nobody can change history, and we have to deal with the present situation." - actually answering to my not-especially-intelligent rhetoric question about why LENR was discovered in the PdD Cell and not in an incandescent cell as at Lugano- this answer is also valid for the tragically great number of genocides, peaking with the Holocaust- of the XX-th Century- history cannot be changed (historians do it routinely but in vain).
So many people consider a a "-cide" the best solution of the wickedest problems.
The 21 st Century ( a high tech alter-ego of the 12-th Century)- if people will not wake up and the European Culture will not be able to get rid of its trend to suicide can be much worse- kind of "ISIS uber alles". The dangers are terrible.
Frightful that there are so many words with the suffix -cide in the dictionary:

It is perhaps no surprise that Tom Darden, in his memorable speech at ICCF-19 has also used  such a word to describe the start of Cold Fusion. It will not be wise from me to speak again about the APGAR score of the newborn  science, cruelty, closed-mindedness of the tentative executioners and the merits of those who have helped Cold Fusion to survive- are all carved in stone by History...

"The treatment of Fleischmann and Pons, and the treatment of any of you by mainstream institutions and the media will go down in history as one more example of scientific infanticide, where entrenched interests kill off their divergent progeny. . . . this seems to be a dark component of human nature... (Tom Darden)

It is not wise again to write infra-black Sunday editorials so I will close it with a fine physics-metaphor of Jean-Paul Biberian about the diversity of LENR:

The field of LENR is probably quite large, and might include several aspects. Just like radioactivity where there are many different mechanisms: beta, beta plus, alpha, gamma, neutron, electron capture... 

Soon, as we will become more illuminated, we will use LENR at the plural.

After an information rich week, a poor Sunday however my friend Axil ,and Andrea Rossi help to save the situation, LENR has not entered a Spring hybernation- it is just a bad day.


The Lugano Transmutation Mysteries. (Axil Axil)                                                        

Guideline Document for Basic Nickel-Lithium Aluminum Hydride Reactor Based on Rossi’s E-Cat (Hank Mills)

Rossi about his public image

April 26th, 2015 at 6:31 AM

Dr Rossi:
Do you have somebody who helps you to upgrade your image? After what you made you deserve it.

Andrea Rossi
April 26th, 2015 at 7:18 AM
First and foremost, the results we made so far are not MY merit, but are merit of the Team I work with.
As for your question: of course I have somebody able to upgrade our image: she is the 1 MW E-Cat ! If she will complete the 350 days of operational test positively, our image will be consistently improved, on the contrary there is nobody that could help, but further work.
My culture warns me to beware chatters and count exclusively on facts.
Warm Regards,
And later:

Andrea Rossi
April 26th, 2015 at 9:38 AM

Frank Acland:
Description of the 1 MW plant in operation will be given after the tests and the R&D on course will have been completed.
I gave the information I could.
Warm Regards,

OK, however: Rossi's genuine enemies say the 1MW plant exists only in his fantasy and would not believe anything  coming from a Customer, they want reputed authorities and experts confirming the results. The duration of the test is much too long for a world eagerly waiting the new energy source; why only the final results will be published and not the intermediary ones, says, weekly, monthly?

The greatest mystery associated with LENR and the hardest question to answer is how nuclear energy production can occur without gamma ray emissions and unstable isotope production. This most  puzzling behavior of the LENR reaction could well be explained by a newly discovered but experimentally verified Quantum mechanical protocol called Quantum Energy Teleportation(QET) 
QET is a process where energy is transferred between to particles through the vacuum using quantum entanglement in a many bodied system.

QET requires two conditions to hold; first the sender of the energy and the receiver of the energy must be entangled with each other, second, the energy must be produced by the sender and received by the receiver.
First, we will talk about how high energy entanglement happens. Quantum Mechanics(QM) is impervious to common sense. The most counter intuitive principle that confuses us is how a very hot and energetic environment can exist in a state of coherence, entanglement,  and Bose condensation.

But first, let us understand how the vacuum works. 
This perception is universal among all of us; we think that only gases cooled to temperatures near absolute zero can be coherent and entangled. So how can such an uniform and stable environment be produced at the roiling and searing temperatures that vaporize metal.
Such an unexpected condition is a direct result of the prime rules in QM, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal (HUP). The HUP is a fundamental theory in quantum mechanics that defines why a scientist cannot measure multiple quantum variables simultaneously. This rule states that the energy of a particle and its position are tied together.

Quantum uncertainty has real effects on things. Early on, Heisenberg offered  an observer effect at the quantum level as a physical explanation of quantum uncertainty. As time rolled on, it became clear that the uncertainty principle is inherent in the properties of all wave-like systems, and that it arises in quantum mechanics simply due to the combined matter wave nature of all quantum objects; In other words, that is everything in our world. The uncertainty principle actually defines a fundamental property of quantum systems. It is a physical explanation of reality and is not a statement about the observational success of current technology. In order to understand LENR, we must look on the subatomic world as waves and waves have a long reach that can extend a long way.

First, let us talk about the vacuum and how the excitation of the vacuum changes the nature of the vacuum. See the section of the reference starting on page 12 at the bottom of page 12 until we get to the end of section two.

The HUP is real in its nature. This protocol actually defines what happens to a particle as a result of  energy added to the vacuum.  Usually, when the particle is restricted to a small space, its energy goes up. Think of a particle as a tiger. When given a wide plain to relax in, it finds a tree to lay under where it stays put. But is that tiger is put in a small cage, the nervous animal paces back and forth trying to find a way out. But the converse is also true. Strange enough, when the energy of the vacuum that houses the pair of particles goes up, the position of the two particles will come together and they become one particle.

When the vacuum that encloses  two or more particles becomes saturated with EMF energy, these particles share their waveforms through the 5th dimension with out the 4 dimensional world knowing anything about it so that the particles become entangled and equal in energy. Yes, there is a 5th dimension in theoretical physics.

If a spark is discharged, the vacuum in the vicinity of the spark becomes excited because energy from the spark goes into the vacuum. The vacuum wants to maintain a zero energy level, so the vacuum reduces the energy of another part of the vacuum below the zero enrgy point. This state of affairs is called negative energy. The scientific condition is called a squeezed vacuum.
Think of the vacuum as a lake with waves on its surface. If a meteor comes down and inparts a large amount of energy to that lake, the waves, the water, and the fish will all disappear. The surface of the lake will be squeezed by the energy of excitation that the meteor has imparted into it and the fluctuation in the background energy of the lake will go away.  The lake can no longer impart energy fluctuations to any particles that were floating on the surface of the lake. Any particles on the lake’s surface cannot change their nature by the absorption of random fluctuations.

All these particles will remain entangled with each other until the water comes back into the lake bed.. They will combine into one super particle no matter where they were located physically on the surface of the lake before the meteor hit. 

Saying this in another way, if two or more particles are enclosed in a strong enough magnetic field, they will share energy and become entangled because the vacuum is saturated with energy. These multiple particles become essentially one particle while the vacuum is saturated. 

The energetic vacuum suppresses quantum fluctuations and decoherence is disabled. The system becomes entangled with total energy sharing


Because the soliton (BoB) is composed of many Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs), the energy that is produced by the collection of particles at the other end of the magnetic beam (Alice) even if the Alice particles are separated far apart from each other, the Alice particles will be teleported together and the energy of their fusion will be shared equally among all the individual entangled and coherent SPPs inside the soliton.

Heat makes electrons spin in magnetic superconductors

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" "In the hinterlands of Pommerania, there is a mountain made of the hardest diamond.  It's one hour deep into the earth, one hour up toward the sky, one hour long and one hour wide.  To this mountain comes a little bird, once every hundred years, to sharpen its beak.  And when this bird has worn away the whole mountain, the first second of eternity has passed."

from shamelessly but creatively plagiarizing ancient Hindu legends

Accepting this measure of the unit of time, my evaluation is that my LENR optimism and patience will last 28 years and 2 hours- a good performance I dare to say.
I am faithful and patient, dedicated to LENR as a male Solvejg or male Penelope.
I KNOW it will prevail, however in direct contrast with my patience and my optimism I know that if we do the same things repeatedly and we practice the same mode of thinking all the time for long time we will be sentenced to stagnation; for progress we need radical, deep,disruptive, painful CHANGES.

Just have fast read all the ICCF-19 posters (thanks to MFMP and to Felix Scholkmann!) in .pdf so many interesting things but alas! I have also seen too much cradleism, even at CEES Texas University.  
I know that such a long patience is not a normal thing, perhaps it has lead to a hypertrophy of critical thinking and the atrophy of post-logical thinking (authority based). 
I am not so patient waiting renewal, paradigm change of LENR.


Fundamental of Rate Theory for CMNS 
by Akito Takahashi

Three ICCF-19 presentations by COOLESCENCE (Thanks to Jed Rothwell)

Dmitriyeva, O., et al. Role of dopants in deuterium loading during electrochemical experiment (PowerPoint slides). in ICCF19 conference. 2015.

Hamm, S., et al. Electrochemical Analysis of Palladium Cathodes towards the Advancement of Reproducibly High H/Pd Loading Ratios (PowerPoint slides). in ICCF19 conference. 2015.

Knies, D., et al. A Method to Control Palladium Crystallographic Texture and Surface Morphology (PowerPoint slides). in ICCF19 conference. 2015.

Felix writes:
Today the team of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project informed via Facebook that they uploaded images from the posters of ICCF-19:

I did a post processing of the images and created pdf document with all of them:
(The file is quite large: 67.5 MB).

Later Felix wrote:

 uploaded the file with the presentation also on google drive so that people not having access to dropbox can download it now:

The Trapped Neutron Catalyzed Fusion Model and E-CAT (Hideo Kozima)

From Jim Sweeney:
From Horse Power to Atomic Power to LENR Pronto

The theory behind Brillouin’s approach to LENR:

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Destiny only exists in the present tense.
The rest is up to us. (from Gapingvoid, today)

My wife has discovered recently a TV show entitled "Strange pregnancies"- and sometimes tells me about the most interesting, sensational but rather nasty stories from there. Being so strongly focused on LENR, it was natural for me to connect the idea of strange pregnancies- and what follows from them- bizarre births- with cold fusion/LENR an unusual bisociation  see it here, please

Cold Fusion historians are divided in two separate categories: I who say ceaselessly that something was absolutely not OK at the birth of it and all the others who claim it was a great, normal, conformist scientific event similar to many other discoveries. 
Both categories agree that the birth of Cold Fusion was an event of historical importance and we owe gratitude to the geniuses who made it possible. Howver I insist to say that the circumstances of the birth have determined a very unfavorable destiny to this science for many years.
The natural mother of Cold Fusion was Nuclear Physics but its real surrogate mother was Electra Chemistry- not a happy combination. I think it is elementary neo-natology
to know what is the Apgar score of a newborn- baby or  science in our case. 
 If you are too young for this please look to:

You get the metaphor? Please tell me - also metaphorically what Apgar score had Cold Fusion on March 23, 1989? Consider that in his cradle even today the vital signs of the creature do not appear each time, reproducibly!
The reaction of the donor natural mother was cruel and angry- this misborn is not my child, this one has no right to live!
Anyway a few very good, courageous, smart people have helped the child to survive and to prepare for re-birth and a Great New Destiny.
I am not an especially ambitious blogger/author and i will be perfectly contented if, after reading this mini-editorial there will be 2 people who think that the birth of Cold Fusion was not  as it had to be for such a science with an unlimited perspective.

The field has a great destiny and will change our lives for good- Mankind will have plenty of cheap healthy well moderated energy.

However, being a honest author, I have to tell you- I know well that for example in 2025 an UEHMDI (Useful Energy from Hydrogen Metal Deep Interaction) scholar reading this editorial will say that it is primitive, stupid and simplistic as everything 
prior to the deep understanding of the marvelous complexity of the phenomenon
coming from an idealized world: "Nuclear Physics is just the dear little auntie not the real mother, she is unable to conceive such a miracle..."  You will see, I predict.


Alexander Parkhomov Poster Session at ICCF-19 (Video):

Russian language interview with A. Parkhomov, by Gennadyii Tarasenko

Mainstream French science magazine Science et Vie publishes on cold fusion Rossi

Discrete Breathers: A New Mechanism of LENR Proposed (Vladimir Dubinko):
You can read in many places in Ego Out bout the Dubinko Theory

The presentation of Ubaldo Mastromatteo at ICFf-19

POWER-GEN Europe’s Advisor Eyes Cold Fusion as Possibility for Decarbonization


INSIGHTS into the WORLD / Hopes and fears for the future of science

Thursday, April 23, 2015



A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” 
― John Lennon

But, as the example of LENR shows it, only if you dream realistically, not disconnected from reality. We have to learn how to dream our LENR+ dream.  I already know it will go slowly But we will get power from reality and the generators will get power from the best recipes of LENR+.


Here’s Swedish LENR company Neofire

Q&A with Michel Vandenberghe of LENR-Cities on the LENG Ecosystem
What follows is not a LENR paper, however here are some known experts confirming what Michel says and does:
The 5 Strategy Rules of Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs
I think Michel has to try to publish a LENRG paper in HBR! This is a performance worth 20% of a Nobel Prize for Economy.

New LENR efforts reported, Rossi and Parkhomov could team up:

New analytical results from Parkhomov:

ICCF-19 start of “new cycle”;

Quantum Gravity Research on Cold Fusion

ICCF-19 presentation by Vladimir Vysotskii (video )

Edmund Storms, Thomas Grimshaw, Grimshaw & Associates LLC and LENRGY LLC:

ICCF-19 presentation by Anatoly Klimov (video )( not complete) :

ICCF-19 presentation by Volomdymyr Dubinko ( video )
Quantum Tunneling in Breather "Nano-Colliders"

LENR presentation by Peter Hagelstein (incomplete)

FOR MY RUSSIAN SPEAKING FRIENDS, Padua videos by Gennadyi Tarasenko:

ICCF-19 Падуа - YouTube

ICCF-19, Италия, Кафедра минералогии университета

It was a third, Vok Shop but it got lost! Ia sozhaleiu!


Jean Luc Paillet- whom I thank for this- sends the following, possibly LENR connecte scientific news/discoveries:
Electrons move like light in three-dimensional solid

Chemists create 'comb' that detects terahertz waves with extreme precision:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015



Don't let the secret recipe die with the inventor. (Nathan Myhrvold)

The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.(Elbert Hubbard)
I wanted to answer yesterday to Jim Sweeney's wise writing 
Rush to Market in Absence of LENR Theory  
But I had to give priority to the Pd or Ni? issue.

Jim writes
"With boundless LENR potential for economic, environmental and social benefits, major disruptions are about to impact energy markets -and in turn, industries and consumers world-wide. Regardless of disruptions and lack of a broadly acceptable theory, the Chinese and East Indians must push on with both nuclear and LENR plants; else, they suffocate.

After attending the ICCF-19 conference, some would choose to differ with Dr. Storms on whether a lack of an acceptable LENR theory would actually hold up commercialization of Industrial Heat’s operational 103 unit E-cat reactor and the marketing of such LENR heating/electricity reactors in Asia. At a coffee break, one conference attendee argued that recent history proves major technological breakthroughs have never proceeded from research through engineering to significant market penetration without being predeeded by solid theory."

My comment:
It is not only Ed Storms who thinks it is both risky and non-scientific to go toward commercialization without a solid accepted theory explaining it- this is scientific correctness reason, common sense. You cannot use what you don't understand.
Yes, in an ideal world this is the rule. In the real world perhaps we will not have such a theory soon- say in a generation- then should we prohibit technological progress that more modestly is satisfied with less then a theory- that is a good recipe that can be found by error and trial in advanced forms combined with understanding the critical aspects. Fragments of theories coming not only from nuclear physics will act as the spices of the Great Recipes. This will happen, please listen to my male Cassandra voice and prediction!


On his blog, Sifferköll state "I know first hand from very reliable sources that themselves have visited the Rossi/Industrial Heat E-Cat customer that the plant works very well. This has been verified both by measurements made by the customer and by significantly reduced electricity bills. The plant seems to be able to produce heat from electricity with a COP in the range of 20-80 depending on the level of self-sustain-mode applied. I guess that is what Rossi is working on right now."

But Rossi is still very secretive:
Andrea Rossi
April 21st, 2015 at 7:07 PM

Quinton Heri:
Now, while I am answering to you, here is 08.03 p.m. of Tuesday Aprol 21st.
I am inside the container of the computer and, since the E-Cat is stable, I am studying.
Her voice is a strong, regular bubbling that I can hear from where I am, and this is good. She is in ssm. I cannot give you the numbers, but the ssm cycles are long. Enough. So far.
Warm Regards,

Parkhomov's Elemental Analysis on ICCF
A bit chaotic results - other two sets of analyses to come. I think it is a problem of mixing and sampling- the most critical step in analytical chemistry. My ever best friend Paul  Zugravescu is co-author of this book:
Waiting for the other results including isotopic analysis.

Scientific conduct, MFMP and LENR

La Fusion Froide à Padoue

Steady but strong progress reported by Technova at ICCF-19 presented by Akira Kitamura presentation here:                                                                 

Thanks to Rob Swedenborg


Artificial Photosynthesis
A game-changing breakthrough in artificial photosynthesis has been achieved with the development of a system that can capture carbon dioxide emissions before they are vented into the atmosphere and then, powered by solar energy, convert that carbon dioxide into valuable chemical products, including biodegradable plastics, pharmaceutical drugs and even liquid fuels.

Scientific Conduct, MFMP, and LENR (Thomas Clarke