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Thanks to J.P. BIBERIAN


Between too early and too late, there is never more than a moment. 
(Franz Werfel)
author of the book "40 Days on Musa Dagh" about the Armenian genocide of 1915

Author Jean Paul Biberian, a great personality, experimentalist  and thinker of our field, has published this enchanting and instructive book:

Cold Fusion, ITER, Alchemy, biological transmutations" both in French and in English (prefaced by Stanley Pons)

Biberian is based on the realistic understanding of DIVERSITY, but this is also an admirably very personal book. In Chapter 2, "My own story", Jean Paul relates the heavy losses of lives caused by the first great genocide of the past Century and its "replicas" to his family, his parents were forced to go in exile.
When recently he wrote": "Nobody can change history, and we have to deal with the present situation." - actually answering to my not-especially-intelligent rhetoric question about why LENR was discovered in the PdD Cell and not in an incandescent cell as at Lugano- this answer is also valid for the tragically great number of genocides, peaking with the Holocaust- of the XX-th Century- history cannot be changed (historians do it routinely but in vain).
So many people consider a a "-cide" the best solution of the wickedest problems.
The 21 st Century ( a high tech alter-ego of the 12-th Century)- if people will not wake up and the European Culture will not be able to get rid of its trend to suicide can be much worse- kind of "ISIS uber alles". The dangers are terrible.
Frightful that there are so many words with the suffix -cide in the dictionary:

It is perhaps no surprise that Tom Darden, in his memorable speech at ICCF-19 has also used  such a word to describe the start of Cold Fusion. It will not be wise from me to speak again about the APGAR score of the newborn  science, cruelty, closed-mindedness of the tentative executioners and the merits of those who have helped Cold Fusion to survive- are all carved in stone by History...

"The treatment of Fleischmann and Pons, and the treatment of any of you by mainstream institutions and the media will go down in history as one more example of scientific infanticide, where entrenched interests kill off their divergent progeny. . . . this seems to be a dark component of human nature... (Tom Darden)

It is not wise again to write infra-black Sunday editorials so I will close it with a fine physics-metaphor of Jean-Paul Biberian about the diversity of LENR:

The field of LENR is probably quite large, and might include several aspects. Just like radioactivity where there are many different mechanisms: beta, beta plus, alpha, gamma, neutron, electron capture... 

Soon, as we will become more illuminated, we will use LENR at the plural.

After an information rich week, a poor Sunday however my friend Axil ,and Andrea Rossi help to save the situation, LENR has not entered a Spring hybernation- it is just a bad day.


The Lugano Transmutation Mysteries. (Axil Axil)                                                        

Guideline Document for Basic Nickel-Lithium Aluminum Hydride Reactor Based on Rossi’s E-Cat (Hank Mills)

Rossi about his public image

April 26th, 2015 at 6:31 AM

Dr Rossi:
Do you have somebody who helps you to upgrade your image? After what you made you deserve it.

Andrea Rossi
April 26th, 2015 at 7:18 AM
First and foremost, the results we made so far are not MY merit, but are merit of the Team I work with.
As for your question: of course I have somebody able to upgrade our image: she is the 1 MW E-Cat ! If she will complete the 350 days of operational test positively, our image will be consistently improved, on the contrary there is nobody that could help, but further work.
My culture warns me to beware chatters and count exclusively on facts.
Warm Regards,
And later:

Andrea Rossi
April 26th, 2015 at 9:38 AM

Frank Acland:
Description of the 1 MW plant in operation will be given after the tests and the R&D on course will have been completed.
I gave the information I could.
Warm Regards,

OK, however: Rossi's genuine enemies say the 1MW plant exists only in his fantasy and would not believe anything  coming from a Customer, they want reputed authorities and experts confirming the results. The duration of the test is much too long for a world eagerly waiting the new energy source; why only the final results will be published and not the intermediary ones, says, weekly, monthly?

The greatest mystery associated with LENR and the hardest question to answer is how nuclear energy production can occur without gamma ray emissions and unstable isotope production. This most  puzzling behavior of the LENR reaction could well be explained by a newly discovered but experimentally verified Quantum mechanical protocol called Quantum Energy Teleportation(QET) 
QET is a process where energy is transferred between to particles through the vacuum using quantum entanglement in a many bodied system.

QET requires two conditions to hold; first the sender of the energy and the receiver of the energy must be entangled with each other, second, the energy must be produced by the sender and received by the receiver.
First, we will talk about how high energy entanglement happens. Quantum Mechanics(QM) is impervious to common sense. The most counter intuitive principle that confuses us is how a very hot and energetic environment can exist in a state of coherence, entanglement,  and Bose condensation.

But first, let us understand how the vacuum works. 
This perception is universal among all of us; we think that only gases cooled to temperatures near absolute zero can be coherent and entangled. So how can such an uniform and stable environment be produced at the roiling and searing temperatures that vaporize metal.
Such an unexpected condition is a direct result of the prime rules in QM, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal (HUP). The HUP is a fundamental theory in quantum mechanics that defines why a scientist cannot measure multiple quantum variables simultaneously. This rule states that the energy of a particle and its position are tied together.

Quantum uncertainty has real effects on things. Early on, Heisenberg offered  an observer effect at the quantum level as a physical explanation of quantum uncertainty. As time rolled on, it became clear that the uncertainty principle is inherent in the properties of all wave-like systems, and that it arises in quantum mechanics simply due to the combined matter wave nature of all quantum objects; In other words, that is everything in our world. The uncertainty principle actually defines a fundamental property of quantum systems. It is a physical explanation of reality and is not a statement about the observational success of current technology. In order to understand LENR, we must look on the subatomic world as waves and waves have a long reach that can extend a long way.

First, let us talk about the vacuum and how the excitation of the vacuum changes the nature of the vacuum. See the section of the reference starting on page 12 at the bottom of page 12 until we get to the end of section two.

The HUP is real in its nature. This protocol actually defines what happens to a particle as a result of  energy added to the vacuum.  Usually, when the particle is restricted to a small space, its energy goes up. Think of a particle as a tiger. When given a wide plain to relax in, it finds a tree to lay under where it stays put. But is that tiger is put in a small cage, the nervous animal paces back and forth trying to find a way out. But the converse is also true. Strange enough, when the energy of the vacuum that houses the pair of particles goes up, the position of the two particles will come together and they become one particle.

When the vacuum that encloses  two or more particles becomes saturated with EMF energy, these particles share their waveforms through the 5th dimension with out the 4 dimensional world knowing anything about it so that the particles become entangled and equal in energy. Yes, there is a 5th dimension in theoretical physics.

If a spark is discharged, the vacuum in the vicinity of the spark becomes excited because energy from the spark goes into the vacuum. The vacuum wants to maintain a zero energy level, so the vacuum reduces the energy of another part of the vacuum below the zero enrgy point. This state of affairs is called negative energy. The scientific condition is called a squeezed vacuum.
Think of the vacuum as a lake with waves on its surface. If a meteor comes down and inparts a large amount of energy to that lake, the waves, the water, and the fish will all disappear. The surface of the lake will be squeezed by the energy of excitation that the meteor has imparted into it and the fluctuation in the background energy of the lake will go away.  The lake can no longer impart energy fluctuations to any particles that were floating on the surface of the lake. Any particles on the lake’s surface cannot change their nature by the absorption of random fluctuations.

All these particles will remain entangled with each other until the water comes back into the lake bed.. They will combine into one super particle no matter where they were located physically on the surface of the lake before the meteor hit. 

Saying this in another way, if two or more particles are enclosed in a strong enough magnetic field, they will share energy and become entangled because the vacuum is saturated with energy. These multiple particles become essentially one particle while the vacuum is saturated. 

The energetic vacuum suppresses quantum fluctuations and decoherence is disabled. The system becomes entangled with total energy sharing


Because the soliton (BoB) is composed of many Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs), the energy that is produced by the collection of particles at the other end of the magnetic beam (Alice) even if the Alice particles are separated far apart from each other, the Alice particles will be teleported together and the energy of their fusion will be shared equally among all the individual entangled and coherent SPPs inside the soliton.

Heat makes electrons spin in magnetic superconductors

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  1. There's gamma ray emission, but in the low kev range, which is has a penetration depth of nanometer in every material. There are a few posters about it and also there are some seminal works from Karabut.