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Thinking doesn't seem to help very much. The human brain is too high-powered to have many practical uses in this particular universe. (Kurt Vonnegut Jr.)

The field is a mixture of loosely related things..

It coexist: small heat-sometimes with great heat all the time for long time

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A remarkable message of Andrea Rossi:

Andrea Rossi
April 19th, 2015 at 9:48 PM

Italo R.:
Retrothought: you write somebody is complaining the E-Cat are not yet in the market after “so many years”.
This is bizarre.
First, one 1 MW plant has been supplied to a Customer who is using it to make his production using the energy produced by the same 1 MW E-Cat.
It is true that it is under R&D and test, but it works, at least so far. Now, as probably somebody knows, the French magazine “Science & Vie” ( probably the most prestigious scientific magazine of France, which is a nuclear power) in the issue of April 2015 has published an article regarding LENR against Hot Fusion and the parallel is interesting. The article is written with intelligence, professionality and without bias. It also contains the sceptic comments ( but made with intelligence) toward us.
ITER and NIF – respectively the european and the US hot fusion concerns- costed tens of billions of dollars, started about 50 years ago, and their results, that in the sixties were waited for within 20 years, have now been delayed within the next 20 years. Normally, every 20 years they are adjourned to the next 20 years, at a price of several tens of billion dollars per batch, entirely paid by the Taxpayer.
I think that the scientists that work on those concerns are top level Physicists and I am convinced that their work must be sustained. What is difficult to me is to understand what follows: why ITER and NIF are considered positively ( as they merit to be) even if they cost to the Taxpayer billions and billions per year and since half century have produced nothing, not a mere COP 1.1 and foresee to produce something ( as they did 20 years ago) in the “next 20 years”? And why, in contrast, they consider my LENR impossible because what we made ( without a single cent paid by the Taxpayer) is under test ( at our expenses) since 4 years ? They say: ” Because the Coulombian Barrier bars the possibility of LENR”, and with this mantra that they repeat since 30 years ago they think to have resolved the problem.
“Ipse dixit”, or, better, “Ipsi dixerunt”.
But I want to put them a question:
QUESTION: is it more irrealistic the tunnel effect ( obtained and measured in hundreds of peer reviewed experiments) or to confine a hot nuclear fusion’s energy ( the same of a small hydrogen bomb) with an intrinsecally instable magnetic field ( never obtained anywhere from anybody), as they need to do in the donut of the EATER ( oh, pardon the typo, I meant ITER), or ( in the case of NIF) to confine in the volume of a nutshell the energy produced by tens of high power lasers that shoot all their energy in fractions of seconds focused on the nutshell to obtain the fusion by means of the recoil energy? This is like to try to build a house jetting the bricks with a baseball bat instead of posind the brick patiently, brick by brick, in the right position to make a wall. Nobody has ever been able to make a successful experiment with these two principles, but enormous concerns have been made ( at the expense of the Taxpayer) without a successful experiment with a small prototype, like if a big concern has to work better than a small prototype ( the contrary is true, obviously).
Is somebody enough honest to answer seriously to this answer?
You, dear Italo R., ask me if they have an agenda: noooooo! To think bad is bread of the devil you know? So, let’s try to understand why they prefer to pay with their taxes things that have a very low probability to work ( very low does not mean zero, anyway) instead of look without bias and with respect the work of ours, that doesn’t ask money from the taxpayer and in four years is arrived to an operating industrial plant: I am inside “Her” in this very moment listening her Voice: so why they do so? Agenda? Nooooooo! Hyperbolic deonthological syndroms? Nooooo! Masochism? Maybe.

P.S. This said, Italo, you have not to look only at the small lake of the frogs, look at the big fishes in the Ocean: NASA, Lockeed Martin, Airbus, Elforsk, MIT, Cherokee ( Industrial Heat), Bill Gates, the scientists that performed the Lugano Test, Prof Norman Cook, the Nobel Prize laureate Brian Josephson, the great Sven Kullander, Chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and many, many, many other mainstream scientists in USA, Russia, China, India, Europe etc etc have broken the “Coulombian barrier” of the bias and approached the LENR as a proton that approaches a 7Li atom, to make energy.
Warm Regards,

"What will happen in 2015?" - In Swedish, a few symptomatic comments- try Google Translate

Холодный синтез Росси-Пархомова 
Cold Fusion of Rossi Parkhomov

From the Padua Dog Bone experiment- thanks Bob Greenyer and colleagues:
I have received the poster of Francesco Celani and I will study it tomorrow!
Still missing Bazhtov, Goryachev, Scarborough and the PdD advanced research..


In the Dog bone test we just saw from Italy, gammas were produced when the bone was cold and getting hot and then again when cooling down.

Gammas are released when the vacuum was not energetic enough to carry the gamma energy away from the site of the nuclear reaction to the soliton. When the energy density of the vacuum is saturated with energy, this excited vacuum becomes a path for nuclear energy to flow through to other places so that that high energy is widely distributed and thermalized.

The experiment for this has been done to show this effect when a laser is used to excites gold nanoparticles which stabilize radioactive isotopes.

This effect is also how silver nanoparticles stabilize radioactive isotopes when those silver particles are stimulated by light.

How can I get people to understand this? The vacuum is not nothing, it is what the world is made out of.

This quantum energy transport is all about communication. Entanglement is a result of the establishment of a strong interface path between two particles whereby their quantum properties can reach a common equilibrium. This is why gamma is only seen in LENR when the system is cold. Cold gamma production is a critical clue to the theory of LENR. A communication path has not been established in a cold system. This also says that LENR requires a sender and a receiver. It also says that LENR can produce effects at a distance from the cause. Such experiments show that LENR produces effects at a distance. An exploding metal wire using arc discharge will cause transmutation far from the location of the explosion, and that transmutation does not cause gamma production.


Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100 by Michio Kaku
Please do a search for LENR


  1. Hi, I 'm a cold fusion beliver since 1989, and Rossi's supporter from France. Me too I was happy that the last issue of «Science & Vie» payed attention to Rossi's efforts. But to be fair, S&V it's not the best science publication in France, as Rossi says. Only the most popular vulgarisation magazine. «La Recherche» must be the most serious one.

  2. Peter:

    Purchase a good antivirus product and also use Malwarebytes Pro which will block malicious web sites. It's well worth the small investment.

    1. THank you. I have done so, however it is always possible to make errors, as clicking allow and you get nasry adware as "luckysearches" very difficult to kill.