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A friend in need is a friend indeed (World Wide Proverb)

This is an Appeal to our privileged friends who are present at ICCF-19, please tell us outsiders what happens there - important and significant.  Please use all the modern communication methods if possible, my dear friends- send me your papers (you can define who are my true friends. In bad shape, visually impaired I could not travel- please send me your presentations and any significant information, I would try to inform well the readers of Ego Out- it is my old man ambition to be very fast. Fastness multiplies the value of information

My blog associate has a Romanian language blog, entitled  "The Spirit of Words"
What I am interested to get from ICCF-19 is something very similar:
The Spirit of the Papers' and the very Zeitgeist of the Conference. That is beyond the details, stories, context, and the techno-diplomatic stereotypes, what want the speakers say in essence? What would be an one sentence message of the paper? And, yes because I have fixed ideas- -s it pro-progress, pro new paradigm and pro LENR+ or not yet?


The speakers are VIP's

Massimo Bitonci- Politician

Rodolfo Cetera- Industrialist

Vincenzo Vespri: Professor of Mathematics and Informatics

Francesco Maria Avato: Professor in Medicine, tpoxicology specialist

Eugenio Grippo Specialist in Crporate Law

Tom Darden - Andrea Rossi's ally

Robert V. Duncan a well known personality in LENR, former CEO of SKINR now of CEES at Texas Univ. a key personality in building the future strategy in LENR.
What he says has serious weight.

Unfortunately I could not find data re the representing  Brasil, my guess is that both he and the Ministerium have much longer names. Perhaps Danny Rocha can help.


1- In which extent the Italian VIPs seem to be supporters of LENR/ If yes, try to understand why.

2- Is Tom Darden openly and clearly with Rossi and does he guarantee for the results? Any hesitation could be a bad sign. Or not, why has he made this travel?

3- What is the vision and the plans for the future of LENR of professor Rob Duncan?
Still scientific vision centered?


Hagelstein and Tanzella’s Vibrating Copper Experiment

Some answers of Andrea Rossi, a dedicated inhabitant of the 1MW Plant

Andrea Rossi
April 12th, 2015 at 8:25 AM

Yesterday, at 2.35 a.m., a nasty leak of steam. Fixed. Particularly nasty because I was reading the draft of a very important paper, that will be soon published, written by mainstream scientists, not belonging to the LENR “aficionados”, that have confirmed with rigorous mathematic cacculations of Physics equations that the reverse Mossbauer effect can reconciliate the theory published in the Cook-Rossi paper.
It is a very, very, very interesting paper. I suppose will be published shortly.
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi
April 12th, 2015 at 6:48 AM

Italo R.:
As I said many times, we will give data regarding the 1 MW plant after the test and R&D on course will have been completed. The results,as you know, could be either positive, or negative.
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi
April 12th, 2015 at 6:45 AM

JC Renoir:
1- We thought it was opportune to take a look to what happens around.
2- I will not attend because I have to stay 16 hours per day inside the 1 MW plant in operation in the factory of the Customer of Industrial heat in the USA.
3- Obviously I agree: we are a Team.
Warm Regards,


Why LENR produces stable isotopes and positive energy feedback most of the time but sometimes produces radioactive isotopes and gamma rays when the lattice is cold.

In the Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP) model of LENR, heat driven dipole motion of electrons on the surface of micro particles produce a anapole magnetic pulse that in turn induces nuclear reconfiguration.

This dipole motion of the electron on the surface of the micro particles induces a very rapid alternating current. That has a start that precedes to a maximum amplitude then false to zero strength. This cycle happens hundreds of trillions of times per second.

When the heat level is low, the amplitude of the magnetic field that is produced by the SPP is correspondingly low and also its duration. The low powered magnetic field hits the target nuclei many times and builds up mass in the pile of nuclei until a subatomic particle is created through the conversion of energy to matter. That meson produces a fusion event were a number of separate nuclei are combined into a new single nucleus. But the magnetic connection to the source of magnetic generation is to weak to carry the nuclear binding energy released by the fusion back to its source. So the nucleus remains excited and will eventually either produce a gamma ray or stay excited as a radioactive isotope.

When the heat level that is driving the dipole vibration of electrons exceeds a critical level, the amplitude of the magnetic field that is produced by the SPP is strong enough and lasts long enough to hit the pile of nearby nuclei in one shot where the magnetic field can produce a fusion event and still be of sufficient amplitude to carry the released binding energy back to the source of the magnetic field. That nuclear energy is then digested by the soliton and fed back to the dipole motion that created the soliton.

The key concepts to enable this transfer mechanism is that the fusion event takes a finite period of time to occur, the magnetic field produce by the SPP is variable in both duration and intensity but can grow large enough and long enough to complete a fusion event and energy transfer in one dipole cycle. The SPP can exist for as short as a few  femtoseconds to  as long as hundreds of picoseconds.

The production of gamma rays and unstable isotopes will occur before the positive feedback loop is established between the fusion event and the soliton. Once this connection is made, the dipole motion of the micro particle will always have enough power to produce fusion in one cycle. Also when the dipole vibrations of all the micro particles are synced up under a BEC condition, a weak soliton will get enough energy from a strong soliton so that no gammas will be produced. 


  1. In a weak system like the Nanor of the Golden ball, I would predict that the only transmutation found would be isotopic shifts produced by protons transmuting to neutrons. Meson based fusion would not normally occur but it would not be impossible. But if it did occur, would it produce a gamma or an unstable isotope? Maybe.

    I just looked at the co-deposition of palladium nanoparticles that Ruby produced. In that video, and radiation, radioactive isotopes and charged particles were seen including heat. The power level in that system was in the milliwatt range. This tells me that the magnetic connection and the SPP duration was not long enough to shield the nuclear reaction from far field broadcast. Even through the LENR nuclear reaction occurred, it was too weak to communicate back to the soliton to establish a positive feedback loop and to remove the effects of the nuclear fusion reaction.

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