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Each generation wants new symbols, new people, new names. They want to divorce themselves from their predecessors.(Jim Morrison)

ICCF-19- today's star presentations:

Oral: David Nagel

Posters: Alexander Parkhomov; Tara Scarborough, Yuri Bazhutov (group of 3), Celani

Scientifically also interesting: Sarto, Knies, Scholkmann, Vysotskii,

Oral Presentations Wednesday, April 15

David Knies
A Method to Control Palladium Crystallographic Texture and Surface Morphology

David Nagel
High Power Density Effects in Lattice-Enabled LENR Experiments and Generators

Jean-Luc Paillet
Basis for Femto-molecules and -ions created from femto-atoms

Francesca Sarto
Morphology and electrochemical properties of Pd-based nanostructures deposited by different thin-film techniques

Poster Presentation Wednesday, April 15

01 Gromov
Ca Formation by Kervran-Bolotov transmutation reaction in "Al-N" systems

02 Bazhutov
Elaboration of Optimal Installation for Demonstration of Excess Heat in Plasma Electrolysis Experiment

03 Scholkmann
Electromagnetic and Electronic Frequencies Associated with Heat Production during Electrochemical Loading of Deuterium into Palladium

04 Bazhutov
Erzion Interpretation of Cold Nuclear Transmutation in Our Experimental Results

05 Dallacasa
In Phase Magnetic Force in LENR

06 Vysotskii
Observation and study of undamped thermal waves in LENR-related system

07 Celani
Observation of Macroscopic Current and Thermal Anomalies, at HT,by Hetero-structures on thin and long Constantan wires under H2 gas.

08 Kurilenkov
On Specifics of DD neutron generation along low energy nanosecond vacuum discharge Deuterium-loaded Pd Anode

09 Bazhutov
Plasma Electrolysis as Foundation for Russian E-Cat Heat Generator

10 Parkhomov
Research on High-Temperature Rossi Heat Source Analogue

11 Stringham
Single DD Fusion Event

12 Tarasenko
Tarasenko Generator on the basis of the model of the planet Earth

13 Scarborough
The Center to study Anomalous Heat Effects at Texas Tech University

14 Castagna
The Significance of a Properly Conceived and Instrumented Calorimetry

15 Mondaini
Transmutations of Elements by electrolysis, with light water and Copper


1) An interesting event:


The MFMP has been offered something no one knew existed, something priceless and which could reveal critical secrets many in the LENR field have been seeking for over a quarter century.

Before Martin Fleischmann left the US, he personally gave a trusted friend an original pre-1989 Johnson Matthey palladium wire - the very same as used in experiments that led to that fateful announcement of a new primary energy source that came to be known as cold fusion.

He has held this secret all these years until now. We checked today with Mike McKubre, Vitorio Violante and Melvin Miles if there was any known public metallurgical and elemental / isotopic characterisation of this material, the answer was a resounding no.

It is known that the early attempts to replicate the Pons and Fleischmann effect mostly failed due to the purity and processing of 'palladium' used. In fact ENEA has been trying to establish what additives and structures are critical to creating the effect for more than 2 decades. Many of the principal research labs working in the field are trying to establish the correct crystal shapes, sizes, orientation etc. and chemistry.

In our own nickel powder / hydrogen research, we have tried to get the purest nickel possible - but have failed to see any excess heat. Now we know from our recent isotopic analysis of Dr. Parkhomov's Nickel, that there is high concentrations of Carbon and Oxygen on the surface, elements also found in Rossi's fuels.

The unique opportunity we have been honoured with is profoundly important, and there is not a person we asked at the conference that were not falling over themselves to help in what ever way they could. Ultimately it is down to the current owner to decide exactly what happens but from the available piece, which is about the thickness of a toothpick and between 7 and 8 cm long, the current plan is to

1. Use 3 X 2mm samples to characterise structure, isotopic constitution etc.

2. Run at least two 2cm segments in Pons and Fleischmann cells, copied from the original and/or use the original cell.

3. Reserve remainder

We will auction the ownership rights of the post run, post analysis 2cm segments in a one of a kind, never to be repeated auction. This is an unrepeatable opportunity to own the only known samples of this historic precious metal.

This auction, along with the auction of the donated 1 ounce Pd 1989 "Cold Fusion" coins is design to raise enough money the help ensure a fully faithful replication that will be conducted by someone who is not currently a member of the MFMP and who is a very experienced experimentalist. The work will be conducted in France with the help of Jean-Paul Biberian and all data will public.

We must work with the best resources on the planet to ensure that this materials secrets are revealed for all. It is wonderful to be a part of something that will yield critical data for advancement of the field.

More information to be published about the Vindication program.

The name of the current owner and how he came to be entrusted with the electrode will be revealed in time, right now, given the incredible importance to maintain security, we have been asked to hold off on publishing that information.

We want to take this opportunity however, to publicly thank the donor and curator of this material for coming forward.

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4) Gossip about Bill Gates and Carl Page (Google) coming to ICCF-19. Let's see.

More later, have to do data mining at many forums.


  1. What? No Defkalion? How is that possible after their previous ICCF triumph? /sarcasm

    1. You have not read my writings about Defkalion.
      They think heat energy comes from HENI not LENR. They have proofs for this and will have more.