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History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme. (Mark Twain)

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone
(Dorothy Parker)

The impact of the Cook-Rossi theory paper is significant; it generates positive, negative and inquisitive comments- however I have the impression these are statistically more empathetic than in other occasion. The personality of Professor Cook plays a basic role. And the aesthetic value of his models of nuclear) structure.
Anyway, Andrea Rossi is far from being a perfect human being,but it is obvious he fully deserves a honorary PhD in Captivology (see at "OTHER"). Many of our old timers explain this is very bad, a real shame- till Rossi came LENR was pure science and now it suffers irremediable prestige losses due to the style of the inventor.

For example, I am enchanted by the theory but still not convinced that it is valid.. As  I have shown here yesterday a simple , common sense calculation shows that if the Lugano results are valid and if indeed Li-7 is the main source of the measured excess heat than each humble little atom has to generate somehow not less than 26 MeV energy. Not impossible, but how?
I have also deduced that there exists a simple, straight test to refute or confirm the Cook theory- the test with LiAlD4 in place of LiAlH4- if that system does not work than the distribution of roles in this game has to be changed. For a fast solution I have asked Professor Cook to arrange such a decisive test with his experimentalist co-author. Let's see.

Then I remembered...I will commit now the sin of Defrostitis, so endemic to our LENR forums: digging out some historical fact, warming it up, discussing about it as if it happens just now and when it is exhausted (usually without uni vocal conclusions)- re-freezing it.
Rossi and Cook...years ago we had Fleischmann and Preparata, his favorite theorist and friend. After the initial purely electrochemical explanation of cold fusion (huge pressures on the electric double layer on the electrode), the Founding Fathers were searching for a good theory that explains the phenomena and can be used for its fast development up to the commercial. I remember reading first in the 21st Century Magazine about the friendship and alliance of Martin and Giuliano.
See more here, if you wish:

(NOTE. we are really missing the highly professional work of Steve Krivit who has written these!)

Preparata's theory is wonderful and in Italy it was and still is a cult for its author. It is harmful to not join it.
However history is not what we expect from it, the alliance remained sterile, no fundamental problems where solved, no good explanation were found. This simpy means that 'theory is good" does not mean much, any theory is good for something"
QED is not the key of Cold Fusion/LENR. Poor Giuliano has died so young; I hve met him once at an Asti Workshop (of Bill Collis) and we had an unforgettable quarrel on the subject how to treat the Press.
Theory and theorist both were charismatic, but it is  well known that history of Science is marked by epic battles between beautiful hypotheses and beastly facts.

Now history rhymes.. Rossi has chosen Norman D. Cook as savior partner  theorist. Surely Rossi has listened to the syren songs of the theories- first heleped by Sergio Focardi.
He has chosen a charismatic theory again.
However, Rossi's dependence on a good theory is limited, for him engineering is the key and the main problem solver. He can follow with patience Cook- in search of high art, best recipes of nuclear gastronomy.They can work very efficiently together
because the Hot Cat is a first class high temperature cooker. If a recipe is not good the next can be tried fast.


Encouraging, in connection with the new theory.

Rossi Helium found in E-Cat reaction:

Rossi Defines High Temperature E-Cat Recipe (Hank Mills)

On the Use of Iron and Carbon in E-Cat Reactors                                                 

On the Nuclear Mechanisms...

Nickel et fusion froide, LENRG


The ultimate cause of LENR is rooted in the nucleus of the atom. Rossi as the most influential authority on LENR has bought into the lattice theory of the nucleus where subatomic particles are immutable and static as cue balls cemented into a block of stone. This view of the nucleus is counterproductive to the ultimate understanding to what is the nuclear mechanics of LENR will be revealed to be. Protons and neutrons together with all their subatomic helpers: the pions, mesons, and the various nuclear forces are dynamic unpredictable in the extreme.

The nucleus is a Quantum Cheshire Cat where its parts change without reason or apparent cause. A fixed and unchanging lattice is counterproductive to the understanding of such a quantum mechanical reality. It will block understanding of how LENR works inside that kind of subatomic world. In my view, LENR is complex and mysterious. Rossi has now bought into a simplistic mental structure that rejects the force driven transmutation of subatomic particles that I believe is at the heart of LENR. The lattice model is at most and engineering aid that predicts some mainline nuclear processes. 


Captivology: The Science of Capturing Peoples Attention

by Ben Parr


  1. The test with LiAlD4 in place of LiAlH4 won;t work. Piantelli has shown that deuterium is a LENR poison for nickel.

  2. The Lagano transmutation mysteries

    The above referenced analysis describes the amount of increase or decrease in the masses of the various components of the fuel change. Certain components of the fuel increased and others components decreased. This analysis also speculates about how these changes in masses of the various fuel and ash components might be brought about by movement of material from the hot parts of the reactor to colder regions, and also how lithium migrates to the surface of the nickel particles for transmutation and then when processed are somehow transported to other parts of the reactors volume.

    All this movement must be happening through some means of chemical transport. But the mix of fuel and ash forms a solid mixture that seems incomparable with the movement of elements in a transport medium.

    I see one possibility to explain how the moment of these elements and chemical compounds might be possible. These fuel and ash components could move around in the hydrogen gas atmosphere as nanoparticles. What is hard to explain is how the mass of nickel component of the fuel can increase in the ash to double it weight as originally configured in the fuel load. The nickel particles had a very intricate surface tubercle structure that makes it impossible to structurally modify the particle without affecting the tubercles.

    But the isotopic composition of the nickel particles originally in the fuel changed throughout their entire volume as if subatomic particles traveled through the volume of these particles. A hydrogen negative ion as postulated by Piantelli cannot penetrate into the center of the nickel particle to produce isotopic transmutation. The active agent in this isotopic transformation must be a subatomic particle.

    The other type of nickel particle found was the smooth surface kind that must have been formed by gradual accumulation of transmuted Ni62. What and how this type of nickel particle is produced is an open question. The same type of gradual accumulation must have had to produce the iron micro particles also see in the ash.