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To surprise and not let you to be surprised, that is the key of survival and of Victory.(Rikki Tikki Tavi)

Tomorrow starts ICCF-19 at Padova where one of the wisest men I ever met lives (Francesco Carlin, inventor, PVC guru- I hope you are OK, old friend!)

Conferences as research per se are about search and find; at the start ICCF-19 was under the sign of new search methods- mainly morphology and metallurgy of Pd in the Fleischmann Pons Cells- this seemed to be the dominant theme and the idea was reinforced by the news that even the secular semi-god of Capitalism, the generous Bill Gates is supporting PdD. It will be a classic LENR conference with LENR+ subjects marginalized and minimized., kind of "stone guests" as it was written in an ignored Italian journal/paper.
However, with a reality check ahead, the things are changing. First bthe organizers had the initiative of industry-focused sessions. Then- not exactly in chronological order: Bazhutov's Russian E-Cat meowing with plasmatic voice, Godes' technology-theory paper, Nagel speaking about high density effects, a Chinese paper about the role of Li in incandescent LENR, Parkhomov- the game changer presenting a poster, Biberian about his Lugano-Parkhomov replication,  about then Norman Cook who helped Rossi with a serious theory also present and open to idea exchanges.
Beyond any doubt, the participation of Tom Darden as speaker in the opening session was a surprise; If - he will speak openly and clearly confirming the results claimed by Rossi for the HotCats and especially for the 1MW Plant- with NUMBERS as COP is, was so and so then this will be a good surprise. These numbers do not reveal any E-Cat know how so Tom Darden can tell what anybody in the LENR circles waits.
Yes/No style.

Then we have the two Universities Texas U. and Tohoku U.- heroically starting/doing organized LENR research. Are they Science- or Technology oriented?
Peter Bjorkhom, CEO of NEEOFIRE company will be there and will explain what kind of LENR reactor and LENR ideas he has- and I hope there will more other presentations (informal) of other new workers/fighters. 

If communication will be well organized, using all the means of the Internet and based on the empathy towards those who could not participate at ICCF-19- we will have great LENR week.
Andiamo avanti! 


Most discussed, not easily predictable Tom Darden of Industrial Heat to speak at ICCF-19

The eyes of the entire world are focused starting Monday 13 Apr. 2015 on Padova- ICF-19
Gli occhi di tutto il mondo puntati da lunedì 13 aprile a Padova per la XIX Conferenza Internazionale sulla Fusione Fredda

Actually it is about the eyes of the LENR world, a very small world but increasing fast. Hopefully much faster after this Conference.
What does Daniele Passerini say?
As we have known today, the program published on the website of 'ICCF-19,  is that Tom Darden, CEO of Cherokee Investment Fund (the Group financing the E-Cat di Andrea Rossi
will be one of the first speakers at the conference Monday morning. We are curious in the highest degree to know what will he say?!

We also want to be the first to reveal that at ICCF-19 will participate Professor  Zhong Qun Tian, who was a student of Martin Fleischmann in the 80ies and who starting 2005 is a member of  the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Nowadays Zhong Qun Tian is guiding/leading the chinese condensed matter nuclear science program (LENR) under the aegis of Natural Science Foundation of China. This program comprises 5 distinct projects all in work at diverse Chinese univesrities.

The professor Zhong Qun Tian is affiliated to Xiamen University and it is circulating gossip tha he will announce at Padova that a candidate for the next ICCF (2016) is the beautiful town  Xiamen 
(one of the most important touristic places on the South-East coast of China.
Inside ISCMNS it is announced a trial of force (who wins?) between the Chinese and the Japanese members- actually till now  Sendai was considered the place with the best chances for ICCF-20 according to Yasuhiro Iwamura.

Italian news (thanks Alain Coetmeur) Easily googletranslatable, attention to those coming tomorrow)…rnazionale-175618337.html…rnazionale-180648151.html

A VERY interesting publication at Vessy's Blog!
The man with the Sun in a box: an analysis

Alternative energy exists but has been suppressed
"Then we have cold fusion, shown by 200 universities to "work", yet today in the US any university that dares work with cold fusion immediately loses funding."

A new high art video of Ruby Carat who calls us Fellow Agents of Change; we promise to try to be so, dear Ruby!
Following Nature's Documents Stan Szpak LENR Co-deposition on the ColdFusionNow Youtube Channel.

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  1. Ah, Peter, that comment that is a letter to the Nation, basically conspiracy theory, which assumes and asserts speculation as fact, with no substance linked so one can actually investigate, is a waste of your reader's time, if you don't place it in context.

    Not to assert the following as fact (it is standard Wikipedia anti-pseudoscience rant), it does have a more solid basis.

    As to Tesla and Colorado Springs:

    As to Etenne Lenoir and hydrogen as a fuel, Lenoir's work has been misrepresented. The use of hydrogen as a fuel is not controversial, and the author just uses this to fill out his claims. No suppression is alleged.

    The "Swiss scientist" is not named and I don't recognize the reference. Someone might.

    And then what you quoted. Is there any known example "today" if a university that lost funding because it allowed work on cold fusion? Cold fusion research is neglected, to be sure, but there are not "200 universities" that have shown cold fusion to "work." That implies practical demonstration, more than basic science.

    There is some level of suppression in the history of cold fusion, but it has been much exaggerated. There were incidents here and there. That's it.