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Creativity is just connecting things. A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.”  (Steve Jobs)
Understanding a research problem, or an Eventplex (a complex scientific event) as ICCF-19 is also a a problem of connecting dots- but to connect them first you need to have, to know them.
In other words and according to my active days experience a critical information density is a must for understanding, for creating the necessary holistic-holographic vision.

Missing dots of ICCF-19.

Please take in consideration that my priorities are technology and industry- first of all the forms of enhanced excess heat. Many readers have also been interested insome more "hidden" papers

1) poster(s) of Bazhutov re plasma electrolysis- with chances of industrialization,

2) Both works of Goryachev, all I know is that the one about applications is very good,

3) nothing about the poster of Tara Scarborough- what is the mode of thinking, areas of research,
of the LENR activity at Texas University; in what it differs from what is made at SKINR?

4) I want to read a good synthesis of the PdD wet cells studies (Violante, El Boher, Kidwell, Scholkmann and others) - what is the future of this are of research,

5) A good description of the progress made by Francesco Celani with the Constantan wires and the results of testing the wires at SKINR?

Organizing the available information- connecting dots. There are some very bright dots attracting attention

MFMP Parkhomov replication is near to the critical phase/temperature. They know the "festina lente' (hurry slowly) rule.


This entrepreneur wants to save the world, and he's getting worldwide attention

ICCF19 à Padoue, day 5

Parkhomov's presentation at ICCF-19
Researches of the Heat Generators Similar to HighTemperature Rossi Reactor 
A.G.Parkhomov, E.O.Belousova Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Parkhomov reports:
The ICCF-19 conference was very successful. 470 participants  470 participants, 98 presentations these are record performances. The conference was characterized by optimism and premonition of great achievements. It took place in the very prestigious
site of Palazzo del Ragione in the grand iose hall ornated with frescos by Giotto e miretto.
I have visited the University of Bologna at the invitation of Giuseppe Levi, one of the experts who has investigated the Rossi reactor in Lugano. He has shown me his experimental set-up and has organized connection on Skype with the University of Upssala- Sweden with other experts of Lugano- Peterson and bo (Hoistadt) They have shown their device which is planned to start mid-May.
Then with our Skype of the conference we succeeded for the first time to  connect with Rossi. It is the first time that I could speak with this exceptional man.He intends to visit Russia.                                                                                           A.G. Parkhomov.
Andrea Rossi
April 17th, 2015 at 7:07 PM

Frank Acland:
The modifications I am making in these days on the Hot Cat have been inspired y the new reading I am making of the book of Prof. Norman Cook, and from our discussions during the making of the paper published on Arxiv. The results are important, but before talking of data I prefer continue the test that is in course in the container of the computers, here in the factory where the 1 MW E-Cat is working. I think the results could be even better, but we need a long work of R&D on it.
Besides: the results of all this endeavours could also be negative… ( I don’t remember the number of the “F”…)
Warm Regards,

Alain Coetmeur impressed by the presentation of Volodiyr Dubinko- and he is not alone:

ICCF19 concluso arrivederci in Giappone

The Present Status of Cold Fusion and its Expected Influence on Science and Technology 
Edmund Storms
 Innovative Energy Policies 2015, 4:1

Abstract The nuclear reaction called cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) has been rejected by conventional science for 25 years. Since then, evidence has accumulated to prove that nuclear reactions can be initiated in special materials without application of significant energy or production of significant radiation. This paper briefly surveys a selection of the evidence and the conclusions about the unusual new phenomenon that this information supports. 
Keywords: Cold fusion; LENR; Pons; Fleischmann; Clean energy; 


  1. Peter,
    Your translation of Parkhomov's comments regarding his visit to the University of Bologna is: "They have shown their device which is planned to start mid-May." This sounds like they will start their own "Lugano replication" in mid-May. On the other hand the translation at e-cat world is: "They showed their devices to be launched in mid-May." which sounds more like they have working devices which they will unveil in mid-May. Any comments on which is more likely to be correct?

    1. As Far I know actually it is launch or throw in in Mid May. It can be some subtlety of Russian and if you have a device that works why unveil it at a fixed datum?
      I am not inerrant- so let's ask a native Russian, OK?


  2. This reflects the information I have had from Uppsala. As far as I know, their reactor is ready and they are about to start the calibration phase. My impression is that they work carefully without hurry. I think that what is intended at mid May could be a run with a loaded reactor.
    Mats Lewan

  3. the DOI of the particle of edstorms does not work,
    but I havound

    an interesting general paper for decision makers, to change their positions.

    Can help Thomas Grimshaw

  4. About theory I'm a man of connecting and mixing.

    Dubinko theory have one great advantage, it is not finished, it is not even defined... it is an approach, using element at the frontier of modern physics : non linearity, lattice, solitons/roguewaves/scaleviolation

    In my dreams it could enrigh the theories of Edmund Storsm, who propose a 1D
    object where breathers could apears for example if metal from the crack was interacting with metallic hydrogen... and why not with linear deffects

    I would also mix it with Widom-Larsen, who rather use 2D lattice

    my intuition si tah countrary to the rational position, 3D is a dead end, because it would happen too often, and it would be understood since long.

    Takahashi TSC&al may also be considerdd to buodl breather attached to defects.

    LENR is a dimensional challenge, 1D, 2D or fractal... science out of 3D is a hell.

    LENR theory is hidden at the fronter of physics, which are :
    - lattice
    - nano size
    - defects
    - 1D or 2D or fractal structures
    - non linearities
    - coherence
    - scale "communication" (when big energy is coupled to small)

    we suffer from the streetlight paradox...
    sure we have to search where theory is weak!

    I am less enthusiastic for "off-the-shell" solutions of QM, but it is also nightmare frontier of science, and as long as it is not a trick to avoid the difficulties, why not....

    Wolfgang Pauli said:
    "One shouldn’t work on semiconductors, that is a filthy mess; who knows if they really exist!

    God created the solids, the devil their surfaces."

  5. Dr. Vladimir Dubinko term breathers are what I call solitons. in the SPP theory.

    What Quantum Gravity Research calls quasi crystals I call Rydberg matter.

    I try to use the accepted scientific names for these things so if and when LENR theory is read by professional scientists they understand the terms and associated concepts that are being used.

    It is important for LENR theorists to use proper scientific terms in their theory so others expert in the field can understand what they are taking about.

    And also important, these names and concepts can be accessed on Wikipedia and on the scientific paper preprint internet site arxiv at for background description and not serve only as confusing LENR buzz words.

  6. Isn't it troubling, Peter, that more than four years after Rossi's and Levi's original reports of 30+kW from a tiny ecat, there was not one working reactor being demonstrated at ICCF19? Couldn't Rossi have sent an old ecat? Couldn't Defkalion have set up a Hyperion? No. Not one working demonstration of a high power reactor.

    1. Surely it is especially for people like me who have not much time left and want to see the energy source working on grand scale.
      However development is very difficult and sometimes slow.

    2. There was a reactor demonstrated at ICCF-19. It was the dog bone version of the hot cat. Having this demo shown in its entirety and in a completely open way was worth all these years of waiting.

  7. n the Dog bone test we just saw from Italy, gammas were produced when the bone was cold and getting hot and then again when cooling down.

    Gammas are released when the vacuum was not energetic enough to carry the gamma energy away from the site of the nuclear reaction to the soliton. When the energy density of the vacuum is saturated with energy, this excited vacuum becomes a path for nuclear energy to flow through to other places so that that high energy is widely distributed and thermalized.

    The experiment for this has been done to show this effect when a laser is used to excites gold nanoparticles which stabilize radioactive isotopes.

    This effect is also how silver nanoparticles stabilize radioactive isotopes when those silver particles are stimulated by light.

    How can I get people to understand this? The vacuum is not nothing, it is what the world is made out of.

    This quantum energy transport is all about communication. Entanglement is a result of the establishment of a strong interface path between two particles whereby their quantum properties can reach a common equilibrium. This is why gamma is only seen in LENR when the system is cold. Cold gamma production is a critical clue to the theory of LENR. A communication path has not been established in a cold system. This also says that LENR requires a sender and a receiver. It also says that LENR can produce effects at a distance from the cause. Such experiments show that LENR produces effects at a distance. An exploding metal wire using arc discharge will cause transmutation far from the location of the explosion, and that transmutation does not cause gamma production.

    1. do they confirm the gamma.
      It seems it was mostly artifact linke to noise in the room because the connection with computer was by sound...

      anyway gamma while cold are to be expected

    2. But why is gamma expected in a cold reactor, in your opinion?

    3. Integrating various positions, papers, it seems that when the reaction is bad it produce hot fusions outcome...

      Luca Gamberale suspect it is because cold fusion works because of coherence, and that when coherence is not good enough, reaction does not work well and produce trace of hot fusion anomalies.

    4. But gamma radiation means that a nuclear reaction has occurred. The cold rector just does not shield that gamma radiation. Can you explain why?

    5. But gamma radiation means that a nuclear reaction has occurred. The cold rector just does not shield that gamma radiation. Can you explain why?

    6. Whether the gamma/neutrons are shielded or not prodced when condition are goo, it involves some coherence effect.

      WL, Hydroton, Discrete Breather, propose similar vision.

      I think that proposing an exact thery is premature, but having position on characteristics of the theory may be possible.

      The key question that we could have opinion is :
      - is coherence inviolved (sure yes)
      - is it 1D,2D, 3D,fractalD coherent reaction (I think not 3D, and probably not 1D because it would involve too many particles)
      - are neutrons not produced, bound, or ULM (more and more I think something between bound and not produced=pep)
      - are the nucleus coupled by electromagnetism, or strong force (I only see EM as possible, even if it is requiring huge population of coherent particles, or hune evanescent wave - as WidomSrivastava propose)

    7. When you say that coherence is required to produce the thermalization of gamma, you are defining the very essence of the LENR reaction. You are implying that the site of the nuclear reaction must become the same as the mechanism for the distribution of that nuclear energy. You are recognizing that the site that is generating the power is becoming the same as the site that is breaking that power into many smaller pieces and distributing it at low temperatures. You are defining a sender of energy and a receiver of that energy.

      You must think about how a nuclear event can become one with many less energetic smaller events. The path that the release of nuclear energy follows between it creation and its distribution must be coherent, must be identical, must be the same thing, but the common impression is that coherence can only happen at near zero temperatures, You must explain how coherence can exist at a trillion degrees. You must recognize that coherence can be produced at extreme temperatures; in a state where matter cannot exist.

      In these interesting implications of coherence lies the heart of the LENR reaction, in this idea lies its very essence, and its magic that is so hard to understand. You are at the doorstep of a complete understanding of LENR, but walking through that doorway of understanding is most difficult.