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Nanotechnology Ready to Treat Cancer, Alzheimer's & Obesity:

Human Nature in the Lab and on the Page:
Could the Internet Become Conscious like the Human Brain?

Mathematics of Opinion Formation Reveals How Moderation Trumps Extremism
Historians know that the best way to replace an extremist view is with an equally extreme opposing view. Now mathematicians have discovered how to make moderation spread instead:

New Chemistry Technique Reproduces Nature's Elusive Complexity

The Age of Big Data and the Death of Theory by Piero Scaruffi

Six degrees of mobilisation
Technology and society: To what extent can social networking make it easier to find people and solve real-world problems?:

As Children’s Freedom Has Declined, So Has Their Creativity
New research suggests that American schoolchildren are becoming less creative:

Life in the Extreme: Hot Acids and Heavy Metals Make Similar Organisms Deal With Stress in Different Ways:

Language Use Is Simpler Than Previously Thought, Study Suggests:

Biologists Replay 500 Million Years Of E Coli Evolution In The Lab. Astrobiologists have recreated 500 million year-old bacteria then watched them evolve. The plan? To look for universal laws of biological evolution:

The Myths that prevent change:

It seems GOOD PAPERS is not an attractive title, I tried a new one.

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Some papers here are really relevant, it is a pity that only some 20 readers are accessing
these Good Papers- PLEASE help me to make this at least 200 this time!
Thank you!

The Web is a dangerous place; read please:

A Travelling Salesman Problem Special Case: 30-Year-Old Problem Solved:

Google: 90% of consumers shifting between screens:

The Entire Internet, In Your Language:

11 Historical Geniuses and Their Possible Mental Disorders

Your brain on pseudoscience: the rise of popular neurobollocks:

The voodoo cult of positive thinking:

The Mismeasure of All Things.  How GDP distorts economic reality:

Scientists See Upside And Downside Of Sequencing Their Own Genes:

Top 10 Tools for Learning:

New Material Could Make Thermoelectric Power Practical
Researchers demonstrate a significant jump in the efficiency with which heat can be converted directly into electricity:

Misinformation: Why It Sticks and How to Fix It:

The Selfish Meme. Twitter, dopamine, and the evolutionary advantages of talking about oneself:

Pew: Religious Intolerance Is On The Rise Worldwide:

Fear Can Be Erased from the Brain, Research Shows:

France and European Commission Order Review of Controversial GM Study in Rats:

Why We Cannot Save the World:

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I think it was the initiative of my Vortex colleague and discussions partner, Abd ul Rahman Lomax to use the generic and metaphoric name NEW FIRE for what we try to accomplish.
He says in a thread that we have to do the followings::

Show to the world there is a new practical primary energy source we call the New Fire;
Once shown, help develop people’s understanding of what the New Fire is;
 Help promote the development and uptake of the New Fire in all its various guises.

Being a convinced bureaucrat- I agree with this name approximately 50%, that I like New despite the fact that it says nothing however I am not enthusiastic for Fire. I reckon the huge historical merits of Fire- it helped our caveman ancestors to survive, only a healthy energy-intensive diet based on mammoth steaks has helped us to develop our giant brains, etc. Till age 21 I lived in a flat heated by burning wood, coal briquettes, sawdust, shells of sunflower seeds, corn cobs- heating was a problem. Now in our two-rooms flat we use natural gas in a Bosch 3000W heater. (It is good but not cheap and I will replace it with a Hyperion of DGTG ASAP)
Fire comes from burning that is using oxygen from air to destroy stuff, usually organic matters and converts these in carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water and some ashes i.e. much simpler products. Burning is degradation, simplification. Take oil you can make fine chemicals and plastics of it or you can burn it to heat hones or to drive cars; which is smarter?  Constructive chemistry versus destructive chemistry… This year was special, with a long hot summer in so many places and with the unavoidable forest fires that make the view so much uglier and simpler. Yes burning is a simplifier and this is the reason that I don’t like the word fire in this case.
However two remarks:

1- Fire simplifies but it is, per se, not simple. This week I have received the new publications of my friend Tibor Braun, professor at the Budapest University and one of the fine papers is: “The nanodiamonds are shining in the flame of the candle” This paper is in Hungarian; however you can find similar information attesting the complexity of fire on the Web. History should not forget that in April 1989 Tibor Braun’s “Cold Fusion Flash” was the first CF Newsletter.

2- The issue of renouncing to simplicity in our field is a decisive one; if we do not accept, understand, actively improve and use  complexity –as DGTG has see please my interview with their CTO the most heroic efforts and the brightest experimental approaches will not result in a commercial energy source, I bet.
Here, the Internet has helped me again. You know I am publishing strikingly unsuccessful writings re. the best papers
I am discovering on the Web. The newest one
was read by 11 visitors in the first day. However it has a real treasure in it, a good easily readable, instructive, essential paper:

 Complexity Thinking or Systems Thinking:

I ask you to read it very carefully. It is about Cf/LENR/HENI too.

However in some respect it is good to be simple, not smart, not sophisticated, not original. Therefore I oppose/propose NEW HEAT to NEW FIRE. It is a step toward accepting the complex reality of HENI.



The story of the seal hunter whose name was in Eskimo “the person who tries to do useful things but rarely succeeds thanks Gods he is very stubborn” – Per in short- yes, this story seemed to come to an end when he came to a certain age and had to be retired. This was the end for him; however it is a historical fact that Per has converted this end in a kind of new beginning even more beginnings.

  In the Eskimo language and traditional social practice. to retire is an imperative verb, very imperative. It is well known that the Eskimo retirement best practice is the model (slightly hidden model) for many other countries. It is based on senilicide and this seems to be cruel, however the Eskimos have always lived with very few resources, for them the Deep Crisis (toward which we all are marching now like cattle to the slaughterhouse) was the normal state of affairs. They have 86 words for snow and 111 words for austerity!
The old people were aware of their uselessness and have not protested much- senilicide was kind of assisted suicide. Please, before condemning this in the name of moral principles, accept that it is not as bad as the eternal and ubiquitous wars, wars being mainly juventicides.

OK one day Per the expert seal hunter who was not a relative of the tribal chief and the shaman did not liked him at all when he arrived to the fatal age- he was immediately retired. Only the very na├»ve don’t know that privileges are much more important than the rights.
The stubborn old seal hunter when put in an obsolete boat and sent to the endless ice - Cold Ocean to starve and disappear has used a lot of tricks and has survived. What’s more, he succeeded to arrive to a whaler ship and, became a whale hunter.

In October 1999 I have received my first monthly pension, a bit less then 100 $. The perspective was dim to live in very modest conditions and to be scared to death by any damned bill- for
heat, power, phone, other expenses- to be a pariah, a poor man in a rich country. From 2000 to 2010 I had main job- journalism plus secondary jobs and have practiced diverse forms of consultancy. I learned web-search and have succeeded to steadily improve my financial situation. The times have also improved- till 2007-2008…

The former seal hunter has enjoyed his new profession and has
been noticed in the board journal with 437 whales. The captain
of the whaler having a peculiar idea about effectiveness and efficiency has changed the whale killing methods and our old hunter had to leave the ship. But he was rich enough to buy his own boat and now he still navigates.
What’s more and it is a miracle- Per has joined the fleet of the hunters who know (as he also had known for many years): that Melville’s Moby Dick does not exist however there is a
World’s Most Elusive Whale and this will be found and hunted soon, very soon. And this will be a Great Day; the old hunter hopes to be still alive then.
Are they seals or whales in the Styx and the other 5 or 6 rivers of a personal Hades?


P.S. I have a special relationship with metaphors; I hate them actually (because they are so easily abused) but I am using them excessively. In this metaphor CV story above- seals and whales are problems.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


I will be soon 75 years old so this is interesting:


Digitization and Prosperity.
The economic growth of nations is linked to one factor: adoption of information and communications technology:

Can the Human Body Learn to Photosynthesize?

Best jobs in America

Enough Wind to Power Global Energy Demand: New Research Examines Limits, Climate Consequences:

Synthetic materials set new world record for greatest amount of surface area:

You Don't Own Your Ideas, and That's a Good Thing
The Samsung vs. Apple court ruling reinforces the mistaken notion that people are, in general, entitled to ownership of their ideas:

Disaster Is Just a Click Away: Computer Scientist, Psychologist Look at Developing Visual System to Warn Internet Users of Safety Risks:

Bacteria are social microorganisms: MIT researchers
MIT scientists: Bacteria plays different social roles, including attacking and defending other bacteria:

EmTech Preview: Another Way to Think about Learning
Why I hope kids in Ethiopia can teach the rest of us something profound about education:

Religion: Would you live in a world without religion or a world without science? Why?
Would you live in a world without faith in a higher power/greater being or a world without science? Why?:

Alain de Botton: Imagining Advertisements for Things We Really Need:

All-Purpose Search Engines List:

Brightest biological substance reveals its secret:

Complexity Thinking ot Systems Thinking:

Curiosity (nice!):

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“The decisions of today must be based on the facts of tomorrow.”
  (Daniel Burrus)

I am thinking many times if inter-generational communication exists, or if each generations has to repeat the errors of the past ones, adding new errors that became possible only in the new circumstances. Considering myself pragmatist and realist
I will not try to answer, however I want to convey an important message to you. I call your kind attention and understanding to it

I want to explain you the Principle of the Chief Engineer that has many applications, helps us to distinguish the possible from the impossible and it is crucial for Problem Solving.

The Chief Engineer was a real person, with his own history (complicated), character (nasty), life (hedonistic) and death (terrible- cancer).
I have met him at my very first working place, Savinesti Chemical Works, this story can be dated April 1960. He was a remarkable figure, former officer in the Royal Guard- therefore
scared and humble with the communist activists, but very authoritative and really toxic-boss like with us, the young engineers. However I was his favorite, he called me sometimes “Doctor Gluck” he even respected me, due to a strange reason: when he first shouted at me, I shouted back much louder and he was simply amazed by my stentorian skills. He also has lost duels in cursing- his simplistic military vocabulary was very weak compared to my tetra-linguistic repertoire learned from
the lower class people of Timisoara. It was for me like a Black Belt Dan fighting with a middle rank kyu.

I was then working for the start up of a greater pilot plant for the
synthesis of acrylonytrile from acetylene and hydrogen cyanide-
(later I described this in “Death boils at 27 C”)

For the celebration of May 1st it was planned to start the production- but this was not possible for simple reasons.
We have strived to make the plant neat and clean but even this was not perfect.
The Chief Engineer has inspected the plant, found a lot of things out of order – and the following dialogue take place:

He- (shouting): Have you started the plant?

I - (10 dB higher): How the fuck should I start the damned plant- when it is not connected to power and to water, the staff is not complete and is not instructed, the main reactor is not here, we have no raw material…(CENSORED)!

Then something unique and miraculous has happened- he looked straight in my eyes and said calmly and slowly:

“Peter, listen to me and bury this for ever, deeply in your balding skull! With electricity, water, people, reactors and raw materials any fool can start a plant! But you are an Engineer and therefore you MUST start it even without all these, beyond any obstacles and in any circumstances!”

I allow that for a second I thought:”What an idiot!” but immediately I had a revelation, a satori:”Yes, he is right, my life’s mission is to solve any problem, by hook or by crook, in any circumstances, up to the end!”

My professional career and my life followed and I have applied always, stubbornly, in all the cases, the Chief Engineer’s Principle. Sometimes I have succeeded sometimes not…and this was it.


This is a real story including the details. My friends who have lived in the communist society and have heard activists saying
that the directives of the Party prevail even over the Laws of Nature, will believe it. My Greek friends will admit that in the Balkan area everything is possible including the impossible.
All my other friends here living in countries where even the corporations are not completely immune to some forms of democracy will - in the best case – consider this as a clumsy metaphor. But they forget the saying: “Nothing is impossible for the person who doesn’t have to do it.”

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Good Papers

Novel Nano-Structures to Realize Hydrogen's Energy Potential:

Politics and Prejudice Explored:

Network Theory Breakthrough Reveals The Origin Of Outbreaks
Researchers solve the seemingly impossible problem of using only a few measurements to find the first victim of a disease:

Researchers Probe Invisible Vacancies in Fuel Cell Materials:

It is more important to be kind than clever:

The Neuroscience of Creativity and Insight:

Myths and Truths About Atheism+:

How Humans Solve Problems, and Why it Affects Your Business Strategy:

Heat-Driven Water Splitting. An improved catalyst could lead to cheaper ways of producing hydrogen from water:

One-Molecule-Thick Material Has Big Advantages:

School Reform for Realists. Partnerships between business and education have a place in solving the talent gap, but not in http://wthe way most executives expect:                                   

8 Countries Where Atheism Is Accepted, Even Celebrated, Instead of Demonized
In many places around the world, this is an unprecedented era of freedom and social acceptance for non-believers :

In Search of a Perfect Shave. Can New Products and Techniques Make Shaving Better? Calling Out the Myths:

Barriers of Personal Knowledge Management:

Can Quantifying Our Lives Make Us Healthier?: