Saturday, September 15, 2012


I will be soon 75 years old so this is interesting:


Digitization and Prosperity.
The economic growth of nations is linked to one factor: adoption of information and communications technology:

Can the Human Body Learn to Photosynthesize?

Best jobs in America

Enough Wind to Power Global Energy Demand: New Research Examines Limits, Climate Consequences:

Synthetic materials set new world record for greatest amount of surface area:

You Don't Own Your Ideas, and That's a Good Thing
The Samsung vs. Apple court ruling reinforces the mistaken notion that people are, in general, entitled to ownership of their ideas:

Disaster Is Just a Click Away: Computer Scientist, Psychologist Look at Developing Visual System to Warn Internet Users of Safety Risks:

Bacteria are social microorganisms: MIT researchers
MIT scientists: Bacteria plays different social roles, including attacking and defending other bacteria:

EmTech Preview: Another Way to Think about Learning
Why I hope kids in Ethiopia can teach the rest of us something profound about education:

Religion: Would you live in a world without religion or a world without science? Why?
Would you live in a world without faith in a higher power/greater being or a world without science? Why?:

Alain de Botton: Imagining Advertisements for Things We Really Need:

All-Purpose Search Engines List:

Brightest biological substance reveals its secret:

Complexity Thinking ot Systems Thinking:

Curiosity (nice!):

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