Saturday, May 31, 2014


I have received today this paper that has made me angry:

Actually, it is not about our Cold Fusion, bur from sci-populistic reasons it infamously tells that “cold fusion died an inglorious death”
This is completely false, however, sadly enough, after 301+ months of history, of bright and smart worldwide efforts, the desired contrary of that: “it has started a glorious and useful new life” is also not true.
We still have to wait while fugit irreparabile tempus however hope is still there…but for how many of us?
I have repeatedly stated that classic cold fusion/LENR is not what we wanted it to be and, as such, it remains weak and unmanageable. Few of you believe me, however cannot contradict me with facts. The new forms of CF (if we take it in its broadest sense) are under strong attack on many fronts.

The state of the field is not a source of happiness and I am asking with sadness:

What would my dear, good friends, already in the Heaven of Cold Fusion: Hal Fox, Chris Tinsley, Gene Mallove, Akira Kawasaki, say today about CF’s status?

A painful question and unanswerable- infinite energy generates also infinite patience?
I will ask them all  soon, but I am not in great hurry, so I am asking you now, my friends still in battle, old and young, what do you think- what would our Heroes say and DO? And you?


Tuesday, May 20, 2014


In order to see the context and deeper details of the Gamberale Report published here: I have asked the most authorized person- the leader and strategist of the Defkalion company to give me an interview. CEO Xanthoulis has accepted and has answered to all my questions. It was an illuminating discussion despite revealing somewhat shadowy sides of that Report.

Q: Based on the recent publications of Mr. Gamberale & various others, what is your position?
A: Firstly we need to see what happened during the two live streaming presentations.
From 1st June 2013, our chief engineer Mr. S Amaxas & Mr. Gamberale were setting up the Laboratory in Milan. From the 25th June they were both running tests checking the set-up, the performance and the software.
During those days they made various adjustments and improvements which were mutually agreed upon, based on my knowledge.
On Friday the 19th July, I and my team arrived in Milan. In the meeting after my arrival NO questions or quires were raised by Mr. Gamberale on the performance of the equipment.  Furthermore on Sunday the 20th July our stock broker arrived and as per my promise given to Mr. Gamberale previously, he opened the Accounts to receive shares of the Defkalion Holding Company of Canada and he signed for them.
On Monday the 22nd  July Mr. Gamberale performed and presented the live streaming test for Italy in Italian, he was enthusiastic about the technology to all of the attendees.
Attending were journalists and scientists from Italy to whom afterwards in private he explained in detail the technology. On the same day, all night and till early morning of the next day our technical staff was preparing the equipment for the Live Streaming presentation for ICCF18.
On Tuesday 23rd July at 11.00am Mr. Gamberale declared himself sick and did not attend the live presentation.
The Live presentation was witnessed by many attendees, including Mr. Mats Lewan, who later was controlling independently and in detail all of the equipment and operations.
The live presentation was carried out with several difficulties such as power failures, no A/C and inadequate time to degassing from Argon to Hydrogen. During this live test none of the attendees raised any questions, doubts, whatever.
On Wednesday the 24th July and before our departure from Milan we were requested to participate in a meeting with the following participants, Alex Xanthoulis, Stavros Amaxas, Franco Capielo, Lucas Gamberale. At the request of Mr. Gambarale our CTO Mr. Hadjichristos was not invited to attend.
During this meeting Mr Gamberale made a presentation of his “SO CALLED” secret test which were conducted on the 18th of July, I was totally surprised and shocked because his attitude the previous days (of the 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd  July) was positive and enthusiastic.
My question to him was why he accepted the Defkalion Shares, why he made the Italian presentation and why he brought the subject up when we could not repeat the same test together because of our departure schedule. I have never received any answer to the above also to why he excluded Mr. Xadjichristos from that meeting.
Due to shortage of time and since all the questions were on the calorimetry, I suggested to send him test that were conducted without calorimetry. These tests were delayed to be sent due to my health problems at that time. However they were actually sent one month later. In fact this information was sent two times and although this information was strictly confidential we never received further questions or any answers.
So I was shocked when I saw published a test of Mr. Gamberale that was never conducted together with us to prove his position. Although a strict NDA was signed by Mr. Gamberale with a very high penalty clause in the case of a breach.
I was strongly advised by our personnel to use our Lawyers for the breaching of the NDA, but so far I have not taken any action, as I strongly believe that there are strong hidden interests.
Q: You mean that Luca Gamberale has made his test prior to your arrival and official tests in Milan?
A: Yes, he could not have done it during our presence or after because our engineers were next to the reactor all day of our presence and when we departed, we have taken the reactor with us. Anyhow, he told us that his test was on the 18th.
Q: Who prepared the software on National Instruments Board?
A: N.I.  and Luca Gamberale according to our instructions.
Q: Did Luca Gamberale attend tests prior to Italy and ICCF presentations?
A: He was two days in Athens, 15 days in Vancouver and 35 days in Milan conducting tests.
Q: Did he have any remarks or objections during the tests?
A: None that I know.
Q: Did he really receive shares of the company?
A: Yes, and he signed for the shares.
Q: Did he signed a NDA?
A: Yes, with a very high penalty for breach of contract. My question is: if we go legally against him, who is going to pay the penalty? Probably, somebody has promised to pay for him. What the public seems to forget is what big interests are behind this technology.
Q: Do you believe that Luca Gamberale is a good scientist?
A: Yes, I believe that Luca Gamberale is a brilliant scientist and I am wondering how on earth he did not understand earlier that calorimetry was wrong.
Q: Was calorimetry wrong?
A: I am not a scientist. Calorimetry was not set by us but from brilliant and well known international scientists.
Q: Do you have any scientists who observed the tests and examined the data?
A: As I have repeated several times, we are a business entity and not a lab. Up to now, we have 12 scientists from big international companies who have signed and accepted our tests and data and 3 who were neutral and still examine the data with a lot of questions and answers.
Q: What about your interview with Mats Lewan?
A: Mats is a very good journalist but he, as every journalist, takes bits and pieces from every sentence and he publishes accordingly depending how he wants to present his view.
Q: Are you going to publish any scientific paper on this issue?
A: No, the next publication will be on our R6. Anyhow what we are doing and how we do it concerns only our shareholders.
Q: You have announced that you will trade your shares in the stock market soon.
A: We believe the right moment is when R6 pre-industrial product is ready and licensed. Anyhow our new shareholders do not believe in stock market. I have to convince them.

Remark: “My personal opinion is that the statements  from the Gamberale Report re. the malfunctioning of the flowmeter have nothing to do with the actual modus operandi of the Hyperion R5 in conformity with the Defkalion Protocol during standard tests and the Demo"