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The appreciation of my readers is chicken soup for my old heart/soul, it is wonderful to be taken seriously. However, there exist more forms of seriousness and in my small essay of yesterday I have used a special one. It is not the first time that I am complaining about the presence of Absurd in LENR, paraphrasing Hannah Arendt I would say - the banality of Absurd in our oppressed and not very happy field.
The recent war between Rossi and IH has added a lot of absurd. Let's cite Rossi:
'the fact that they are trying to make the process in the blogs, gives evidence of the fact that they fear the Court.' And they have strong reason of this.
Trying hard to demonstrate that Rossi is the personified evil, evil is contagious and everybody associated with Rossi becomes bad- this after being associated with him for three long year is absurd again, perhaps even more. Watching day by day an one year long Test about which IH now says it gave no excess heat was a complete failure and not asking Rossi to stop the waste of time, after the first week or say month if you are very patient, is also absurd.
So I decided to try to expose the absurd by hyperbolizing it - I came to the idiotic and hyper-absurd idea of the 10 years test a non-sense, an impossibility...
To make it more plausible, I have used the name of an unforgettable TV series character Alf Stokes. Alf is the immoral, unscrupulous but always unsuccessful butler from our family's favorite British humor masterpiece "Do you rang My Lord?" (1990-1993) (it was synchronized in Hungarian with the voices of the best actors- the translation - the British say is better than the original. You can find everything on the Web.

To be sincere I was convinced that the idea of the 10 years Test and Alf saying : 
"IH has tried very hard to help Rossi with wise advises how to make a non-existing and non-functional technology  good, has made a lot of positive propaganda for the work" will show everybody that Alf's message is just a parody, and not of high quality or plausibility. It didn't. Even the presence of a psychologist didn't helped. It is too much absurd around and it has become too familiar.

So all I can say is to renew an old old appeal:


1) Photos of 1MW Plant Address

2) Is Cold Fusion becoming a new technology? by Dr. Matti Pitkänen

3) Patrick Ellul's second E-Cat belief survey
Confidence/hopes invested in the E-Cat diminished somewhat due to the Trial, however still much more pro- than contra opinions

4) Presentation and principles of the seminar of the theory department of the Institute of Genral Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences
by A.I, Laptukhov
About the existence in the plasma of the solar wind of a new type of nuclei- electron-ionic nuclei predicted by the theory of non-punctual electron.

5) E-Cat the Mystery Deepens:

A new perspective on materials for plasmonics

Why Science Still Matters In A Data-Driven Age

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a) The most probable scenario of the Rossi-IH Trial

Some twelve years ago, Freeman Dyson and I have made simultaneously an important philosophical discovery and have popularized it on the Web, in this form: 

You can read more here if you wish:

As you can state, the authors have discussed friendly and we could establish that Dyson has arrived to this conclusion based on religion while I based on secular arguments, so it is a case of perfectly independent discovery. If we ignore the ubiquity of the Evil in this most interesting World -it was a positive discovery. However, a bit later I have made a rather negative discovery that does not add to or subtract from the former : OUR UNIVERSE IS THE SLOWEST OF ALL POSSIBLE UNIVERSES" This fatal slowness is measured naturally by the very ratio of he huge inter-galactic distances and the snail like speed of light. I almost made an intellectual depression- all my friends here well know my quasi-obsession for speed, instant, immediacy, agility whatever...
I made this introduction  only to help you to understand and have empathy for my shock caused
by the following anticipation of most probable scenario of the Rossi contra IH Trial. The author, my reader friend A.S. is a British analyst, as far I understand a reputed Law analyst- who has alluded more times to some connections to Woodward. It was obvious from the start that Alf is actually more on the side of IH, however I am a reasonable man and blogger very tolerant even receptive to broad range of opinions. What he has to say:

"Dear Peter,

I regret that my analysis will bitterly disappoint you- taking in account your age, health state and desire to see the technology legit, confirmed and working. Small chances, Pete. It will be confrontation between the results of the ERV to which Rossi will add energy bills demonstrating that the plant has obtained excellent results day by day and each week and month of the 12 and the results of IH based on the same measurements demonstrating "no trace of excess heat ever-never"- I heard (but better cut this) that IH has obtained the signatures of three 

Nobelists and   almost one hundred reputed physicists on their document., including some LENR experts and a psychologist. A built-in lie detector will show all the time that THEY tell the Truth about the Test.
Rossi will try for sure to make a lot of fuss and noise that during three long years of collaborations and demos made in cooperation for investors the IH people has completely forgotten or avoided to tell that there is no excess heat as claimed by him.
IH will answer with dignity that they are no "fast-company" , we do not have a culture of not strive for exaggerated reaction speeds- what they wanted to avoid  is to hurt the feelings of the inventor; Rossi is a very sensitive man, see his touching story about a crow and two small birds- (shown here too,last Sunday)  Your merit too Peter, they have taken seriously your over-pessimistic "this is the slowest world possible. " Rossi's insinuation that his asking-money was a revelation for IH leading them to a new reality will be in vain, and you will not believe why: the very different attitude of the parts from the start of the conflict. While Rossi was complaining unfriendly all the time and has sent his army of supporters speak bad things about IH, IH has tried very hard to help Rossi with wise advises how to make a non-existing and non-functionl technology  good, has made a lot of positive propaganda for the work and 
personality of the inventor, has sent more people to discover virtues and merits of Rossi's former collaborators as Giuseppe Levi and Mats Lewan. A generous campaign to improve the PR of the Rossi group- very high ethical standard, I could even say noble but will abstain for the moment..
Therefore you will see a judgment as wise as Solomon's it will be taken a decision that IH indeed needs a longer period to make a well documented and deeply understood decision- to pay or not to pay.
Most probable a new 10 years 1MW test will be ordered. 
A committee of experts and bureaucrats will establish if is about 3653 or 3654 days taking in account he leap years etc.
I know that the near future events do not fit your plans but "Dura lex, sed lex"and refering to the future of New Energy: "Fiat justitia, pereat mundus"
Very truly ours,
Alf Stokes.

Such slowness kills me fast!

b) The answer of Ed Storms to his AXIOMS

Thanks Peter, you understand. The first step is to agree on what is real, i.e. the AXIOMS.  Next, we need to make the explanation totally consistent with these axioms.  This essential process in missing in efforts to explain LENR. 

I have attempted to use this process in my books and in the recent summary paper. As you say, we need to use the Zeroth Rule of Projects.  This can also be stated as First Do NO Harm.  In other words, try to add nothing that distracts from what can be shown to be real. Apply imagination only as a last resort. Always work with nature.  I will add a  favorite of my own "Do Not Nitpick". Instead, look for the major features of the process.  As with prospecting for gold, the gold will be found in the mountains and rivers. These features need to be mapped first. 

Thank you so much, dear Ed!


1) ONce, more time coming back A volte... molte volte... RITORNANO!
Well readable with Google Translate gives an answer to the accusations of IH agaisnt Levi

2) GS5-3 Pressure Puzzle - An Open Challenge

4) Andrea Rossi is the Nobody:

5) Information about ICCF-20- updated:

I have received a message from Yuri Bazhutov:
Dear Peter,
I hope you will read understand the text in Rusian: 

Complete video, compressed video.MPEG4 and non-compressed video MPEG@2of Shestopalov.
Demonstration of work of FAKEL D2MT with COP=3
I also give the link to the video of Starukhin. Two days on one file here 
Take  alook and tell what is not understood

7) Excellent Geopolitical #LENR Analysis by Doug Marker

See please the variant written by Doug for Ego Out- below:


This is an essay that considers the possibility and likely consequences of a disruptive new energy technology emerging very quickly.

In looking at the Rossi eCat 'ERV' report claims as published by Andrea Rossi, few people that I know of, expected the claimed
results to include a COP of 50. I think most if not all, who expected any results at all, imagined it might average out at at
least 3 but optimistically up to 6. The announcement that it reached 50 for such a long period of the test was stunning to say
the least. A COP of 50 is not a simple advance, it would be spectacular and if accepted today, an energy game-changer and a
perfect example of a ‘disruptive’ technology. One that has the potential in a very short period to shift the way energy is
created and used. Changes that would alter the fate of many countries, especially those who have built their economies on selling
oil that is on average dearer that cheap Arab oil but still profitable for them. Some countries (esp in Sth America & Africa &
some parts of the Middle East, plus those European countries who rely on their more expensive off-shore oil. Some could face
political collapse if their oil loses its strategic role and value. Oil is an intrinsic part of most nations foreign policies.
Saudi Arabia is a special case and is of concern for a number of special reasons. It is a fragile country in this regard. Fragile
in the sense that a shift away from oil as a primary could see the Saud family dynasty overthrown and Sunni Wahhabi extremists
take over. This is what they are already attempting to do in Syria and Iraq. It is interesting that just in this past month the
US Govt has directly intervened in the affairs of Saudi Arabia who have now committed to: one, divesting themselves of 100% control
of their nation's oil reserves (still the largest in the world); and two, to open the country up. The current closed to outsiders
approach has to end. Dropping their isolation is the best way to undermine the Wahhabi extremists who are taking full advantage
of the closed nature of Saudi Arabia society because of the isolation enforced in the past by the Saud family. Any deeper turmoil
in the Middle East could be a harbinger of world war 3. The tensions are ripe. One fuse could well be a disruptive technology
emerging that kicks the feet from under oil as a primary strategic commodity ruled *and managed* by nations’ and intrinsic in
their foreign policies. Anyone in any doubt only needs to read Daniel Yergin’s Pulitzer prize winning book “The Prize”. The story
is an amazing one.,_Money,_and_Power

If, as I personally suspect, the attacks on LENR and even Rossi, are all about delay, the need being to get the world in order
first. If this were to be the case, then the current contradictions, the claims and counter-claims, seem to fall into place.

The bigger picture has national interests and conflict avoidance at heart. The small picture is to get LENR on the table as a
working ‘new energy’ we can all make use of. Climate issues are a seperate matter also needing consideration.

I expect the current debate to continue at a shrill level. What I watch out for are the people who have a clear history of
whipping up anti LENR and anti Rossi hysteria. That choice of word is IMHO a perfect fit for much of what is being said about
Andrea Rossi. The way he is spoken about by supposedly well educated intelligent people is simply irrational unless the nature
of the personal attacks is to serve a purpose or is part of a hidden agenda. The evidence seems to be to delay LENR emergence
at all costs and Rossi the man is one cost. Also, consider how many of the better known anti-Rossi attackers, are so certain
they know 100% what they claim is true, that this somehow allows them to be so virulent in their claims, when, none of them
thus far have been directly involved.

Does anyone remember the hysteria that occurred in the USA in web forums over the US decision to invade Iraq. I remember it
only too well and how nasty and shrill the pro-invasion ‘voices’ got. Those of us outside the US had a very different view
of if Saddam Hussien had the weapons of mass destruction that the administration claimed and used as the justification for
the invasion. Then years later we learned (via leaked documents) that some US Govt agencies and military interests set up
teams to go into forums and chat sites to force their views anywhere that serious questions were being raised against the
invasion. I had not experienced anything that nasty before until now, but acknowledge the 'Pons & Flichman episode also got
very nasty. So today the virulence is about anti LENR remarks and in particular some rather vicious personal attacks on Rossi
and now even other open minded blog journalits like Peter Gluck, Jed Rothwell and Matts Lewan. These are people who seek to
keep an open debate and avoid extreme positions that are showin g up in the anti side of the debate.

No one should argue that nations are not aware of the limited life span remaining for oil as a primary source of energy.
Governments worldwide have met and chosen to work together to devise alternative non-polluting sources for a replacement
primary energy. The belief is the world has 30-40 years of known oil reserves and new ones are still being located.

The Tokamak as our saviour. Tokamaks (from Wikipedia) "is a device that uses a powerful magnetic field to confine plasma
in the shape of a torus. Achieving a stable plasma equilibrium requires magnetic field lines that move around the torus
in a helical shape."
There are several Tokamak projects underway in several countries. Notably ‘ITER’ in France a combined effort between China,
Europe, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the USA. Then there is an even longer term follow-on ‘DEMO’, plus China also has its
seperate ‘CFETR’ project. But the Tokamaks seem to be still decades away even *if* they can be made both effective *and*
efficient. The point that needs to be made here is that Tokamaks are massively expensive and massively complex and as of
today massively under-performing. The goal is for 500MW out for about 50MW needed to drive one. A rough COP of 10. Perhaps
in 20 years if we are lucky.

Wind power is a help but is not a large scale solution, it is expensive to set up, expensive to run and maintain and
requires constant subsidization. Denmark is a world leader in manufacturing windmills and as well as exporting them
uses them to supply a significat percentage of their national needs. But, they are highly subsidised. Denmark also has
a particularly large area of shallow ocean surronding its landmass and a good average of wind to run the windmills.
Solar panels are also not yet a satisfactory solution and have similar cost to manufacture, logistics and maintenance
problems as wind power devices.

LENR as a solution is in a class of its own once it is finally accepted, the devices refined and the biased bickering
about the lack of a theory is put into perspective.

If however Rossi has his ‘miracle’ eCat, or there is perhaps some other known LENR such as Brillouin's boiler, or even some
under the radar LENR project, that have working potentially disruptive new energy technology. Then there are the other
claims such as that of Randall Mills and his brilliant light technology,
then disruption may well be nigh.

A 'potential disruption’ line of logic can not be easily dismissed or sneezed at. The energy claims *are* out there, the
consequences of any of these claims being real and perhaps ready to be developed are monumental. Those who choose to rail
against LENR based on their conviction that the science hasn’t come up with the theory, need to read about the history of
science and the blatant opposition to new theories that has dogged science since it began. So many discredited ‘theories’
later allowed science to leap ahead in the way it has. LENR *has* already been proven to be real. The propagandists refuse
to admit it. So, those who argue otherwise have a problem or an agenda. The LENR issue is “is it ready for prime time”.

Back to the Middle East, we have seen the consequences of national aspirations of Middle East people rising to the surface.
The map of the Middle East is crumbling and the artificial boundaries set as a consequence of the WW1 and WW2 western carve
ups (read Daniel Yergin’s book about this) are no longer useful nor defensible. The same might be said of African nations
too. Many of these were western political carve ups that cut across traditional tribal boundaries and loyalties.

One recent regional upheaval has been the Iranian revolution. The Shites of Iran saw a potential to create a grand Shite
Caliphate encompassing Iran (dominantly Shite), Iraq (dominantly Shite), Syria (where Shites are a minority but rule the
country as the Alahwite sect of Shia, Lebanon (where Shite Hizbollah militias have effective control) and Gaza another
Hizbollah stronghold. Had Iran obtained a nuclear weapon capability, that along with Irainian expansion (as was happening
post the Iran-Iraq war) then the potential for a Middle East conflagration was well brewed.

However, the western powers have managed to contain Iran, and despite the misgivings of some western allies (read Israel)
the US has recently pushed to end Iran’s isolation and has promoted the acceptance of its status as a potential regional
superpower. A reality that horrifies the Sunnis led by the Saudi Arabia.

In retaliation for Iran’s ambitions, groups of Iraqi Sunnis combined with Syrians, began fighting for their own Sunni
Caliphate. It would take part of Iraq, part of Syria, all Jordan and if they could, all Saudi Arabia. ISIS/ISIL are the core
of that movement. It is a continuation of the dreams promoted by the Saudi Osama Bin Laden and an extension of the Wahhabi
movement that is so strong in religiously controlled Saudi Arabia. These Sunni extremists have shown they are a force to be
reckoned with. IN Syria and Iraq, they are using captured oil to fund much of their revolution.

The fear from the anti-Iranian powers is that with the US-Iran peace, based on a commitment of Iran not to develop a bomb,
now signed, that the Iranians are free to expand trade and export oil without constraint which could allow them to become
so wealthy that no one could stop them doing whatever they want including secret work to proceed on their nuclear weapons
program. The balance between moderates and hard liners in Iran is on a knife’s edge.

So a what-if scenario is that ‘what-if’ the western powers (America in particular) know that there is a replacement for oil,
ready and capable. Then establishing peace with Iran means that Iran will have very limited time to take advantage of its
oil. The prices could (and would) drop to a small profit more in norm with any other useful (but not political) commodity.
Iran’s ambitions would and could be held in check, i.e. Iran could not use its oil muscle to threaten neighbors or anyone
else. It seems to me this is a valid scenario that has been stitched up and being enacted now.

Getting Saudi Arabia under control seems to be the current item on the agenda and the goal seems to be to starve the Wahhabi
extremists of an opportunity to overthrow the Saudi government and then have in their hands the power that oil would give
them. The Saud family are on thin ice. They are an anachronism in this modern age. They have been getting away with it
because they controll the world’s greatest oil reserves and also one of the cheapest in cost per barrel to lift.

I don’t know what today’s real cost per barrel to lift are (it is all online though) but there is a big difference. The
cheapest was always the Iraq oil, Saudi oil came close, but then the cost starts to rise markedly. Off-shore oil is much
dearer per barrel to lift, Alaskan oil even more so. Many of the smaller oil nations such as Venezuela and Nigeria have of
late only kept their production costs around sale price. Any significant drop in price would hit them hard.

So again, the case exists that a sudden introduction of a disruptive new cheap energy could topple many producing nations.
The political instability would affect us all. At worst trigger a new world war.

So, if LENR has been proven, then the governments of the world have some very serious challenges they must deal with before
any shift in the balance of energy power shakes up the world.

What is the use of owning a cheap eCat if we are all off fighting world war 3.


Physics is on the verge of an Earth-shattering discovery

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a) About the Zeroth Rule of Research Projects

ˈimmediately preceding what is regarded as first in a series.

Thinking about the Axioms of Ed Storms has inspired me to think about the essentials of research projects- starting with the Zeroth Rule of the research projects-
i.e. before starting try to evaluate what brings the Project in case of 100%, total success. Surely you have heard about the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics that has to be taken in consideration before even thinking about what Thermodynamics allows, re commends or prohibits. 
I have discovered the Zeroth Law hen leading series of research projects  at OLTCHIM Chemical Works, mainly poly-vinyl chloride and its recipe components and processing additives and later in a very broad range chemical consultancy collaborations- chemistry is a central science and technology- all other industries ue chemical products. A very broad range of multi-actions from say lead-acid battery separators, additives for sintering,  to optimizing the whitening process of weave baskets made of osier (Salix viminalis) and other bush plants. Low level seemingly but complex problems and good economic impact if it succeeds. Zeroth Rule of projects became a part of my standards a must, a step in decision taking. 

This fundamental analysis is not restricted to the before the start period it can be done during the project, any time when it is opportune

For the case of Edmund Storms- his theory based on the AXIOMS- the Zeroth Rule is to determine if his theory is totally true and valid for any variant of LENR- what will we learn, what is the the shortest and fastest way to explanation of LENR, from there to prediction of the necessary experiments and to technological development.

b) Andrea Rossi about Research Projects.

We must make a distinction between R&D started by industries or industrial laboratories and R&D started by scientific concerns.
The aims of these two categories are structurally different.
An industry or an industrial laboratory starts an R&D exclusively basing the strategic decisions on the profit that such R&D can generate, compared to the investments necessary to make  the same R&D . Apart this, all the other considerations about the wellness of humanity are pure hypocrisy and propagandistic mumbojumbo-tango.
The approach of a scientific concern ( university for example ) is different, because in this case the R&D can also have exquisitely cultural aims, with high costs and nil or small economic return: the quest for the Higgs field made by the CERN is a typical example of this. Science about the Higgs field and the associated wave of the Higgs boson will never generate anything economically profitable that could justify the immense costs of it, but, as Dante Alighieri made Ulysses say: 
" Fatti non foste a viver come bruti,
ma per seguir virtute e conoscienza"



3) inaccessible, from Google Scholar:

Our Renewable Future: Laying the Path for One Hundred Percent Clean Energy

R Heinberg, D Fridley - 2016
... Substitution Challenge Continues High-Temperature Heat for Industrial Processes
Low-Temperature Heat ... Efficiency Opportunity: We May Not Need as Much Energy Energy Intensity
The ... Nuclear Power Carbon Capture and Storage Massive Technology Improvements PART III. ..


From Russ George's Blog:

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This is a personal understanding and/or interpretation of the basic axioms of 
the axioms- established truth in the LENR thinking of Edmund Storms- reflected in his extended explanation paper.
Ed Storms is the scientist with the most extended  knowledge in LENR- see  his books and many papers.
That means his First Axiom would be that it is necessary to accumulate the maximum of data. process it in knowledge and distill in wisdom -as his real LENR wisdom, very impressive.
The second Axiom is to use the real data, find explanation based on observed data not on imaginary data or ideas.
 I cite: "  accept the experimental results  and form a theory around the data"

I don't know if it is an axiom or not but Ed Storms has an excellent opinion about Mother Nature: "Nature is very clear in showing the path" - and he also thinks there are common principles mechanism of LENR for the entire scale of working temperatures. So what we learn (from him too) from PdD is valid for N iH up to thr melting temperature of Nickel.

The paper is  a must read and has to be thoroughly discussed.
I am waiting if Ed will say something re his Axioms then we will continue with applications.


1) LENR technology impeded by American Fortune 150 Energy Companies?

2) The live results of the New Survey by Patrick Ellul are here:

3) John Dash - Cold Fusion Experiments - MIT

4) Free Energy Finally being released for humanity!! - Andrea Rossi and Cold Fusion Game Changer

5) Cold Fusion-latest connections:

6) From Andrea Rossi's Blog

April 27, 2016 at 7:20 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
Science prescribes that LENR must emit high energy gamma rays. Why the E-Cat does not ?
Andrea Rossi
April 27, 2016 at 9:43 AM

Science is a descriptive enterprise, not a prescriptive one.
Prescription is not good science, description of experiments and related results is good science.
Description of products is ultimately the best.
Warm Regards,

7) In Cold Fusion 2.0, Who's Scamming Whom?

8) Rossi: E-Cat Test for ‘Very Important’ New Customer in June

9) In Ukrainian:
Кінець нафтової ери… Генератор Россі
End of the oil era- the Rossi generator


Can You Learn Creative Problem-Solving?
Oddly enough, the need to drive innovation in teams may call for a systemic process to develop creative thinking.

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Sunday,Andrea Rossi was playing tennis with his wife and he has observed something remarkable.

It was a wonderful day of blue sky as beautiful as the sky of Miami can be when it is beautiful. I was looking up for a service, when I saw a crow attacking a small , very small bird: the small bird tried to escape, but the crow cut his small head with a bite and the corpse of the small bird fall down; then the same crow is gone after another small bird, probably a companion of the killed one, but this second small bird behaved differently: he attacked the crow and hit repeatedly his head with the beak, until the crow run away.
I will never forget this scene.

I told you many times how difficult is it to make distinction between reality and truth, in some cases they are inseparable; here the reality is symbolic and/or metaphoric too.
Even before hearing this I have made an association of the campaign to kill LENR Technology because its inventor is not a perfect, ideal human being- with a novel which has impresed me very much- many years ago. It is "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee - a masterpiece from Faulkner's era and area I have read it in Romanian and Hungarian and its translated title in both languages was:"Do not kill a singing bird!" What reasons can justify  such a crime? What harm can do  Rossi's technology if it is absolutely non-functional? Who will buy generators that generate only losses? What is the reason and aim of this huge scam? 
Rosi has a money problem with IH, he claims the results of the 1 year 1MW test were good, IH denies it
as answer move. It is extremely regrettable that this answer is associated or replaced with a campaign of character assassination of Rossi- on the wave of other older campaigns of this kind.
However the tragic or comic truth is that Rossi can be worse than the most dreadful combination of 
De Sade Marquis and Casanova and Cesare Borgia plus Ivan the Terrible the issue is if the E-Cat works well than he is right, and if Law works too- he wins.
What is very painful for me, I see how my friends, members of the LENR Old Guard are attracted in a de-Rossification campaign, without having the absolute certainty and proofs that  the LENR Technology of Rossi is not real.
My heartful appeal to them is to remain neutral, objective and in expectation, take care to NOT participate at the killing of a bird which possibly sings! To destroy a dream that motivated us for so many years! Do not join the armies of ill-willed trolls, journalist unable to be constructive, professional haters, envious losers, simple straight sadists, who do not care a iota for LENR and new energy- the selfish destroyers. 

a)  An updated SURVEY by Patrick Ellul

It is also about Info Sources, please answer.
As expected in war-time skeptics have accused Rossi believers of multiple voting- with the new
survey this is not possible. Some people can not structurally accept defeat

b) Brian Ahern answers to my questions of yesterday'

Genuine LENR research is hard to define for conspiracy advocates. Some would say that six years of Rossi research without a single independent verification lacks the gravitas for Genuine research.

Conspiratorista is a new word for the psychologically impaired Rossi cult followers. Recovery is expected to take years unless we can get funding for massive deprogramming.

I would rather that funding go into research rather than intensive deprogramming.


Nobody has asked you to get the definition of "genuine LENR research by Rossi cultist" It is about your personal definition, please tell what is YOUR definition, speak about what has to be done, studied not what is bad and useless. Be fair- as a reader demands.
Massive deprograming as salvation sounds strange.
See in the case if Rossi's E-cats generate heat, anything else is of secondary relevance and NOT the Rossi cultists (actually it is about the cult of LENR technology) are psychologically impaired but the denialists as you.
An OR/OR case
As regarding "conspirationista" I do not think it is a new word, just a Latinized variant of "conspirationist"
Have the conspiratioists created Rossi or Rossi has generated them, it is an open question. Some people think there is an anti-Rossi conspiration too.
There were LENR researchers who hate what Rossi has done- i.e commercial development prior to having perfect scientific explanations.Taking in consideration what happens to LENR's cousin- High temperature superconductivity it is doubtful that we will have such a satisfactory scientific level before, as
In other cases it i more difficult to distinguish cause from effect.
Conspiracy and counter conspiracy

1) A standard fast Cold Fusion-killer paper
Getting primed for fusion power

See please what it has to say about Cold Fusion:

And Cold Fusion?
This is the idea to make a fusion reactor that works at close to room temperature. In 1989 some British and American scientists seemed to achieve this a running a strong current through a platinum electrode in a thermos of heavy water – but the experiment turned out to be flawed. Nowadays research into cold fusion is seen as an example of "pathological science", like trying to build a perpetual motion machine.
Best forget about this altogether, it’s not going to happen.
2) Rossi and IH Conflict Over Production? (Hhiram)                  

3) #LENR #ECAT saga: Weaver goes Schizofrenic about Penon and Reveals a Goldmine of #Cryptodenialism to Study!

4) LENR, Nuclear and Energy Disruption

5) All the Evidence We Need is Now in; LENR is Legit, and 1MGW Plants Are Being Sold.

6) From Gregory Goble:
The Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Industrial Heat E-Cat Dispute and Expo 2017 Future Energy Kazakhstan

7) Saudi Arabia Approves New Sovereign Wealth Fund: Another Nail in the Coffin of the Fossil Fuel Age (Ian Walker)

8) Genuine Free Energy Researchers

A list of such researchers with only one name on it, that of our much regretted colleague John Dash  Nobody else was genuine.
Comments useless.

9) UK Government Department Position on Rossi’s Work — “Unverifiable”

10) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Dear Andrea,
from previous Q&A:
1- Did you request copies of all the energy and water bills paid by the customer that used the 1 MW E-Cat ? Answer. yes.
2- are those bills coherent with the COP indicated in the Report ? Answer: yes.
Very important but, even more important: the cost saving is about 6 or near to 50?
Best regards,
Giuliano Bettini.

Andrea Rossi
April 26, 2016 at 7:07 AM

Giuliano Bettini:
The cost saving is coherent with the COP.
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11) Cold Fusion - Ready to glow Kits and Components

12) Last but not least today- read it with care, please:
Cutting Through the Fog Surrounding the Rossi/IH Dispute (Josh G)


This New Technology Could Help Batteries Last Longer Than They Ever Have Before
It involves incredible, super-tiny nanowires.