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Fine, this is posting 1000,great! but it must be about something- and the theme is the New LENR Geography.

Geography is Destiny - for LENR too.

'I think an enormous space is left in the LENR field to be discovered. I do not know what is inside, being still undiscovered" (Andrea Rossi)

More LENR territories had been already discovered- of different sizes; being given the essential role of the working temperatures, their surfaces can be evaluated in specific units- s.u. square Celsius degrees.
First discovered was a small territory of 70 square Celsius degrees 
First a small territory of some 70-80 s.u. was discovered, Pd D classic. It is well known well known, thoroughly explored, however having no treasures, no richnesses, no promises.Many marshy lands, difficult access but it is familiar to many of the LENR explorers. 
An other territory- of some 400 s.u. was explored unfortunately by one single team_ Piantelli's. It strikingly differs from the first but it is a lot of Terra Incognita there.

After 2011 a huge territory (up to 1400 s.u) , divided in smaller ones was discovered.
The new territories are still in exploration and seem to offer the Solution.Great territories- many possibilities in principle. Andrea Rossi was the  Columbus, Magellan, or James Cook of these LENR discoveries. His enemies say thse territories exist only in his imagination.

An important thing to discuss is what is common and what differs between thes e territories 5-6 or how many they are.
Fir example my friend in disagreement, Edmund Storms the wisest man of the firts territory, thinks so:

I believe that Nature uses a single and universal mechanism to cause LENR. The LENR process will be found to occur only where and when this mechanism can be initiated. I believe the mechanism occurs ONLY in nanocracks of a critical gap.  The challenge is to create this rare structure in large amounts. The concept is simple but its application is difficult.  The first step is to create the NAE and then figure out what happens in the NAE. 

My opinion is contrary, the territories have specific, different  local geographies, LENR is multidisciplinary and kind of multiverse, for each territory you have to (re) learn new and new  lessons.

The idea that based on PdD you could give advices to the E-Cat-Xs reminds me the following saying:

There will always be the Eskimos, who will be ready work out for the residents of the Congo rules on how to behave during a heat wave. (Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)

Metaphoric LENR geography is very similar to real Earrth's geography- infinite richness! 


A new theoretical approach  to LENR  using the BS-MSG Atomic Models
Stoyan Sarg - a plenary talk at Nanoworld Conference Boston 2016

Jed Rothwell: Industrial Heat Don’t Believe ERV Report 
AXIL; Dualism makes LENR go

A heated argument over cold fusion licence payments

It has been a few years since I last paid any attention to the ECat /LENR cold fusion saga, however Tom Whipple's latest column (The Peak Oil Crisis: A Bizarre Twist) caught my eye this week.
Apparently Andrea Rossi found an American company called Industrial Heat willing to pay him if the technology could be successfully tested over a 350 day period.
The company ended up deciding the test was a success (though there seemed to be some problems with too much energy along the way) and made the initial payments, however there is now a dispute over whether or not the remaining licence payments need to be made, with Whipple speculating this is because Rossi is now claiming he has an even better version of the technology under development.

A cynic might think all this light and noise is being generated to draw investors into the process like moths to a flame, however I guess we can all hold our breaths and wait for another decade or two to see if this really is a viable means of generating power.

Just starting the discussion:
Isotope analysis of Me 356 COP-2 expeiment

Vitalii Uzikov:"The reality of the new energetics" a paper in the journal " Atomnaia Strategia"

Industrial Heat LLC vs. Andrea Rossi – the Don Corleone of Free Energy


Take note...Rossi said as follows:

"Nevertheless I had an intuition about the application of Ni to LENR using the enormous pressures that you can reach in the pores of a Ni powder."

Rossi knew from the very start of his research that high pressure physics and extreme compression of hydrogen was at the heart of the LENR reaction. 


Elusive state of superconducting matter discovered after 50 years

Scientists have produced the first direct evidence of a state of electronic matter first predicted by theorists in 1964 -- a 'Cooper pair density wave.' The discovery may provide key insights into the workings of high-temperature superconductors.



    Hydride superconductors are based on the special position(topology) of the hydrogen bonds. Given enough pressure, any compound will become metallic and therefore become superconductive.

    The magical feature of LENR is that once a metalize hydride is formed, it becomes stable and the LENR process reinforces the structure of the metalize hydride through the application of a positive feedback loop where the magnetism produced by Surface Plasmon Polaritons(SPP)s further compresses the hydride and keeps it stable. This positive feedback loop allows topological superconductivity based on hydrogen bond symmetry to survive at ANY temperature even on the sun.

    For example, Mark LeClair of Nanospire produces metalized water that he calls a "water crystal". This crystal is used to produce hot fusion where the heaviest transuranic isotope can be formed. The water crystal can stay together at temperatures and pressures that are found in a supernova.

    Today, most people think that LeClair is a wacko, but in the future, he will be remembered with honor.


    Fulvio Fabiani:

    We have photographs of creatures that emit pure light that have completely melted the reactor down, all in a very quiet way. You just turn off the stimuli system and the reaction is switched off. It’s impressive.

    This observation tells us that the metalized hydride superconductor can decouple from the metal lattice that produced it and become free floating as an Exotic Neutral Particle(ENP). The stimulus is a form of EMF and the light that the particle emits is a form of hawking radiation. This description is very much like the description of ball lightning.

    J. Fisher has seen these floating ENPs produce alpha particles as seen on CR-39 detectors with the angles of the particle tracks pointing back to a central point of causation as the ENP floated on the hot steam coming out of an electrolytic LENR experiment.

    In order for a reactor to meltdown, the metalized hydride must be independent of the reactor that created it. This ENP must live off the environment and be free to extract energy from the LENR reactions that it catalyzes. The metalized hydride is conceived inside a cavity in the metal lattice but it can leave that location of its creation an travel freely in the air unless it is confined electromagnetically.

    These metalized hydride ENP that escape from the reactor will remove a large amount of energy from the reactor that created it unless the ENP is confined to that reactor. A open electrolytic reactor will produce a diminished COP as these ENPs exit the electrolytic reactor from the glass sides and the open top.

  3. Dear Peter, congrats for the 1000! :-)

    An opportunity to share some information about our project. Since last summer, LC did not publish any information about its activity except about project in the UK with Nukey Europe company created in Dec last year. Global Ambition was and is to implement a global platform for LENR with a business model not based on IP (think Google, Amazon or Apple pkatforms business models) and to fuel LENR technologies development using a technology platform (based on opën innovation) where partners business can be whether based on IP as usual, Open source (or the new model we are working on, Open IP, or how to build private commons). In term of market, our platform approach is fully based on sharing economy,that is to say, get each company including our Company, to develop its own business with platform offeribg to monetize their own assets. LENR is a game changer. Since the early stage of LC in 2012, our focus has been on LENR adoption process, that is to say LENR transition, a global plan to manage LENR as a WW global project. This can only be done by a well defined ecosystem with the support of global key actors. The key is funding. At Padova, I said that ambition was to get 200M to implement this native international project fully driven by the private sector but in cooperation with academic and R&D clusters (what we are doing in the UK).

    About IH and Rossi.

    The market is huge which mean we will have many pkayers in many different domains... their options are either to be in a position to license the technology with an open innovation approach but a fully IP driven business, to have the technology leadership but LENR is/will be a science. Lc is propsing an innovative way as LENR can not be business as usual.

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