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When there is much desire to learn, there of necessity will be much arguing, much writing, many opinions; for opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making. (John Milton) (taken from Gurteen's Knowledge)

My good friend Doug Marker sends an other nice quote, LENR-izing it.:

The LENR world is divided into people who think they are right"
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This is a personal request to you All! Please have the kindness to answer to Patrick Ellul's Survey here:

I will consider the number of your answers as a thermometer of you empathy toward me and my efforts to provide you info and news from the world of LENR. THANK YOU!

According to Andrea Rossi

ERV ( Expert Responsible for Validation): Dr Eng. Fabio Penon
Got the doctorate at 24 years old in nuclear engineering with 110/110 Summa cum Laude in the University of Bologna ( you all know perfectly what this does mean)
Worked as nuclear engineer in a nuclear power plant
Has 20 years of experience as a certificator and validator, worked with Bureau Veritas and with CGS 
He has been chosen in agreement with IH and paid 50% by IH, 50% by Leonardo Corp
During the test Darden and his investors, with their engineers, visited the plant and said it was stellar; after the visits to the plant during the test IH collected fom the UK and CHINA investors 150 million dollars.
They discovered the test was not good after receiving our invoice
The test endured 352 days, 24 hours per day
The measurements have been made with the ERV's  own instrumentation, sealed and certified
He collected 12 600 000 data. If printed would be 66 000 pages
The Report is a synthesis  of 26 pages
At the end of the test the ERV had retrieved all his instrumentation, got it back to Italy, sent every instrument  to the manufacturers to check that it had not lost precision.
The certification after-test certified that the instrumentation had a margin of error equal to when it had been manufactured AT THE PRECISE CONDITIONS OF TEMPERATURE AND FLOW OBTAINED DURING THE TEST
COP obtained: 50-60, mostly in ssm mode

You know I have nightmares due to antihypertensive medication. This report could be a fine subject for a nightmare: I am a consultant and I get the task that I MUST accomplish because I have no money- to demonstrate that the document actually says: zero excess heat, overall and all the time. I will prefer to wake up.


I am under the magic of powerful concept of the Milton quote. Please tell me where is knowledge in the making and where knowledge is almost frozen- in LENR?


1) Very sad news:
LENR Pioneer John Dash Dies

2) LENR - Nuclear - Grid = Economic Survival

3) Rossi: For 1MW Plant Test, Maximum Possible Input 300kW — Average Output 1 MW

4) Seminar "Cold nuclear Fusion" and Globular Lightning at the People's Friendship University of Russia will be held at April 28 16.00

Coordinates ways of access given as usual.

Program of the Day
1. 16.00 – 16.15 N.V. Samsonenko: "Science News"

2. 16.15 – 17.00 S. B. Alimanov (innovative Company BINAR) ; "The quantum Law of  Hubble".

3. 17.00 – 18.15 Yu.N. Bazhutov, A.I. Gerasimova, V.P. Koretskii, G.S. Liapin (Research Institute for physics-engineering problems "ERZION"- The demonstration of excess heat obtained by plasma electrolysis"

4. 18.15– 18.30 Meeting of the redaction committee


Here is some speculation, I believe that the EcatX might be under a secrecy order and therefore being tried in Federal court, because of its similarity to the EMDrive.

The physics is very cutting edge, controversial, and not easy to understand.

Rossi let out that the ECatX produced thrust without propellant but Rossi latter took it back as a mistake or misunderstanding in language. Somebody might have muzzled Rossi.

The ECatX might use the same physics as the EMdrive to produce thrust, but would be far more powerful.

The new EMDrive theory as follows

Assuming the radiation emitted by a LENR reactor is hawking radiation, it might be possible that the LENR reactor will accelerate in its frame of reference because it changes the nature of the vacuum in its frame of reference relative to the inertial frame of the universe. Hawking radiation makes virtual particles into real particles.

Simply stated, if acceleration produces Unruh radiation then Hawking radiation will produce acceleration, if Unruh radiation is the same as Hawking radiation by the equivalence principle.

A LENR reactor in space will produce a reactionless drive.

Here is the reference that explains the justification for this statement:

"Unruh radiation is the same as Hawking radiation by the equivalence principle."

Hawking radiation, Unruh radiation and the equivalence principle 

A very disturbing trend- not limited (in spirit) to Russia:
Rethinking Lysenko's legacy


  1. An Italian "laurea" degree is NOT a doctorate degree (see It is equivalent to a Master's Degree in the U.S. Therefore, neither Penon nor Rossi is a "doctor" or a "Ph.D.". Rossi's master's degree is in"philosophy," not in any branch of science or engineering. Why do you think they pretend to be something they are not?

    Jed Rothwell called Penon "a certified idiot" on ECW. An ECW fan then commented, "well, at least something is certified!" Priceless.

    1. The qualifications of the EVR was good enough for IH at the time when Rossi and IH signed the LICENSE AGREEMENT. IH will now get their more eminent experts in who IH will pay to look at the report again and "certify" what IH wants the court to hear.

  2. Hi Peter, from Alain.

  3. Axil
    How do you know that IH have
    eminent experts.
    You hear about A.R.and Penon
    credentials but not much about
    I.H. experts.

    1. IH's expertise is in VC investments. I greatly respect these guys (as someone who once worked for a global enterprise and had the opportunity to interact with people all over the globe).

      Sadly VCs march to a different drum to those among us who are genuinely concerned at the poverty of the third world (not an issue if you don't see it 1st hand), and at our own western affluence that too often is at the expense of those in the 3rd world, the damage of continuing use of fossil fuels (esp in the third world and China where they can't afford much else).

      NOTE I am not someone who accepts the questionable moniker of 'climate change' as a justification to attack those who argue the climate isn't changing. Anyone can research the million year history of this planet and see that the climate changes !, in patterns, constantly (over long periods) - we are at this time in an inter-glacial period.

      Sadly the emergence of the internet and social media has warped this debate - emotion driven debate seems to be dominating rational discourse. But, anyone with common sense knows that the destruction of the Amazon rain forests and the destruction SE Asian rain forests (Malaysia, Indonesia), by selfish money motivated interests, usually operating against local 'laws' for what they are worth (little), are doing the planet irreparable damage.

      My opinion, we are not poisoning the planet, we are poisoning human kind, the planet will likely hiccup at our self-inflicted passing should we carry on as we are (environmentally). But some among us are arrogant enough to believe we humans are truly greater than what we really are and in this state of mind claim we 'mighty' humans will destroy the planet. Np, we will merely destroy ourselves an we won't even rate in the same category as the prior extinctions such as outlined here ...

      Doug Marker

  4. As the US dollar is backed by oil (petrodollar), the US Gov't won't allow technologies that will replace fossil fuels. It would ruin the USD and the global position of the USA...