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 I feel encouraged to make some fatal errors, in my LENR thinking, not in my very calm financial life- till I have time. The essential thing is : they should be MY errors!
My professional career is over- all I wish is to continue this blog so I can allow myself those two great errors. Some friends say I have already done them- my alternative vision of LENR's history and the Technology First! idea.


Two answers from Andrea Rossi

It was a lot of discussion about the harm Andrea Rossi has done to LENR Classic  by disfocussing research and thinking from the deep understanding of LENR to commercial applications. My opinion is that  with Rossi or without Rossi we are actually very far from understanding LENR. And that LENR can be understood better and faster by studying it in the E-Cat than its historic cradle (that i believe it -has in part a functionality of a Procrustean bed). Rossi does harm to scientific LENR is a meme; but it is some truth in the reverse- for the E-cats being considered  descendants of the Fleischmann-Pons Cell is not exactly the great Prize at the lottery- in world of physicists the best unpopularity indicator of Cold Fusion/LENR
is still around 98%, I guess.

Therefore I asked him:

You had been and stil are forced to work in hostile and stressing circumstances- one of the reasons being that your work is been considered in a sense a continuation of that of Fleischmann and Pons. This is and is not true- you are going on your way, with your methods and you have said addio to the past- my opinion. Do you agree? (I have sent him the paper entitled: "Great Innovators Create the Future, Manage the Present, and Selectively Forget the Past"- read it at LENR IN CONTEXT-2; Forget the past is not a simple subject!

However Rossi has a good memory  and his answer shows he is thinking about the essence here:
Yes, but to F&P goes the merit of the Start: without their intuition of the existence of the possibility to make LENR - I think still everybody would think that the only way to make houses is to shoot bricks with a cannon. 
(I like this metaphor!)

You know my areas of interest, so you will find my second question as natural:
You are speaking mainly about LENR Science; can we know what are your basic, personal principles regarding LENR Technology, LENR Management and LENR Business?
In this case I do not think there is to invent, I think there is to copy.
The strategy- commercial and industrial- to diffuse the E-Cats can be the same, I think, as used by Microsoft to diffuse Windows, I am studying what they did to copy them.
Obviously when you start a war, you have a strategy, but you must be readyto change it depending on how battles go on.


1) Wow! $100 Million Contract Signed For LENR

Are We in the Early Stage of LENR ‘Patent Farming’? (Doug Marker)

2) Did Theranos Break the Law?\
It is about blood testing- however it is interesting that Cold fusion is considered a precedent- see how its story is told:

"Greeley thinks that there is precedent for Theranos’s woes – in cold fusion.
How so? In 1989, two electrochemists — Stanley Pons of the University of Utah and his mentor, Martin Fleischmann of Britain’s University of Southampton — announced that they had “produced up to 100% more energy than was required to run it with a fusion reaction in a benchtop apparatus at room temperature,” according toWired.
Until that time, only million degree Fahrenheit fusion reactions had produced energy in more than minuscule amounts for more than fleeting periods of time, noted Wired.
Sadly for Pons and Fleischmann, other scientists criticized their work.
According to a 1993 BusinessWeek review of Gary Taubes’s book Bad Science: The Short Life and Bad Times of Cold Fusion, “Rather than meet criticism with new evidence, cold fusion’s advocates made fresh claims based on no information or on data that, Taubes documents, were fudged. They refused to divulge methods or measurements, threatened legal action against damning scientific papers, and attacked critics, not on scientific grounds, but for lacking faith.”
In October 2015, Holmes appeared on CNBC’s MadMoneyto discuss the first Journal story suggesting problems at Theranos.
“This is what happens when you work to change things. First they think you’re crazy, then they fight you, then you change the world,” she said.
This brings to mind the words of Mark Twain, “History doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme.”
3) This is What I Know for Sure (Roger Bird)

4) Gary Wright' new opus
Cutting the Gordian Knot Surrounding the Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat LLC, E-cat Patents

5) From Andrea Rossi's blog: 

Andrea Rossi
April 20, 2016 at 8:56 PM
Steven Ransom:
I am confused: IH says my plant is worth nothing…but: to fight against something that is worth nothing you need the most powerful Law Firm of the world ? That’s like to shoot an atomic bomb to hunt a rabbit !
Warm Regards,

and this continues with:

April 21, 2016 at 1:04 AM

Mr Rossi:
The reason why IH is shooting an atomic bomb is that 89,000,000 $ are not a rabbit.

Andrea Rossi
April 21, 2016 at 7:31 AM

Even if a rabbit costs 89 000 000, you still do not use an atomic bomb to shoot at it: besides, the “hunters” we are talking of are used to expensive animals. They deal daily with them, it’s the core of their business: they sold a dog of 150 million dollars in change of 15 cats esteemed 10 million dollars each, after an accurate fair value auditing. So, it’s odd that they are so impressed of a rabbit priced 89 millions, to the point to use an atomic bomb !
Warm Regards,


New material combines useful, typically incompatible properties

Entrepreneurs: Emulating Nature by Miki Saxon


  1. Here is some speculation, I beleive that the EcatX might be under a secrecy order and therefore being tried in Federal court, because of its similarity to the EMDrive.

    The physics is very cutting edge, controversial, and not easy to understand.

    Rossi let out that the ECatX produced thrust without propellant but Rossi latter took it back as a mistake or misunderstanding in language. Somebody might have muzzled Rossi.

    The ECatX might use the same physics as the EMdrive to produce thrust, but would be far more powerful.

    The new EMDrive theory as follows

    Assuming the radiation emitted by a LENR reactor is hawking radiation, it might be possible that the LENR reactor will accelerate in its frame of reference because it changes the nature of the vacuum in its frame of reference relative to the inertial frame of the universe. Hawking radiation makes virtual particles into real particles.

    Simply stated, if acceleration produces Unruh radiation then Hawking radiation will produce acceleration, if Unruh radiation is the same as Hawking radiation by the equivalence principle.

    A LENR reactor in space will produce a reactionless drive.

    Here is the reference that explains the justification for this statement:

    "Unruh radiation is the same as Hawking radiation by the equivalence principle."

    Hawking radiation, Unruh radiation and the equivalence principle

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