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Q: What, in your opinion is the role (roles) of the working temperature in the LENR processes?

A. The role of temperature in LENR processes is fundamental for two reasons:
- First, the COP is proportional to the temperature as we saw in our experiments- within the the limits of the temperature resistance of the used materials;
- Second because higher temperature allows higher efficiency of the Carnot Cycle. The higher is the temperature inside the reactor, the easier is to get high temperature steam.


My reader friend Sam North who is a keen observer of the facts has kindly called my attention to a specific paragraph from Gary Wright's opus:

And even if a person did accept the assumption that Rossi’s e-cat worked as claimed, Rossi’s actions are still immoral, unethical, and fraudulent. Fraud by definition means using false and misleading actions, statements and omissions relating to obtaining or trying to obtain money or benefits from a person. (Person is used here in its legal sense, i.e. a natural person, business or organization).

This Sam to think that it is  witch hunt by G.W. And he is right!  The mode of thinking of Gary is well known: to get rid from anybody who does not think exactly like us. Just a bit of the last century history- read Koestler's Dark at Noon, Orwell's
1984, Solzhenitsin' Gulag Archipelago. I remember them without books too. One night they came (they rang always between 2.00 and 3.00 a.m. when people are te most vulnerable. Father was imprisoned in a cell space so narrow he could not sit down. After some 24 hours - despite being a great sportsman- athlete- he could see and hear us, family quite clearly- waiting him at home. Then they released him without explanation or excuses- probably the action was purely educational. However the Communist witch hunting had many total victims- lost lives many absolutely innocent even not thinking about dissent.
Do we need Witch Hunting in LENR? Let Rossi do what he can, winning or losing the trial, launching commercial E-Cats or not. His way. Why believe IH's non-published data more than his non-published data? Or the ERV Report? What are the chances that an ERV will say a dead horse is alive- when what he says can be infirmed or confirmed with the same or other horses/cats?

I will take risks speaking about an other related subject- very unpleasant: scape-goating. Rossi has put the field of LENR in deep irremediable and irreversible trouble. We are not more doing serious scientific research, we are not more trying to understand how LENR works- we are mesmerized by the siren songs of his false and uncertain technologies based on erroneous theories.
Now let's imagine a LENR researcher- obtaining steady progress. Will he care for Rossi? 
See the great players- ENEA, SKINR, CEES of Texas U, have they changed research targets and strategy? Our Ed Storms was distracted indeed but has continued his work and made discoveries. As the role of the temperature about which Rossi is speaking today here too.

I fear soon we will see statistical papers proving damage.
- between 2011 and 2016 the rate of progress in LENR was 3.11 slower than between
2007 and 2011- this is the genuine Rossi Effect!? (ask Darrell Huff) True, not true?
Or a radical statement as:
"By avoiding the forced Rossification of LENR- it is absolutely certain we could solve perfectly, 100% the problem of reproducibility of LENR "
My personal opinion remains that the reproducibilty problem is extremely difficult and can be solved on the usability level only at high temperatures high above those
from the LENR cradle.
Rossi has moved the LENR problem in zone where Solutions are at least possible.

Complaining about his detrimental effect reminds horse breeders saying: should cars not have been invented, the horses should have been genetically modified to run at 200 MPH. A more ecological solution- if we ignore manure.


First- news from Russia

1) Between April 22 and 27,, 2016  at an Exhibition it will take The Demonstration 
of the functioning of the device FAKEL-D2 MT showing excess heat (COP to 3)

Yuri Bazhutov  (ERZION Co) announces that at the All-Russian Institute of Electrification of the Agriculture. The Demo will be videotaped  by Ya.P. Starukhin
then presented and thoroughly discussed at a Seminar held at the People's Friendship University of Russia on April 28 this year.
At April 27 A.V. Shestopalv will make an other video recording.
Both video recordings will be placed on the Internet at the sites of the authors.

2) Breakthrough in the energetics with no hydrocarbons.
 Please do search for  Toyota Mirai

3) A.V. Frolov: New Energy Sources
ФРОЛОВ А.В., Новые источники энергии.

4) Gregory Goble                                                                                                                                      Who Holds A Priori in the World of LENR Patents? Cold Fusion Patent Granted 1998

5) Replicating the Holmlid Effect:

6) LENR in Norway


8) AXIL LENR might be strange:

9) ColdFusionConnection- a long list- latest feeds

10) Now We Know the Defendants Law Firm in the Rossi v. Darden, E-cat Lawsuit

12) Rossi/Leonardo vs. Industrial Heat et al. (Update #1: IH Using Jones Day Law Firm)

13) From Andrea Rossi's Blog
Yury Bazhutov
April 17, 2016 at 3:12 PM

Dear Andrea Rossi,
I as Chairman of Organizing Committee of the Conference is pleased to invite you to attend the Conference (RCCNT&BL-23).
The 23d Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball-Lightning (RCCNT&BL-23) is to be held during June 19–25, 2016. The place of the Conference is Olympic (Dagomys) Hotel in the city of Sochi that is the best recreation and holiday place on the Black See shore of Russia.
The program of the Conference includes the following subjects:
• Experimental research in Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball-Lightning;
• Theoretical models with respect to Cold Nuclear Transmutation and
Ball-Lightning effects;
• Applied to these problems technologies and devices.
Best regards. See you in Sochi. (
Yury Bazhutov.

Andrea Rossi
April 17, 2016 at 3:45 PM

Yury Bazhutov:
I thank you infinitely for your kind invitation, but, as you imagine, I cannot leave the battlefield for the time being. We are at the same time working very hard on the development of our R&D and production issues and on the well known other issues.
I wish a great success to your organization of this interesting conference
Warm Regards,


Both Rossi and ME356 tell us that they can turn the LENR reaction off and on in there respective reactors like a switch can instantaneously turn the room lights off and on. ME356 goes even further to say that the temperature pressure stays the same for both the on and off reaction condition.

Most LENR theorists including Ed Storms assume that a special form of hydride is responsible for the LENR reaction, but what most theories don't explain is how the reaction can be turned off and on with such a slight change in environmental conditions.

The chemical nature of the hydride does not have any time to change its chemical state especially when the temperature and pressure remains the same. The reaction is sensitive to the nature of the EMF stimulant that is is exposed to. 

The special hydride is therefore dependent on a special EMF induced state that is activated when the reaction turns on. LENR theorists must explain what this stimulant is and how it produces the LENR reaction. 

This is why the recent discoveries of me356 are important. When his reactor is guaranteed to be safe and effective, me356 will sell a kit of his reactor for replicators to get up to speed on LENR. Yes some replicators will fail, but Still other seeds will fall on fertile soil, and they will produce a crop that will be thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as had been planted!

By the way, has me356 made it onto the kill list yet?


The '4th Industrial Revolution' is here


  1. Peter
    This is a quote from Dwight D. Eisenhower
    34th U.S. President.
    Though force can protect in emergency, only justice, fairness, consideration and cooperation can finally lead men to the dawn of eternal peace.
    So to be fair to G.W. I do agree that a 3rd
    party EVR test is a good idea.
    I just ask that there is no more fraud talk
    if positive.

    1. Thanks Peter for your continuous reports about LENR.

      Old Gary certainly has a lot of skeletons in his closet...

      His permanently revoked companies

      Gary Wright even admitted in the correspondence report with the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control that he spent over 80h trying to locate Rossi's customer. That's a lot of free (paid?) time on his hands.

      He also tried to extort Bob Rohner for $10,000 in the past

      Fraud anyone?

    2. Derar Sam,

      'an DERV when the Test is over?Rosi has recorded results, IH also- the ERV could not be there all the time, there are bills of energy.
      You do not hve- your luck! the experience of oppression, this Gary Wright is a typical oppressor he wants to decide who goes from LENR
      His place is in North Coreea where he will be a good sservant of the regime

  2. Gary Wright spent 80 hrs looking for customer."A" for effort.
    I have wondered if there was anyone
    who actually looked for customer.