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he best way to advance cold fusion/LENR is for the cold fusion/LENR field to clean house and get rid of people like Andrea Rossi, Edmund Storms, and Peter Gluck.
(Gary Wright, yesterday)


 In direct opposition with Goya's famous painting
IH's late awakening is a serial generator of monsters. As the paper from which I have extracted the Motto from above- with which I can agree only 66.666..%. Yes  Rossi is the Evil and I do only harm to LENR, however how dares Gary Wright, who is he to say this about Edmund Storms, first class researcher with unique and imperishable merits and achievements in Cold Fusion/LENR? Just because he was absolutely unable to understand Ed's message? 
A self made failed justitiary who has not promoted something constructive as BuildABridge or MoreLight For.All, but an aggressive ShutDownRossi- with zero success, Rossi being alive and well and his E-Cats still existing. Gary can wait ages that I will go down to his level, I even   will use adjectives very restrictively in relation to him, because "the adjective is the banana peel of the parts of speech". (Clifton Fadiman)
PLEASE READ Gary's paper without any prejudices!

However I am scared - from technical reasons If somebody wants to get rid of me- will my executioners let me as my last wish, to listen in peace the best opera aria for this sad occasion:
E lucevan le stelle! (Tosca, Puccini)
'I never before loved life so much'- however I will go with dignity because:
Dulce et Decorum est pro LENR mori!

Other ideas increasingly and auto-reinforcingly circulated in an self-amplifying regime -also coming from IH's revelation :

-assassination of commercial LENR welcome;

- better milliWatts honestly and scientifically than MegaWatts commercially and deceptively!

- classic LENR made a huge strategic error taking Rossi seriously, now it is time to 
part from him, for ever;

- it  is a sacrilege to admit that an outsider with improper qualifications and
strange bio can solve the basic problem of the field when WE couldn't,;

- let's return back to the pristine state of LENR of before Jan 14, 2011, everything was so fine and so scientific and so promising !

- oppose LENR Science and Technology  and sacrifice the later or at least make it happen later when we have a perfect theory;

- Rossi vs the rest- IH should generously pay many researchers doing genuine LENR and then the Rest will obtain better results than Rossi

People forget that there are more ways to the LENR Truth and LENR Technology
and Rossi does not block anybody's Way! He wins or fails, it is his Problem!

Andrea Rossi has a lot of "economical enemies". that is people of such human quality that they make friends unnecessary

Otherwise, as the News show it, it is some progress in the field.


1) Ryan Hunt of MFMP to Speak on LENR in Rochester MN on April 24th

2) Cold Fusion: This Time for Real?” (Hindu Business Line)

3) Rossi Sues and IH Says Unable to Substantiate Claims

As for me, and some others, we will be turning our attention in other directions.  One possibility is the work ofLeif Holmlid et. al. on the purported Ultra-Dense Deuterium (UDD) fusion effect (we refer to it as the Holmlid Effect).  Please see our working page here for progress reports and an introduction.
I would love to see the attention of many others turn their focus in more fruitful directions (away from Rossi) and continue using some of the great skills and methods acquired through studying Rossi’s failed system.  It would be a shame to waste those skills when we may yet discover an alternative method of energy production.  It is truly remarkable what hobbyist and lay-scientists have achieved, and they contributed greatly to the unraveling of the Rossi mystery.
3) See please the Editorial part
Edmund Storms Says – Exaggeration, Fraud, and Lying is Necessary to Commercialize E-cat, Cold Fusion / LENR

4) Industrial Heat: E-Cat does not work:

5) From Gregory Goble:
Saxo Bank/Saxo Group Speculates about LENR Industrial Heat LLC Rossi E-Cat and KSA Saudia Arabia

6) Me356 claims COP close to 2 with Celani wire:

7) Francesco Piantelli has been granted a Patent for his NiH devices, which also covers a lot of aspects of the E-Cat:


It seems we have to think a lot before using LENR or other abundant energy sources!

Heat from Earth's interior does not control climate:


Innovating on the Critical Path


  1. Peter
    This is a comment from Ecat world.

    Hank Mills
    April 15, 2016 at 12:22 PM
    Dear Andrea,

    I think I’m aware of a few of the “snakes” to whom you are referring.

    In reality, most of them have very little to no concern WHATSOEVER about radiation being emitted outside of the reactor. The fundamental root of their antagonistic and obsessively mean spirited behavior is simple: they’re jealous.

    No one has been able to develop an LENR technology that comes remotely close to the E-Cat.

    – No one has achieved the power output per gram of fuel. Parkhomov, who replicated the Rossi Effect, was able to achieve about a kilowatt per gram of fuel. This is completely unoptimized and without the know how you possess that obviously boosts this figure higher. Conversely, you’re competitors sometimes brag about a few watts per KILOGRAM of their version of a “charge.”

    – No one has achieved stable output at the ultra high temperatures the E-Cat can reach. If the E-Cat X operates at 1480C, as you have stated, you’re literally miles beyond them.

    – Although no one has achieved the massive power output you have per gram of fuel, the E-Cat is also capable of doing this in a SELF SUSTAINING MANNER for periods of many hours. And this is not a new development: the 18 hour test Dr. Levi performed many years ago with a much more early version of the E-Cat was mostly in SSM!

    – When all of this is brought up, you’re detractors then struggle to look for negatives about your technology. They usually resort to off the wall and false accusations like: he must produce neutrons at such high temperatures, he must “seed” his fuel with radioactive isotopes, or he is risking human safety by operating in self sustain mode.

    As I said before, the root of all this hostility is JEALOUSY. They are breaking one of the Ten Commandments by COVETING your technology. Then, furthermore, they are giving FALSE WITNESS against you.

    They know as well as both of us that the technology is safe. If it were not safe, you’d be in the grave by now. For goodness sakes, you’ve witnessed so many meltdowns during intentional torture tests that if the technology emitted radiation you wouldn’t be with us today!

    Sadly, in addition to their jealous rage that they were not the first to develop a practical high powered LENR technolgoy like the E-Cat, some of them have developed a personal vendetta against you. They have issues with you as a human being. I know this for a fact: one “snake” told me that if the E-Cat turned out to be real the fact *you* had developed it would basically shatter his reality (paraphrasing here and not giving an exact quote).

    I just wanted to set the record straight for readers. The snakes out there aren’t concerned about radiation being emitted: they’re simply acting like a snot nosed brat in elementary school who is pitching a tantrum because his entry into the science fair didn’t win a medal. He then goes up to the display table of the star pupil who took FIRST PLACE and tries to knock it over. The good news is that in the end, the principal of the school catches him in time, puts a dunce cap on his head, and makes him stand in the corner: where he needs to stay.


    Andrea Rossi
    April 15, 2016 at 12:29 PM
    Hank Mills:
    He,he,he…thank you for your insight,
    Warm Regards,

  2. Peter
    Gary Wright said this on his blog.
    "And even if a person did accept the assumption that Rossi’s e-cat worked as claimed, Rossi’s actions are still immoral, unethical, and fraudulent. Fraud by definition means using false and misleading actions, statements and omissions relating to obtaining or trying to obtain money or benefits from a person. (Person is used here in its legal sense, i.e. a natural person, business or organization).
    This makes me think that it is a witch hunt by G.W.

    1. or who is



    2. Sam, and in Gary Wright's case you have very good reason to believe what you think ;)

      Doug Marker

  3. LENR might be Strange.

    There is a strange lack of interest in the experimental results that Holmlid is reporting. Specifically, Holmlid is reporting the production of Kaons in his experiments.

    The production of Kaons in Holmlid’s experiments is almost impossible to believe. But Holmlid is also seeing muons which are a decay product of Kaons. But at least Holmlid’s data is consistently mind boggling.

    A Kaon is weird stuff because it is not nuclear matter, it is strange matter. The Kaon is not of this world and is produced by extremely unusual conditions. One of its production methods is through the interaction of cosmic rays with the upper atmosphere of the earth. The extreme energy that the cosmic ray imparts to the atoms of the air produces a quark gluon soup. This collection of unconfined quarks that condense out of the huge burst of energy and their strong force carriers: gluons produce a zoo of all sorts of wild out of this world exotic matter. One of those condensates is the Kaon. Another method of production is the collision of a pair of protons on a particle accelerator like CERN.

    But according to standard model theory, when normal matter decays, strange matter is produced from the up and down quarks. According to theory, normal matter is meta-stable and the true baseline state of matter is strange.

    This quark matter is more stable than nuclear matter, i.e. that the true ground state of matter is quark matter. The idea that this could happen is the “strange matter hypothesis” of Bodmer and Witten. In this definition, the critical pressure is zero. The nuclei that we see in the matter around us, which are droplets of nuclear matter, are actually metastable, and given enough time (or the right external stimulus) would decay into droplets of strange matter, i.e. strangelets.

    If the “strange matter hypothesis” is true then nuclear matter is metastable against decaying into strange matter. The lifetime for spontaneous decay is very long, so we do not see this decay process happening around us. However, under this hypothesis there should be strange matter in the universe: i.e. strangelets.

    LENR may now produce just the proper sort of external stimulus to transform normal matter to strange matter. In LENR experiments done so far, this strange matter has broken down into normal matter again. But could there be a condition when a critical point is reached when strange matter begins to proliferate onto itself in a positive feedback loop?

    The question that involves LENR is if the production of strange matter becomes prolific enough, color superconductivity can set in producing strange matter aggregation.

    The guys at CERN are looking for this strange transition to strangelets but they are keeping it secret to avoid legal complications. They have already faced a lawsuit claiming that CENR could destroy the earth through the prolific production of strange matter.


    CERN does have a detector up and running to look for strangelets called Castor.

    CASTOR calorimeter (standing for "Centauro And Strange Object Research") is an electromagnetic (EM) and hadronic (HAD) calorimeter of the CMS experiment at CERN. It is based on plates made out of tungsten and quartz layers, positioned around the beam pipe in the very forward region of the CMS (at 14.385 m from the interaction point), covering the pseudo-rapidity range 5.1 — 6.55. It is used in collider physics, proton-proton collisions and heavy ion collisions, for example lead collisions. It is designed to search for strangelets and centauro events, kinds of exotic matter in the baryon dense, very forward phase region in lead (Pb) collisions at the particle accelerator LHC, CERN near Geneva.

    When LENR breaks down matter into quark/gluon plasma, a possible strange matter aggregation process might take hold. Could this be how all the absolutely pure Ni62 was produced in the Lugano test? Does MFMP need to field a CASTOR calorimeter in their upcoming tests?

  4. The link in the preceding post is invalid. It is as follows:

  5. The production of cold kaons is consistent with Homlids work and cold fusion. Cold kaons are not the same as fleeting hot kaons. This reference speaks about cold kaons.

  6. The LENR off and on switch

    Both Rossi and ME356 tell us that they can turn the LENR reaction off and on in there respective reactors like a switch can instantaneously turn the room lights off and on. ME356 goes even further to say that the temperature pressure stays the same for both the on and off reaction condition.

    Most LENR theorists including Ed Storms assume that a special form of hydride is responsible for the LENR reaction, but what most theories don't explain is how the reaction can be turned off and on with such a slight change in environmental conditions.

    The chemical nature of the hydride does not have any time to change its chemical state especially when the temperature and pressure remains the same. The reaction is sensitive to the nature of the EMF stimulant that is is exposed to.

    The special hydride is therefore dependent on a special EMF induced state that is activated when the reaction turns on. LENR theorists must explain what this stimulant is and how it produces the LENR reaction.

  7. Rossi's devices are nothing but electrical heaters, regardless of what he names them. The only thing to be learned from the Rossi experience is the need to demand proper testing using good methods, reliable people, and total independence from the inventor. That will avoid future frauds like Rossi and Defkalion of which there will probably be many.

    1. This is why the recent discoveries of me356 are important. When his reactor is guaranteed to be safe and effective, me356 will sell a kit of his reactor for replicators to get up to speed on LENR. Yes some replicators will fail, but Still other seeds will fall on fertile soil, and they will produce a crop that will be thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as had been planted!

      By the way, has me356 made it onto the kill list yet?