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Thanks Fatum inside LENR an oppressed field per se, there is no traces of oppression!


The results of Patrick Ellul's Survey are here

Grand total
it  probably/possibly works- before the Trial-                   86%
                                          after announcing the Trial         79.7 

b) Brian Ahern explains what Rossi does
 (I have promised to give here any LENR relted opinion in order to help a more equilibrated situation)

At first I was surprised at the continuing support for Rossi in spite of the lack of independent testing. The psychology is becoming clear and it is resistant to alteration.

Most backers believe that an international cabal has vested interests to see Rossi fail. He supports this perspective in that it buoys his support. There are sufficient numbers of conspiratory adherents to keep him alive and well for the foreseeable future.

Anyone who falls prey to the conspiratorial fantasy can follow the Rossi caravan into oblivion while real LENR research tries to recover.

Just two question for Brian:
- how he defines "genuine LENR research"? and
- how this tries- more exactly- to recover?

I am still studying Edmund Storms' paper... 42 pages and high density of facts ideas


Mats Lewan Receives an Electric Bill for 1MW Test Customer

A Stellar Electric Bill for the Mysterious ‘JM’ (Hank Mills)
Details of Rossi’s Suit against Industrial Heat Available

John Dash – A Suppressed Video Resurfaces

In Romanian - free energy technologies in 2015, trends 2016 LENR many times:


There is a class of experiments that show all aspects of LENR activity without the formation of a NAE.

Laser excitation of gold nanoparticles in a salt solution of heavy elements produce LENR in all its range of functionality. This shows that Surface Plasmon Polaritons are causative in LENR.

The transformation of LASER light into monopole magnetism is what SPPs do. This class of experiments boil LENR down to the most basic factors which remove the NAE as an essential in LENR.

The formation of metalized hydrides produce an amplification effect that supports the Bose condensation of SPPs to support high energy LENR production(LENR+)

The other LENR mechanism is the SmCo5 magnet which has the magic hexagonal crystal structure of active LENR promoters like metalize hydrogen. The Sm rare earth configures the Co atoms to take on the hexagonal configuration which directs all the magnetic spins along the Z axis.

IMHO, it is the crystal structure of the material that makes a molecule LENR active, That structure and placement of the atoms in the crystal formats the spin of the material to project forward anisotropy to concentrate and organize the spin in a concentrated direction...forward.SmCo is an anisotropic magnetic material. The magnetic beam energy is concentrated in a preferred direction.

Calculation of magnetic anisotropy energy in SmCo5 


A fine miniature by Tanmay Vora


  1. Genuine LENR research is hard to define for conspiracy advocates. Some would say that six years of Rossi research without a single independent verification lacks the gravitas for Genuine research.

    Conspiratorista is a new word for the psychologically impaired Rossi cult followers. Recovery is expected to take years unless we can get funding for massive deprogramming.

    I would rather that funding go into research rather than intensive deprogramming.

    1. dear Brian,

      Nobody has asked you to get the definition of "genuine LENR research by Rossi cultist" It is about your personal definition, please tell what is YOUR definition, speak about what has to be done, studied not what is bad and useless. Be fair- as a reader demands.
      Massive deprograming as salvation sounds strange.
      See in the case if Rossi's E-cats generate heat, anything else is of secondary relevance and NOT the Rossi cultists (actually it is about the cult of LENR technology) are psychologically impaired but the denialists as you.
      An OR/OR case
      As regarding "conspirationista" I do not think it is a new word, just a Latinized variant of "conspirationist"
      Have the conspiratinists created Rossi or Rossi has generated them, it is an open question. Some people think there is an anti-Rossi conspiration too.
      There were LENR researchers who hate what Rossi has done- i.e commercial development prior to having perfect scientific explanations.Taking in consideration what happens to LENR's cousin- High temperature superconductivity it is doubtful that we wll have such a satisfactory scientific level before, sa 2025. It seems that IH has pampered the Rossi haters with some funding and they hate Rossi more intensively
      In other cases it si more difficult to distinguish cause from effect.
      Conspiracy nd counter conspiracy.

  2. I think it is unfair to label most Rossi backers as conspiracy advocates.

  3. Peter
    Your motto reminded me of this joke.
    An American man and a Soviet man are arguing about which country is better. 'At the end of the day, I can march into the oval office, pound the President's desk and say "Mr. President I don't like the way you are running this country."', says the American. The Soviet man replies, 'I can do that too. I can march in to the Kremlin, pound the General Secretary's desk and say "Mr. Gorbachev, I don't like the way President Reagan is running his country!"'


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