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A. A metaphor of in-house dragonslaying in LENR -land

Irreproducibility is the in-house dragon of the non-technologized LENR systems.

I am writing about dragons because it happens to be Saint George's Day- that I remember well because I have a cousin Gheorghe (Gyuri) whom I want to congratulate today. You surely know about the dragon slayer activity of Saint George
however this- dragon slayer- was obviously a very popular imaginary profession, especially in the Middle Ages.

Just a few years before the start of the Renaissance, the inhabitants of a newly built castle have observed in terror that a very carnivorous Dragon is hiding somewhere in the labyrinthine underground spaces of the castle and, usually in the most dark nighttime comes and eats a human, usually children. The dragon has also robbed some innocent but beautiful maids. Nobody dared to confront the beast and the leading noblemen have decided: we will hire a professional DS- highly qualified 
Dragon Slayer. You know then it was much bureaucratic thinking and a cult of titles and qualifications. Statistically speaking it was twelve times more important WHO says or does something than what he/she says and/or does. (The world has progressed and changed and evolved from then- now it is 20 times more important!)
OK, the expert they found  A. BS in Dragon Hunting from the University of Sorbonne,
PhD in Dragon Slaying from the Siegfried Univ of Reykjavik, specializations in Africa
China and the Komodo Island etc. a real authority in the matter.  Indeed it was a case of veni-vidi-vici - he came, have killed the dragon, at his request was very generously paid and went away.

But surprise! (you know surprises are statistically 80% bad)- a week later an other 
Dragon has appeared at least 1.5 times more ferocious than the first! Tragedy. horror, desperation!
But then it came an offer from an dragon slaying amateur with no high qualifications at all: This, B. said: " I have killed many dragons, not bid deal. With a sword like mine and a good asbestos shield to protect you against the flames they emit, anybody can kill a dragon. WHAT I WANT IS TO SOLVE YOUR DRAGON PROBLEM!

OK, B. has killed the new dragon than has spent a week with mysterious investigations. Then he told the followings to the gathering of the leading noblemen:
"Dear gentlemen I know you will not pay me at all and I will become very unpopular here. Because I have very, very bad news for you. It happens you were so unlucky to build this fine castle exactly on a Dragon's Nest full with dragon's eggs in different stages. The dragons eggs as you know are invisible and intangible and cannot be destroyed even by explosives- anyway these are not invented yet. My advice is - let this castle to the dragons and build an other castle in a safe place- I will help you to find it."
Nobody knows how this story has ended- it is a legend about a deserted castle-
all its inhabitants- it is said-were all eaten by voracious dragons.

If somebody wants explanation regarding this confusing story- please write me.

B. What says Andrea Rossi about the LENR-Dragon- irreproducibility

Dear Andrea what is you personal hands-on problem -solving at intense work view of irreproducibility in LENR? Is the problem solvable or an inherent fatality of the LENR systems?
Ireproducibility is not a fact, but an opinion based upon statistics. It can come from  sources:
A- a LENR can be irreproducible because it does not work;
B- a LENR is irreproducible because the inventor does not give information;
C- the LENR is reproducible by an expert of the art, but with a limited know-how, so that the efficiency is lower

The case A is irresolvable.
The cases B and C are automatically resolved when a product enters the market: in a nutshell the problem is not the reproducibility, the real problem is the realization of a product.
A product is the sole sword Saint George can kill the dragon with.

About the theoretical issue: it is important under a cultural point of view, but not essential- Mankind has made use of photons for thousands of years without any theory about them. Think to Archimedes' mirrors and ask the ghosts of the burnt ships if they worked properly.
About my theory: I am convinced my effect is due to the reverse Mossbauer effect and I made mathematical models for this but I am still not 100% sure I am right.


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6) From Gregory Goble
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7) Rossi's missing secret or E-CatX Description or both?

Andrea Rossi- about his theory- see his answer above in the DAILY NOTES too, please:
8) Andrea Rossi
April 23, 2016 at 7:09 AM

I have written a paper with the mathematical models to explain this, and the essence is in the Reverse Mossbauer Effect.
I am still afraid to publish it, more study has to be done and I want not to burn it prematurely in the battlefield, but the more I study, the more I am convinced of it.
I gave the draft of my paper to several scientists to explain me where am I wrong. Should it be possible to publish it just as a draft, not as a publication, I would do it, to collect critics and understand better, but I am afraid to do this move, for obvious reasons.
Warm Regards,


  1. Hello Peter
    Have you heard of dragons and mount pilatus in Switzerland.

    1. No dear Sam.
      A Hungarian proverb says " a good priest learns till he lives"
      I enjoy lifelong learning so big Thank you to you!

    2. I've been up Pilatus (on foot) and I didn't come across any dragons.

    3. Looks like a scenic place for a walk Brian.

    4. Hello Brian
      Where are you putting your money
      on the Ecat Saga now or have you
      guit gambling.

    5. What do you make of Rossi now Brian?

  2. Peter
    This is part of the Macy Peter French interview i put on
    Ecat world comments and a reply to it.

    sam • 6 hours ago
    This part of Macy interview with David French
    is interesting.
    Macy What is confusing is that Rossi is saying, “They are in trouble for using my IP. They have to stop. And they also have to pay.” I find that very contradictory. Does my confusion make sense?

    French: Yes, your confusion is understandable. He still wants his $89 million dollars but he’s also asking for an Order that Industrial Heat not make use of the information that he has provided to them. This is inconsistent. If they pay, then they are entitled to have the full benefit of all his Know-how. In fact Industrial Heat may have acquired the right to use all this know-how when they paid the $10,000,000.

    Macy: How could that be?

    French: Paragraph 3.2 of the License Agreement provides as follows:

    (b) … On the date the Escrow Agent pays $10,000,000 to Leonardo, the License will commence and Leonardo and Rossi will immediately transfer … to the Company all E-Cat IP…

    The Complaint acknowledges that the $10,000,000 has been paid. Therefore, it is unclear how the Complaint can object that the defendants are improperly using the “intellectual property” that they have paid for previously. Their failure to pay the further $89,000,000 simply looks like a collection issue.
    • Reply•Share ›

    Omega Z sam • 4 hours ago
    This was not a good contract for Rossi.
    However, A good lawyer could point out the additional 1 year test as evidence that the agreement was not completed and IP access by IH would/should be limited.

    A good lawyer could point out that Darden with his years of business experience with contracts took advantage of Rossi's inexperience. This tactic has prevailed often when combined with a jury trial...

    NOTE: Common Law still has standing in the U.S.. Where a Judge has to follow the rule of Law, A jury can apply common sense or logic. In essence, a Jury has a huge amount of discretion on how they rule. Even s

    1. ThEven should a judge instruct them otherwise.
      • Reply•Share ›

      Brent Buckner Omega Z • 4 hours ago
      You wrote: "A good lawyer could point out that Darden with his years of business experience with contracts took advantage of Rossi's inexperience. This tactic has prevailed often when combined with a jury trial..."

      OTOH, paragraph 40 of Rossi's complaint makes that tactic more difficult, as he had legal counsel in negotiating the terms of the License is the rest of the reply i missed.